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probably waiting for maturity to hit.. so, right around the corner of my act

celebrating existence one smile at a time because I'm formatted to godless things

"In order to close one you'll probably use saliva, but, only your own, really? Also, you could avoid the unseen malevolencies of the industry by using your fingers, although licking good would be the most natural thing ever" Jo's KnoWay

"In order to open one, you'll have to appeal the moisturizing effect of your whole self as in a meter long step to finish just half the race, as in no trace of false start" Jay's RunnUpDegree

I'm free for falling into the grace's of the European Capitals by working on a sense of belonging that is non formatted to existing citizen paradoxes of the sordid Capitalist Societies.. I'm here for the "you first and the gives gives" no pun intended .. I'll be looking to improve and perfect an altruistic artistic life so all is good and roller coasting ..

* FM stands for Fashion and Music ..


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