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Music for big kids and little kids and also medium-sized kids.

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Options July 8, 2018: Are You Curious?

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Illustration: The Child's Introduction to Jazz (artist uncredited-- a shame!)

(* = new)

Artist Track Album New Approx. start time
Komeda  Curious   Options      
Best Coast  Cats and Dogs   Options   *   0:04:06 ()
The Five Jones Boys  Mr. Ghost Goes to Town   Options     0:06:39 ()
Joe Raposo  Somebody Come and Play   Options     0:09:37 ()
Donovan  I Love My Shirt   Options     0:11:29 ()
David Dundas  Jeans On   Options     0:14:54 ()
Shel Silverstein  Civil War Song   Options     0:17:07 ()
Jarebear  Gather a Team   Options The Journey For the Giant Jelly Bean  *   0:18:48 ()
Hap Palmer  Little Ants   Options     0:20:52 ()
Smack Dab  Red Ant   Options     0:22:23 ()
My First Golden Record Library  Children's Marching Song   Options     0:24:06 ()
  Russian soldiers marching and chanting SpongeBob theme       0:25:03 ()
SpongeBob  F.U.N Song   Options     0:25:48 ()
Schoolhouse Rock  Three Is a Magic Number   Options     0:34:18 ()
Sesame Street animation  Part of the Whole   Options     0:36:50 ()
Burl Ives  Watch the Donut Not the Hole   Options     0:38:57 ()
McGuire Sisters  Banana Split   Options     0:41:30 ()
The Dickies  Banana Splits theme   Options     0:44:02 ()
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers   Ice Cream Man (live)   Options     0:46:05 ()
Love  The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This   Options     0:51:38 ()
JZ Barrell  Mr Softy   Options     0:54:41 ()
  Sailing Sailing (from Liz Berg's Ice Cream Truck Music)       0:58:03 ()
Cat Power  Sea of Love   Options     0:58:34 ()
The Free Design  Love You   Options     1:06:39 ()
Alvin and the Chipmunks  I'm Henry VIII, I Am   Options     1:08:50 ()
The Lovin’ Spoonful  Henry Thomas   Options     1:10:59 ()
Dick Van Dyke  1 Part Dog, 9 Parts Cat   Options     1:12:35 ()
Brian Fergus (aka Ukefoote)  Lucifer Sam   Options     1:15:35 ()
Charlie Walker  The Chocolate Song   Options     1:17:41 ()
  Tootsie Roll commercial       1:19:40 ()
Ween  Candi   Options     1:20:07 ()
Darnell x kracfive  La-di-Da-di   Options     1:30:35 ()
Sesame Street Kids  My Name is You   Options     1:32:10 ()
Beatle Barkers feat. the Woofers and Tweeters Ensemble  Can't Buy Me Love   Options     1:35:06 ()
Peter Sellers  Can't Buy Me Love   Options     1:37:02 ()
Malvina Reynolds  Love is Something (Magic Penny)   Options     1:38:46 ()
Regina Spektor  Little Boxes   Options     1:39:48 ()
Shonen Knife  Little Tree (Vivaldi Groove)   Options     1:40:30 ()
The Hollies  (Ain't That) Just Like Me   Options     1:43:26 ()
Tom Glazer  What Food Should We Eat Every Day?   Options     1:46:11 ()
Kermit the Frog with Ray Charles  Bein' Green   Options     1:47:08 ()
Ludwig von Drake  The Spectrum Song   Options     1:49:18 ()
Nervous Norvus  Ape Call   Options     1:50:59 ()
Mason Williams  Life Song   Options     2:02:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 7/8/18 8:01pm famous original sugarwolf:

Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:01pm JakeGould:

I am open minded about this.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:01pm Amanda Nazario:

Good evening everyone!!!!!! And welcome.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:02pm melinda:

Ooh, jingles. Hi folks!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:03pm djsheilab:

Princess hellfire + I are tuned in! What a sweet first song :)
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:03pm Amanda:

hi melinda, nice to have you here.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:04pm northguineahills:

I'm assuming this isn't krzysztof komeda.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:04pm Amanda:

hi Sheila and hi Princess! xoxoxoxox to you both!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:05pm melinda:

@ngh you're clearly not familiar with all of his work
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:06pm Connor:

i love this! I grew up listening to Greasy Kid Stuff, such a good gateway to freeform goodness, hopefully this can do the same!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:06pm listener 126464:

new Bethany!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:08pm Richard from Venezuela:

Good evening.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:09pm melinda:

I put Mr. Ghost on a mix tape I made for my sister in college, nice to hear it again.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:10pm Uncle Michael:

Congratulations on the debut, Amanda, and Roger!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:11pm melinda:

This was one of my Sesame St. faves!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:11pm northguineahills:

OMG, and old Sesame fave of mine (yes I have at least three different version of this on vinyl).
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:11pm northguineahills:

@melinda: jinx!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:11pm northguineahills:

What UM said....
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:12pm melinda:

But I don't have 3 versions on vinyl, geez! If only.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:12pm Richard from Venezuela:

Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:13pm JakeGould:

He should marry his shirt then.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:14pm northguineahills:

I used to buy every Sesame Street/Muppets record I could find....
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:14pm Scott Williams:

Thumbs up to all of this, right outta the gate!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:15pm Amanda:

Hi UM and thank you!!! Roger is busy at the controls but he says thank you too!

Thanks Scott <3 :-)
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:15pm Richard from Venezuela:

monty python kind of thing
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:15pm Richard from Venezuela:

the donovan song
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:15pm Amanda:

@Jake, I appreciate the Pee-Wee reference ;-)
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:16pm JakeGould:

If this show a backdoor pilot, bring it in through the front door!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:16pm CDToaster:

Was anyone at the Fillmore East when they played "I Love My Shirt" as the exit music after Hendrix's New Years' Eve show? What an incredible time! Great memories...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:17pm JakeGould:

Lord David Paul Nicholas Dundas… Well… Isn’t THAT something!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:17pm northguineahills:

Ok, I'm slow, I just realized Amanda is the Nazario Amanda. Cool!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:17pm Luisa24:

@CDToaster...sounds pretty cooool....
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:18pm Uncle Michael:

I sing along with Dundas.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:18pm listener 126464:

clothes set
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:19pm P-90:

I’ve heard enough: I declare this show a resounding success!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:19pm Richard from Venezuela:

me too.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yowzies! I remember hearing "Jeans On" on the radio years ago.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:21pm JakeGould:

@Ken: Do you have an incredibly horrible joke about jeans? Feel free to adapt a pants joke if necessary.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:21pm Grubbus:

Hello! what's this? This is goooooood! Real goooood!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:23pm djsheilab:

Oh my god! My smile is so big right now. This Ants song is pure joy! I think we adults need this sweetness more than the kids.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:23pm sugarplumfairywolf:

That's how you get ants!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:23pm Amanda:

Thank u Grubbus!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:23pm Amanda:

Haha, ANTS amirite?
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:23pm melinda:

Agree about the ants! Reminded me of John Prine but cuter.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:25pm Your Ace From Exchange Place:

Yay! Smack Dab!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:25pm JakeGould:

Ohhh… This “Children's Marching Song” is really pushing the elementary school buttons right now.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:27pm JakeGould:

F = F**king
U = Unbelievable
N = Nonsense
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:28pm CDToaster:

@Luisa, Yes, it was very very cool. I was about 17 years old and it was about 1970. The show was mind-blowing and after the lights came on and as the theatre cleared out, they played "I Love My Shirt." I'll never forget it because it was the first time I heard it. I'd love to talk to someone who was there for that incredible show. Thanks for replying.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:30pm P-90:

Welcome Roger. And Welcome Home Amanda!
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:31pm P-90:

I must be in the demographic of “ the younger listener”. Good to know.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:31pm Grubbus:

I vote for am Saturday's because I was raised on greasy kids stuff....but AM is my vote...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:31pm Mister Dobalina:

Finally a show for my young 40 year old self. Welcome Roger and Amanda.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:35pm Mister Dobalina:

Blind Melon's cover and video of this track is pretty awesome. I think I like it better...but this is good too.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:36pm Steiner:

Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:37pm northguineahills:

My wife still wears SpongeBob pyjamas, and she's in her 30s....
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:37pm melinda:

So good. I somehow missed this the first time around and learned it from the De La Soul.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:39pm JakeGould:

Oh hey, just going to drop that it’s Louis Jordan’s birthday… Don’t know if he did any kid stuff, tho.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:40pm northguineahills:

@Jake: "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens?"
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:40pm JakeGould:

“Watch the Donut Not the Hole” THIS IS SO GOOD!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:40pm Amanda:

He actually has a KILLER version of "And the Green Grass Grows All Around"!
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:42pm drew:

Wow. May I request any children's song by Pete Seeger, please? I have happy memories of those.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:43pm JakeGould:

@northguineahills: I like that song, but the potential reasons for someone hiding in a chicken coop might be too dark for this show.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:43pm sarah:

Enjoying the new show! Kids love it too! Thanks for putting this show together Amanda and Roger!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:44pm Amanda:

Thank you for the request drew! I don't think we'll be able to get to any tonight but we both love Pete Seeger, glad you do too.

Thank you so much sarah!
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:44pm Andal:

Welcome and great show! I turmed on FMU looking for something weird and this is just what I wanted to hear. Very sweet idea.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:44pm Jinx:

Burl Ives is one complicated dude. Kid songs, Rudolph Snowman, and Big Daddy, in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:44pm northguineahills:

@drew: I have a Folkways 10" of Pet Seeger children's songs. It's a amazing!

@Jake: I never got the euphemisms for that song until I was in my mid-20s, but then again, I don't hear lyrics...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:45pm Amanda:

Thanks Andal, glad you enjoy the weirdness!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:45pm Amanda:

Burl Ives also a friend of John Sebastian Senior
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:46pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hey Amanda and Roger! Great show! I saw the Mr. Rogers movie last night. Between that and this, I'm happily regressing. I'm gonna go color some nice pictures now.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:48pm northguineahills:

@Amanda: Bach? I didn't he know e was tha old!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:49pm Amanda:

Oh, HAR HAR ngh!

Hiiiii Wendy! I'm so psychedddd to see the Mr. Rogers doc.
  Sun. 7/8/18 8:51pm Jinx:

didn't know about that friendship; Burl's politics also enhance his fascinating career.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:52pm northguineahills:

Well, my keyboard has decided to go on strike...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:53pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Amanda, make sure you bring extra tissues! I knew I'd cry for some of the movie, but I sniffled through the whole dang thing. I saw a bunch of friends at the screening and they said the same thing: "We brought extra napkins," and "I cried on my shirt." It's THAT good.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:55pm joe mulligan:

fun show you two! you got me down a rabbit hole after looking up the origins of banana splits - there's some crazy other desserts I've never heard of like a Banana Boat (campfire tradition), Nanaimo Bars, and Chocolate Salami
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:56pm Amanda:

Oh darn, we missed a chance to play the Banana Boat song! Thx joe :-)
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:57pm melinda:

If I still ate sugary desserts I think I would be into those mochi ice creams.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:58pm JakeGould:

I think I have mentioned it before, but there is an ice cream truck around Williamsburg/Bushwick that plays “Send in the Clowns.”
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 8:58pm northguineahills:

I love mochi ice creams (have one every 6-8 weeks).
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:00pm melinda:

I love her version of Sea of Love.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:01pm melinda:

@Jake I would be into that.
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:05pm P-90:

Neat Burl Ives impression
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:08pm Amanda:

Thanks for validating my choices
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:10pm melinda:

This is too good. It turns out I really like speeded-up vocals.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:11pm JakeGould:

What a weird kids song. GREAT!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:11pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I am 44 years old and I still laugh every time I hear Alvin & The Chipmunks.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:12pm Uncle Michael:

Geez, this year we have two mama raccoons with nine kits between them. I need to get them to perform as a chorus.
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:12pm sugarplumfairywolf:

"Send in the Clowns" is a rather inappropriate song for an ice cream truck!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:13pm Amanda:

Oh wow, that is so cute Uncle Michael
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:15pm Uncle Michael:

It's gonna be tough to keep two broods in tortillas.
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:18pm the Sour Grapes Bunch:

a central jersey ice cream truck played "GREEN SLEEVES" -
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

That should be a pointless listener challenge one time: Nominate your most irreverent ice cream truck music.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:21pm northguineahills:

(eating an avocado based vegan ice cream right now [I'm lactose intolerant)
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:22pm Jinx:

great segue!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:24pm хтinа:

omg Amanda, this show... is so...KYOOT
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:24pm JakeGould:

Here is a video of a truck playing “Send in the Clowns” youtu.be...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:26pm JakeGould:

And here is an ice cream truck that says “Hello!” Hat tip to former DJ Liz Berg for the tip on this one. youtu.be...
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:29pm melinda:

@Ken I like that idea. Tom Waits' Ice Cream Man might be the most superficially appropriate yet inappropriate song.
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:31pm Jinx:

never realized the Yogi Bear theme was so damn catchy
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:34pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

YES! ..fondly picturing the video accompanying 'we all sing with the same voice'..
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:34pm P-90:

Yogi Bear Theme is INSANELY catchy, all of Hoyt Curtin’s themes are!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:36pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Beatle Barkers! Yay!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:36pm djsheilab:

And I thought it couldn't get any better than the ants!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:36pm Amanda:

Ohh hi Xtina happy to have you here!!!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:36pm JakeGould:

These dogs are bigger than Jesus!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:37pm matt:

Way better than tbe original *smiley devil face*
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:38pm Wendy del Formaggio:

@matt: I agree with you 100%.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:38pm melinda:

@Jake haha
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:39pm melinda:

I thought this was Peter O'Toole
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:39pm Andal Age 8:

OMG Peter Sellers is the cat's meow.
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:40pm Andal:

@melinda: the voice wasn't sexy enough to be Peter O'Toole
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:40pm northguineahills:

Ha melinda and Jake!

Thanks Amanda and Roger, I should eat something substantial today....
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:41pm Joe D.:

this show is equally good for children and inner children
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:42pm P-90:

I KNEW Shonen Knife would make an appearance at some point in the proceedings
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:42pm the Sour Grapes Bunch:

after bringing a lovable medium-size rescued shelter dog home, a friend learned she has a deafening, neighbor-complaining bark.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:44pm northguineahills:

@the Sour Grapes Bunch: D'oh! But good for you w/ the rescue!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:45pm Jinx:

I have all Shonen Knife CDs/recs. one of my faves.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:46pm JakeGould:

It’s ain’t easy being green… But that’s none of my business.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:50pm melinda:

This show was a fun surprise, thanks Amanda and Roger!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:51pm Amanda:

We're thrilled you could listen!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:52pm Jinx:

hope this show gets a regular slot. it's been fun!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:52pm Daybreak the Teacher.:

Professor Ludwik Von Drake!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:53pm herb.nyc:

Hiya. Fun show, ruff ruff mew mew.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:53pm JakeGould:

We don’t need no more politics shows… We need shows like this!
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Very nice. I'm certain Stashu would enjoy this. Thanks for your efforts to dig up this cute craziness, A & R.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 9:55pm Mister Dobalina:

MF Doom...Kookies !!!
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:56pm P-90:

“Lil ‘Manda”
  Sun. 7/8/18 9:57pm Daybreak the Teacher.:

My 8 year old LOVES Wake and Bake. I asked her what she thought of this as we were setting her clock radio for Wake.

She said I don’t know.

So I said should I turn it off?

  Sun. 7/8/18 10:00pm P-90:

A home-run! As expected! Can’t wait for the next installment! Thanks!
  Sun. 7/8/18 10:03pm P-90:

Can’t beat Sesame Street as a lead-in, can you?
  Sun. 7/8/18 10:04pm P-90:

Can’t beat Sesame Street as a lead-in, can you?
  Sun. 7/8/18 10:05pm P-90:

And:: totally forgot there is a Conklin, NY.
Avatar Sun. 7/8/18 10:06pm Amanda:

Thank you commenters all very much for your nice words. I couldn't reply to everything but we really really appreciate it!
Avatar Mon. 7/9/18 8:38am Roger:

Thanks to all. I was way too busy trying to find my sea-legs on this maiden voyage to respond to any comments, but Amanda kept me updated. Thank you for all the generous support!
  Wed. 7/11/18 5:48pm Lee:

Wow, I just listened to this in the archives and jinkies is it keen. There’s a lot of great theme sets here. My favorite was the shirts and pants set. For the next ice cream set, consider Song of the ice cream truck by Drink Me.
Avatar Wed. 8/29/18 3:40pm Webhamster Henry:

Hi - chiming in a few weeks later. I was recently singing the Donut Hole song to my daughter as another insane example of those advice songs like "High Hopes"! I see you are in the schedule, I'll try to tune in!
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