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A roadmap that reveals the highways, byways, ley lines and subterranean tunnels connecting rock, soul, pop, folk rock, R&B, garage, punk, funk, jazz, world music, and soundtracks from the twilight of the 1950s to the dawn of the 1970s. Larry Grogan is a DJ, writer, podcaster, collector, and the man behind Funky16Corners.

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Options November 14, 2018: Testify! with the Meters of New Orleans, Louisiana!

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format
Funky16Corners  Testify! Intro   Options Best of Funky16Corners Volume One  Funky16Corners  2017  MP3 
The Meters  Cissy Strut   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1969  45 
The Meters  Look A Py Py   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
The Meters  Chicken Strut   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
The Meters  Same Old Thing   Options Struttin'  Josie  1969  LP 
The Meters  Cardova   Options The Meters  Josie  1969  LP 
Art Neville  Bo Diddley Pt1   Options 45RPM Single  Sansu  1968  45 
Betty Harris  There's a Break In the Road   Options 45RPM Single  SSS Intl  1969  45 
Cyril Neville  Gossip   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1969  45 
Cyril Neville  Tell Me What's On Your Mind   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1969  45 
Diamond Joe  The ABC Song   Options 45RPM Single  Deesu  1970  45 
Eldridge Holmes  The Book   Options 45RPM Single  Deesu  1970  45 
Eldridge Holmes  Pop Popcorn Children   Options 45RPM Single  Atco  1969  45 
Lee Dorsey  Give It Up   Options 45RPM Single  Amy  1969  45 
Lee Dorsey  Yes We Can Pt1   Options 45RPM Single  Polydor  1970  45 
The Meters  Here Comes the Meterman   Options The Meters  Josie  1969  LP 
The Meters  Good Ole Funky Music   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1971  45 
The Meters  Message From the Meters   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
The Meters  Handclapping Song   Options Struttin'  Josie  1970  LP 
The Meters  I Need More Time   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
Earl King  Tic Tac Toe   Options 45RPM Single  Wand  1970  45 
Earl King  Street Parade   Options 45RPM Single  Kansu  1970  45 
Warren Lee  Funky Belly   Options 45RPM Single  Wand  1969  45 
Ernie K Doe  Fly Away With Me   Options Ernie K Doe  Janus  1972  LP 
George Porter's Joyride  Cissy Strut   Options 45RPM Single  Deesu  1980  45 
Zig and Gaboon's Gang  Let's Get Fired Up   Options 45RPM Single  Orleans Intl  1980  45 
Willie West  Fairchild   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
Al Capps Band  Sissy Strut   Options 45RPM Single  Columbia  1969  45 
Charly and the Bourbon Fanily  Boogachi   Options 45RPM Single  Decca  1971  45 
Syd Jones and the Troubadours  Cardova   Options 45RPM Single  Dr Bird  2006  45 
The Duke of Burlington  Slot Machine   Options The Duke of Burlington  Joker  1970  LP 
The Meters  Dry Spell   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1970  45 
The Meters  6V6LA   Options The Meters  Josie  1969  LP 
The Meters  Ease Back   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1969  45 
The Meters  Sophisticated Cissy   Options 45RPM Single  Josie  1968  45 
The Meters  Stormy   Options The Meters  Josie  1969  LP 
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers  I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor)   Options 45RPM Single  Like  1966  45 

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:02pm Gary:

Larry! Super love for the Meters
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:03pm Funky16Corners:

Gary! Lots of Meters on their own and Meters backing other people tonight.
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:03pm chresti:

Heya! Sounds good!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:04pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Chresti!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:05pm Erica:

Hey guys!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:05pm Franco Twinkie:

When I die I would like to be reincarnated as a Meter.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:05pm Funky16Corners:

Hi Erica!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:05pm Parq:

The Meters, y'all.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:06pm Funky16Corners:

Franco! Parq!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:06pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:09pm Funky16Corners:

Get your funk pants on. This is going to be a VERY funky show.
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:12pm rw:

Yo. Bring it on!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:12pm Jeff Ash:

My funky pants are in the wash for obvious reasons. But good evening from Wisconsin anyway.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:12pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Jeff! rw!
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:13pm rw:

I'm still wearing my bike riding shorts. They'll have to do.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:13pm Funky16Corners:

They may very well be funky...
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:15pm Erica:

  Wed. 11/14/18 10:16pm Franco Twinkie:

It was warm out here today. My guess is..,
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:18pm rw:

F16C, Franco, Indeed. But let's talk about something else.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:20pm coelacanth∅:

hey Larry and funky people
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:23pm Funky16Corners:

Hey C!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:31pm Funky16Corners:

It blows my mind that this Cyril Neville 45 wasn't a hit.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:31pm Franco Twinkie:

Larry, I need some clarification: Piecrust by The Stokes - any Meter participation?
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:31pm Jeff Ash:

I hear "Gossip" and am reminded of something probably only I am interested in: IDs of all the sound bites that make up the F16C Radio Show theme. Maybe someday?
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:32pm Funky16Corners:

@FRanco - Only connected by the production of Allen Toussaint.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:33pm Erica:

Hey Larry specialized in funk and soul.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:33pm Funky16Corners:

@Jeff - That Cyril Neville sample is prominent in the Funky16Corners universe!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:34pm Franco Twinkie:

Okay, Figures. It's not particularly funky, but it's a good title.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:36pm Funky16Corners:

Toussaint was actually in the Stokes. He formed the group when he was in the army. They did the original version of 'Whipped Cream'.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:36pm doctorjazz:

Hey all! Getting 2 Testify experiences in 1 day (caught up with yesterday's fill in show, the jazz giants show, earlier today).
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:37pm Franco Twinkie:

Good to know! A Desert two sider!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:37pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Doc! I was hoping you'd dig that one!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:42pm doctorjazz:

I did, didn't catch it in real time, just saw that it was on today, it was great!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:43pm Funky16Corners:

  Wed. 11/14/18 10:43pm rw:

So... The Meters, is their name have a reference to something I should know?
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:44pm Funky16Corners:

Meter - the musical kind
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:45pm Funky16Corners:

meter is a recurring pattern of stresses or accents that provide the pulse or beat of music. Meter is notated at the beginning of a composition with a time signature. Time signatures are always notated with two numbers, one on top of the other, much like a fraction in math.
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:45pm rw:

Ah! I was thinking that might be it. Thanks LG!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:45pm Funky16Corners:

Just Googled for a proper definition
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:46pm rw:

Okay. I was thinking maybe you were more of a genius than I had already suspected.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:46pm Funky16Corners:

Not hardly....cough...
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:47pm rw:

As well as a very fast typist.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 10:52pm Funky16Corners:

Lightning fingers!
  Wed. 11/14/18 10:59pm chresti:

I suspect everyone type
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:00pm Erica:

It's the second hour already.
  Wed. 11/14/18 11:00pm chresti:

Ppss faster than me
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:00pm Funky16Corners:

Yeah, right?
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:01pm Funky16Corners:

Things go fast when they're this funky!
  Wed. 11/14/18 11:02pm Dean:

The entry in Eric Blom's Everyman's Dictionary of Music on "metre":

the rhythmic patterns prod. in mus. by notes of varying length combined with strong and weak beats (*arsis* and *thesis*), similar to the different 'feet' (spondees, dactyls, anapests, trochees, iambics, etc.) in poetry.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:03pm Funky16Corners:

Yeah, what he said
  Wed. 11/14/18 11:07pm chresti:

I’m moving the arses right now
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:08pm Funky16Corners:

My evil plan is working then!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:09pm coelacanth∅:

'doesn't seem evil!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:10pm coelacanth∅:

...the *arsis* of *the sis*
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:11pm Erica:

Funkay belly mama.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:12pm Funky16Corners:

There were actually at least three Funky Belly records in New Orleans and Mississippi. Someone was trying to start a dance craze.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:14pm Franco Twinkie:

Can't compete with Pretzel Party for noble failures if that is the case.
  Wed. 11/14/18 11:14pm chresti:

I’d like to see the funky belly dance
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:15pm Funky16Corners:

So would I!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:16pm Erica:

Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:23pm Parq:

Lurking, Larry. Been in the kitchen and the laundry room. Still needed in both, but wanted to stop by and say that this show is on FIY-YOH!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:23pm Franco Twinkie:

Zig played with Richard Hell if you can believe that.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:24pm Funky16Corners:

@Parq - Thanks!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:25pm Funky16Corners:

@FRanco - I believe it. He's in his 70s and he still plays the fuck out of those drums
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:27pm tim abdellah:

So great to hear these tracks with the Meters as backing band! Many thanks from Berkeley!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:27pm Franco Twinkie:

I'm looking at the pile that CD is in, to double check, and I just think - NO WAY!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:32pm Funky16Corners:

Hi Tim!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:46pm Jeff Ash:

Getting into that late-night free-form FM radio groove.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:48pm Funky16Corners:

Always looking for that!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:48pm Erica:

Me too Jeff
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:48pm Jeff Ash:

Feeling it, man.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:49pm Funky16Corners:

I tried to save a few of the mellower items for the end
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:52pm Franco Twinkie:

Trying to figure out exactly what these guys did to get that sound. Some kind of ju-ju for sure.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:52pm Parq:

I have a lot of these Meters cuts on a two-disc box I bought, "Funkify Your Life". Not positive, but I'm pretty sure I bought it at the FMU Record Fair. So there you go.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:53pm Funky16Corners:

All roads lead to WFMU!
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:55pm Franco Twinkie:

Yes Parq! The Rhino Box.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:56pm Parq:

Oh man, I love this version of "Stormy"!

Yez oh yez, Franco.
Avatar Wed. 11/14/18 11:57pm Franco Twinkie:

Rainy day music for sure.
Avatar Thu. 11/15/18 12:00am Funky16Corners:

As I close out my sixth hour of radio for the week. Time for bed!
Avatar Thu. 11/15/18 12:00am Erica:

Larry you're a very busy man. It's late. You need your rest. Goodnight everyone! This has been a fast 2 hours.
  Thu. 11/15/18 12:01am chresti:

Thanks Larry! Very great!
Avatar Thu. 11/15/18 12:01am Funky16Corners:

Nite Erica! Chresti!
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