b/art's Playlist for Friday, 12 Maart, 1999 (15:00 - 18:00)
rebroadcast periodically during & after conference
Tactile & Tactical Media / Radio Emits Itself

[ 10th broadcast for Wreck from the studios in the hidden studio tucked away in a high sub-floor of the Paradiso in Amsterdam ]

The radio show for N5M3, the Next Five Minutes Tactical Media Conference in Amsterdam was called "Wreck This Mess: Radio Emits Itself" = Self referential radio, psycho-radio-graphies, deep statical archives, radio hypnosis and unconscious radio dérives...Where radio emits itself & declares itself a Temporary Audio Zone. It was broadcast during the first day of the conference and thereafter will find itself in auto-pilot (continuous auto-reverse on overnights) at both Radio 100 & Radio Patapoe in the days/weeks following the conference.

Notion: To allow radio to refer to itself by emitting its own sounds in a collage format of overlapping radio references, voices and noises using one cassette, a cd player and an old radio that will feed back and funnel its broad bandwidth - itself - back into the frequency 97.2. Babel & non-linear sense. People will hear excerpts by accident / coincidence / chance. The radio equivalent of Zen Satori or an instant of surprise that leads to illumination...

Alchemagenta Zoviet France
Stay Away From Those Knobs Wreck Jingle B/Art
Hertz Hurts 1khz B/Art
Trafficante B/Art
Patapoe Radio Jingle
Old Machinist's Frequency Riveter
El Static Cycle Quadim Edulah Vs. Cheesecake Vs B/Art
My Friend The Muted Head Bump & Grind
You Radio You Mother You Chris/T Vs B/Art
Hurtz Hurts 6000hz B/Art
Pluto's Radio Signals Once Received Brandon Labelle
Moroccan Radio 1987 Ear Furnishing B/Art Field Recording
Rodney King Radio April 1992 B/Art Archives
Billy Holiday's Endorsement Of Wreck
Accidentasia B/Art
Tuning Amsterdam Radio Bandwith
The White Noise Squeeze Third Eye Foundation
Cymatic Frequency Coldcut
Sub Para Dub Endorsement
Lucid Dreams Prof Womanly
Maps Of Radio Reception #3 Brandon Labelle
French Radio Play Late 20th Century
Radio Hypnosis In The Us Of A Little Dudette Vs B/Art
Age Of Grace Where We're Neither Male Nor Female Radio Transgress Vs B/Art
Prayer Hotline Of Jerusalem
Sleepout Radio 100 Jingle
Get The Cia & Kgb Out Earnest Wbai Listener
Prodigy Patapoe Jingle
Mapping The Audio Frequency Of Meat Brandon Labelle
Hypnosis Through Your Radio Tuner
Radio As A Taz Shyboy Vs B/Art
Automatic Writing Excerpts Robert Ashley + Elvis Presley Spliced In
Praying For The Radio Listener
Lord Was Really Pulling Me In Failed Rock Singer Testimonial
Hello There Silent But Deadly
Hypno Radio Crawling B/Art
French Radio From Paris Circa Mid 1987 B/Art Archives
The Radio Signal Picked Up From Among The 7 Heavens Divination
Radio X (Excerpts) Rootsman (Wreck This Mess Mix)
I Was Listening To The Radio - What Did You Hear? Orson Welles
Psychic Tension Allen Watts
Haiku Radio Ryuichi Sakamoto [John Cage]
Don't Believe The Hype That War Is An Economic Necessity John Lennon
Georgia Stone Yoko Ono
Measuring The Storm In Terms Of Static Fingerpaint
Spooky Roads Sampled Laika
Next Five Minutes Identification
Sub Para Dub Radio Announcement
To Other Europeans In A Crisis Of Identity Sluik & Kurpershoec
Guerre En Yugoslavie Radio France Reportage 1992
Lady Bug Cake (Radio Cooking) Vanilla Bean
What's The Difference Barry The Talk Show Host
Greyhound Bus Reportage Andre Codrescu (Excerpt)
Studio A: Chaodelix Shyboy Vs B/Art
Eileitendes Urkanistern Max Goldt
Ireland Bombs Britain Bbc News
Spanish Radio Summer 1987 B/Art Field Recording
Scraping White Noize From The Radio's Back 'nju:Jc:K
Radio Bloopers Duly Reported
Stomping The Static Interference Dj Spike Vs Negativland
Backmasked Night 'nju:Jc:K
Parental Unit Station Identification
Liberace Was A Homosexual Radio Talk Show Host Vs B/Art
Wreck This Mess Jingle
Soap Opera Symphony (We're All Selling) Daniel Stephen Crafts
Thousands Of Teenagers Sniffing Glue Radio Patapoe Archives
Jfk Was Shot By At Least 2 Gunmen Radio Controversy
Lord Hawhaw (Nazi Radio Propagandist) Wfmu Radio Archival Oddities
Radio Patapoe Jingle
Frequencies Outside Our Range Verfall
Radio Klootzak Patapoe Archives
Whup Yer Ass & Pet Dog Taxidermy Roy Goddamn Mercer Radio Hoaxes (Tulsa, Ok)
Snake Oil Symphony (Excerpts) Daniel Stephen Crafts
Warning: Sex On The Streets Rev. Jack Van Impe
Voices Radio Play (Excerpt) John Cannon
There's Nothing Wrong With Your Radio Vanilla Bean Vs B/Art
Radio Patapoe & N5m Jingles
Another Soft Helion Zoviet France
The Wreck This Mess Story Black Sifichi
Eileitendes Urkanistern Max Goldt
What Did We Hear, Mutated Housewives Transitional Moment
+ Amsterdam Audio Bandwidth AM / FM woven in throughout + other unidentified inputs and sources

Wreck This Mess 10 years in the air/area = Amsterdam. Paris. NY. thanx Black Sifichi
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