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Pledged support to WFMU's Silent Fundaiser 2014!

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probably waiting for the maturity to hit.. so, right around the corner of my act

Going South for the Winter, Getting a chance to broader my perspective of personal value for work and existence, getting back with family members that care and are on the smart side of stuff, New E-reader checked, and the music will be supplied by a grand'pa garbage recovered acoustic guitar - and a manual of chords, songs and lyrics .. simple stuff, tuning in and giving away

And that's how you get to the chance of having the best quality rehab opportunity in your life at the moment dude. If you're in this World to love why don't you start loving the person you see in the mirror; It's time to say goodbye to "smokey Joe" and hi to "llcool'Jay". I know it's within me to be a super person with his own natural highness. Not A Supernatural 1 .. being active eating spacy nurturing life thriving love hoping the best possible.. acting as a driving force for whatever, takes a present consciousness, normal heart beat rates and natural gonadal response.

That of course when presented with the social life around you that makes all the moments of your waked time opportunity valuable for active propelling yourself to constantly searching new encounters or to get lost in the urban maze. It's the highness of existence, taking the best possible care of your time and surprising the soul with fresh hope for new ways and truth paths.


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