These entertainers have personally given of their time toward a greater Music To Spazz By program:

? (from ? & the Mysterians -- read the transcript!)
Jay Black
Bela Lugosi, Jr.
Ron Chaney
P.J. Soles
Sarah Karloff
Jerry Only (Misfits guy)
Joey Dee
Harry Harrison
Joe Franklin
Marcie Blaine ("Bobby's Girl")
Ena Kostabi
Johnny Maestro
Lou Christie
Eartha Kitt
Mark Stevens (Dovells guy)
Sammy Petrillo (read the LCD article!)
Johnny Legend
Joe Terry (Danny & the Juniors featuring Joe Terry)
Frank Maffei (Danny & the Juniors featuring Joe Terry)
Irving Caesar
Pat Appel (former next door neighbor)
The Ghost of Ernest Tubb
John from Mental Decay (featuring Joe Terry)
Henny Youngman
Davie Allan
The Amazing Kreskin
Larry Parypa (The Sonics)
Buck Ormsby (The Wailers)
Uncle Floyd
Clarence "Frogman" Henry
Cherie Currie (The Runaways)
John Waters
Frank Gorshin
Dee Snider
Fred "The Hammer " Williamson
Liz Renay
Jackie & The Cedrics
Sam Butera
Bingo the Chimp
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