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February 10, 2019 Options

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Options Hurry Sundown - The Outlaws (45) 1977 [Arista] 3:00
Options Now You Want Me Back Again (Listen: ) - The Nervous Eaters (12" LP: Hot Steel And Acid) [Ace Of Hearts] 3:04
Options Mine Forever (Listen: ) - The Tulu Babies (45) 1965 [Tema] 3:07

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(Listen: ) Mic break: 3:10

Options The Outlaw (Listen: ) - Prude Boys (CD: So Far) [Burger] 3:11
Options Stoned Soul Picnic (Listen: ) - Laura Nyro (12" LP: Eli And The Thirteenth Confession) 1968 [Columbia] 3:14
Options Get Outta Dallas! (Listen: ) - Mal Thursday & The Cheetahs (CD: Mal Thursday's Greatest Hits That Missed) [Chunk Archives] 3:17
Options She's No Good (Listen: ) - The Cyclones (45) 1965 [Lee] 3:20
Options What I Wouldn't Do (Listen: ) - The Bookends (CD: Far Away But Around) [Otto Raw Recordings] 3:23

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(Listen: ) Mic break: 3:26

Options Am I Going Insane (Listen: ) - Miss Ludella Black (12" LP: Till You Lie In Your Grave) [Damaged Goods] 3:27
Options Mama (Can I Go Out Tonight)? (Listen: ) - Jo Ann Campbell (45) 1959 [Gone] 3:30
Options Gellow Mold (Listen: ) - The Prefab Messiahs (CD: Psychsploitation! Today) [Lolipop!] 3:33
Options Back Door Man (Listen: ) - The Blues Project (45) 1966 [Verve Folkways] 3:37
Options Happy Valentine's Day (Listen: ) - Dean Landew (Digital single) [DRL Records] 3:40

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(Listen: ) Mic break: 3:42

Options Please Leave Me My Mind (Listen: ) - The Woggles (2x7" EP: Please Leave Me My Mind) [Wicked Cool] 3:44
Options Smoky Places (Listen: ) - The Corsairs (45) 1961 [Tuff] 3:47
Options Sick 'N' Tired (Listen: ) - The Ar-Kaics (CD: In This Time) [Wick] 3:50
Options Sick And Tired (Listen: ) - The Bad Seeds (45) 1965 [J-Beck] 3:53
Options If I Knock (Listen: ) - Susan Surftone (CD: Dicey After Dark) [Acme Brothers] 3:55
Options Sally, Go 'Round The Roses (Listen: ) - The Jaynetts (45) 1963 [Tuff] 3:59

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Options Going But Not Gone (Listen: ) - The Embrooks (12" LP: We Who Are) [State] 4:03
Options Put Your Cat Clothes On (Listen: ) - Carl Perkins (45) 1956 [Sun] 4:06
Options One Kiss (Listen: ) - Richard & The Young Lions (CD: Volume 1) [Wicked Cool] 4:08
Options Murder In My Heart For The Judge (Listen: ) - Moby Grape (12" LP: Wow) 1968 [Columbia] 4:11
Options Brown Haired Daughter (Listen: ) - The Old 97's (CD: The Grand Theatre Volume Two) 2011 [Yep Roc] 4:14

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(Listen: ) Mic break: 4:17

Options Julia (Listen: ) - The Lupines (CD: Mountain Of Love) [Speed Nebraska] 4:20
Options Crazy Date (Listen: ) - The Crazy Teens (45) 1959 [Scott] 4:23
Options (Mighty Mighty) The Great Ape (Listen: ) - King Cornelius & The Silverbacks (CD: Swinging Simian Sounds) [Soundflat] 4:26
Options Take The Time Be Yourself (Listen: ) - The Bram Rigg Set (45) 1967 [Kayden] 4:28
Options Honey Bee (Listen: ) - Lucinda Williams (CD: Little Honey) 2008 [Lost Highway] 4:30

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Options Man Leaves Town (Listen: ) - Nick Waterhouse (CD: Nick Waterhouse) [Innovative Leisure] 4:35
Options A Cat Named Domino (Listen: ) - Roy Orbison (45) 1957 [Sun] 4:38
Options I Want To Be With You (Listen: ) - The Creation Factory (CD: The Creation Factory) [Lolipop!] 4:40
Options In Time (Listen: ) - The Sir Douglas Quintet (45) 1965 [Tribe] 4:43
Options I'm Going Home (Listen: ) - The Dee Rangers (12" LP: All You Need Tonight) [Low Impact] 4:45

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(Listen: ) Mic break: 4:48

Options (If You'd Like To Make A Call) Please Hang Up (Listen: ) - Palmyra Delran & The Dopple Gang (CD: Come Spy With Me) [Wicked Cool] 4:50
Options Come And Stay With Me (Listen: ) - Marianne Faithfull (45) 1965 [London] 4:52
Options A Tear For Rosie (Listen: ) - The Buttertones (CD: Gravedigging) [Innovative Leisure] 4:55
Options Watusi (Listen: ) - Richard Berry & The Pharaohs (45) 1956 [Flip] 4:58

  Music behind DJ:
MIc break: 5:00


Listener comments!

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:01pm ?:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:02pm fleep:

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:02pm ?:

Farewell X-Ray
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:02pm colinfromvictoriabritishcolumbiacanada:

so sad
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:03pm cosmic matrix:

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:03pm Motobro:

A tough act to follow Mr. Kelly, a tough act.

God Bless X.Ray, Glen and their families, and God Bless you Mr. Kelly.

Godspeed Ken Green our X,Ray Burns...
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:04pm battleaxe:

Thanxz for the great times each Sunday are already missed!
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:04pm mkhz:

Heartbroken. Sending love, Glenn
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:04pm Barbie:

Sorry you’ve lost a friend.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:04pm Emilio:

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:05pm MD:

A force of nature...TO BE SURE!!!
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:06pm CC:

been crying for the last hour or so... I'm sure going to miss that boy!!!... great show Jonesy... x-ray was truly a 20th century man!!!... God Rest his soul!!!...
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:07pm Mr Feep:

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:07pm Motobro:

Tears be damned, volume pinned !!
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:08pm dave wuz here:

oof. rip x ray
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:09pm Peter in tappan:

Sunday will never be the same
Love you x ray
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:10pm petit oiseau:

Nothing left to do but crank up the rock n roll and burry the pain away
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Peace and love to X.Ray's family and the WFMU community. Rest in peace, old friend.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:11pm Matt Clarke:

Glad you're on the radio today Bill. Really need it today.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:12pm Dave Wright:

One of the garden states finest sons... RIP
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:20pm Dashem:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:20pm ChrisVB:

Definitely a top five jerk off. Peace Burnsie.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:20pm Moto Guy:

Laura Nyro....yo , that’s what’s up...can we hear Oingo Boingo w Dead Mans Party to honor mr X-ray
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:22pm Micheal:

Our condolences to X.Ray's family, to Glen. Thanks for the rock and so many Sundays. And thanks, Bill.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:24pm burpage:

loved the life you live live the like you love
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:25pm Devin B.:

Just stopping in to say RIP X.Ray and condolences to his loved ones. Sunday will never be the same.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:27pm noel:

Long road for Glen to travel today, you were outstanding today, given what you were handed. Condolences to Kenneth's partner, family and Glen. Truly a shocking day.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:30pm sufferwords:

x ray - peace
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:33pm Listener Robert:

One thing that should be noted is that metastatic lung cancer that, from what I can gather, went to his brain (which is pretty common for the commoner of lung cancers) saved Burnsy from an agonizing death from congestive heart failure.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:34pm MelindafromAustin:

Sending love and peace to X Ray, Glen, WFMU & all family & friends. I can’t put into words how much I have loved this show& love these guys from afar. The world lost a good one today. You’re all in my thoughts - especially Glen & X Rays family.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:40pm Listener Robert:

I got nothing, but I sent the link to the GoFundMe to the late Listener Steve's daughter. Steve & I had much the same taste when it came to WFMU listening.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:42pm melville:

Godspeed X-ray Burns. You are missed. My condolences to your family and friends. And thank you for so many happy Sundays.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 3:43pm MD:

RIP X.Ray...Condolences to His family and Friends and the 'fmu family...It's a sad winters day...
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:44pm Johnzon:

that is heresy Howlin' Wolf is the king
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:52pm Paddy in Matawan:

RIP X-Ray. :'''(
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 3:55pm dk:

like so many, jonesy and xray were my gateway drug. nobody was playing on their level, and nobody ever will again.

radio — hell, HUMANITY — has lost a legend.
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:56pm Jeremy:

I've only known about x-ray for about three years but he seemed like the big brother I never !
  Sun. 2/10/19 3:57pm Jeremy:

  Sun. 2/10/19 3:59pm Johnzon:

RIP x-ray
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I never did pick up on X-Ray
- but it's obvious his Commitment was huge
- & he is Beloved
- & a Giant has passed.
Sincere Condolences to Fans & Loved Ones.
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:08pm TT:

Rest In Peace X-Ray. U were such a good soul and will be missed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:10pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Also - playlist is bitchen.
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:11pm CC:

He was born in a welfare state...etc...:)0(:
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:15pm Mike from Manville:

Spent countless cold, winter countless Sundays like today listening to the show. X-ray was a great son of Jersey and will be so missed. You were loved, man. Thoughts and prayers to his wife and family. Hang in there Glenn.
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:16pm CC:

who wants to live until they're 97 years old!?!
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:19pm spodiodi:

RIP X.Ray. Sundays will never be the same. Loved listening to you and Jonesie.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:20pm melville:

@cc, People who are 96.
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:23pm Johnzon:

my grandpa died at 97... last time I saw him he told me "don't live to be 97 it's not worth it"
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:25pm gerald budin:

SUNDAYS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME...for real now....this is so sad I was CRYING and now in Teaneck Library still am.... a bit...Rest PEACEFULLY X-RAY....I shall miss you and JONES together looked forward to the humanity and love which was evident between you guys nuf said listener since 1982 this stinks
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:25pm CC:

That's up to you!!!...etc...:)0(:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:26pm tom from Glasgow:

hey Bill. hey all. we lost a real one today.
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:27pm CC:

I'm happy just to continue to breathe...:)0(:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Lucindy ! <3
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:31pm Smilty69:

RIP X-Ray :(
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 4:31pm Mailman Tom:

Raw honey
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:32pm CC:

Now you beez rockin'..!..:)0(:
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:32pm gerald budin:

BILL: now it is truly THE RAINY SEASON the whole week I waited till ONE PM SUNDAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL and especially family of X RAY BURNS
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:33pm Motobro:

Holy Shit that set ROCKED. !!!!!
  Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:34pm yippie:

Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 4:35pm Danne D:

RIP X. Ray
This one hurts
Condolences to his family and his radio family
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:40pm CC:

in case you all didn't know it you ask God to rest someones soul if you thought it might be some extent???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/10/19 4:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

A dab of good news: The fund drive has met the goal.
Straight ahead!
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:43pm CC:

X-Ray I never minded being the Thorn Tree in some assholes Garden...:)0(:
Avatar Sun. 2/10/19 4:44pm Mailman Tom:

Augie Meyers!
  Sun. 2/10/19 4:58pm CC:

now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!!!...:)0(:
  Sun. 2/10/19 5:02pm Motobro:

Thank you Bill.
  Sun. 2/10/19 7:08pm Bill Kelly:

Matt Clarke...your friend is in our thoughts as well.
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