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Tuesday April 7th: I Think Like Midnight - Relinquishing his role as Benevolent Dictator of The Trolleyvox (a great Philly power-pop band), Andrew Chalfen has diverted his energy into an instrumental form for I Think Like Midnight. There are still plenty of guitars in the mix but lots of electronics intertwine. And the band even includes Dead Milkmen drummer Dean "Clean" Sabatino. I Think Like Midnight plays live on Irene's show.

Tuesday April 21st: Goddess - Experimental folk trio Goddess writes, as they describe it, "...songs about the dark places in our heads and pasts, influenced by madrigals, Bartok, nursery rhymes, Amish culture, Sandy Denny, the Polanski movie Fearless Vampire Killers, shamanic trance music, a deer organ we found in the woods, church hymns, showtunes and krautrock." On their latest album, Paradise, Fran, Tamalyn and Andy On their latest album, "Paradise," Fran, Tamalyn and Andy perform on their usual blend of unconventional instruments, which include a homemade horsehair fiddle, toystore guitar and keyboard, dulcimer and tree branch. Goddess brings their darkly beautiful music to the WFMU studios.

Tuesday April 28th: Shulcoth! - As the debris from another year is cast aside, it signals the time for Shulcoth! --the mythic celebration of Citizen Kafka's life. Richie "Shulky" Shulberg passed in 2009 but lives afloat radio waves and MySpace rebroadcasts. The dearly departed one was responsible for some rather questionable but entertaining comedy on WBAI, was a fiddler in the equally questionable but entertaining Wretched Refuse String Band and a vast collector of obscure pieces of what one of the faithful calls "Shulbergalia." The usual cast of co-conspirators helps pay tribute to Citizen Kafka on Irene's show.

Tuesday May 26th: The Cellar and Point

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