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Playlist for 01 October 2018 Options | Filling in For Surface Noise

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
Spiritualized  On The Sunshine   Options And Nothing Hurt 
*   0:00:00 ()
Moles  Surf's Up   Options Untune the Sky 
  0:04:41 ()
Ron Gallo  Always Elsewhere   Options Stardust Birthday Boy 
*   0:09:17 ()
The Momes  Friday   Options Spiralling 
  0:12:51 ()
Imrpoved Sound Ltd.  Hit 'Em In The Face   Options Electrick Loosers: Volkslied Into Krautrock 
  0:15:17 ()
Brainticket  There's a Shadow Watching You   Options Women of Kraut (Zoe B's 2018 Premium) 
  0:18:23 ()
The Workshop  Simply What I Want to Do   Options Wlecome Back The Workshop 
  0:23:52 ()
Jah Wobble  Theme from Midnight Cowboy   Options Redux Anthologu 1978-2015 
  0:35:36 ()
Sven-Ake Johansson + El Gordo + Axel Dorner  Besame Mucho   Options Live at Kule April 2005 
  0:38:15 ()
Nola  The Duncam Trio   Options Baron Ochs 
  0:41:10 ()
Akiko Yano 矢野顕子  I Sing   Options Tadaima 
  0:44:58 ()
Yann Tomita  Dooppee Time   Options Title Track 
  0:48:54 ()
People Like Us  Free (My Prayer)   Options The Mirror 
*   0:51:42 ()
Wevie Stonder  The Lowest Part of the Moon   Options The Horse of Wooden Troy 
  0:58:09 ()
Tjupurru  Stompin' Ground   Options The Rough Guide To Australian Aboriginal Music 
  1:01:23 ()
Yamasuka Singers  AIEAOA   Options Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki 
  1:04:31 ()
Black Blood  A.I.E. Mwana   Options African Disco - Deep Disco From 1970s Africa 
  1:07:18 ()
Montego Joe  Fat Man   Options Mod Jazz Rides Again 
*   1:09:38 ()
Dennis Coffey  It's Your Thing / Union Station   Options One Night at Morey's: 1968    *   1:17:31 ()
101 Strings  Flaemout   Options Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 
  1:17:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Jet Ear Party   Options Live at Issue Project Room      1:19:03 ()
Mamuthones  Show Me   Options Fear On The Corner 
  1:29:20 ()
David Nance Group  Ham Sandwich   Options Peaced and Slightly Pulverized 
*   1:33:51 ()
Earthless  Foxy Lady   Options Live at Primavera Sound 
  1:35:46 ()
Dump  International Airport   Options Title Track 
  1:40:29 ()
Tonio K.  H.A.T.R.E.D.   Options Life in the Foodchain 
  2:01:24 ()
Ross Johnson  Theme From A Summer Place   Options Make It Stop! The Most of Ross Johnson 
  2:05:28 ()
JC Satan  Misunderstood   Options Hell Death Samba 
  2:10:19 ()
Illuminati Hotties  Pressed 2 Death   Options Kiss Yr Frenemies 
*   2:13:23 ()
The Beths  Future Me Hates Me   Options Title Track 
*   2:17:51 ()
Pip Blom  Truth   Options Singles 
*   2:21:43 ()
Go Home Productions  Main Bloom   Options Spliced Krispies 
  2:24:31 ()
The Lemon Kittens  The Log and the Pin   Options Those That Bite The Hand That Feeds Them.... 
  2:27:25 ()
Care of the Cow  Conversation Piece   Options I Still Don't Know Your Style 
  2:30:27 ()
OCS  The Remote Viewer   Options Memory Of A Cut Off Head 
  2:36:11 ()
Kate Vargas  This Affliction   Options For the Wolfish & The Wandering 
*   2:41:09 ()
SQRL  Funnel of Love   Options Only Lovers Left Alive Soundtrack 
  2:45:41 ()
Harrison Williams and Warwick  The River   Options David Crosby Eats Some More 
  2:48:24 ()
Roy Hamilton  You'll Never Walk Alone   Options  
  2:52:45 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 8:25am Bjarne:

Mornin Ken
  Mon. 10/1/18 8:51am F۝F۝ (:

Hello, Bjarne!

Ken? Ken is coming back next year! Meaning we can talk about him behind his back while he's back! HA!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 8:54am -Ken:

Hi Bjarne, hi f0f0!
  Mon. 10/1/18 8:57am F۝F۝ (:

So, Bjarne, let me tell you what's wrong with Ken. first of all...


Ken! I thought you were coming back in June! I was about to talk good things about you with my new friend Bjarne.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 8:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

Here we go! Good luck with the Fall Fun Raiser.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:01am Asheville Jon:

SMK!!! welcome back!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:01am Vincent Nifigance:

"I'm looking for pound notes, loose change, bad checks, anything
Gimme some money, gimme some money..."
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:01am Aaron Working In Newark:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:02am Linda Lee:

good morning Ken! Lovely!!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:03am Beast of Boonton:

Ken - yay!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:03am melinda:

morning Ken and everyone!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:04am Roberto:

Hoo am dis misterius phil-in dee jae?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:05am Linda Lee:

it's Ken, kitteh!!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:05am maestroso:

G'morning Ken! Welcome back!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:06am Roberto:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 9:06am -Ken:

Morning all! Great to be back. It's been YEARS!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:07am Sem:

Time zone appropriate greetings, SMKen, listeners, and skulking eavesdroppers.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:07am F۝F۝ (:

So how are you guys coping with Ken's absence?

me? To feel like I'm not missing any Ken's show I simply removed Wednesdays from my calendar! And to make that happen I renamed Tuesday to Tuesdnesday and Thursday to Thursdnesday ad added 12 hours to each day. Now Wednesday just doesn't count anymore! YEAH!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:07am Linda Lee:

sure felt that way!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:08am Guido from Cologne:

hello Ken!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:08am The Oscar:

Morning all! Is it June already?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:09am G:

What's his name? Kennnnnnnnn... right.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:09am F۝F۝ (:

Guido from Cologne ist in das haus beaotches!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:09am Linda Lee:

well, that's it. i'm taking the morning off.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:10am liXiviated life:

Hello Kinny
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:10am Davee:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:11am Aaron Working In Newark:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:13am steveo:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:13am Nacho:

There he is!! Hello Commander! We missed you!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:14am pierre:

Bonjour Ken and listeners :)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:15am pierre:

(i'm here to check on your show since Joe is at my place right now)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:15am Bjarne:

@F۝F۝ - I've started doing heroin on wednesdays to cope with Ken's absence. It helps
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:17am Linda Lee:

how nice of you to post a GIF from my actual life.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:17am Sem:

Need it be said the "Heroin on Wednesdays" is a most excellent band name?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:18am Guido from Cologne:

Fun movie "Engelchen" where this crazy Improved Sound Ltd. track is from. (Bavarian group on Cologne based record label)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:19am Guido from Cologne:

Original Release:
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:19am Linda Lee:

be careful there, Bjarne. soon every darn day will be wednesday.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:19am Guido from Cologne:

It is a "psychedelic night club"-scene in the movie.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:20am queems:

oh wow
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:20am Aaron Working In Newark:

Hi @queems
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:21am F۝F۝ (:

Ladies and gentlemen,....


A big round of applause for him and with both hands for better effect.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:21am Sebastian:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:22am pierre:

it's been a while
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:22am pierre:

it's been a wild
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:23am Brian from Tulsa:

Feeling psychedelic this morning indeed
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:24am northguineahills:

Lost my ticket to my brain, I sort of need to get there for work purposes, and the keeping my bodily functions proceeding as normal.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:24am queems:

hello @aaron
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:25am Beast of Boonton:

goat alarm still works
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:26am Sebastian:

German lesson for the day:
Jelly = Wackelpudding (lit. wobble pudding)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:26am Ken From Hyde Park:

I hope no one out there perceives that as a reverse goat alarm and does a bad thing every time they hear the scream.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:27am weiterso:

morning listeners, krauts, the goat 'n fofo!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:27am fleep:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:30am Henry in Hopatcong:

Good morning Ken
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:31am steveo:

is this bed magical?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:31am northguineahills:

@Sebastian: I'm more of a Blutpudding, guy myself, and even better is the Mexi version that the German immigrants brought over and made for local tastes.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:33am F۝F۝ (:

First guido, then Sebastian and now weiterso!! What else can a Deutschland fan ask for?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:35am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thinking of goats ... Moondog's reign is ending soon. There's a mascot contest this month?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:36am steveo:

it's like, better than charlie brown christmas, right?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:36am Linda Lee:

Ken, i'm guessing the new mascot comes during full marathon time in March.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:37am Laura L:

Hellochen, Ken, Guido, Sebastian und Alle!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:37am Linda Lee:

Faylord's show sounds fabulous.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:38am Linda Lee:

Please, kids ~ help sustain the madness & throw a little coin toward FMU today.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 9:41am -Ken:

No, mascot contest is in progress right NOW! Moondog the Goat has a new gig.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:41am Linda Lee:

holy cow! next! :-)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:42am Sem:

OK, but just on the cheek.
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:44am F۝F۝ (:

Are human mascots allowed?
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:46am yippie:

yo moondog should call in gig talk then
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 9:47am -Ken:

Yes, human mascots are allowed, as long as they have served time for mascot related activities.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:47am Zetti:

Big Man Japan Lol!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:48am Sem:

Ur comb-over?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:48am ɨkɛ:

91.1 sounds good. Currently, though, Haitian pirates on either side of you at both 90.9 and 91.3 are audible in Newark. They usually go off the air right around now to avoid THE MAN and come back in the evening. No pirate at 91.9 at the moment.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:49am zopa:

Oh. Ken's on. Good.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:50am Linda Lee:

i'm simply bewitched by this track.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:50am G:

  Mon. 10/1/18 9:51am Lixiviated Life:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 9:51am -Ken:

The sample is I Dream Of Jeannie, not Bewitched I think..
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:51am F۝F۝ (:

Oh, Ken. Those are strict Scandinavian rules. So what about an extinct animal mascot? Give a dodo a chance, I say!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:52am Linda Lee:

bet Lucy loves this one!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:52am ranjit:

argh, the animated gif for Akiko Yano managed to sync up exactly with Dooppee Time on my screen :(
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:53am Linda Lee:

wow, i'm 2 for 2! :-D
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:54am tadpoles:

I recognize PLU instantly now...great stuff!
  Mon. 10/1/18 9:55am F۝F۝ (:

It only took me 9 years to realise the 'like' in "People Like Us" can have two different meanings.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:56am Okasa:

Big Man Japan!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:56am The Oscar:

I know I'm not saying anything everyone doesn't already know, but PLU is just so damn good.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:56am Lixiviated Life:

"nothing's going to change my world"
until it does
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:57am The Oscar:

Gotta light?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:58am Linda Lee:

Vicky/Vicki is amazing.
(i'm hedging my bets now.)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 9:59am βrian:

Hump day already? Dreary skies over the isthmus today.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:01am F۝F۝ (:

Just to clarify, Linda. It's Vicki with an Y.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:01am zopa:

SMK, you keep playin 'em. I'll keep clicky starring them.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:01am Linda Lee:

@Brian ~ if only!
definitely feels like october in the catskills today. dreary skies *again*.
thanks, F0F0!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:02am Lizardner Dave Somethingorother:

Good God Ken, you just channeled my late father's answering machine message. "You have reached the number you dialed...."
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:02am queems:

hell yes i love this one
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:03am Lixiviated Life:

Kinney, there's no need to shout.
Practice using your inside voice.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:04am Aaron Working In Newark:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:04am Lixiviated Life:

Emu vs. Kangaroo
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:05am Linda Lee:

wouldn't want to be that kangaroo. emu brought backup.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:05am carter:

here ken i think you’d like this
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:05am JtotheK:

hello ken. hi everyone. say ken, since your last program I have finished the HBO program 'Vinyl'. Do you have a recap of your recaps for those of us that took /years/ to watch all the episodes?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:10am Lixiviated Life:

My review of "Vinyl":
You only need to watch the scene with the NY Dolls, forget the rest.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 10:12am -Ken:

I have't compiled my "Vinyl" recaps but they are all on the archives, if you wann do it, I'd love that.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:19am Linda Lee:

thanks, LL. 'vinyl' virgin here. that saves time.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:19am JtotheK:

great tune, time to dance! (comment from my avatar...)
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:20am tom:

haven't heard this in a long time thanks ken (flameout)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:22am Linda Lee:

i loved Dennis Coffey as a kid. had 'scorpio' & 'taurus' on 45 in my little box.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:22am melinda:

I was looking through Favorite songs recently and saw one from Cavalcade of Donuts with Ken, and it made me nostalgic for the donut frenzy.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:23am Phillippe Bastille:

Hey -Ken
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:24am βrian:

Sssh, Ken. It's *silent*!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:24am Linda Lee:

goat yoga! indeed a thing.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:26am medson:

I saw Moondog doing a ton of blow, we locked eyes and then he slammed the door to the VIP room. Not sure what happened after that
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:27am Planet Tyler:

Have you guys seen Gritty? Now that's a mascot. Stuff of nightmares. Definitely been arrested a few times.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:27am queems:

it’s not a bad thing. sincerely, a millennial female
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:28am Linda Lee:

whatever selfie-prohibition is imposed will only encourage risk-taking. been there, done that.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:28am Roberto:

But without idiot selfie deaths where will we get our lulz?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:28am northguineahills:

and my wife complains I don't take enough pics (well, of people), hence, all of my pics of her and/or me are by her and others.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:29am melinda:

@medson haha
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:30am Mike told:

Montego Joe a radio sidekick of dj Ray Franks. jarring my memory Ken ..ty......
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:30am F۝F۝ (:

Reporting selfies-related deaths sounds like a job for Ken 'Newcaster Disaster' Freedman! C'mon, Ken! Admit it. This is better than reporting people dying because of a World Cup.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:30am Roberto:

I really do miss the World Cup death reports.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:31am Mike tp:

mamuthones good one
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:34am Linda Lee:

municipalities need to encourage risky selfies. create departments. websites with guidelines. risky-selfie-zones manned with uniformed officers. mainstream it! remove the cache'. save lives.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:34am Nacho:

In some national parks we may encounter these signs:
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:35am Bjarne:

dying while trying to take a selfie is like committing suicide
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:35am Linda Lee:

then we can all take selfies by the signs! ha! ha!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:36am Bjarne:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:37am Linda Lee:

new term coined right now by Bjarne!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:38am Linda Lee:

killer cover, i'd say.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:38am F۝F۝ (:

Yes, Linda Lee! This could be an historical moment. A brand new term has born. Wait. Let me take a selfie with the new term behind me. Don't post comments while I take the pic, people!
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:39am prudy:

gotta get your royalties
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:39am steveo:

there is apparently a bar in Lithuania called Selfiecide Bar
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:39am Linda Lee:

be careful there F0F0!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:40am ɛɨk:

If I didn't need them for dating apps, I'd never take pics of myself. I've got plenty of pics of my cat though.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:42am steveo:

lol. i read on the interenet that segueway is not a real word, it's just how ancient people thought you should pronounce the Italian word segue.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:42am Bjarne:

Dammit! Googled selfiecide, ofcourse it was already a thing
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:42am Linda Lee:

@eik ~ well honestly. how could you not?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:42am Vincent Nifigance:

Love this song.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:43am Linda Lee:

oh no! i'm sorry Bjarne.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:44am Linda Lee:

is there also a word for suicide-by-goat-yoga?
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:46am F۝F۝ (:

Oh, Jim Price. I fondly remember the Larry saga.. Yes the "Hello, Ken. This is Larry" Larry. What I did not like is that in the grand finale (last episode) almost no one here bat an eyelid. Thanks for nothing, people!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:47am (Murakami Whywolf))):

I _knew_ there was a reason to wake-up today…'morning all.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:47am steveo:

Bonus factoid: it takes 392 hours to walk from Lithuania to Italy, according to google maps.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:47am melinda:

Nothing wrong with selfies, it's the context that matters.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:51am Sebastian:

great stuff, this Dump
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:53am Linda Lee:

anything leading you to self-destructive behavior needs re-evaluation even if that behavior is normalized culturally.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:55am Linda Lee:

in fact, epecially if.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:55am Sebastian:

uuuhhhhhaaaa....I think the David Crosby chewing sounds are about the only thing about this show I didn't miss at all!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:56am βrian:

Can anyone read the german in that S&M image?
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:57am prudy:

the guy never had to examine himself in his life.
  Mon. 10/1/18 10:57am queems:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:57am The Oscar:

Whoooaa-- It feels like this was somehow *always* the context for this!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:58am Sebastian:

  Mon. 10/1/18 10:58am karen eliot:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:58am Sebastian:

what S&M image, ßrian?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:58am Linda Lee:

problematical simulation indeed..
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 10:59am βrian:

In the Wevie Stonder entry.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:00am queems:

what a transition
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:00am steveo:

Looks like "sexualwissenchaft"?


the systematic pursuit of knowledge, learning, and scholarship (especially as contrasted with its application).
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:00am Sebastian:

oh, I see, thats cut off "Sexualwissenschaft." - Sexology
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:00am zopa:

SMK, I can't clicky star what you don't list.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:00am karen eliot:

This is great.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:01am Webhamster Henry:

@βrian "[Se]xual Science"
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:02am The Oscar:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:02am Linda Lee:

we even got the color glossy pictures with the circles & arrows & a paragraph on the back.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:02am Vincent Nifigance:

What was Lindsey Graham's name when he was a child actor?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:02am Lixiviated Life:

How 'bout that there down home single white man we call Lindsey.
He's 'bout as regular as they come.
What 'cha say we all git together and give 'em that lil push he needs to retire.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:03am steveo:

i like how the text from the "Submit" button accidentally got into my s&m definition
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:04am medson:

Dump button song haha
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:04am Webhamster Henry:

Meanwhile, what Jimi is reading:
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:05am The Oscar:

That dumped bit may be one of my all-time favorite uses of profanity in music.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:05am βrian:

Rock-n-roll orthography.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:06am Linda Lee:

MAD was my fave back then!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:07am F۝F۝ (:

What Sexualwissenschaft means?

That's easy. Let's break down the term for better understanding.
- Sex obviously means sex.
- 'Al' means Alfred.
- 'Wissen' means Wise men.
- ;Schaft' means shaft.

So 'Sexualwissenschaft; means 'wise men having sex with Al using a shaft'. People, I did a German Introductory course in 1998. I know what I am talking about.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:07am andy fuchs:

This "Summer Place" cover sounds like an R Stevie Moore cover....
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:08am Linda Lee:

Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:10am glenn:

bigger douche - sessions or lindsey graham?
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:10am Andrew Waterloo:

I haven't heard a good selfie-tirade in awhile.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:10am F۝F۝ (: this Theme From Summer Place from Ross Johnson version without lyrics? I missed it almost in its entirety.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:10am (Murakami Whywolf))):

If one version of family history is correct, someone in my family did that walk, or thereabouts, from the place that named us to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. (The Inquisition quit chasing relatively quickly, but we wanted _distance_ from it.)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:10am tim from champaign:

Full on immersion into MAD, Three Stooges, Jimi Hendrix and pro wrestling as a pre and early adolescent had profound effects on shaping the sensibilities I have 30+ years later.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:11am drowsy:

Man Graham treatment this is a tonic.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:11am northguineahills:

My favorite Zorn/Yamataka Eye piece!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:12am northguineahills:

(the gun/screaming piece)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:13am steveo:

Murakami -- wow; i didn't realize how serious my comment was. I'm glad they made it.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:13am zopa:

SMK, I think we've reached the place in the show where I remind you that Jesus loves YOU most of all.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:15am The Oscar:

I just recently got a subscription to MAD for the first time since I was a teenager. I would be legitimately devastated if they were ever to fold.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:15am karen eliot:

Flake is speaking here in Boston today. Ahaha!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:15am Roberto:

Kenneth, I do believe your big-ass gifs are mucking up my connectivity.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:15am Linda Lee:

tim ~ i was even younger! just remove pro wrestling, add my gay uncle.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:17am F۝F۝ (:

Jesus loves Ken specially when he plays JC Satan!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:20am tim from champaign:

@ Linda - yes!!!!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:20am Bjarne:

@Station Manager Ken: Are you filling in for anybody else anytime soon?
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:20am melinda:

I loved MAD. I would read my aunt & uncle's collection when visiting.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:21am bk845:

This is such a great song!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:22am F۝F۝ (:

So Ken,

What's for tonight's Seven Second Delay show?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 11:22am -Ken:

@bjarne I'll be sitting in with Lil Matty Warwick on Garbage Time for Singles Going Steady Week on Tuesday October 16th from 9am to Noon.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:23am bk845:

The first time I heard that band, I was wondering if Courtney Barnett had taken some singing lessons or something.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:23am Roberto:

Actually maybe not. My connection appears to be generally crap this morning.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:25am northguineahills:

If the truth makes sense, then you might be simple-minded....or just rather wise....
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:25am βrian:

@Roberto: The Deanimator Safari extension is a lifesaver re agitated gifs.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:25am Bjarne:

@SMK: Fantastic. Good to know.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:26am Okasa:

@F۝F۝ So why does Botschafter mean Ambassador?
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:26am paul:

Roberto, same problem here.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:27am tim from champaign:

Hahaha - downtempo Nirvana. Perfect soundtrack to shopping for expensive crap.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:27am prudy:

this is some great sampling
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:28am crateslinger:

I actually couldn't get the player to work for about fifteen minutes this morning. Said temporarily unavailable, like every girl I ever met.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:28am steveo:

i also say yeah-mmm
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:28am GloTato:

dis is brilliant!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:28am The Oscar:

@Karen At my alma mater, no less! I always forget that Emerson has a bunch of quiet political communication majors behind all the theater kids and film dorks.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:29am Linda Lee:

@tim from champaign ~ or engaging in purposeful non-shopping, as am i.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:30am Linda Lee:

can't wait for Ken & Li'l Matty's Garbage Singles!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:33am melinda:

@LL it will be fun
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:34am northguineahills:

Have we figured out who Care of the Cow really is (not too googlible).
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:34am F۝F۝ (::


Because in the old Promo-germanic times they used to send abroad bot shafters as diplomats.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:34am Linda Lee:

gosh yes!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 11:35am -Ken:

Care of the Cow = Christine Baczewska, Sher Doruff and Victor Sanders
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:36am Linda Lee:

always love Singles Going Steady.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:37am northguineahills:

Meh, by the 1st grade I was correcting my teachers. I was an annoying little snot that lacked tact. Care of the Cow graphic.)
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:38am (Murakami Whywolf)):

I recall the protestors in Boston will include the Mayor, whom I might now forgive of his `I can't be in favour of legalised pot because I have an alcohol problem. ', an attitude I dislike because
0.) it belongs in "Harrison Bergeron" and
1.) if only alcohol had been available in college, I might have _developed_ an alcohol problem chasing what it couldn't give me but mild pot usage did.

Well, anyway, good to see—now if only I could stand crowds…or if it actually accomplished anything.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:40am Brendan:

Nice set to tune in to. Surface Ken!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:40am Bjarne:

I feel like Ken might take a request or 2 today. The feeling might not be correct, but i'll try. Renaldo & the Loaf - Critical/Dance of the album The Elbow Is Taboo
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:44am zopa:

What a great voice - Kate Vargas
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:45am prudy:

what happened to Macy Gray?
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:46am F۝F۝ (:


What a great whistling as well !
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:48am Carmichael:

Rabbit rabbit rabbit!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:51am Sebastian:

matty! they play you on on the radio!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:51am Bilbo Huggins:

glad to hear you on the radio, ken!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:51am yippie:

reminds me of Redondo Beach
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:52am Linda Lee:

it's bittersweet when you're ready to go, Ken.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:52am JtotheK:

Enjoyed the show, thanks Ken!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:55am Rich in Washington:

Bye Ken! Thanks for making radio! Hope your radical sabbatical is going well!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:55am melinda:

Thanks Ken!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:55am Brendan:

This sounds like the King , circa bloated ,sweaty Elvis era.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:55am Laura L:

Thank you, Ken!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:55am Sebastian:

Vielen Dank, Ken, tolle Sendung!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am Nacho:

See you in another 12 years
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am Okasa:

See you all down the road someday. Thanks Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am -Ken:

Thanks for hangin everybody! Bqack with Andy Wednesday at 6 and with Matt W Oct 16th at 9am
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am F۝F۝ (:


Great show!. See you this Wednesday on your regular time slot. Till then!!


HA! I just told Ken to come on Wednesday to do a show! He shouldn't come back yet but next June!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am Linda Lee:

Roy Hamilton is someone he listened to, i'm sure.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am northguineahills:

arigato, ken-san. apromiximo tiempo!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am Sem:

Fillin' in is your métier, SMKen. Looking forward to more fillings real soon. Bye!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am yippie:

thanks to the ken and all thekenschlampen too
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:56am Rocky Horror:

Great show Ken
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:57am zopa:

Goodbye SMK.
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:57am F۝F۝ (:

пока пока, кэн!
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:57am steveo:

thanks! i had fun.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Ken. Onward to victory!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:58am tadpoles:

Have to thank you Ken for nice clear graphic visuals with your show....some DJs lists make my eyes bulge! Can't read without straining.
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:58am

THE BETHS were played? they're vg, and at mercury lounge in mid-october!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:59am Brendan:

Thanks for filling in like the inside of a delicious papusa Ken. Love you man
Avatar Mon. 10/1/18 11:59am Bjarne:

Thank you for a great show Ken!
  Mon. 10/1/18 11:59am F۝F۝ (:

I believe papusa is a FCC regulated word, Brendan. Use with caution.
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