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Serge Gainsbourg: The Obscurity of Fame
Update: TamTam Books is publishing Gainsbourg’s novel Eugenie Sokolov with “Obscurity of Fame” as introduction. Afterword by Russell Mael of Sparks + Thurston Moore(?)
publication info: tosh@loop.com
Update: Compilation CD on Tzadik “Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg.” VERY mixed results with among others David Shea, Marc Ribot, Eszter Balint, Steve Beresford... prod. John Zorn
Subworld Dubafarianism
Curd Duca: Easy Listening
Update: ELEVATOR: Electronic Mood Music, remixed greatest hits from mille plateaux
Tackhead's Heady Tacktics
Will there be Yodeling in Heaven?
Radio & Aural Destabilization

"Wreck This Mess" in Radiotext(e) (Autonomedia 1993) inc. essays by Brecht, Orwell, Weill, Schwitters, Walter Benjamin, Guattari, Joseph Lanza, Hakim Bey, Geert Lovink, La Monte Young, Trotsky, Schoenberg, Abbie Hoffman, Negativland, Upton Sinclair...

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