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For more than 25 years, Bob Irwin, the Dean of Sundazed Music, has befuddled, disoriented, and otherwise thrilled collectors and consumers alike by refusing to drive between the lines. Swerving wildly from garage to psych, from surf to soul, from biker to bossa, Bob’s steering with his elbows and hollerin’ like a banshee as he careens all over Route ‘60s, knocking over traffic cones.

The show is called Big Planet Noise! – and it’s hosted by Bob and Gina Frary Bacon, the gal with the great voice. It’s almost always all-vinyl, from Bob’s insane collection. The show became a must-listen in Nashville, a town unaccustomed to such carryings-on, and it’s now primed to become a part of your not-too-proud-to-be-surprised lives. Strap in and head to WFMU.org’s Rock ’n’ Soul Ichiban stream, every Monday from 8-10 pm EST!

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Options June 3, 2019: Big Planet Noise Show #151

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Artist Track Label Format Approx. start time
The Fantastic Baggys  Anywhere The Girls Are   Options Imperial  45  0:00:00 (MP3 | )
The Sidewalk Surfers  Skateboard   Options Jubilee  45  0:02:09 (MP3 | )
The Rip Chords  Wah-Wahini   Options Columbia  45  0:04:43 (MP3 | )
The Matadors  I Gotta Drive   Options Colpix  45  0:06:52 (MP3 | )
The Knights  Hot Rod High   Options Capitol  45  0:09:21 (MP3 | )
The Sunrays  I Live For The Sun   Options Tower  45  0:11:17 (MP3 | )
Bruce & Terry  Custom Machine   Options Columbia  45  0:13:43 (MP3 | )
The Superstocks  Thunder Road   Options Capitol  45  0:15:18 (MP3 | )
Dick Dale  Surfin’ And A Swingin’   Options Capitol  45  0:17:09 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!       0:19:25 (MP3 | )
Lloyd Thaxton  Image of a Surfer   Options Capitol  45  0:23:52 (MP3 | )
The Surfaris  Catch A Little Ride With Me   Options Decca  45  0:25:49 (MP3 | )
The Tokens  Let’s Go To The Dragstrip   Options RCA Victor  45  0:27:53 (MP3 | )
The Devons  Honda Bike   Options Decca  45  0:29:42 (MP3 | )
The Wheel Men  School Is A/Gas   Options Warner Bros  45  0:31:30 (MP3 | )
The Cabin Crew  She Ain’t A Yacht   Options Dimension  45  0:33:42 (MP3 | )
Willie & the Wheels  Skateboard Craze   Options Dunhill  45  0:36:11 (MP3 | )
The Neptunes  Shame Girl   Options Warner Bros  45  0:38:17 (MP3 | )
Jan & Dean  Hawaii   Options J&D  45  0:40:08 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!       0:42:49 (MP3 | )
Kay Bell & the Tuffs  (The Original) Surfer’s Stomp Pt. 1   Options Dot  45  0:46:59 (MP3 | )
Chris & Kathy  Shoot That Curl   Options Monogram  45  0:49:27 (MP3 | )
Donna Loren  Muscle Bustle   Options Challenge  45  0:51:38 (MP3 | )
The Surf Bunnies  Surf Bunny Beach   Options Dot  45  0:53:32 (MP3 | )
Carol Connors  Lonely Little Beach Girl   Options Mira  45  0:55:32 (MP3 | )
The Powder Puffs  (You Can’t Take) My Boyfriend’s Woody   Options Imperial  45  0:57:25 (MP3 | )
The Surfettes   Sammy The Sidewalk Surfer   Options Mustang  45  0:59:32 (MP3 | )
The Tradewinds  New York’s A Lonely Town   Options Red Bird  45  1:01:30 (MP3 | )
The Vettes  Little Ford Ragtop   Options MGM  45  1:03:40 (MP3 | )
Wayne Newton  Comin’ On Too Strong   Options Capitol  45  1:05:43 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!       1:08:02 (MP3 | )
Jerry Norrell & the Beach Girls  What Is Surfin’ All About   Options Legend  45  1:12:45 (MP3 | )
The Surf Breakers  Ridin’ In Number Nine   Options Mercury  45  1:14:57 (MP3 | )
The Grads  The Wild One   Options Mercury  45  1:16:52 (MP3 | )
The Beach Boys  Luau   Options Candix  45  1:18:48 (MP3 | )
Pat Boone  Beach Girl   Options Dot  45  1:20:32 (MP3 | )
The Rally Packs  Move Out, Little Mustang   Options Imperial  45  1:22:59 (MP3 | )
The Weirdos  Digger   Options Mercury  45  1:24:44 (MP3 | )
The Chains  Carol’s Got A Cobra   Options HBR  45  1:26:51 (MP3 | )
The Intimates  I’ve Got A Tiger In My Tank   Options Epic  45  1:28:43 (MP3 | )
  Big Planet Chat!       1:30:57 (MP3 | )
Roger Christian  Last Drag   Options NBI   45  1:35:05 (MP3 | )
The Timers  Competition Coupe   Options Reprise  45  1:37:42 (MP3 | )
Johnny Jones & the Catalinas  The Queen   Options RIK  45  1:39:11 (MP3 | )
The Rogues  Everyday   Options Columbia  45  1:41:14 (MP3 | )
The Reveres  Big “T”   Options Valiant  45  1:43:01 (MP3 | )
Bob Sled & the Toboggans  Here We Go (The Surfer Boys Are Going Skiing)   Options Cameo  45  1:45:11 (MP3 | )
Glen Campbell   Christine   Options 4-Star  Other  1:47:34 (MP3 | )
The Rituals  This Is Paradise   Options Arwin  45  1:50:07 (MP3 | )
The Four Speeds  Cheater Slicks   Options Challenge  45  1:51:53 (MP3 | )
The Ragamuffins  The Fun We Had   Options Tollie  45  1:53:45 (MP3 | )
Bruce Johnston  The Original Surfer Stomp   Options Del-Fi  45  1:55:55 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:55pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Hey everyone, me and Liz are here eating dinner
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:58pm Julie P.:

Good evening, Alex and Liz!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:58pm Gina Bacon:

Happy Monday, everyone!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:58pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, earlybirds!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Getting ready for lift-off.... dinner looks great!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:59pm Julie P.:

Are those sausages, Alex? They look delish!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 7:59pm Gina Bacon:

That looks great, Alex!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:00pm Julie P.:

Hi Bob! Hi Gina!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:00pm AlexClarkCaprio:

I can't hear the show too well while I'm in the kitchen, wanted to get it done early
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:01pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Julie P!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:01pm Andy R:

Hey hey hey!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:01pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Yes Julie, something different for me and Liz
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:01pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey everyone! Surf's up!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Alex, Liz, Julie, & AndyAndyAndy!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:02pm bigplanetnoise:

Bruce Johnston!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:03pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Me and Liz do live a mile from the beach...
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm Jay S.:

Good evening everyone!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Hope everyone had a decent Monday!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm Julie P.:

Ah, skateboard and surf days! Not sure which was a greater risk of life and limb!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm AlexClarkCaprio:

Thinking of good names for these fake Beach Boys, I have "The Shore Men" and "The Coastal Youths"
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Jay!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:04pm Gina Bacon:

Jay S!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm Andy R:

Love all these Summer sounds!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm AlexClarkCaprio:

"The Sand Meets Land Lads"
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm bigplanetnoise:

How can you possibly not feel great when this stuff is blasting?!?!?!?!?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm bigplanetnoise:

Unless you're shoveling snow or something....
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm Andy R:

It's the best feel good stuff around!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm Julie P.:

Hi Jay and Andy!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:05pm Gina Bacon:

Andy!!! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:06pm Gina Bacon:

It makes my heart happy!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:06pm bigplanetnoise:

My fave 45s - of all genres!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:06pm Julie P.:

My first surfboard was a nine-footer. I could barely carry it.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:07pm Mailman Tom:

Hey Gang! A little too early for summer songs in these parts. Cool temps and very windy today!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:07pm bigplanetnoise:

Julie! With the longboard!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:07pm bigplanetnoise:

Mailman - say it ain't so!!! Where are you?!?!?
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:08pm Andy R:

One thing I enjoy about Summer nights around here is blasting these kind of tracks in the car with all the windows open!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:08pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Mailman Tom!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:08pm Jay S.:

The only thing I did at the beach was go to the casino - there should be a Beach Boys-style song about that
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:09pm Julie P.:

I'd send you some of this Florida heat if I could, Mailman!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:09pm bigplanetnoise:

Made for car-blasting!!! There was a time - way back when - in the early days of record shows - where they all but gave this stuff away....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:09pm Gina Bacon:

I used to walk down to the boardwalk at Seaside.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:10pm Jay S.:

And buy salt water taffy in Atlantic City - I was a James man, not Fralenger's
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:10pm Matt Clarke:

Blasting and surfin' on suds at the laundrette! Good evening
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:11pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Matt Clarke!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:11pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahaha!! I lost a filling on the Jersey boardwalk to salt water taffy!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:11pm bigplanetnoise:

Matt!! Glad you're here!!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:11pm Jay S.:

Chocolate-coated taffy - that's the good stuff
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:12pm Gina Bacon:

Now I want salt water taffy.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:12pm Mailman Tom:

In Connecticut, about 40 miles NE of NYC
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:12pm Matt Clarke:

One of the greatest songs known to man!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:12pm bigplanetnoise:

When I went to one of the very first NYC record fairs - in 1977 - I asked at every table for The Sunrays LP. Almost all the dealers were like - "Why do you want THAT???" It remains one of my most favorite LPs of all time. Twee as it is, I love it through and through....
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:12pm RandyF:

Mailman Tom Might be Upstate NY !!! Thinking about starting a small fire while listening !!! Elm Street checking in !!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:13pm bigplanetnoise:

Randy!!!! Hooray!!! Glad you're here!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:13pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Randy!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:13pm DA The DJ:

Hello everyone!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:13pm Jay S.:

Never could figure why people selling you records would be snobs to your face
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm RandyF:

Hey guys, great as usual !!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm bigplanetnoise:

I'll refrain from telling you about the Florida temps today... right, Julie??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm Matt Clarke:

Oh those dealers! Always a laugh
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm DA The DJ:

Well this is fun!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Dave!!! Thanks for being here, pal!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm Gina Bacon:

Hi DA The DJ!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:14pm Julie P.:

Right, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:15pm TDK60:

Hello. In my old town, the high school greasers were into the Four Seasons, and the collegiate types the Beach Boys; both groups didn't like us longhairs with our Dylan and such. One day, the mean leader of the greasers changed his hair from his '50s style pompadour to long hair! (due to hearing the Stones shocked everybody. but I digress..
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:15pm RandyF:

48 degs this morning !!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:15pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:16pm bigplanetnoise:

TDK! Great story!!!! Our hometown was too small to have factions, right Randy F??? Everyone was sort of shuffled together - but the cool kids had Beatle boots!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:16pm Julie P.:

RandyF, double that and you've got Florida!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:16pm Gina Bacon:

Brrrr. I think it was under 60 here in Nashville this morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:16pm Matt Clarke:

Speaking of greasers, Rebel Without A Cause is on tonite at Midnite ET on TCM
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:17pm bigplanetnoise:

I'll be watching!!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:17pm Andy R:

First time I came across the Superstocks at an RSD years ago at Grimey's. You had sent some CDs for the freebie table and I grabbed every single one of them!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:18pm joedz:

Hey Bob and Gina - a little chilly in the NE for summer songs but I love it anyway!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:18pm Doug in Boston:

How about Dracula's Deuce?!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:18pm Gina Bacon:

Hey joedz! We'll keep you warm!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:18pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Joe! I mean, Tom Terrific!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:18pm Gina Bacon:

Hey Doug in Boston!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:19pm Andy R:

I want that Dracula's Deuce LP...but it's hard to find.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:20pm Tim from LH:

Someone could be Wake surfing right now on Lake Hopatcong, they could use this show as their soundtrack!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:20pm Eargasm!:

It's cool to be hanging five with you guys tonight! Tuned in at 7 and checked in at 7:20!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:20pm Doug in Boston:

I have the rare acetates collection! THANK YOU!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:20pm joedz:

Don't you mean Crabby Appleton?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:20pm Matt Clarke:

Love that LP Andy R! Found one in Philly earlier this year
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:21pm Julie P.:

Eargasm, you're only hanging five? C'mon. man!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:21pm Mary:

Hi everyone- Happy Monday!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:23pm Eargasm!:

That's about as good as it gets in TN, Julie! We get shortchanged down here!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:23pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Doug!!! I love that Ghouls album!!! Playing nothin but singles tonight... I don't think Drac's Deuce was ever on 45, was it?!?
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm Eargasm!:

MARY! Hello and how are you?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey MaryMaryMary! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm bigplanetnoise:

Howdy Eargasm!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Eargasm! Hi Mary!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm Jay S.:

Lloyd Thaxton was a game show host too.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:24pm Julie P.:

Well, the East Coast waves aren't much to write home about, either . . .
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:25pm Mailman Tom:

I remember watching the Lloyd Thaxton Show. Also enjoyed the Clay Cole Show.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:25pm Eargasm!:

Although there were some great east coast surf bands!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:26pm joedz:

I hate to admit that I remember the Lloyd Thaxton show, didn't know he recorded as well. Very cool!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Where The Action Is, right into The Lloyd Thaxton Show. Whatta time!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:27pm TDK60:

Lloyd Thaxton?! Didn't he have a syndicated LA TV rock show in the '60s? I saw The Byrds on there once and I was shocked because they didn't lipsync but had amps and mikes, playing live!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:27pm bigplanetnoise:

Well, we were REALLY little kids, right Joe???
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:27pm Eargasm!:

This is one of THEE shows I've been waiting for you to put together, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:28pm bigplanetnoise:

TDK - yeah - the Thaxton show was 100% amazing. Sadly, most of the episodes were lost to a fire. Only a few survived....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:28pm bigplanetnoise:

Cool - thanks, Eargasm!!! I could do an easy 30 episodes!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - I was saying before that in the early days of collecting, no one really cared about most of these 45s....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:34pm bigplanetnoise:

Has everyone gone swimming?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:34pm Julie P.:

I had a few of them - "Wipeout" comes to mind - but I started buying albums early on.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:34pm TDK60:

..just recalled more on that Thaxton show: Byrds did "She Don't Care About Time," and one other probably.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:34pm AlanM:

Hey Bob & Gina! This is the music I grew up with living iin So. Calif (Santa Barbara). Still love it and takes me back to those very cool, simple times. There were surf bands playing in garages all over town!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:35pm Doug in Boston:

Honda is reintroducing its groovy little motorbike, the Super Cub.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:35pm Gina Bacon:

Hi AlanM! Nice to see you!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:35pm bigplanetnoise:

TDK - I remember the Turtles doing "Flying High"!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:35pm Gina Bacon:

What a time to be around, Alan.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:36pm Eargasm!:

You are . People were just shoveling them my way!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:36pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Alan!!!! Glad you're here!!! Did you have a surf band too???
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:36pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug - is that for real???
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:37pm bigplanetnoise:

SURF ORGAN, y'all!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:37pm Gina Bacon:

How little was it? I had a 350/4. It was pretty little.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:37pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

I can't wait for beach weather. Today = June Gloom!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:37pm Julie P.:

Love the obligatory skateboard on sidewalk sound effect!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:38pm Gina Bacon:

Maybe they'll bring that song back!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:38pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey GGGG!!! Are you back on the West Coast????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:39pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Hi BPN, yep, back home and it's colder here than in NYC!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:39pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Glynis!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:39pm bigplanetnoise:

That's crazy!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:40pm Julie P.:

Yay, Jan and Dean! I had several of these albums!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:41pm AlanM:

Bob ... I never played in a surf band. My early bands were playing more of the other music styles you often feature on the BPN shows.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:41pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:41pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

hi Gina
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:41pm Gina Bacon:

It had to happen, Bob.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:42pm Tim from LH:

Bob, you must be in heaven right now!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahahaha!!!!! I AM, Tim!!! Can you imagine?!?!?!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:42pm Julie P.:

Surf sitar AND violins!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:43pm TDK60:

..this Jan & Dean is a big production.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:45pm Tim from LH:

Great thing about this show is we can bring it to the beach with us all summer long with the archive!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:46pm Eargasm!:

That Jan and Dean track is a tour de force!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:46pm Andy R:

This is such great stuff. I love it all so much!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm bigplanetnoise:

I'm so glad, Andy!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm bigplanetnoise:

Tim - you tell 'em!!!! Bring us to the beach!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm Gina Bacon:

That's right, Tim!! Thank you!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm Gina Bacon:

Yay, Andy!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm Eargasm!:

Please send this Kay Bell single to me!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:47pm Andy R:

I could easily listen to these kinds of 45s all day long.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:48pm bigplanetnoise:

OK. Send me your Deep LP, and I'm in, Eargasm!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:49pm vanhooserd:

Are you gonna play 'No More Hot Dogs' by Hasil Adkins?
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:49pm Eargasm!:

This record just blows me awaaaaayyyyyy!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:49pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey David! Hmmmm. No Hasil in this show! Hasil don't surf, man!!! But - the hot dogs.... Mmmmmm.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 8:49pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Kay Bell!!! <3
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:50pm bigplanetnoise:

Chris Montez goes surfin!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:50pm Gina Bacon:

Hi, vanhooserd!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:51pm Jay S.:

Sweet guitar lick in this one
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:51pm bigplanetnoise:

Right up front, Jay!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:52pm TDK60:

wonder if some of these bands were using Mosrite guitars; Fenders maybe..others..
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:52pm Andy R:

Honestly, I think AIP was THE studio for Summer Flicks.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:53pm bigplanetnoise:

Honestly, AIP was THE studio for the best movies ever made.
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:53pm joedz:

How about the Guess Who - Two Wheel Freedom? Elusive (at least for me) but great!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:54pm Andy R:

There's a shirt I saw on a webstore with the AIP logo on it. I need to get that.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:54pm bigplanetnoise:

TDK - Fender heavy, for sure. But I bet there's a Mosrite or two sneaking in here and there!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:55pm Jay S.:

Dot strikes again with a uniquely great single
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:55pm bigplanetnoise:

Joe - what is that? I don't know that!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:55pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay - Dot was just SO amazing....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:56pm vanhooserd:

A whole Hot Dog show?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:56pm bigplanetnoise:

I can prob do a hot dog show....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:56pm Gina Bacon:

Now I want a hot dog.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:56pm Julie P.:

My aunt worked at Dot Records back in the 50's. She had a lot of great stories!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:57pm Snayle:

hi Bob, Gina n yous Planeteers! Tuned in 12 miles from chilly Seaside Heights, NJ.... This show is going to be on replay all summer!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:57pm Gina Bacon:

Wow...that's cool, Julie!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:57pm joedz:

Canada one-sided promo 45 on RCA Victor, done as a promo for Honda, circa 1968. Killer guitar work from Randy.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:58pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Snayle! The old stomping ground! I've been missing the Shore a lot lately.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:58pm bigplanetnoise:

Joe - please find TWO of those!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:58pm Eargasm!:

Did she ever get to meet The Phantom, Julie????
  Mon. 6/3/19 8:59pm Jaydivision:

Love the show tonight!
For a future date, can you play some Shocking Blue? Not Venus of course.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:59pm Gina Bacon:

Hi Jaydivision!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 8:59pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - Hahahahaha!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:00pm bigplanetnoise:

Jaydivision!!! Glad you're here! I sure will - we have before and I will certainly again!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm bigplanetnoise:

The production on this STILL gives me goosebumps.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm Julie P.:

Not sure who that is, Eargasm. Help me out here!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm Andy R:

This is such a great little tune.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm Gina Bacon:

I love this song so much. And my parents weren't surfers, but they had a Woody in NYC before I was born.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm Jaydivision:

Shocking Blue every week! Ha ha
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:02pm Jay S.:

It is depressing when your woody's covered in snow
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:03pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:03pm bigplanetnoise:

Very depressing!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:04pm bigplanetnoise:

Shocking Blue every week! I love it!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:06pm bigplanetnoise:

If only all Wayne Newton 45s were like this.... Sigh....
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:06pm Jay S.:

Shocking Blue for your weekly requirement of Nederbeat
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:07pm Jay S.:

Wayne had a natural voice for this genre
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:07pm joedz:

I understand that 90% of the vocal on this is Bruce and Terry and about 10% Wayne.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:07pm Eargasm!:

Ive never heard this one, haha! Sandy picked up on who it was immediately!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:07pm Julie P.:

I second that notion, Bob!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:07pm bigplanetnoise:

All Wayne out front. He had a fantastic voice. Bruce and Terry in the back.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:08pm Gaylord Fields:

Danke schoen for playing Wayne Newton's greatest song (thanks to Gary Usher)!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:09pm Snayle:

Gina, the shore misses You! Kohrs turns 100 so gonna drag mom (92) to the boards to grab a custard cone tomorrow... :) ... (I'm like eavesdropping on BPN tonite... ) Will say hi to the Atlantic for ya and get Bob some Salt Water Taffy! :p
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:09pm Gaylord Fields:

Maybe not Wayne Newton ever week?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:10pm Julie P.:

Hey Gaylord! No, I think Wayne needs to stay in Vegas!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:11pm vanhooserd:

I bought my first blues & jazz LPs at Randy's Record Shop in Gallatin, which, as you probably know, was owned by Dot founder Randy Wood. Rock I could get at K-Mart.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:11pm Debbie D.:

Loving this show!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:12pm Gina Bacon:

Gaylord! Howdy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:13pm Gaylord Fields:

@Julie P. I saw Wayne in LV about 15 years ago, and his voice was absolutely shot, like nothing-in-the-tank gone! He literally brought in a Wayne Newton impersonator to sing his high-voiced hits while he croaked the Vegas schlock.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:13pm Gina Bacon:

Thanks, Snayle! (:
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:13pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Gaylord!!! Hi Debbie!!! Glad you're all here!! Fun night!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:13pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Debbie D!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:13pm Andy R:

Debbie D!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm bigplanetnoise:

David - K-Mart Rock!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm Eargasm!:

BPN, Remind me to tell you the story of filling the first floor of a home with sand and having a frost bitten Washingtons Birthday beach Party in Massachusetts.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm Gaylord Fields:

Gina! Bob! Loving the "summer means fun" vibes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm Gaylord Fields:

Love ya, Debbie!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm Julie P.:

Wow, Gaylord, that's sad.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:14pm bigplanetnoise:

Gaylord - that's wild. I just thought he could still sing like mad...
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:15pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm- I 100% promise you I will remind you to tell me that story!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:16pm Gaylord Fields:

It was perhaps the worst vocal performance I've ever heard from someone who used to have a fine vocal talent.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:16pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:17pm Gina Bacon:

That's so sad.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:18pm Jay S.:

Wayne has been essentially retired for most of the last 10 years.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:18pm Gina Bacon:

Thanks, Gaylord!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:18pm Gaylord Fields:

I just felt bad for Wayne, and worse for me (because of the ticket price).
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:19pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay - I would imagine he remains comfortable....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:19pm bigplanetnoise:

You bring the cola....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:19pm Uncle Michael:

Gaylord Fields or Dave the Spazz. Ichiban has me all confused....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:19pm Snayle:

That's so sad Gaylord... He had a Great string of Arabian horses...once upon a time... And I guess a great voice too....
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:20pm Jay S.:

He's had a ton of financial problems. It really is a sad story.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:20pm bigplanetnoise:

UncleMikeUncleMike... welcome!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:20pm Andy R:

Somehow, I've never heard this Beach Boys song before.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:20pm bigplanetnoise:

Pat Boone, anyone????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@Jay S.: That must have been hard for him to finally let go when he realized he lost it. His handpicked impersonator was pretty good, however.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:21pm Uncle Michael:

Thank you, sir.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:21pm Julie P.:

That makes two of us, Andy R!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:21pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: It's really easy to tell us apart. I'm the guy with the snake on his face.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:21pm Gina Bacon:

Hey, Uncle Michael!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:21pm bigplanetnoise:

Andy - BB's first 45.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:22pm Andy R:

The only Pat Boone I have in the collection, that I'm aware of is his Christmas album on 4 Track reel to reel tape. Came in a lot auction.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:23pm Snayle:

And Pat Boone was Ozzy Osbourne's neighbor... Hilarity ensued...
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:23pm bigplanetnoise:

All I have is his great surf 45!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:23pm Uncle Michael:

I didn't hear the snake on the amusing Ichiban promo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:23pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:23pm bigplanetnoise:

Snayle - really?? How crazeee!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:24pm Gina Bacon:

Oh, wow, Snayle. That must have been interesting!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:25pm Tim from LH:

Well we just had a luau, will we be having a Clam Bake by the end of the show?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:25pm Julie P.:

Bob, I think there is actually a Wayne Newton Christmas album at the shop!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Hahahaha! No Clam Bake tonight, but I sure have played it before!!! My fave Elvis tune!!!!! That, and "Slicin' Sand"!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:26pm bigplanetnoise:

Julie - I have no doubt that there's some Wayne in the shop!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:28pm Julie P.:

One of my fave Elvis tunes is "Spin Out"! "Clambake" is a lot of fun, too, especially that scene in the movie!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:29pm Eargasm!:

Id have loved to have heard Wayne owned a string of poloponies!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Funny, Julie - I like all the wrong Elvis movies, too! The mid-60's flex rule!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:29pm Gina Bacon:

Love that Clambake scene!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:29pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

Clambake is my fave go-go sequence.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:29pm bigplanetnoise:

Can you hear Lou Reed on this one?????
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm Gina Bacon:

  Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm Doug in Boston:

Tiger in my tank from when Exxon was Esso.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm bigplanetnoise:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm Julie P.:

I saw "Clambake" at the drive-in! Those were great date movies!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm Jay S.:

Got my tiger tail on my antenna.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:30pm Eargasm!:

I didn't know was issued as an Epic single! I know it from the budget comps!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:31pm Gaylord Fields:

Speaking of Terry Melcher, if I hear a particular BB's-sounding record performed by a certain brother group from Utah, I just might plotz, as my people say.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:31pm Gaylord Fields:

Or any other Bobby Darin–penned tunes of that ilk.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:33pm Julie P.:

No plotzing allowed, Gaylord! We've already got a lot of sand to clean up! ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:34pm Gaylord Fields:

@Julie P.: But I brought a bucket and a shovel.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:34pm Julie P.:

Number Nine is the wave you want to catch when you're surfing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:34pm Uncle Michael:

I'm glad other people went to poloponies so I didn't have to.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:35pm Andy R:

I think so much of what I love about these records is they're so joyful. They have amazing sounds, and they make you feel better about life. This has been such a great show tonight!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:35pm Julie P.:

Hahaha, Gaylord! We need a heavy duty shop vac tonight!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:35pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you, Julie!!! They come in 3's, right?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:35pm bigplanetnoise:

Gaylord - I'm trying to figure it out.... Not the City Surfers.... Um....
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:36pm coelacanth∅:

greetings Gina, Bob, big planet people
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:36pm CHUCK ROAST:

Hey Ho B&G...enjoying one last breath of spring here in Glen Burnie, MD. Lows in the fifties tonight. Still digging the summer theme of this show, though.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:36pm bigplanetnoise:

Thanks, Andy!!! I'm especially happy we got a smile from you!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:36pm Doug in Boston:

Roger Christian's voice had better pipes than his hot rod on that record!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:36pm Gina Bacon:

So glad, Andy! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:37pm Gina Bacon:

Hey Chuck Roast!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:37pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey Chuck Roast - we're gonna bring summer in, kicking and screaming if we have to!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:37pm Gina Bacon:

Hey coelacanth∅!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:37pm bigplanetnoise:

Hey coelacanth∅!!! Thanks for being here!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:38pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug - his voice had more muscle than his hot rod!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:38pm Julie P.:

Gina, there are all kinds of theories. but when I was surfing, the lore was that the waves would get increasingly bigger, and the ninth would be the largest so therefore the one to catch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:39pm CHUCK ROAST:

As long as there's AC ,I 'm good.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:39pm bigplanetnoise:

Interesting, Julie!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:39pm Gina Bacon:

That makes sense, Julie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:40pm Uncle Michael:

Gina, every track with internal combustion:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:40pm Gina Bacon:

Vroom vroom, Uncle Michael!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:41pm Julie P.:

Of course, here on the FL East Coast you don't get too many large waves unless there's a big storm coming, which is when they tell you it's not safe to go out!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Julie - I've surely been knocked around on Cocoa Beach a few times!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:42pm Julie P.:

What a great version of "Every Day"!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:42pm bigplanetnoise:

Terry Melcher!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:43pm Julie P.:

So you know what I mean, Bob! And of course there are always the sharks to consider . . .
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:44pm Matt Clarke:

Ok laundry done! Hang ten!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:44pm bigplanetnoise:

Damn laundry!!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:44pm Julie P.:

Tubular, Matt!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:44pm Gaylord Fields:

@bigplanetnoise: No, not the City Surfers (i.e., McGuinn & Darin). Do you know the Osmonds' very BB-sounding two-sider of "Mr. Sandman" b/w the Melcher-Darin composition "My Mom"? Both sides are corkers!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:44pm Uncle Michael:

Hey, Matt.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:45pm bigplanetnoise:

Gaylord - I do not!!! But now I'm on the lookout!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:45pm Matt Clarke:

Hey Unc!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:46pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

"we're from the sea but we all want to ski"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:46pm Gaylord Fields:

Glad I could hip you to it! It's on MGM, ca.1964.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:47pm bigplanetnoise:

Glen Campbell sings Gary Usher next. Never issued!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:48pm Gaylord Fields:

@Matt Clarke: I have a gift from the land of records and cheese from Jon Von to give you (and it ain't roquefort)!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:48pm Matt Clarke:

Love this acoustic guitar sound
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:48pm Julie P.:

This is amazing! What year is it?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:49pm bigplanetnoise:

  Mon. 6/3/19 9:49pm Doug in Boston:

My best buddy was knocked out hearing this single on the acetate CD. I tried to trick him at first by saying it's Ricky Nelson, but he didn't fall for it.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:49pm bigplanetnoise:

Doug! That's so funny!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:49pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:49pm Julie P.:

It sure does sound like Ricky, doesn't it!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:50pm Gina Bacon:

Records and cheese!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:51pm Gaylord Fields:

Gina, both are round, both give you pleasure, and sometimes both have holes in them.
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:51pm Jay S.:

Nice garage sound on this one
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:51pm Eargasm!:

Why have I never heard this Arwin single before????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:52pm Matt Clarke:

You gonna visit the UK surf scene next week? Love this theme
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:52pm bigplanetnoise:

Eargasm - Produced by Kim Fowley!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:52pm bigplanetnoise:

Matt - we're going to the movies next week!!!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:53pm Jay S.:

Slick: an automobile tire made without a tread for maximum traction (as in drag racing)
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:53pm Gina Bacon:

That sounds like a riddle, Gaylord! Good thing we already know the answer!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:53pm Matt Clarke:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:53pm bigplanetnoise:

Jay - Gum-dipped!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:54pm Julie P.:

Is that the soundtrack show you mentioned on G&O? I love soundtracks!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:54pm Eargasm!:

Loved that one! Another one to the want list! It never ends, haha
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:54pm Gaylord Fields:

Records and cheese are always the correct answer!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:55pm Gina Bacon:

Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:55pm Julie P.:

Eargasm, if you needed to write a quick song back then, you could always sing about your car.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:55pm bigplanetnoise:

Julie - different for G&O - I usually filter some weird soundtracky things into G&O. Next week, we just all go to the movies - in 1965.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:55pm Gaylord Fields:

Matt, I'll bring it to the station on Friday when I'm there for the Fine Wine soul dance.
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:55pm Gina Bacon:

That Fine Wine Soul Dance Sounds like fun!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:56pm Gaylord Fields:

Gary Zekley every week!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:56pm Uncle Michael:

Fine Wine & Cheese party?
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:56pm Julie P.:

Yay! '65 movies, can't wait!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:56pm Matt Clarke:

You are a hero Gaylord! Merci!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:57pm Matt Clarke:

Great show Bob and Gina!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:57pm Gaylord Fields:

Gina, I'll save a shingaling for you in absentia.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:57pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, B&G!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:57pm bigplanetnoise:

Thank you all so much for being here with us! Hope to see you all again next week!! Surfer guys and gals go to the movies!!! Honest!!! Be here, please!!! Love to all!!! ❤️
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you, Gaylord!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Gina Bacon:

Thank you so much for hanging with us at our surf party tonight!! Looking forward to seeing everyone here next week!!! XOXO ❤️
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Bob & Gina!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Glynis GirlGroupGirl:

So fun!!!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Eargasm!:

Whatta great show! Thanks for the great show you two!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Gaylord Fields:

Thanks, Bob & Gina! This will make for a great soundtrack to putting air conditioner units in windows!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Jay S.:

Another super show, thanks Bob and Gina!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:58pm Julie P.:

Awesome show; so much fun! See you all next week!
Avatar Mon. 6/3/19 9:59pm bigplanetnoise:

  Mon. 6/3/19 9:59pm Tim from LH:

Fun show to kick off summer, thanks Bob and Gina!
  Mon. 6/3/19 9:59pm Andy R:

What a great show, thank you all so much!
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