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Marathon Headquarters

Welcome to the Janitor From Mars Marathon Headquarters at WFMU. If you aren't familiar with the station, the fund-raising process, or how the premium ties in with either, please visit the WFMU Marathon page and the DJ premium page to find out more.

This year, we are pleased to announce Stop the Clock, the 2003 JFM premium CD. Named after a classic song by the Jacks, it is meant to shed some light onto a new wave of underground, psychedelic bands in Japan that have extremely limited exposure outside of their country. Although this portion of the disc would have passed muster as a full-length LP in a less information-overloaded time, I have rounded out the disc to sixty-eight minutes with six obscure, hard-to-find classics which date back to the late 60s.

Due to space limitations, I was not able to include a great deal of information on our four featured bands in the CD packaging. Below, you will find some supplemental information, along with links to further reading if you so desire.

Please consider this CD-R as a small thank you for helping to allow WFMU to continue to operate.

Featured Artists

Mandog: "Light"

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Up-Tight: "L'Etranger"

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LSD March: "Kuroi Hanataba"

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Miminokoto: "Tottemo"

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last modified: February 25, 2003