The Combo Organ Page

This page is intended to become a repository for information regarding portable organs. The only info here now is the list of organs owned by page author Dave Amels. If this sort of thing interests you mail me at

Dave's Combo Organs
  • Ace Tone Top 5 
  • Combo Deluxe 
  • Doric 
  • Eko Tiger Duo 
  • Elka Panther Combo 
  • Farfisa Compact Deluxe 
  • Farfisa Compact Duo 
  • Gibson dual manual 
  • Hohner International 
  • Howard 
  • Rheem 
  • Vox Continental 
  • Vox Continental
  • Vox Jaguar
  • Vox Jaguar
  • Vox Super Continental
  • Vox Super Continental

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