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2004 Marathon Headquarters

Welcome to the Janitor From Mars 2004 Marathon Headquarters at WFMU. If you aren't familiar with the station, the fund-raising process, or how the premium ties in with either, please visit the WFMU Marathon page and the DJ premium page to find out more.

This year, we are pleased to announce Twenty Years / One Second, the 2004 JFM premium CD. Picking up where last year's Stop the Clock left off, this year's premium expands its contemporary offerings to a full 68 minutes. As with the 2003 premium, the sheer diversity of today's Japanese underground is fully on display, with contributions that run the gamut from minimal improvisation to freaked-out jams and from guitar & laptop melancholia to good old-fashioned rock & roll.

Included below is a copy of the CD's liner notes.

Track Listing

  1. Peace Frog and His Familiar Footprints - "Blond Sun"
  2. Miminokoto - "Wasureta" (live at WFMU)
  3. Port Cuss - "Bind Our Love"
  4. Mond'rien - "5-6-7"
  5. Doodles - "Look at the Sandy Water"
  6. Hisato Higuchi - "ghost.ghosts"
  7. Ikuro Takahashi - "Drums Solo" (excerpt)
  8. Tetuzi Akiyama / Toshimaru Nakamura - live at WFMU (excerpt)
  9. Suzuki-Nagakubo-Morohashi - "te o furu you"
  10. Mandog - "The Curved Moon"
  11. (bonus track)

Peace Frog and His Familiar Footprints: "Blond Sun"

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Miminokoto: "Wasureta"

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Port Cuss: "Bind Our Love"

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Mond'rien: "5-6-7"

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Doodles: "Suna-gatari" (Look at the Sandy Water)

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Hisato Higuchi: "ghost.ghosts"

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Ikuro Takahashi: "Drums Solo"

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Tetuzi Akiyama / Toshimaru Nakamura

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Suzuki-Nagakubo-Morohashi: "te o furu you"

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Mandog: "The Curved Moon"

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Compiled by R. Lim for The Janitor From Mars

Thanks to all of the listeners, the bands who contributed their work to this compilation and everyone who has supported this show.

Without whom: Keiichi Miyashita, Masami Kawaguchi, Yuri, Brian, Alan, all of the staff and engineers at WFMU and of course, Zee

Please consider this CD-R as a small thank you for helping to allow WFMU to continue to operate.

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last modified: May 5, 2004