Music/Program Director Brian Turner calls 'em as he sees 'em.

JUDY GARLAND / Speaks (Mad Deadly Worldwide)
A feelbad record that eclipses Swans circa 1983, Brainbombs, and Live. My roomate says it best: "booze and pills are a bad combination." Judy's audio memoirs dredge the deepest pits of Hollywood and her existence, between demanding her "goddamned rainbow" and praising her children, Judy's bile flows over 2 CDs worth of just plain marble-mouthed misery. One FMU DJ played it in Footlights and heads exploded like in "Scanners", with certain Judy fans vowing to kill the person who put this out. Mr. Mad Deadly Worldwide, you might want to take that vacation you were planning.

BOUDEWIJN DE GROOT / Picknick + Nacht and Ontij (Phillips)
Thanks to our Dutch pal Frank for sending this baby; a bored-with-teen-sensation-status Dutch folkie of the 60s trips out into a stoned mode with a percussion ensemble, orchestra and bizarre electronics from Dick Raaijmakers (whose 1997 box set was amazing). These records came out in 1968 & 69 and the label even paid for a bunch of dwarfs to dress up as gnomes at the release party. If he hooked up with Scott Walker the planet may have exploded...

CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO / Synesthesia (Thrill Jockey)
Technically jazz, but completely without categorization, Rob Mazurek (Isotope 217) and Chad Taylor come up with another stunning antler-lock of cornet, electronics, percussion, vibes, and found sounds, coming off like a more swinging AMM, with a drowsy, warm haze over it all.

DJ LOGIC / Project Logic (Rope-a-Dope)
Logic covers an amazing turf without any kind of in-your-face academia; simply a soulful, animated and electric fusion of classic 80s hiphop, electric fusion (Ted Macero of Miles' Bitches Brew contributes, along with Marc Ribot, Melvin Gibbs & others), and other great stylings into a slab or sonic graffiti that complements it all.

CARNIVAL OF COAL / French Cancan (Kodiak/Season of Mist)
If last month's pinnacle of metal stupidity Luca Turilli wasn't enough to make heads turn, this month's "hit" has to be the black metal rendition of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" by this French duo, complete with that stupid sax line replicated by guitars. Despite the sheer novelty that certainly draws WFMU djs to this one (they also cover Michael Sembello's "Maniac") this is a damn fine metal record that I will certainly hold dear to my heart as much as any Mayhem or Emperor disc. Crazy electronics, programmed drums, flick-of-the-switch turns 180 degrees. Wowza!

CONNIE ACHER / Love Sick Lip Service (Flipped Out)
Who the heck is Connie Acher? How does one even pronounce her name? Dunno, a lovely LP put out by a record store upstate with minimal cover graphics or info; just lovely and otherwordly acoustic-guitar-and-vocal via a simple 4 track. Returning you to a time when it seemed like it was a novelty to use the bare basics and making it seem brand new again.

(INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY / Survival Sickness (Burning Heart)
Another punk band with a manifesto, but INC (featuring the ex-singer from Regraped) is a cool soul-punk explosion of grand proportions (should definitely appeal to Iggy and Who fans) and a big hit with Belock, Bill Kelly, Pat Duncan and Diane.

COOPER-MOORE / Deep in the Neighborhood of History & Influence (Hopscotch)
Finally a debut LP on Susie Ibarra/Assif Tshahar's label from this NYC dynamo piano improvisor, live and solo 1999. Folks who have checked out William Parker's Little Huey Creative Orchestra have been dazzled by C-M's ivory work, but here is a spotlight on the massive talent and variety of styles offered, and certainly the first of many future discs.

MOMETERS/ Meet the Mometers (Mometers)
Hey, yet another WFMU DJ commits to cd, well, cd-r. Our own Mr. Friday afternoon, Scott Williams with the help of pals (including Chris Stubbs who made up the duo of "Chris & Scott" on a bona-fide tribute EP to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci last year!) makes a friendly little practice room full of fuzz pedals and oscillators come to life in a most happy & humid manner, even covering Paul Anka & Julian Cope. "I Gotta Walk" sounds like Pere Ubu breaking into the middle of a Bonzo Dog Band session (OK, we're now reduced to lame "sounds like" comparisons, but at least we didn't compare them to someone lame like Bush). Time to stop writing reviews now.

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