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Options Ballad Of A Thin Man - Bob Dylan (12" LP: Highway 61 Revisited) 1965 [Columbia] 3:0030
Options I Never Loved Her (Listen: ) - The Leather Girls (CD: Leather Girls) 2017 [Yippee Ki Yay] 3:0630
Options Girl In The Mini Skirt (Listen: ) - The Era Of Sound (45) 1966 [Delta] 3:0850

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(Listen: ) mic break: 3:1140

Options Broken Record Baby (Listen: ) - Brad Marino (CD: Extra Credit) [Rum Bar] 3:1315
Options Shake A Tail Feather (Listen: ) - The Five Du-Tones (45) 1963 [One-Derful!] 3:1535
Options Now You Want Me Back Again (Listen: ) - Nervous Eaters (12" LP: Hot Steel And Acid) [Ace Of Hearts] 3:1715
Options Hurt Me If You Will (Listen: ) - The Mark Four (45) 1965 [Decca] 3:2030
Options Tortuga (Listen: ) - Hearing Things (45) [Yeggs] 3:2325

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 3:26

Options Runaround (Listen: ) - Yod Crewsy & The Dark Marbles (CD: Brit-Pop Faves) [Dark Marbles Music] 3:28:30
Options Tainted Love (Listen: ) - Gloria Jones (45) 1965 [Champion] 3:3140
Options Cause You Lie (Listen: ) - The Sound Explosion (CD: The Explosive Sounds Of...) [Lost In Tyme] 3:3350
Options I'm Gonna Go Now (Listen: ) - The Wrong Numbers (45) 1967 [Paris Tower] 3:3540
Options Margaritas And Second Hand Smoke (Listen: ) - Justine & The Unclean (CD: Heartaches And Hot Problems) [Rum Bar] 3:3715

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(Listen: ) mic break:3:4030

Options Song For Winners (Listen: ) - Nick Waterhouse (CD: Nick Waterhouse) [Innovative Leisure] 3:4240
Options Corrine, Corrina (Listen: ) - Joe Turner (45) 1956 [Atlantic] 3:4540
Options You Think Too Much Of Me (Listen: ) - Groovy Uncle (CD: Meanwhile Back In Medieval Britain) [Trouserphonic] 3:4830
Options Stop! (Listen: ) - The Moody Blues (45) 1966 [London] 3:5125
Options Pretty Mess (Listen: ) - Hell On Heels (CD: Dogs, Records & Wine) 2007 [Dionysus] 3:5330

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(Listen: ) mic break: 3:5610

Options Human Living Vampire (Listen: ) - The Embrooks (12" LP: We Who Are) [State] 3:5835
Options Lonely Blue Boy (Listen: ) - Conway Twitty (45) 1959 [MGM] 4:0145
Options Happy Valentine's Day (Listen: ) - Dean Landew (Digital single) [DRL Records] 4:04
Options I'm Not Alone (Listen: ) - The David (45) 1967 [VMC] 4:0645
Options (If You'd Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up (Listen: ) - Palmyra Delran & The Dopple Gang (CD: Come Spy With Me) [Wicked Cool] 4:0835

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:1105

Options Cruel Anniversary (Listen: ) - Miss Ludella Black (12" LP: Damaged Goods) [Damaged Goods] 4:1355
Options I Love Paris (Listen: ) - Screamin' Jay Hawkins (12" LP: At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins) 1958 [Epic] 4:1650
Options That's Your Problem (Listen: ) - Mal Thursday & The Cheetahs (CD: Mal Thursday's Hits That Missed) [Chunk Archives] 4:1650
Options Spazz (Listen: ) - The Elastik Band (45) 1967 [Atco] 4:2155
Options It's Her Eyes (Listen: ) - The Ar-Kaics (CD: In This Time) [Wick] 4:2435

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(Listen: ) mic break: 4:2750

Options Sorry Anymore (Listen: ) - The Lupines (CD: Mountain Of Love) [Speed Nebraska] 4:3105
Options Something's Got A Hold On Me (Listen: ) - Etta James (45) 1962 [Argo] 4:3455
Options Catamaran (Listen: ) - The Allah Las (CD: Allah Las) 2012 [Innovative Leisure] 4:3740
Options (There Was A) Tall Oak Tree (Listen: ) - Dorsey Burnette (45) 1960 [Era] 4:4115
Options Action Woman (Listen: ) - Richard & The Young Lions (CD: Volume 1) [Wicked Cool] 4:4320

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:46

Options Paisley In Paradise (Listen: ) - The Woggles (2x7" EP: Please Leave Me My Mind) [Wicked Cool] 4:47
Options Heart Of Stone (Listen: ) - The Hi Numbers (45) 1965 [Decca] 4:50
Options Ego Death (Listen: ) - The Beginner's Mynd (45) [13 O'Clock] 4:5215
Options Coney Island Baby (Listen: ) - The Excellents (45) 1962 [Blast] 4:5510
Options Dark November (Listen: ) - The Pandoras (CD: Hey! It's The Pandoras) [Burger] 4:5740

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63: I here all alone??...
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:00pm MelindafromAustin:

Much love to Jonsey & X Ray! Thank you for everything! Peace.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:01pm COLINfromvictoriabritishcolumbiacanada:

Damn. X-Ray. Such a beautiful tribute.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:02pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Due you, Mr. Jones.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:04pm Mr. Pumpy:'re a class act. X-ray lives on...forever.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:05pm CakeZ:

What's this?
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:07pm think about it:

Ballad of a Thin Man - Dylan
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:07pm melville:

Great tribute. I miss X-ray Burns and I miss the chemistry Jones and X-ray possessed.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:10pm BnowB:

Mr Jones .. not a dry eye in the house.
IBJ for life
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:11pm melville:

Yeah, IBJ for life!
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:11pm katharsis:

Hello all. Goodbye X Ray.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Dylan was the Poetry of that society & those situations - w/ roots in Chuck Berry as well as the Beat Writers...Yes - Great Poetry - of a particular Vernacular that happened to be - well - Our Culture...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...just as - say - Robert Frost up here made it out of arrangements of the plain leaves & stones of the landscape - & no 50cent words in sight...
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:17pm Al:

Bill, thanks for opening with Ballad of a Thin Man.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:22pm John from Florham Park:

Hello from the nice part of jersey
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:23pm allstar ahole:

thanks...last freezone...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Sunday afternoon, the way it's gonna be!
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:25pm allstar ahole:

did anyone catch the name of band that sang "girl in a mini skirt"?
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:28pm Sid:

With tinnitus, my computer fan tells me things. I usually don't listen. Sometimes it's right, but most time, it's just random platitudes.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:30pm Al:

@Sid: Your computer fan has tinnitus?
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:31pm Sid:

Al, wish that was it, but my shower head talks to me too. That would be quite a coincidence.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:33pm Mr. Pumpy:

Great version by Gloria Jones!
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:34pm John from Florham Park:

Guys sometimes my tinfoil hat talks to me too(G)
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:35pm Listener Robert:

I was hearing quite a bit from my bathroom drain today.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:36pm SKI THE POLOCK:

  Sun. 2/17/19 3:36pm John from Florham Park:

@robert is it the theme from jaws
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:37pm Mr. Pumpy:

What a different song it would have been if it was simply titled 'Taint Love'
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:37pm Sid:

:) When plumbing talks, it's rarely a good situation.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:38pm Sid:

Guess that's better than smokes and second-hand margueritas.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:42pm Al:

Whoever named Mount Dora, Florida, had quite the sense of humor. Its elevation is 184 feet.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:45pm Sid:

In Florida, that ~is~ a mountain, right? Related, is Athol, MA below sea level?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:45pm fleep:

The refrigerator here croons in the night, mumbling to itself in Klingon, which is odd, since it was made in Mexico
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:46pm Miles:

shades of the Hauman Expression on that Waterhouse track
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:46pm John from Florham Park:

@fleep does your fridge say today is a good day to die(G)
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:47pm Miles Dougal:

human * expression
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:48pm fleep:

John of FP, thank you! We thought it was saying today is a good day to diet.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:49pm Sid:

fleep, do your ears ring when it's quiet? My refrigerator sometimes does hour-long radio shows. I know they're not real, because there are never commercial breaks.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:49pm Al:

@Sid: In Florida, that would qualify as a mountain. Although, the highest point in the state is Britton Hill at 355 ft., the lowest state high point in the US.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:49pm John from Florham Park:

@fleep I see you got what I said
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:50pm Sid:

You know, if you keep draining those Florida swamps, your high points are going to sag even lower.
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:52pm Al:

@Sid: Athol, MA elevation: 546 ft.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:54pm Sid:

Well, there goes my Athol theory down the drain.... where it will start mocking me tongues.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:55pm Sid:

mocking me ~in~ tongues
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 3:57pm Sid:

WABC played a stiff? '66 is too late for payola, too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 3:57pm fleep:

Sid, I'm still working on the right way to pronounce 'tinnitus'
  Sun. 2/17/19 3:59pm allstar ahole:

mindeless flogging
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 4:01pm Sid:

ˈti-nə-təs (tinna-tis) or tə-ˈnī-təs (tin-eye'-tis). I prefer tin-eye'-tis; makes it sound more important.
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:04pm Mike tp:

here's my cents the late night hum of a fridge and bonus the toilet water keeps running music to my ears.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/17/19 4:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I have listened to the fridge less altitudinous - & that has made all the tinnitus.
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:30pm katharsis:

Thanks all. I go forth to forage for things to put in the fridge.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 4:33pm dale:

just dropping in to thumbs up that magnificent moodys tune with denny laine at the helm.
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:33pm sit n squeee:

i just dropped a freshie guys
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:35pm Al:

Chase commercial!
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:47pm sit n squeeze:

My bottom here croaks in the night, mumbling to itself in Klingon, which is odd, since it's full of s***
  Sun. 2/17/19 4:57pm Listener Robert:

Party on, X.Ray, wherever you are.
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 4:59pm Sid:

Dark November? In February? That's depressing. Like going from the northern hemisphere to the southern in March. For 6 months!
Avatar Sun. 2/17/19 5:01pm Sid:

Party on, plumbing!
  Sun. 2/17/19 5:33pm allstar ahole:

  Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/20/19 2:42pm Peapeagirl:

Thanks to all!
  Sat. 2/23/19 1:24am John from CDA:

The Elastik Band are from Belmont CA, near San Francisco. Needless to say, the song, "Spazz", was controversial when it was released.
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