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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 1, 2018: Ken or Andy?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Carmichael:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm dale:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Just Ted:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Robert Tables:

This is gonna be good
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm geoff mcq:

not first
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm dale:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Just Ted:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Geoff in Ottawa:

Is it Friday already?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:03pm Frangry:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm Frangry:

OMG YAY!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm dale:

as usual the ladies are fashionably late.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

wow. ying and yan.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm Carmichael:

How many beers in?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm joe mulligan:

this gon be so weird!! so weird.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

or something.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm geoff mcq:

i have a warm feeling
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm Kat in Chicago:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm lawrence:

Boom Shaka lama
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:04pm Carmichael:

Frangles pronounces that "yingyang".
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm Linda Lee:

hi Frangry! :-)
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm lane:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm dale:

seven second weirdo. shut up delay.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm KidProJoe:

Been waaaay too long!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm up:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm Linda Lee:

hi Michele!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm PMD:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm common:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm slowbear:

oh my god what a great time slot!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm dale:

michele needs a couple sticks of doublemint gum to chew on in an audible manner.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:05pm lawrence:

Where’s Ken
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm slowbear:

i am super delighted!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm MplsCoco:

Oh shit!!!!!!!!❤️
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm lawrence:

Where’s Andy
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm Just Ted:

The youngs AND the olds.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm dale:

i HATED hearing 'surprise and delight' in creative presentation. more than outside the box even.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm Patty D:

Is this new?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:06pm Carmichael:

No crossover for me. They don't bring the funny. You guys rule!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:07pm MplsCoco:

I was just saying how much I missed you two!!!!!!!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:07pm Walt:

Seven Second Delay fans? That's a good one.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:07pm JP:

Hello weirdos
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:07pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

you can finally chose Andy and not get hung up on.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:07pm Sean d:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm dale:

ken or andy if you had to choose someone to be thrown out of the boat?
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm Noelle:

Do you guys get paid for this show, or only for your regular Friday shows???
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm MplsCoco:

Ken's balls are still sore from the fundraiser, therefore I say Ken... a pity vote.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm dale:

i pick ken. if i needed a liver andy's is probably loaded with fatty lipidosis.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm melinda:

Hi people!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:08pm PMD:

They could try to convince people who call to choose the other person
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:09pm Linda Lee:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:09pm lane:

Aren't we all going to laugh while dying?? ooooo?? also KEN
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:09pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

Frandy vs Kandy
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:09pm dale:

noelle - no deejay is paid, except for the 6-9 am slot which is a ball breaker.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:10pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

You can really mash Andy's name with anyones I'm discovering. Mandy.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:10pm dale:

andy would probably let you do whatever you wanted. station dictator got his rep for a reason.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:10pm Noelle:

Didn't know that....thanks @Dale
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:10pm queems:

this is fun
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:11pm slowbear:

yeah i never look at radio personality pictures, that would spoil it
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:11pm slowbear:

you two look like daria characters in my mind
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:11pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

Andy would play games with you to pass the time, then sell that game once you were all saved.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:12pm Jeff Moore:

@slowbear: perfect.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:13pm dale:

kyle was wearing her suw tee and i was looking at the drawing and frangry's rear. kyle said 'get your eyes off her butt on my boobs!' so many layers there...
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:13pm Sean d:

Ken wins!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:13pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:14pm lane:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:14pm Sean d:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:14pm Jordan:

@FRANNY - How did you get out of work so EARLY today???
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:15pm Frangry:

@ jordan im at a doctors appointment
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:15pm Jordan:

I see - well done...........
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:16pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

wait, is the topic who would you rather date?
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:16pm geoff mcq:

Get well soon Franny
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm Just Ted:

@Frangry what if you have to bring a note?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

No, its smells like toast when you're having a stroke.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm dale:

andy has an entire masturbatorium. ken just has a lake house. realtors always say that a masturbatorium is your best value in home upgrades.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm Jordan:

FRANNY's shoulder problems continue.........
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

Tandy. That's toast and Andy. This is so fun.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:17pm Linda Lee:

must be the mic that stinks.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:18pm Jordan:

I vote for LULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:19pm spaceghost:

who wants to help me find shrooms
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:19pm Just Ted:

Well it is 7SD, no callers is par for the course.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:19pm dale:

i hated bring your daughter to work day - people brought their babies so they had an excuse to not work.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm JP:

Go Blue!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm Sean d:

can amell weird before a seizure
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm scott:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm Sean d:

whoops "smell"
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm Christian:

@FRANNY & MICHELE - How are your summers going so far???
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm James Douglas:

Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. ??
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:20pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

baby corn.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm KidProJoe:

best liquid- silly putty
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm dale:

roasted eggplant sitting in a pool of olive oil - BLECH!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm Just Ted:

So agree on the roasted peppers
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm lane:

Wednesday night! at the doc's office!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm robyn:

Roasted red peppers suck. Love you Michele
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm Just Ted:

Bacon Bits.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:21pm JP:

Chocolate pudding! It’s delicious but no one takes it.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:22pm Sam:

@Franny - are you still a GIRLFRIEND???
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:22pm robyn:

Sounds like someone wants to go to Sizzler... hint hint Andy
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:22pm Nick the Bard:

Roasted red peppers only belong on a roast beef and swiss sub, but only as a marinate, so they get pulled off before eating (and then add in horseradish)
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:22pm scott:

Wow, I though it was really Ken and Andy , with helium.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:23pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

Damn Nick. You sound like you make a mean sandwich.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:23pm dale:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:23pm Frangry:

@sam: I might be a wife soon!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:23pm slowbear:

i thought either ken or andy would win the t shirt
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:24pm Sam:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:24pm PMD:

Andy sometimes gives $ - better than a tshirt
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:24pm Matt Warwick:

I vote for Dancing Ken
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:24pm Carmichael:

I feel like pizza.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:24pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

if dale is right, Andy might be giving a lot of money.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm Nick the Bard:

@bob ross etc - I picked that up at a supermarket I used to work at back around '99
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm kandy:

you can buy t-shirts with money
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm lane:

Exactly, garbage man
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

I'm going to try it.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm robyn:

A Sizzler proposal may seem passé, but I tell you, they really work.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm Carmichael:

@frangry, your fiancee votes for dancing Ken.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm slowbear:

pink erasers!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm JP:

Letter opener
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:25pm dale:

post its are really 1990s.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm icw:

i agree about the folders!! we have these great sky blue ones at work
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm fRED:

electric staplers
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm Just Ted:

Blue post-its.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm slowbear:

what about those little "sign here" stickers?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm dale:

frangry - suw destination wedding with all of us invited!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm Marcel M:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:26pm fRED:

post its are kinda dated
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm JM:

mimeograph fluid
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm James Douglas:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm Christian:

Tell MICHELE that "Post-its" are casually called "Sticky Pads"
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm Linda Lee:

i'd be the tongs.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm slowbear:

white out tape
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm olivia:

Post it is my fav
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:27pm Nick the Bard:

1000 Island is more like, ketchup and tartar sauce
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm JP:

It’s mayoketchup + relish + spices
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm Marcel M:

1000 Island has ketchup and mayo in it... fact.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm scott:

1000 Isle goes like peas and carrots on a BLT!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm Marcel M:

Also other things tho.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm JM:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm just a guy:

1000 island has relish in it.. not sure what else. might be mayo katsup and relish?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm Carmichael:

Russian dressing.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm geoff mcq:

It’s those little Post It flag things for me. I’m in love with them
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm slowbear:

it's not liquid!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm dale:

i would NOT be the sneeze guard. disgusting life it leads.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:28pm KidProJoe:

mayo + ketchup = Fry Sauce
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:29pm slowbear:

japan has CUH-razy office supplies stuff btw, including white-out tape shaped like rubber duckies and stuff
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:29pm just a guy:

and I would be the sneeze guard
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:29pm JP:

Will there be a meet up in October even if the show isn’t back in September?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:29pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

the sneeze guard. kinky.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:30pm Matt Warwick:

I'd be one of those weird mozzarella balls
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:30pm Just Ted:

Jumbo Paper Clip the original Macintosh tool.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:30pm dale:

my favorite office supple is the three hole punch. so satisfying to hear that SNAP!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm fRED:

the difference is Russian is in a hurry
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm Max:

@Franny - do you stick your friends at work in the BUTT with STICK PINS as part of silly foreplay????
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

hm. someone needs to fry those mozzarella balls.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm dale:

staple remover is pretty bad ass too.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm Just Ted:

Pork Buns.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm Marcel M:

People who put mayo on pastrami should be ashamed of themselves. And maybe also die. But maybe just the former.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm JP:

@matt warwick One of those weird small one’s mixed with the cut in half cherry tomatoes?
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:31pm scott:

What would we do if we woke up tomorrow and there were no staples, none, forever?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:32pm Carmichael:

I hate those cherry tomatoes. But I love big sliced tomatoes on sandwiches.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:32pm erik:

difference between TI and Russian is RELISH
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm Donald:

I'd be a PLASTIC STRAW.....
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm bob ross had a pet squirrel named peapod:

like mozarella sticks, but balls. but not together. Too many jokes.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm madman:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm slowbear:

FCC is fining you $100 now
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm dale:

get to staples now for back to school supplies cheap.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:33pm Marcel M:

Yeah guys the difference is the other stuff in them. They both have a similar base.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:34pm Just Ted:

Pilot Precise V5 pens, the original ones.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:34pm Carmichael:

Which ink color do you use? sites.psu.edu...
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:34pm queems:

gelly rollz
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:35pm Noelle:

@Franny - Did MICHELE get a new boyfriend in the last 2 months???
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:35pm lane:

Any real smooth gel/ink pen, a necessity for corporate bs AND drawings at the desk
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:35pm JM:

fountain pens and blotter paper
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:35pm Just Ted:

Thats the night I asked if Michele was on ecstasy.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:36pm slowbear:

re: FCC, I was talking about "just the tip"
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:36pm oogoo:

Eight ++ (8)
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:36pm Rusty Tiki:

Worst 7 second ever.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:37pm peapod ross:

Sweet pickles are awful.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:37pm dale:

last agency i worked at they moved us to new digs and in every desk was a pack of pens, pencils and a 12 inch school ruler. we all did layout on macs and they gave us those stoopid school rulers.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:37pm Just Ted:

You broke it!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:38pm lane:

i love rulers, its ruler month
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:39pm scott:

Whisper more
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:39pm JP:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:40pm Christian:

@Franny - Is MICHELE still looking for a local Jersey City boyfriend for the condo crashing? I qualify (41 years old).
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:40pm jagwin:

Unplug the phone that doesn't work.
Find a phone in the house that works.
Unplug the working phone and cord.
Plug in the phone that wasn't working.
Check for a dial tone.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:40pm opelegao:

Being a bridge painter my choice of office supplies is
* Any rite in the rain product
* Markal pro-line for markers
*post it extremes every now and then
* Pen Gerber impromptu pen.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:40pm Rusty Tiki:

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse than hearing Andy
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:40pm Geoff in Ottawa:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:41pm Slick Goldtooth:

Been too long since What’s Up Stupid?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:41pm Carmichael:

Are you kidding, peapod?! Sweet pickles rule. Gherkins kick ass!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:41pm dale:

lane - global ruler month or just national ruler month?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:41pm Just Ted:

I'm calling and its ringing.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm dale:

frangy - give out your cell number to take calls.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm Carmichael:

Give out your cell #s.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm JP:

If this is an audition to get your spot back I wouldn’t be too hopeful Franny and Michele.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm Geoff in Ottawa:

Franny's getting fired.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm jagwin:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:42pm slowbear:

you guys probably have the WFMU phone calling the NSA or something
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:43pm natchie:

so. damn. hard.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:43pm Carmichael:

ICE is coming through the door ....
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:43pm dale:

fired from her part time non paying job.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:43pm queems:

oh man
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:43pm lane:

dale - we're goin global, we have to
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm Carmichael:

The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm dale:

incredible hulk....."FRANGRY SMASH!"
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm Just Ted:

She's in the red, and you now what happens when you get a car into the red.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm Rusty Tiki:

You guys are both worse than Ken and especially Andy!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm lane:

Muffled crouton - "yeah"
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm Sonny:

YOU GUYS BOTH SUCK EGGS...............
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:44pm scott:

still wondering if maybe it really is just helium, fake Ken!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:45pm dale:

7sd monthly curse.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:45pm Carmichael:

Best show ever.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm slowbear:

skype us in
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm PMD:

So funny actually. This show is now better.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm geo in jc:

Andy wouldn't fix the phones.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm slowbear:

you can make a skype account just for the show
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm Linda Lee:

i can feel the anger from here.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm dale:

frangry gets the consolation prize. HA HA ha! love puns.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm Rusty Tiki:

Start the next show early. Get off the air
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm Carmichael:

Reboot your lives ....
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:46pm slowbear:

do you guys have NEXTELs?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm Just Ted:

Why don't you bring in Andy Plants in the studio and grill him on stuff?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm dale:

you have to call him 'buddy'
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm queems:

ken is like everyone's angry dad
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm Petey boy 71:

You two did it this time!!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm James Douglas:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm slowbear:

felt-tip pens
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm lane:

Ken wins cause Andy has no idea this is happening
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:47pm Patty D:

Ken is my favorite because he fixes the station live whenever it breaks down.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:48pm dale:

i hope evan breckman calls in .
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:48pm Carmichael:

Andy is still in his masturbatorium.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:48pm slowbear:

  Wed. 8/1/18 6:48pm Bryguy:

my favorite pen (and favorite office supply) is the Staples-Aura 1.0 -highly recommend. also show is going great
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:48pm slowbear:

hey how is that light that was really bothering frangry a few months ago
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:49pm dale:

ha - he shut it off and turned it back on. see? it work!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:49pm Just Ted:

It was Y2K
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:49pm Just Ted:

Poor Andy Plants.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:50pm slowbear:

y2k finally!!
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:50pm Sonny:

@Franny - you must have blown something......
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:50pm lane:

Bryguy - i doodled my way all through monday with the 0.7 aura, and yes i took a pic of it cause i needed to know what pen made my day
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:50pm slowbear:

@Sonny dayum
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:51pm Frangry:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:52pm Just Ted:

@Frangry I regretted it as soon as I hit send.
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:53pm Noelle:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:53pm Just Ted:

@Frangry I'll send you a present to make up for it.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:54pm dale:

this guy sounds like huggy bear from baretta
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:54pm Patty D:

FM is the next step in evolution for podcasts, who knew?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:55pm Just Ted:

@dale wasn't he in Starsky and Hutch?
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:56pm slowbear:

kids all sound the same, you might have just totally dissed a boy
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:57pm dale:

id be the container of cottage cheese. only the chubby ladies would go for me.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:57pm Linda Lee:

speaking of coke, sometimes 'on a run' is a different thing ..
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:57pm dale:

just ted - maybe.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:57pm Frangry:

BYE WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm slowbear:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm Carmichael:

I gotta dip.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm slowbear:

that is very sad, i'm glad i won a shirt
  Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm Clay Pigeon:

Nice to hear you together again!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm Frangry:

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm slowbear:

i cut the sleeves off
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm dale:

it took me like ten years to like this show and then it goes away. fudge.
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm slowbear:

lol clay great timing
Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 6:58pm Carmichael:

Avatar Wed. 8/1/18 7:00pm chris:

bye! thanks!
  Wed. 8/1/18 7:00pm Bryguy:

@lane such a good pen! glad you understand
  Wed. 8/1/18 7:00pm Sonny:

Good night everyone. Thanks LADIES. Don't forget us......
Avatar Thu. 8/2/18 3:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, I go on vacation and all sorts of things start happening. Remember the past, live the present and trust the future; it's the Nachum philosophy. Love you both always and wishing you good luck with all you do! Thanks for the good times.
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