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in order to close one you know you'll have to use saliva.. just yours, really? And also, don't forget that you don't need necessarily to direct tongue it, you can avoid the laugh of industry by pointing out the fingers, but to lick it good, would be the most natural thing ever (J0's Kno'way)

"Based on the social property of the means of production, we've tried looking for a new way to promote the relation between the workers and their labors output and to make of that eminently social relation, the driving force of progress in society. Our practical goal is to push a way; that in any work station, at the company, at the commune, in global society, men will always have a more direct control over their work, the management, the affectation, partition, and circulation of the works surplus. It's in this basis that we put effort into developing self-management on a political and cultural level, at all the activities domain. We want to open a path that'll lead to a new integral democratic system of self-management, democracy which is fundamentally direct, but that should also be processed as an integral political system.
Self-management is the means to solve the problem of each ones interests and social condition. In the socialist society, ruling shouldn't be a privilege of the politicians and intellectuals. Self-management is an effort to eradicate the most as possible coercion in all social relations, to substitute mere execution for direct involvement, to level conflicts through understanding, to last arguments as adjusters of political accounts and other, favoring freedom of choice and free determination, over supremacy and coercion."

"L'Autogestion a l'Épreuve", Milojko Drulovic, Librairie Fayard 1973


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