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See below for what's new. There's a separate section for past favorites including old "best of" lists dating back to 1996.

This page is dedicated to recent and new releases that have caught my ear recently. Since I try to avoid repeating particular releases on my regular program, I thought it best to set aside a separate page to emphasize notable releases and shows. Although the idea is to focus on what's happened over the past year, I have included some releases from the previous due to a number of factors, including the occasional vagueness of independent label distribution, slow word of mouth on non-distributed releases and my own never-ending sloth. All releases are available in the CD format unless otherwise stated (some may be available in analog formats as well). Recent additions are marked with a complicated system involving a variable amount of asterisks.

My section about forthcoming releases isn't really up to date, sorry!

News! (7/25/04)- I've finally had a chance to organize myself and wrap up 2003. See the "past favorites" link above to check out my favorites of 2003. In the meantime, the list below is all nice and tidy now (except for the forthcoming releases, of course).

Current Releases


New Discoveries and Continued Pleasures

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last modified: June 26, 2005