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From hip Philly organ trios to soulful brothers & mystical sisters... to the sun-drenched beaches of Ipanema to eclectic soundtrack geniuses, it’s all heard here on Gin & Orange radio...

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Options July 7, 2019: Gin & Orange - Show 4

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Artist Track Album Label Format
The Hollywood Persuaders  Thunderbird   Options Drums A Go-Go  Original Sound  LP 
Benny Gordon & the Soul Brothers  Tighten Up   Options Tighten Up  The Hot Biscuit Disc Co.  LP 
Brother Jack McDuff   Butter (For Yo’ Popcorn)   Options Down Home Style  Bue Note  LP 
Freddy Butler   I Like Your Style   Options A Dab of Soul  Kapp  LP 
Bill Doggett   Honky Tonk Popcorn   Options Honky Tonk Popcorn  King  LP 
Johnny Lytle  You’ve Got To Love The World   Options   Solid State  45 
Paul Humphrey & the Cool-Aid Chemists  Them Changes   Options Paul Humphrey & the Cool-Aid Chemists  Lizard  LP 
Barney Kessel   Quizás, Quizás, Quizás   Options Contemporary Latin Rhythms!  Reprise  LP 
Nara Leão  Inspiração   Options Nara  Philips Brazil  LP 
Jim Helms  Vieux Carre   Options His Wife’s Habit OST  Capitol   LP 
The Five Stairsteps  World of Fantasy   Options   Windy C  45 
Candido  Soul Limbo   Options Thousand Finger Man  Blue Note  LP 
Marvin Gaye  Trouble Man   Options Trouble Man OST  Tamla   LP 
Walter Raim  Toys In The Attic   Options The Electrifying Guitar of…  Mercury  LP 
Howard Roberts  I Know A Place   Options Goodies  Capitol   LP 
Lainie Hill   Time Marches On   Options   DynoVoice  45 
Freddie Hubbard  Soul Turnaround   Options A Soul Experiment  Atlantic  LP 
Marva Whitney & James Brown  You Got To Have A Job (If You Don’t Work, You Can’t Eat)   Options   King  45 
Bun Hunga & his Combo  Diplomatic   Options Bun Hunga & his Combo  Wah-Wah  LP 

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 10:54am Gina B:

Happy G&O day!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 10:55am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning! Almost!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 10:56am Gina Bacon:

Good morning! I've been looking forward to this for, like, a month!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 10:56am bigplanetnoise:

Well, good!!! And thank you!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:00am Gina Bacon:

Yay!! I love that opening.
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:01am Eargasm!:

Good Morning and great opening song!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:01am Julie P.:

Whew! A tad late, but I made it!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:01am bigplanetnoise:

  Sun. 7/7/19 11:01am Eargasm!:

Good morning, Julie P.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:02am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning, Gina, Eargasm & Julie! ❤️
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:02am Gina Bacon:

Hey Julie P! Hi Eargasm!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:02am Julie P.:

What up, Eargasm? Hey, Bob and Gina!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:02am Gina Bacon:

Tighten Up!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:03am GregRnNashville:

Morning Groovies...
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:03am Julie P.:

Love this song! Especially that bass line!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:03am bigplanetnoise:

The BROOKLYN NY version!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:03am Gina Bacon:

Hey GregRnNashville!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:03am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning, Greg!! Glad you're here!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:04am Atomic Jon:

Good morning USA ! Hot Sunday afternoon in Paris !
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:05am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Atomic Jon!!! My pal! Thank you for stopping by!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:06am bigplanetnoise:

Is anyone making a cocktail yet???
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:07am Gina Bacon:

Just coffee, but it's strong coffee...does that count?
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:07am bigplanetnoise:

It does, for sure.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:08am Gina Bacon:

Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:09am Julie P.:

Done with coffee, maybe mimosas later . . .
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:09am bigplanetnoise:

The Kapp album that never ever shows up.... Why?????
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:09am Eargasm!:

It's coffee time right now!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:10am bigplanetnoise:

That sounds great, Julie... How's your weather?
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:10am Julie P.:

Maybe because nobody ever lets it go?
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:10am Gina Bacon:

Maybe nobody wants to part with it.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:10am Gina Bacon:

Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:10am bigplanetnoise:

It took me forever, and I could certainly stand a better copy!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:11am Julie P.:

It's hot with a chance of monsoon like always in Florida in the summer.
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:11am Eargasm!:

Sandshell sends her greetings to everyone!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:11am Julie P.:

OK, that sounds like a challenge, Bob! I'll start looking for it!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:11am bigplanetnoise:

Egads! I'll be there next week!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:12am Gina Bacon:

Hi, Sandshell!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:12am bigplanetnoise:

Bill Doggett just got soooo funky.....
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:12am Julie P.:

Up in North FL, or are you finally going to get down our way?
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:12am bigplanetnoise:

Still in the North! South soon!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:13am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Sandshell!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:13am Julie P.:

Yo Sandshell!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:13am bigplanetnoise:

Y'all wish you could scream like that.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:15am GregRnNashville:

Maude's downstairs watching " CBS News Sunday Morning" like an OLD person...the bar is vacant but OPEN here at the World Headquarters
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:15am bigplanetnoise:

Vibes every week!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:16am Gina Bacon:

I agree!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:16am bigplanetnoise:

Well, then we all need to be at YOUR place, Greg!!! World Headquarters!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:16am Gina Bacon:

She can catch the archive later, at cocktail hour!
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:17am Eargasm!:

Whatta great record!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:17am bigplanetnoise:

I think Nashville-based, eh Eargasm?!?
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:18am Gina Bacon:

Digging the guitar on this one. A lot.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:18am vanhooserd:

You can watch Paul Humphrey on The Lawrence Welk Show. He was in the Welk Orchestra for several years.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:19am bigplanetnoise:

There should be a name for this staccato style - Mel Brown, George Freeman, all of deez guys...
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:19am bigplanetnoise:

Good morning, David! How interesting! I did not know! Was he this funky?!?!?!?
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:19am GregRnNashville:

Dennis Coffey-esque
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:20am Eargasm!:

he was. I think he may have even still been played locally before he passed. It wasn't that long ago.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:22am vanhooserd:

Not so funky with Welk (1976-82) but lookin great in the band uniform. Can be seen on NPT Saturday nights.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:22am bigplanetnoise:

Greg - yes - Coffey another one, for sure.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:23am bigplanetnoise:

Does it make me my grandfather that I actually enjoy watching the Welk show these days?
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:23am Julie P.:

That intial riff in this Barney Kessel song sounded like the chorus from "Fernando".
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:24am Gina Bacon:

Not at all...a lot of great acts were on that show!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:24am bigplanetnoise:

It does! WAYYY before!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:24am vanhooserd:

You're your own grandpa.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 7/7/19 11:24am Melissa Jean:

lovin the show!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:25am bigplanetnoise:

Hey Melissa!!! Thank you!!!! So glad you're here!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:26am GregRnNashville:

I watch Welk every week..marriage counselor has frowned upon it;)
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:27am bigplanetnoise:

Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:28am bigplanetnoise:

I really want to see this movie.... I LOVE the soundtrack!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:28am Gina Bacon:

Do you know that song, vanhooserd? My favorite version is by the Asylum Street Spankers.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:30am GregRnNashville:

dry snare drums every week..haha
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:30am Gina Bacon:

Such smooooth harmonies. Man.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:30am Julie P.:

Love the violins.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:31am bigplanetnoise:

Dry snares!!! And violins! I just LOVE all their records....
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am vanhooserd:

No, Gina. Asylum Street Spankers?
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am DJ Pat K:

Great set this morning!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am Julie P.:

Everybody LIMBO!
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am Eargasm!:

unlike Chris's wet snares yesterday!
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am DJ Pat K:

That Bill Doggett track just floors me every time
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:33am bigplanetnoise:

Thank you DJ Pat!!! And thanks mucho for being here!!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:34am Gina Bacon:

Yes! I think Ray Stevens wrote it...but they have a version on a Bloodshot compilation...for kids!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:34am bigplanetnoise:

Yes, Eargasm! A VERY wet snare!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:35am Gina Bacon:

You can really hear those hands slapping the skins!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:35am bigplanetnoise:

Candido hands!!! The thousand finger man!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:36am Gina Bacon:

Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:37am bigplanetnoise:

Julie - keep limbo-ing!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:37am vanhooserd:

Candido is 98.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:37am Julie P.:

Can't go as low as I used to, though.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:38am Gina Bacon:

Yes!!!! The best.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:39am Julie P.:

Marvin! Yes!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:39am GregRnNashville:

Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:39am Gina Bacon:

❤️ this song. Well, anything he sings.
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:39am bigplanetnoise:

Candido - 98. GOOD FOR HIM!!! Something to strive for.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:42am Gina Bacon:

That's a lotta radio shows, bigplanetnoise!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:43am bigplanetnoise:

It is. And I'm willing to step right up, if I can shed at least 14 other jobs....
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:43am Gina Bacon:

Something else to strive for!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:44am Julie P.:

Am I hearing one of your guitar influences on this Walter Raim track, Bob?
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:44am bigplanetnoise:

Well, THANK YOU, Julie - I do really love him - and I've had this LP since I was a kid!!!!
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:44am Eargasm!:

I was thinking the exact same thing, Julie!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:46am Julie P.:

Great minds and all that, Eargasm!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:50am GregRnNashville:

this my first listen to GIN & ORANGE ..Bob: If you'll kindly come up with 5 more shows..my week will be covered ;)
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:50am bigplanetnoise:

In the archive, Greg!!!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:51am bigplanetnoise:

And - THANK YOU!!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:51am bigplanetnoise:

The first couple of G&O shows are archived on the Big Planet Noise Page - the last two are right here on the G&O page!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:53am bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:53am Julie P.:

Greg, we keep lobbying for more G&O and three hours of BPN; if we keep at it maybe one day Bob will give in - though it sounds like we may need to chip in at the controls to help out!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:53am bigplanetnoise:

Hahahaha!!!! No doubt - but I promise - it's my most fave thing to do!!!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:54am GregRnNashville:

7 days - 7 shows..just sayin" :)
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:55am bigplanetnoise:

I'm gonna do it.
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:56am Gina Bacon:

Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:56am bigplanetnoise:

You gotta have a job!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:56am Gina Bacon:

If you want to sop that gravy!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:57am Gina Bacon:

Perfect timing...hahaha!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:57am bigplanetnoise:

Too bad they couldn't find a groove....
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:57am Julie P.:

Isn't that the truth! I'm semi-retired but I still have to work! What's up with that, anyway?
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:57am Julie P.:

At least I get to work with music, which makes it easier!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:58am bigplanetnoise:

Thank you everyone!!! I SO appreciate you listening with me!!! Show #5 soooon!!! ❤️
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:58am Gina Bacon:

Bun Hunga!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:58am Gina Bacon:

Thanks for getting my day started right, bigplanetnoise!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:59am GregRnNashville:

Thanks!!! So enjoyable
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 11:59am Julie P.:

Too short at one hour! See you all tomorrow night for Big Planet Noise!
  Sun. 7/7/19 11:59am Eargasm!:

Great show! Loved every second!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 11:59am bigplanetnoise:

  Sun. 7/7/19 11:59am AlanM:

Hey Bob, Thanks for another great show!
Avatar Sun. 7/7/19 12:00pm Daisy Lacy:

Great show!
Avatar 🎃 Sun. 7/7/19 12:01pm bigplanetnoise:

Alan! Daisy! Thank you for being here!!!
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