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Tracks across a multilingual world, featuring this, that, and not infrequently the other. Broadcast live from the studios of Radio Blau in Leipzig, Germany, with the first hour simulcast over the local airwaves.

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Options June 5, 2018: May the railroad rise with you

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Track 212r

Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
Continental Subway  Intro   Options      
The Velvet Underground  The Gift – Instrumental   Options White Light / White Heat  1968/2013  0:00:45 ()
Giannis Aggelakas  Neanderthal   Options Isiha Tragoudia Gia Anemela Livadia  2016  0:08:55 ()
Melvil  Les Grandes Familles   Options Sonic Arsenal  2006  0:12:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Quadro Nuevo 
Die Reise nach Batumi   Options Grand Voyage  2012  0:15:15 ()
Aviv Geffen  Onot   Options Hamichtav  1996  0:19:57 ()
Rockfour  Lama li lakachat lalev   Options Behazara Leshablul  1996  0:23:45 ()
Arto Anttila  Vuosi ku vuoristorata   Options Ihanaa Romantiikkaa  2016  0:28:22 ()
Lleuwen  Daear a Haul   Options Penmon  2007  0:30:59 ()
Emy Jackson  Tenshi No Itazura   Options   1966  0:34:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tartan Amoebas 
Reggaelypso   Options Evolution  1997  0:37:10 ()
Karussell  Entweder Oder   Options Entweder Oder  1979  0:42:03 ()
Los Destellos   Para Elisa   Options En Orbita  1969  0:48:03 ()
The Bad Shepherds  Rise   Options Yan, Tyan, Tethera, Methera!  2009  0:50:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Butlers  
Troika   Options   1965  0:55:57 ()
Les Bantous de la Capitale  Ah, ngai angeline   Options De Brazzaville à la Havane, vol. 1  1970  1:01:07 ()
Oumou Sangaré  Minata Waraba   Options Mogoya  2017  1:06:02 ()
Renaud Garcia-Fons  Tavakkol   Options Navigatore  2001  1:10:48 ()
Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas  Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'Awu   Options   1976  1:15:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Eumir Deodato 
Summertime   Options The Crossing  2010  1:22:32 ()
Mahavishnu Orchestra  The Dance of Maya   Options The Inner Mounting Flame  1971  1:32:46 ()
Mark Turner Quartet  Year of the Rabbit   Options Lathe of Heaven  2004  1:40:02 ()
Brad Mehldau Trio  Ode   Options Ode  2012  1:52:08 ()
Per Nørgård  A Light Hour I   Options Per Nørgård: A Light Hour  2009  1:58:20 ()
Quatuor Hêlios   Imaginary Landscape No. 2   Options John Cage - Works for Percussion  1991  2:13:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Stewy von Wattenwyl 
Amsterdam After Dark   Options Wabash  2008  2:19:13 ()
Ulman  Nie mehr   Options Electrokustica  2009  2:27:11 ()
Sandén-Nygårds-Carr  Nu tystnat den ljuveliga sången   Options Tänk Om - Imagine If  2012  2:32:38 ()
David Lloyd-Jones: Royal Scottish National Orchestra  Arnold Bax: In The Faery Hills   Options Bax: Symphony #1, In The Faery Hills, Garden Of Fand  1997  2:37:27 ()
Jiří Suchý with Pavlína Filipovská  Po ulici bloumat (Standing On The Corner)   Options Hraj, Hraj, Hraj  1965  2:52:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Duke Ellington 
Take the "A" Train   Options   1941/1962  2:54:55 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:03pm Stanley:

All aboard the Velvet Underground train
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:04pm Sem:

Love the train, been across Canada on a five day, five night trip I'll never forget.
Hello, David, and good evening.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:05pm David D:

Good evening Stanley and Sem!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:07pm David D:

Sem: Sounds amazing - where did you stop?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:07pm Stanley:

When I was a five-year-old kid I used to sneak onto the London Underground Circle Line and ride the bloody thing the whole way, getting out at the station I started at. I still remember the excitement and the smell
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:10pm David D:

Stanley - five! That must have been quite an adventure...
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:11pm Sem:

I was returning from a job on Vancouver Island, headed to a new gig here in the Maritimes. So there was no stopping. Had a roomette with a 4 foot by 6 foot windo, a bed, a loo, and cassettes of my favourite music. Might have been a 2-4 of beer onboard as well. The whoe country rolled by, it was overwhleming. I'd hitch-hiked aross a few years earlier, but the train takes an entirely different route.

Stanley, I remember you telling me about that!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:15pm Parq:

Stanley, I vaguely remember it in the news a couple of years ago that some kid had been found riding the NYC subway for hours (maybe even days) hoping to ride the entire system.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:18pm doctorjazz:

Love The Gift (I sent a link to it to my daughters once...they didn't speak to me for a while).
Hi David and riders.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:19pm northguineahills:

haha, doctorjazz!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:21pm David D:

Hello out there Parq, Doctorjazz, NGH!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:21pm David D:

Sem: The hitchhiking version sounds like quite a story as well...
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:23pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:25pm Sem:

Yes, David. Started in San Francisco got to Vancouver and took a sharp left hand turn. Thirteen days in all to the Atlantic. Mid-October. Long story;-D
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:25pm David D:

Good afternoon UM!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:26pm David D:

Sem, that sounds like full-length book material.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:27pm Sem:

*right hand* Senility setting in. Better do as you suggest and get the book written.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:27pm Sem:

*right hand* Senility setting in. Better do as you suggest and get the book written.
  Tue. 6/5/18 4:31pm Gary via app:

Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:33pm David D:

Hey there Gary!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:35pm northguineahills:

@Sem: It must have been a VERY long left hand turn at Vancouver or a VERY sharp left hand turn to end up at the Atlantic coast heading north ;)
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:37pm Sem:

hah@ngh. I knew a map guy would pick that up/
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:42pm northguineahills:

I give my wife directions using cardinal directions, and it confuses the hell out her. I just tell her, as long as you know where north is, it's easy peasy.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:44pm Stanley:

My formative experiences prepared me for a 4 day/night train journey in Sudan. Believe me, the roof was the best place to be. Inside, the carriages were hell. Something like this:
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:45pm David D:

There are/were? apparently cultures in which the people pretty much orient themselves only according to the cardinal directions.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:48pm Sem:

I'm guessing no tunnels on the Sudan line?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:49pm northguineahills:

Not sure where, but I've heard this Los Destellos before....
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:50pm David D:

Stanley: Please tell me you didn't sleep on the roof as well.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:51pm northguineahills:

You should see the blank faces when I use degrees of north to tell my friends where to go. Then I remember I'm not talking to myself.

@Stanley: Don't those trains usually run at a crawl, like around 30km/h tops?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:52pm David D:

NGH: Now that you mention it, it may have been here. I knew it sounded familiar!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:53pm Rich in Washington:

this is lovely!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:54pm David D:

Hello and thanks, Rich!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:55pm Rich in Washington:

Oh my god. Ade Edmondson is in this band?!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 4:56pm Stanley:

....and to the position of the sun. Same trip I rode a freight train and when caught by the guard he promptly accommodated me in the caboose with him and his family. The chap didn't possess a watch and at one of the frequent and lengthy stops when I asked at what time we would leave he pointed to the position of the sun relative to the horizon.
Yes, NGH, I think the maximum we ever managed was 30 mile per hour. The trucks were only marginally quicker due to the absence of any real roads back then.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:01pm Stanley:

David - of course I slept on the roof. Lying cross-ways you could get a pretty stable position. My fellow travellers also looked out for me.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:02pm northguineahills:

David, kein befehl, aus scham! nein ordnung!ich werde einen nervenzusammenbruch haben!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:03pm northguineahills:

I don't know how german compound words work, I just smash as many together as possible.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:04pm David D:

Rich: Yes, Ade Edmondson founded it - thanks for reminding me!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:05pm David D:

NGH: Alles in Ordnung?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:06pm Stanley:

Ade Edmondson is an accomplished musician and singer. I saw him in the reformed Bonzos Dog in the nineties.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:07pm David D:

Stanley (from before): I can't imagine being able to fall asleep like that, myself!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:09pm Stanley:

David, one manages all sorts of unimaginable things in one's youth.
Oumou Sangaré sounding as good as ever, by the way.
  Tue. 6/5/18 5:14pm melinda:

Nice tunes.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:15pm David D:

Stanley: Indeed, but that is quite a thing to manage.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:15pm David D:

Thanks, Melinda!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:16pm Stanley:

Dug that Eastern sounding French track
  Tue. 6/5/18 5:17pm melinda:

@David I've heard that too about cultures orienting that way. It's weird and fun to imagine a dance class using cardinal directions in lieu of left vs. right.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:17pm David D:

NGH (upthread): I should add that your compound was just fine...
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:18pm David D:

Melinda: Yes, I'm not sure how that applies to dance and rhythm, I wonder if studies have ever been done.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:21pm Stanley:

Frimpong sounds Nigerian?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:27pm Stanley:

Talking of radio. Have you seen this before, David?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:27pm northguineahills:

Congo-Brazzaville is The Republic of the Congo while Congo-Kinshasa is the Democratic Republic of The Congo. There cleared it up!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:30pm northguineahills:

For most of the Congo-Kinshasa its name was Zaire, thanks to the dictator Mobuto. (1965-1997).
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:31pm Stanley:

NGH: sounds like Congo-Brazzaville misses out on the democracy business
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:34pm David D:

NGH: Yes, although he did make it easier to tell the two apart for those years. Since then, nobody bothers very much, it seems to me.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:37pm Sem:

Been thoroughly enjoying the sets, busy in the kitchen with volume way UP.

The Mahavishnu Orchestra is sure to make these pork chops extra delcicious. I'm out for today. Thanks once again, DD, and all. Later.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:37pm David D:

Stanley: Yes, that website is great for radio touring and getting pleasantly lost for hours at a time...
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:38pm David D:

Sem: Thanks - enjoy your meal and evening!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:41pm Stanley:

Bye Sem and those delicious pork chops
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 5:58pm doctorjazz:

Never gotten to see Meldhau, really must one of these days, really love his playing.
  Tue. 6/5/18 5:58pm melinda:

I like the Mehldau
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:02pm David D:

Yes, he is touring Europe this year. Berlin in November is the closest for me, if I managed.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:11pm Stanley:

Here's my stop. Thanks for the ride, David.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:12pm David D:

Thanks for being there, Stanley.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:15pm northguineahills:

don't forget to tuck and roll when jumping off, Stanley!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:16pm David D:

The train is probably going very slowly right now anyway, in terms of bit transmission.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:18pm northguineahills:

I was going to say I really enjoy whatever this is, and of course, it's a Cage piece.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:22pm Uncle Michael:

Jan is Czech. How would they pronounce it?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:25pm northguineahills:

@UM: "Yan"
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:26pm northguineahills:

@David: When you say "me" you mean me as well.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:28pm David D:

Yes, I wanted to say Yan but had the Mehldau double-bluff on my mind.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:29pm Mayuko:

Hello, David!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:29pm Uncle Michael:

I've always pronounced it that way, and "Hammer" as David did; "Hahhmer."
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:29pm David D:

NGH: Glad that I mean you when I say you!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:29pm David D:

Hello Mayuko!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:33pm northguineahills:

Hadn't heard Ulman in a decade.

Happy tidings Mayuko!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:42pm northguineahills:

Huh, not familiar w/ Bax, how did that slip my radar?
  Tue. 6/5/18 6:43pm Doctorjazz:

Thanks,, David! On the way home.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:47pm David D:

Thank you, Doctorjazz, have a good journey home...
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:51pm David D:

NGH: Yes, I believe he was better known at the time, but somewhat less so today.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:52pm northguineahills:

Reminds me of an English pastoralist DeBussy.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:53pm David D:

Yes a lot of Debussy vibe there, but not quite, if you know what I mean.
  Tue. 6/5/18 6:55pm Dean:

Bax, Delius, Britten, Vaughan Williams, Holst...I can't get enough of them. We can thank the Naxos, Chandos, and Lyrita labels for keeping Bax on the radar.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 6:59pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks, David.
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 7:00pm Rich in Washington:

Great show! Fanks!
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 7:00pm David D:

Thanks UM, Rich, Dean, NGH, and everyone!
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