WFMU is now beamed into the stratosphere 24 hours a day, bouncing through the cosmos
and off the satellite known as GStar 4. This means that our programming is potentially
available nationwide...

... But we're using our satellite presence primarily to make our programming available to more people within 100 miles of New York City. One non-commercial station is already simulcasting WFMU 24 hours a day, bringing our programming to Northwest New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the central Hudson Valley of New York. The station, WXHD, simulcasts WFMU at a frequency of 90.1 fm. We've had reception reports in New Paltz, Poughkeepsie and Liberty, New York as well as much of Western Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania.

In coming years, we'll be trying to find other stations and cable systems to pick up all or part of our broadcast week. Each receiver and downlink costs $4,000, but can be leased for $85 a month. If you know of a cable system or a radio station in your area that might be willing to simulcast WFMU or to rent time to WFMU, please e-mail me at about it. Many cable systems offer what is known as a "Cable FM" service, in which they can deliver FM stations to your home in addition to the basic TV channels. You may be able to convince your local cable company into carrying WFMU's signal. Several cable companies already do this.

Now that we're on satellite, it is possible to pick up WFMU anywhere in the continental United States. Not that it's easy or cheap, but it is possible. Here's what you need:

If you would like more information about WFMU's satellite project, e-mail me at

- Ken Freedman, Station Manager

art ©1979 by Syd Mead