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Pledged support to WFMU's Silent Fundaiser 2014!

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probably waiting for the maturity to hit.. so, right around the corner of my act

a lot of scattered stuff on my head, and through others peoples' camera lenses, not so much music yet, but words and images that trail parallel to the infinite, and that's sad. virtual accomplishment and or cogito surveillance don't reach high stakes .. having the goods, the equipment ,the purpose, health, and sense, why not focus in assembling creative material? ufff ... unfolding a complete life takes another one to achieve it, and I'm not talking neither sacrifice nor curses, just the nature's inevitability of existence.. there's no manual for it, yet pulses for instructions are suggested everywhere, anytime, anyhow, when you care.. making it happen is what it's all about, the sooner for forever

recall record enact evolve and enjoy because you will not surely miss that one time the light will really go out..

understand understatements? happiness is a degree in a scale that doesn't exist, so all pressure on it it's just fake and external

#Chris T has found an online address from Mesopotamia
#Dr gameshow is better followed when having a picnic
#Dave Hill is found on caricature on the ereader Nook, mistaken as Oscar Wilde


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