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Three cures for epilepsy, from The Egyptian Secrets of Albertus Magnus:

1. Take some part of the hind leg of a calf, also part of a bone of a human body, from a graveyard; pulverize both, mix the mass well, and give the patient three points of a knife full. If a person is attacked by this disease, and falls upon the ground, you must let him lie and not touch him.

2. Willow tree, I now beseech thee, I pray thee take away from me my seventy and seventy times epilepsy. This must be spoken three times, three Fridays in succession, when the moon is waning; mornings, before sunrise, go to a running water, and direct the face in the direction whence the water runs, and upon three willow barks make three knots in the name of the holiest being,

ss. sytz X X Z.
X E. S. X IL A. G. M. U. A. H. O. N. C. S. H. ss. H.

Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus beware the words of God as to the blessing over the archangel Gabriel.

3. Purchase a half-grown rooster. Capon the fowl. Take a nutmeg, and put it into the place from which you make the cut. Leave this nutmeg in its place until the rooster is fat. Then kill the fowl, withdraw the nutmeg, and scrape, evenings and mornings, the point of a knife full, and add it to a spoonful of soup, which is given to the patient. Furthermore, the baptismal name of the afflicted person must be written six times upon a piece of paper, and lay it under the head of a corpse. Furthermore, perspire in a linen cloth, and wrap around a dead person. If it is a female who has this disease add to the powder made by burning to a crisp a lock of her hair. In case of male person, leech him, and dip a rag into blood, and let it be buried with the corpse. Probate.


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