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Options Every Dog Has His Day - The Rockerati (CD: Waterloo Sunrise) [Corsair]
Options School Is Out - Gary U. S. Bonds (45) 1961 [Legrand]
Options Job - Dean Landew (Digital single) [DRL Records]

Options Don't Stop It - The Bush Tetras (CD: Take The Fall) [Wharf Cat]
Options Top Down Time - The Dantes (45) 1963 [Challenge]
Options Sleeping In - P76 (CD: Into The Sun) [Off The Hip]
Options She Ain't A Yacht - The Cabin Crew (45) 1964 [Dimension]
Options I Love The Summer - The Accelerators (Digital single) [Russo Syndicate]
Options The Ninth Wave - The Ventures (45) 1963 [Dolton]

Options Stay Forever Young - The Noise Figures (CD: Telepath) [Inner Ear]
Options Don't Drag No More - Susan Lynne (45) 1964 [Capitol]
Options Sidewinder - The Red-Headed League (CD: Fistful Of Dharma) [Strictly Wicked]
Options Garden State Parkway Boogie - Holme (45) 1977 [Thin Ice]
Options Warzone - The Droogs (CD: Young Gun) [Plug n Socket]
Options It's Summer Time U. S. A. - The Pixies Three (45) 1964 [Mercury]

Options Long Rider - Skating Polly (CD: The Make It All Show) [El Camino]
Options Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen (45) 1963 [Garrett]
Options Soulmate - The Hi-Risers (CD: My Kind Of Fun) [2-Bit Records]
Options Summer's Comin' - Kirby St. Romain (45) 1963 [Inette]
Options I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better - Matt Marando Clarke (CD: What's Happening?!?!) [WFMU]
Options Penetration - The Pyramids (45) 1963 [Best]

Options Strange Wind - Shannon & The Clams (CD: Onion) [Easy Eye Sound]
Options Summer U. S. A. - The Rip Chords (12" LP: Three Window Coupe) 1964 [Columbia]
Options Mothra Hai - The Woggles (CD: Tally Ho!) [Wicked Cool]
Options June, July, And August - Freddy Cannon (45) 1962 [Swan]
Options Not That Into You - The Dirty Truckers (CD: "Best Of" The Dirty Truckers) [Rum Bar]
Options Here Comes Summer - The Dave Clark Five (45) 1970 [Epic]

Options No Matter What You Do - The Sound Explosion (CD: The Explosive Sounds Of...) [Lost In Tyme]
Options Beach Ball - The City Surfers (45) 1963 [Capitol]
Options Runaway - The See No Evils (CD: Inner Voices) [Heavy Soul]
Options Let's Go To The Beach - Larry & The Loafers (45) 1966 [Shurfine]
Options Here's Looking At You - The Dwarves (CD: Take Back The Night) [Burger]
Options Shortnin' Bread - The Fabulous Playboys (45) 1962 [Catalina]

Options I Have Enough - Reverend Beat-Man & The New Wave (CD: Blues Trash) [Voodoo Rhythm]
Options Rod Hot Rod - The King Pins (45) 1966 [Larse]
Options Outtayerhands - The Prefab Messiahs (CD: Psychsploitation! Today) [Lolipop!]
Options Squad Car - Eddie & The Showmen (45) 1963 [Liberty]
Options Betty Baby - Smitt E. Smitty (CD: Just A Modern Guy) [Smittymusix] psst...I was s'posed t'play a dif'rent song
Options Pray For Surf - The Honeys (CD: Monster Summertime Hits: Wildsurf) 1963 [Capitol / EMI]
Options See You In September - The Tempos (45) 1959 [Climax]


Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 3:18pm Mr. Record:

that new Bush Tetras was pretty great
  Sun. 6/3/18 3:20pm elephant:

They're shooting the girls !
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 3:38pm ciaranpuente:

has anyone here seen bush tetras live?
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 3:59pm Mailman Tom:

Hey Bill, Thanks for brightening my Sunday afternoons. I love listening to most of the music you play. I hope you will be coming back on a regular basis in the autumn. Have a great summer!
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:01pm Al:

Bill I hope you get the Ichiban gig. I love the Ichiban stream. In the meantime, I'll be listening in the alternate universe.
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:02pm elephant:

Feel a whole lot better when you're gone?
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:02pm coelacanth∅:

  Sun. 6/3/18 4:06pm Ling Ting Tong:

May fmu's schedule-meddling ding-dong play genital ping ping against King Kong swinging serves with a big gong
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/3/18 4:07pm joe mulligan:

thanks for all the sunday afternoons I cut the lawn/raked the leaves and scared the neighbors with your show on the radio Bill!
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:11pm coelacanth∅:

oh shit is Kelly not on the new schedule?
that's not possible, is it?
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:13pm Al:

Last time Bill was on station-enforced sabbatical was before I was a listener.
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:17pm coelacanth∅:

it's good to switch things up a bit but for the past few years it's always to take away interesting programming and bring on yet more mainstream-acceptable shows. i'm not usually around on sundays anyway but i have tapes of Bill Kelly's show from the '80s. some of my earliest memories of fmu.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/3/18 4:23pm fred:

Any big plans to celebrate 40 years on WFMU even though you're off the schedule?
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:29pm Johnzon:

Greetings from Michigan
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/3/18 4:30pm fred:

@coel: I disagree. Zoe started her show last year and made me get out of bed earlier on Sundays. I usually know a couple of the tracks she plays, at most (worst?). She's moving to a time slot that's out of my listening range, but could be in yours.
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:34pm Mailman Tom:

Romper Stomper
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:34pm Marc15:

I will definitely miss you, Bill
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:35pm noel:

left for my walk as the Bush Tetras came on. Now I'm all sweaty. I was supposed to be sunny and 65. Instead we got 70's and humidity. Thank god those Hills are Short. Enjoyed the show on the walk. We'll all be waiting with baited breath until September. But we can get our fixes on Sirius and everywhere else you're on.
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:35pm Marc15:

Thank you for years and years of listening pleasure, Bill
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/3/18 4:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bill, let your black hole shine bright so other rock 'n' rollers may find you! Take care.
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:42pm Marc15:

Bill, stay and take care
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:46pm William Shakespeare:

@noel: It's "bated," not '"baited" breath. From "Merchant of Venice"
(And "ping pong" several posts above was an obvious typo)
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:49pm noel:

Hey Wil-I-Am the wife says it's 2018 and we're in America.
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:50pm matt:

"...for the past few years it's always to take away interesting programming and bring on yet more mainstream-acceptable shows"

such as.........?
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:51pm V Priceless:

Gonna miss you and Diane on the summer schedule, Bill. Long live real Rock & Roll!
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:52pm noel:

FMU is as far from "acceptable mainstream" as you can get. I think they want to give so youngsters a try.
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:52pm coelacanth∅:

fred -yes, Zoe, and Olivia,Marcel, Creamo Coyl -who's now off again already... so there are exceptions. in general over the past few years. the list of excellent (& not just my preferences but shows that filled a void in a world of eclectic programming) show deleted within the past 10 years far exceeds the list of adventurous ones coming on, and remaining. it's pretty obvious. even "shock-jock" shows (finally leaving now but probably just for the summer and certainly not by Ken's choice) stay because they bring in revenue - because they appeal to a mainstream audience.
-and then all these pop music shows. less and less daring. (and i don't mean shitty, like Kenny G's show back in the day - usually)
and matt such as...think for yourself. i'm not going to name programs; especially when i like many of these djs.
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:53pm Edwin Hubble:

"Cosmic Jerk" is the moment the universe switches from expanding to contracting.
Or the person taking Bill Kelly's Black Hole off the schedule
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:54pm V Priceless:

Long live old crusty f*ck Rock & Roll! Yay!
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:55pm coelacanth∅:

fred it's not a matter of them playing songs we know or not, it's a matter of playing songs acceptable to a mainstream audience, and tuned in, and therefore theoretically donating.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 6/3/18 4:56pm fred:

@coel: Creamo Coyl isn't off the schedule, he's taking over Brian's old slot
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:56pm laguardia entertainment:

Bob Miranda (The Happenings) makes 3 free outdoor Jersey concert appearances this summer
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:57pm coelacanth∅:

oh, fred that's good! (doesn't make up for Diane and Bryce disappearing though)
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:57pm dez:

slainte, bill kelly!
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:58pm Al:

The King is gone :-(
Avatar Sun. 6/3/18 4:59pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Bill Kelly!
  Sun. 6/3/18 4:59pm noel:

he'll be back.
  Sun. 6/3/18 5:00pm Santos L Halper:

thanks Bill, hope to hear ya in the fall
  Sun. 6/3/18 7:55pm Bill Kelly:

I fully expect to be back in September.
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/4/18 2:41pm Peapeagirl:

Hey ciaranpuete, I've seen the Bush Tetras many
times. 1981 @ the Mudd Club was one favorite shows. Richard Hell DJ'd.
I've photo's on Flickr. Other photos appear elsewhere but w/out credit. But, "What Can A Poor Boy Do."
Loved the new Bush Tetras song, thanks Bill!
So much I wouldn't know w/out you. Don't go far.
  Mon. 6/4/18 6:08pm harold fridkis:

your sundsy show on WFMU will be missed for quite a while. there"s always the archives of your show on the internet to look forward to in the meantime.
  Mon. 6/4/18 9:11pm bk:

6/27 fill-in for Evan. Probable but not definite participation in the Ichiban stream. Is it September yet?
Avatar Tue. 6/5/18 11:45am JakeGould:

@BillKelly: I don’t know you are reading this, but I just wanted to post the following quote of your I heard on your latest (last?) archive; you said this about 10 minutes and maybe 20 seconds in:

“You know how a lot of old bands get together again? Here’s one that I wouldn’t have expected would have gotten together. I mean now they are probably more like manatees, but back in the late 70s I betcha they were pretty cute. But they are… The Bush Tetras… Brand new…”

Manatees? Seriously, what are you attempting to do by slurring women like this? Please…
  Tue. 6/5/18 10:38pm bk:

JG... Seafaring hyperbole intended as humor. Everybody bulks up when they get older...'cept me. Radio is fun. Enjoy the ride. Thanks for being there!
  Sun. 6/10/18 3:42pm KimS:

A rainy Sunday, have some friends over, ready for rock n roll, turn on the radio and...WTF??? Didn't contribute to the marathon for this! Gonna be a loooong summer. But marking down June 27th.
  Mon. 6/11/18 10:23am bk:

KimS...Your loyalty is not at all unappreciated. Thanks!
  Fri. 6/15/18 6:32pm Motobro:

Bill, you will always be the KING.
  Fri. 6/15/18 10:53pm BK:

Ichiban, Motobro, Ichiban. Coming soon to an alternate WFMU internet stream near you this summer.
  Sun. 8/12/18 3:35pm Listener Robert:

I never thought of the newer shows as more mainstream. Everybody gets a schedule off; even Irwin was off for 2 schedules a few years ago, although I think that was by his choice. I do miss Bill Kelly, but what I miss is the 3rd hour he used to get before Jonesy and Burnsy came. Come on, we listen to them just for the repartee, the records they play are pedestrian (except Sinatra -- he's almost always welcome) and could easily have their time filled with more Real Rock & Roll! Like just cut out the noon-to-1 PM music, start with their mic break, and then Bill Kelly could play more garage bands.

Coelacanth, were you counting Jonesy & Burnsy as new guys playing mainstream-acceptable stuff? Ah, what are the odds you'll find this comment after 2 months?
  Sun. 8/12/18 9:49pm BK:

Listener Robert... I lost the 3rd hour in 1998. The rationale of the rookie music director at the time was that I did a "specialty show". Of course, WFMU's reputation was built on it's myriad of "specialty shows", and still is. These days, I'm happy with two hours. Being on the radio is a privilege.
Avatar Mon. 8/13/18 11:24am artbrau:

Wowza! Just got around to listening to this episode. This is the soundtrack of the summer! Jersey shore style. Although these days, I've traded the Jersey Shore for Greenwood lake. Still half in Joisey thought! I'm gonna hang on my pontoon boat swilling beers and listening to this with my toes in the water.
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