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Radio Birdman the counter was on ascension and it naturally acknowledged the power of the infinite numerical proportion of fun and wealth, now you tell me..

And that validates a phd on existence, some are so immensely inn that others convey into a fixation somehow adequate, natural and logic. The breathe of life is always higher than words and thoughts .. and that's true feeling - presence, character and reality .. ingenuity beyond what transcends us, the something new, the infinite experience - people are born and grow for society into takes of one and other and fit the role of the purposed shiny brick of the innate or developed talents, share holders a-like, valuable if not, but always as a natural consequence of law in the time we put our show .. kept like this there's nothing you should be surprised about, unless you haven't been around here lately: there's persons and there's comet persons, you should focus on feel and think bigger then, and probably the path will be a long and good one .. SORRY

Cosmicity is developed by being together and sharing not hacking or judging

i would gladly re-mirror the commodity by not choking with life and focus on the inevitability of .. TRUTH, which can never be taken for granted


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