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Fake punk, rap for listeners, and the sound of a car rolling gracefully into a tree.

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Options September 29, 2018: never been a punk / trust you can get it in the worst way

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Little Simz  No Offence   Options she officially dropped it on youtube  0:00:00 ()
Ka  No Downtime   Options Grief Pedigree  0:03:27 ()
Trapo  Bumper   Options Oil Change  0:06:10 ()
Illingsworth  MAGIC DECK ft. Para-Dox Da Wordsmith   Options I DIDN'T ASK FOR THIS  0:10:20 ()
Dave East  Corey   Options Paranoia 2  0:12:38 ()
Duckwrth  Bernal Heights   Options it's from youtube also technically  0:18:00 ()
PACIFIC YEW  Fibrous   Options it's from soundcloud  0:23:17 ()
Man-Z  Issues   Options it's also from soundcloud  0:25:50 ()
MC Tree G  Kinfolk   Options soundcloud once again  0:28:31 ()
Grande Marshall  Buyer's Remorse   Options In Good Spirit EP  0:31:51 ()
skucci  dusk   Options very soundcloud  0:35:10 ()
Young Thug  On The Run   Options On the Rvn  0:38:30 ()
Blunt Prophet  Menendez Flex   Options it's from JC twitter  0:43:15 ()
79.5  Wavy   Options Predictions  0:59:14 ()
6lack   Switch   Options East Atlanta Love Letter  1:03:39 ()
Sempha  Under   Options Process  1:06:48 ()
Photay   Illusion of Seclusion   Options s/t  1:11:28 ()
Beak  Birthday Suit   Options >>>  1:17:46 ()
Marijuana Deathsquads  Brain Injury   Options Tuff Guy Electronics  1:22:15 ()
David Rothenberg  Katydid Prehistory   Options Bug Music  1:24:38 ()
Morricone Youth  Under Wah-Wah   Options Danger: Diabolik  1:29:56 ()
75 Dollar Bill  Fire Drill Special   Options the fire department came but everything is fine now  1:44:49 ()
Gong Gong Gong 工工工  Temple Block Blues | 木魚布魯斯   Options Rhythm n' Drone | 節奏與嗡鳴  1:45:32 ()
David Nance  Prophet's Profit   Options Peaced and Slightly Pulverized  1:50:55 ()
Hot & Cold  Red Leather Set   Options Border Area  1:59:21 ()
Dikes of Holland  Sunrise   Options s/t  2:03:22 ()
Grenadine  Mexico Big Sky   Options Nopalitos  2:06:16 ()
Riley Walker  Busted Stuff   Options The Lillywhite Sessions  2:10:06 ()
Constant Mongrel  Puffy   Options Living in Excellence  2:17:53 ()
Tommy and the Commies  Hurtin' Boys   Options Here Comes Tommy and the Commies  2:28:53 ()
BB and the Blips  Materialist Girl   Options Shame Job  2:30:06 ()
Gee Tee  Cops n Robbers   Options s/t  2:33:38 ()
Hurry Up  Kick 'em Out   Options s/t  2:36:34 ()
Midnight Mines  Radio Dub   Options Stations b/w Radio Dub 7"  2:39:24 ()
Marbled Eye  New Crease   Options Promo Tape 2018  2:42:22 ()
Deaf Wish  FFS   Options Lithium Zion  2:45:20 ()
Borzoi  Lizard Men Of The Third Reich   Options A Prayer For War  2:47:51 ()
Warthog  Coward   Options s/t EP  2:51:08 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:05am Scraps:

h’lo f’ck’ng hey
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:05am Jay/London:

morning Joe ... how it going .. coffee and sun and cool music coming out of my speakers what more do we want
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:08am diciassette:

what it do y'all
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:09am Scraps:

Didn’t know there was Madison hiphop scene. Course it’s conscious
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:09am Joe D.:

and good morning to YOU all
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:15am diciassette:

that piano
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:20am Joe D.:

piano beats > sleighbell beats
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:21am Scraps:

This month I was gifted a used ELECTRIC wheelchair; if I bought it online, it would be at least $2100.

Today I tooled around the neighborhood, getting used to it. Eventually I’ll take it to a local Albertson’s grocery store, two and a half miles away. This will maybe change my life, in a small but significant & happy way. Not expected!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:22am diciassette:

wheels, baby! my bicycle is my feets
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:24am Joe D.:

oooh damn bless up bless up and shoutouts to all alternative forms of transportation, death to car culture, and so on
  Sat. 9/29/18 3:37am BEAVO:

I like that Salt’n Peppa Shoop! I respect all women, in this Respecting Women Zone
  Sat. 9/29/18 3:38am BEAVO:

Wookin pa nub
  Sat. 9/29/18 3:43am BEAVO:

In Atlanta now they have these freaking scooter things that you can just pick one up anywhere and scan your card and scoot on it. Why not just walk instead of adding another obstacle on the sidewalks for people to get fucked up on? Some punk came up with that thinking its a cool idea It’s just a freaking hazard. BAHH!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:46am diciassette:

They are here too. Some people throw them in Lake Merritt (which fills me with glee even though I know it's a form of pollution). They parked one in the bike lane and I accidentally hit it with my foot! I went back and tossed in the sidewalk because it was dangerous just laying there.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:49am Scraps:

I heard about Menendez here in Snohomish County, Washington. It’s national politics news
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:51am diciassette:

Skoo chee
  Sat. 9/29/18 3:52am BEAVO:

Cory Booker 2020
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:52am Scraps:

Bikers hating scooters!
  Sat. 9/29/18 3:53am BEAVO:

I thought of driving a PU truck and dumping them in a lake.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:54am diciassette:

Duckwrth: 'Bernal Heights, the majestic hill that lives on the southside of San Francisco. In 2014, I wrote this song (produced by Spencer Stevens) about a shroom trip I had with a girl on this hill. Due to the push of the Nowhere project, I never got a chance to drop this song. So recently, Emmeline Kim, Free Bread and I came together to create visuals for BH. Unfortunately we couldn't get to San Francisco to shoot this, so instead we used my old neighborhood in South Central, Los Angeles to create this story about romance, envy and sweet fuckin' victory.'
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:56am Scraps:

Our hearts are gone!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 3:57am Scraps:

  Sat. 9/29/18 3:58am BEAVO:

I like that track playing in the background there
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:00am Scraps:

Distributing for everyone: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:02am diciassette:

  Sat. 9/29/18 4:03am BEAVO:

  Sat. 9/29/18 4:03am BEAVO:

I didn’t know you could use emoji’s on this thing
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:04am BEAVO:

Wait now it’s gone what happened
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:04am BEAVO:

Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:05am diciassette:

For some reason you can copy and paste big fat red hearts.
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:05am BEAVO:

How come I can’t put a heart on there boys?
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:06am BEAVO:

Oh well I guess it’s not necessary anyway I’ll leave it to you guys
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:06am Scraps:

I... don’t know
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:07am diciassette:

Mystère et boule de gomme ! ♥️

It is possible that your computer does not understand how.
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:07am BEAVO:

I’m using the app on my cell phone
  Sat. 9/29/18 4:08am BEAVO:

That’s why you can’t see my heart and swag for life for icons there
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:08am Joe D.:

hahaha I guess we gotta pledge again for the hearts!!! WFMU is ruthless
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:10am diciassette:

Now I know what Scraps was on about!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:26am diciassette:

This is like a cheesy 80's Netflix movie. Guys, we have to do something to get our hearts back! I just tried donating 15 bucks and nothing happened.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:28am Joe D.:

man remember Care Bears? I was big into Care Bears as a wee yooth
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:30am Scraps:

I think you’re in the Good Guy slot, and eventually your heart will show up. Or something.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:31am Joe D.:

also I am sure your donation will be credited and your heart reinstated in a timely manner :) Thank you for your continued support :)
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:32am Scraps:

Care Bears was in your youth??
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:32am diciassette:

Goonies never say die!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:44am diciassette:

I am glad that you're not on fire. I love 75 $ bill tho.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:54am Joe D.:

we're alive baby! WFMU is inflammable
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 4:58am diciassette:

This is so hecking romantic
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:01am Scraps:

inflammable means it can get on fire!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:02am Joe D.:

"inflammable" means flammable??? what a country!!!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:04am diciassette:

HEY Trouble said she fixed turntable 2
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:04am diciassette:

goddamit wtf
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:04am Joe D.:

50/50 its not broken and i just fucked up tbh
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:05am Scraps:

flammable is a fake word but now real because most people think inflammable means the opposite of its actual meaning. True!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:10am Scraps:

Merriam-Webster says:

Combustible and incombustible are opposites, but flammable and inflammable are synonyms. How can that be? The in- of incombustible is a common prefix meaning "not," but the in- of inflammable is a different prefix. Inflammable, which dates back to 1605, descends from Latin inflammare ("to inflame"), itself from in- (here meaning "in" or "into") plus flammare ("to flame"). Flammable also comes from flammare but didn't enter English until 1813. In the early 20th century, firefighters worried that people might think inflammable meant "not able to catch fire," so they adopted flammable and nonflammable as official safety labels and encouraged their use to prevent confusion. In general use, flammable is now the preferred term for describing things that can catch fire, but inflammable is still occasionally used with that meaning as well.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:13am diciassette:

I am just drinking wine and clicky-starring anything that moves at this point, even if it sounds like Bon Iver.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:14am Joe D.:

i did not play ANYTHING that sounds like Bon Iver except for maybe that one thing
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:15am Scraps:

English language: either really neat, or really fucked up! (I go for the former, but I am a copy editor / proofreader)
  Sat. 9/29/18 5:18am mauri:

good saturday joe and folks.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:20am Scraps:

I ♥️ English! But what do I know, I ♣️ my baby seal.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:23am Scraps:

Grenadine! Jenny Toomey, as in Tsunami!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:23am diciassette:

No that makes sense.
  Sat. 9/29/18 5:24am b wad:

Good afternoon from Tel Aviv.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:26am Scraps:

I like very much the thing that you threw on.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:29am Scraps:

Oh, Rick Brown. Makes sense.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:33am diciassette:

Tell me what you know about Rick Brown! I love 75 $ bill (as per the transcript)
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:45am Joe D.:

he's a chill ass dude for sure
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:50am diciassette:

Do you ever Dog Faced Hermans? The energy of these fellers reminds me of them.
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:52am Scraps:

Yes yes yes Dog Faced Hermans!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:52am Joe D.:

thanks for tuning in folks! peace
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:52am diciassette:

Mental Blocks for All Ages!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:53am Scraps:

A great show, Joe D. Cheers.

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:55am Scraps:

Every Day Time Bomb!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:56am diciassette:

Good morning Joe. Good night Scraps. Stay un-flame-able!
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:57am diciassette:

Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:58am diciassette:

Maggie Vail
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 5:59am Scraps:

Victoria is an Australian state
Avatar Sat. 9/29/18 6:00am diciassette:

They have a highway. The straightest emptiest highway.
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