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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 23, 2019: The 26.2 Marathon Show!!!

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Ken & Andy  0:00:00 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Remember to stay hydrated!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:01pm Elle Tor's Husband:

Does Andy really need to wear those short short running shorts for this bit?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:03pm PMD:

Hmmm... am I the only one with streaming problems (as in the live stream)?
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:03pm Breezeway:

no Swan Dive, i don't understand it
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:04pm noel:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:04pm chris:

stream is fine for me, right now, PMD.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:04pm PMD:

@chris thanks...
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:05pm Breezeway:

theres no sound. chris is trolling
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:06pm dale:

make it 'FREE CHICKS' to paying guys.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:06pm peapod ross:

chick magnets
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:07pm Colleen:

Hey Stashe... so sorry about Monty Hall!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:07pm noel:

radio's fine it's the stream.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:09pm peapod ross:

my stream is fine. ken dyed his hair.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:12pm peapod ross:

this guy sounds fast
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:17pm Listener Robert:

Not as fast as John Mashita.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:19pm cobradan:

It is 20mins into the show and they have yet to start the race.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:20pm peapod ross:

1970s Marathon Action
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:20pm common:

I hear running
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:21pm Fredericks:

Can they share urine?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:21pm herb.nyc:

this marathon excites me. but, is it safe? is it safe?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:21pm peapod ross:

Well, I'm worn out already.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:22pm herb.nyc:

Rosie Ruiz had a tee shirt for her running club. it featured a subway token. really.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:22pm Fredericks:

What's your middle name, Peapod?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:23pm dale:

i wish this was a hot dog eating contest instead.
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:23pm wolfman13:

steve is killing it
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The fatal flaw: Math is involved.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:23pm peapod ross:

It's S like Harry Truman
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:23pm listener 126464:

Go Ratso Go!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:24pm Sebastian:

I'm lost...the crowd going wild is great, tho!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:24pm Listener Robert:

They should've had a Korean boy at the ready.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:24pm peapod ross:

Only 24 more miles to go!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:24pm Linda Lee:

this is how you watch racing on the radio!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:25pm Asheville Jon:

this is as thrilling as chicken sh!t bingo!!!!! GO RUNNARZZZZZ
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:25pm dale:

did the bad show insurance run out in 2018?
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:26pm austin:

unrelated to marathon: does the bcc being shutdown mean they can curse on FMU?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:26pm Sebastian:

@dale it did
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There should be a web site where you can enter times and let the internet add the numbers.
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:27pm Patty D:

This is as organized as the annual wfmu marathon.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:29pm peapod ross:

the fatal flaw is I'm lazy af
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:29pm noel:

Does anyone really expect sense from an Andy "bit"?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:29pm Sebastian:

I'll gladly volunteer, I'll take the second runner, what's his name?
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:29pm Colleen:

I was curious on that as well @ Austin
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm listener 126464:

I have Steve at 23:17
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm Sam:

Yes dale that’s why they saved this show for 2019, crafty little buggers!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm Sebastian:

the thing is, my stream keeps cutting out
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm PMD:

When you assume, you...
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm Colleen:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm PigeonsAndRust:

The second guy is at 31 53 the third guy is 2317
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:30pm peapod ross:

ken print the totals on the play list
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm Linda Lee:

hi Colleen! doing any math?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm herb.nyc:

I was hoping Bad Show Insurance could be continued into 2019. but can *WE* sell it? let's say we do, and we get Sam to be the judge. if he rules in our favor, then when we do our marathon pledge, *that* amount is deducted from our pledge *and* andy has to pay that amount! yes?
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm austin:

o whoops fcc***
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm peapod ross:

i mean the miles
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm listener 126464:

I have Steve at 30:17
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:31pm noel:

I think we all have to meet at the McDonalds on the GSP at Union and bring a kid and grandparent that Andy can make cry.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:32pm listener 126464:

I had math after lunch
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:32pm Sam:

And somebody please clock Andy
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:32pm peapod ross:

My guess is that if ken could cuss on the air, he would have by now,
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:32pm Linda Lee:

it's been a tough week ..
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What are the results in the motorized scooter division?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm Sebastian:

it can't be done
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm Sam:

The next time they do this show it’s going to be EPIC!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm listener 126464:

Correction- Steve was at 30:57 not 30:17. New total 38:34
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm peapod ross:

this is the most complicated 7SD I know of
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm herb.nyc:

stopped for a smoke? I was watching golf on tv (I actually enjoy this) and one of the players, watching his party play, had a cigarette. (the smoker mighta been Fuzzy Zoeller, but I'm not sure)
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:34pm Sam:

They should sell marathon insurance
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:35pm noel:

Andy's wearing his Bunny slippers and skating on ICE 9
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:35pm peapod ross:

I hear the Animals playing in the background
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:38pm Josh:

Is the data somewhere? I can fix this
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:38pm HuskLife:

Wait did anyone see that guy just stop and take a crap?! Oh no it’s the superintendent of Kenilworth high school!!!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:38pm Adam West Coaster:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:38pm PigeonsAndRust:

1 hour 3 minutes 44'' for mark
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:39pm Linda Lee:

don't think the numbers are posted, Josh ~
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:40pm Josh:

So how are we supposed to add them up?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Go, runners!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:41pm Sebastian:

use a calculator, ken: www.unitarium.com...
Josh, use your imagination!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:41pm Linda Lee:

Ken's been announcing the times.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:41pm Linda Lee:

he's given up i think.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:42pm herb.nyc:

are any of their nipples chafing?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:42pm PigeonsAndRust:

Time calculator tool, Maybe ken should open three browser windows www.calculator.net...
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:42pm Josh:

If Ken drops the times in here (or links us to a google doc) I can get this into a format that isn't terrible.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:42pm peapod ross:

Post the post-race nipple photos ken
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:43pm peapod ross:

herb you know how to make this exciting
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:43pm Josh:

They are doing this all wrong. Going mile by mile for all 3 runners doesn't make any sense. If the goal is to make it sound like a real marathon, you announce runner positions by time and not compare the three runners by miles.

"90 minutes into this and Runner A is 10.2 miles, Runner B is 8.5 miles and Runner C is 7.5 miles"
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cut to Konnie Klinkefus in the traffic chopper for an overhead report.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm Linda Lee:

i don' t believe Ken's minding the board atm
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm eric in Baltimore:

Ask Siri to do da math?
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm HuskLife:

Halfway to the Smash Mouth concert at the end!!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm Colleen:

No math for me!!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:44pm Colleen:

But it’s sure a good time!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:45pm Sebastian:

Josh, you can't possibly be surprised this is not working
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:45pm listener 126464:

Konnie's asking for Rex
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:46pm quasiblotto:

I look forward to a show purely of Josh criticizing others' math skills
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:47pm Listener Robert:

"You can't lateral off a horse."
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:48pm Sebastian:

this *could* have been prepared....
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:49pm Sam:

This show is about three trains racing towards each other
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:49pm peapod ross:

This show has it all. Ronald Reagan anecdotes. Math. Fighting.
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:50pm Adam West Coaster:

The show is running 3 minute, 54 second miles.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:50pm Sebastian:

Tom might still get tripped by a bystander who placed a bet
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:51pm dale:

we should be happy no pressure cooker bombs went off during this show.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:52pm PigeonsAndRust:

I love how a show about a marathon ended up being a show about Ken's math skills
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:53pm Sam:

I gotta get me one of them vans with a pool in it.
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:53pm listener 126464:

I didn't hear Steve's times for a couple splits about 12 miles ago
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:53pm peapod ross:

seven minutes left Dale anything can happen
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:55pm JakeGould:

It also takes a long time to warm up if you are fat. And I am not saying Andy is fat, but fat people have problems heating up after being in the cold so long due to fat.
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:55pm Sam:

Angel dust
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:55pm noel:

Maybe they should do "color commentary" during the yearly Marathon. Telling us how much sweat is expended as the DJ's raise money. Put an observer in the Jonesey and XRay.
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:55pm Sam:

Bald people also have trouble keeping warm
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:56pm peapod ross:

Any bets on who the fastest WFMU DJ is
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:56pm Sebastian:

can anyone add up the degrees in Andy's van?
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:56pm Linda Lee:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:57pm peapod ross:

Add up the ages of the cub scout troop in there
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:58pm Adam West Coaster:

Cue “Walking on the Sun.”
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:58pm Sebastian:

these 5+ hours flew by, great show guys!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay! Congratulations, runners!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:59pm Sam:

Andy should take all three of them out to Denny’s!
  Wed. 1/23/19 6:59pm Listener Robert:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 6:59pm ratso:

I'm exhausted!
Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 7:00pm dale:

time for the ben gay.
  Wed. 1/23/19 7:00pm Sam:

Avatar Wed. 1/23/19 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ice those knees! Drink a protein shake!
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