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In Real Life is a weekly show hosted by Emily and Kimzilla on WFMU. In each episode, Kim and Emily follow their own curiosity to interview people on about a variety of themes, getting the real scoop and learning about the real people behind each topic. Previous WFMU aired episodes include topics such as circus performers, taxicab drivers, bartender therapy, alien abductions, nudism and so much more.

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Options May 16, 2018: A Different Kind of Lifer

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Interview with Scott            0:00:00 (MP3 | )
The Tammy's  Egyptian Shumba   Options What's So Sweet About Sweet Sixteen  RCA  1963  MP3   

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:00pm Linda Lee:

there's Scott!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:01pm All out Scott:

hey all
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:01pm queems:

"wfmu: all that weird noise" i'd wear that on a t shirt
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:01pm Richard S:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This should be a good episode. Scott always has a story to tell.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:02pm Linda Lee:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:02pm melinda:

hi folks
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:03pm ultradamno:

Here for the weird noise, most times.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:03pm chris:

yup, that's fmu... once you really start listening, next thing you know your t-shirt drawer is full.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:03pm Erma Gherd:

here for the first time, see some familiar noms de radio!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:03pm DC:

Top o the evening. Looking forward to listening. All out Scott, you're a very good speaker and story teller. Going to be a good hour. Cheers to the weird noise!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:04pm All out Scott:

@Chris yup 5 months and lotsa shirts
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:04pm MadameLuke:

Hi Scott! Hello Erma!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:04pm the cl@m digger:

Evening all
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm medson:

Hello folks
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm All out Scott:

Hey Erma Hey MadameLuke
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm dale:

oh...THAT scott....
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm Nils:

Hi Kim and Emely!
The puppets arrived in the post today!!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm Lilith21:

I made it in time!
Madame Luke! Erma! AllOutScott!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:05pm All out Scott:

Never heard of him
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:06pm All out Scott:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Chattin' like the wind here.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:06pm MadameLuke:

Lilith darling!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:06pm DC:

Hey Lilith21!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:07pm dale:

i thought terry gross didn't swing like that
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:07pm Erma Gherd:

lil' terry g is married but that doesn't mean she can't look!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:07pm melinda:

hi Scott
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:07pm kimzilla:

@Dale, maybe its just conditioning to get the guys to share more?
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:07pm Lilith21:

Hi DC!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:08pm All out Scott:

Hi Melinda
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:08pm Colin and Danie in Durham UK:

We're such big Scott fans. So glad we're listening this week, usually have to catch up the next day
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm kimzilla:

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming by Hill People!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm Emily:

Hey everybody! Queems: agreed. How is that not already a shirt we do??
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm All out Scott:

AWWW Thanks Colin and Danie
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm Erma Gherd:

hi kimzilla!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm Emily:

Welcome, Hill People!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:09pm MadameLuke:

Hello kimzilla!!!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:10pm Lilith21:

Thank you Emily and Kimzilla!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:10pm All out Scott:

Hey Kim Hey Emily
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:10pm Lilith21:

  Wed. 5/16/18 7:10pm Emily:

Nils! Yay! How do they look? Did they survive the trip?? I was worried they might get motion sick and throw up yarn all over you when you opened the box...
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:11pm kimzilla:

@Nils Yay! Guess what guys, Nils from Norway is hosting our puppets on Bear Island for the next 6 months! en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:12pm medson:

Those puppets are awesome
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:12pm kimzilla:

@DC you are so right, what a great story teller. @Scott, you should do this professionally.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:14pm dale:

i just remember when i listened to her she pushed everyone to out themselves or address the issues, so i assumed. her interview with lynn cheney was really shameless.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:14pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:16pm All out Scott:

ooops and 30 thousand dollars in legal fees
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If Scott were to publish an autobiography and go on a book tour, I'm sure it'd be wildly successful.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:18pm ultradamno:

It took doing meth once for me to know I never wanted to do it again. But then I've never been speed-inclined.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:18pm Nils:

They survived the trip but Kim lost one blue string of curly hair..
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:18pm All out Scott:

@Ken that idea is on the table
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:18pm henry:

You two don’t go too far afield for your shows do you? Who’s next to interview , Ken ?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:18pm ultradamno:

Aside from caffeine
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:21pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:21pm kimzilla:

Hmmm, is this the only episode you've listened to Henry?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:21pm All out Scott:

Hey Aaron
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:22pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Always happy to hear you featured!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:22pm Dennis D:

Just got here hope I didn't miss too much.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:22pm All out Scott:

AWWW Thanks Aaron!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:22pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Prety soon you will be station manager!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:23pm All out Scott:

Hey Dennis
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:23pm kimzilla:

@AlloutScott, Bronwyn C wanted to say hello.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:23pm Dennis D:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:23pm dale:

henry - MANY different people have been interviewed, and they travel plenty to do it.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:24pm Hypertoast:

Henry, guess you missed the interviews withe the vodou priestess, the nascar announcer, the vampires, the ghost hunter, the sex worker...
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:24pm Dennis D:

i;m doing Dave's show on my 65th birthday
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:24pm All out Scott:

Well Hey Bronwyn C
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:24pm Phil:

I think I know where we're going with this. The guy's name is Johnny. It's always Johnny that gets it.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:24pm Other John From Madison:

Scott what kind of racing did you do? I was into Formula Ford for a minute.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:25pm All out Scott:

Stock cars At Riverhead raceway
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:25pm debt collector:

Sorry to arrive late but who is Scott?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:26pm DC:

@Hyptertoast, henry also missed the pigeon keeper and alien abductee
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:26pm Other John From Madison:

Cool. Sorry about your friend :(
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:27pm kimzilla:

@Debt Collector, this is an interview with @AlloutScott, he is also on the message board. He was in prison for 10 years and sharing his story with us.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Man, that part was intense.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:27pm melinda:

and the nudist colony
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:27pm All out Scott:

@ other John thanks he was an awesome person
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:27pm Hypertoast:

@DC Right?! and the Lizard Man, and all of the road trip episodes where all they do is travel.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:28pm MadameLuke:

That's heartbreaking
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:28pm Emily:

I *really* love you guys
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:29pm medson:

@Ken from HP I agree. I kinda knew Scott's story but it's different hearing him tell the story in greater detail. @all out Scott thanks for sharing
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:29pm kimzilla:

@Madameluke, don't you just want to hug him?
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:29pm debt collector:

Thank you kimzilla
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:29pm Dennis D:

I learned to listen to cops
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:30pm All out Scott:

i hope my story can help people appreciate all they have
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:30pm Erma Gherd:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:31pm MadameLuke:

@kimzilla yes i do. <3
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:31pm All out Scott:

@MadameLuke yes
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:32pm MadameLuke:

(((((((virtual hug))))))))
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:32pm Erma Gherd:

Scott, this must have been really painful to tell, thank you for sharing your story.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:33pm All out Scott:

@Erma your welcome.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:33pm Nils:

Thank you so much for sharing your story Scott. Heartbreaking stuff.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:34pm All out Scott:

It helps me too
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:35pm All out Scott:

me too. you are all awesome
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:35pm Phil:

I know we're supposed to be compassionate and all, but if he'd killed any of my friends I'd want he locked up for life.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:37pm All out Scott:

@Phil i understand that sentiment. keeps me very humble. you are not wrong for feeling that way
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:37pm dale:

scott, can you recap a couple of old zenith transoceanics for me?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:38pm All out Scott:

thats out of my league Dale sorry
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:38pm JPA:

@Phil that’s probably a somewhat common reaction, but what good does sending someone in that situation to jail for life accomplish for you, the deceased, or for the person being charged with the crime (or society at large)?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:39pm kimzilla:

@Scott, is the box solitary confinement?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:39pm dale:

yeah, i get the sense that justtce is rough, and rarely fair.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:39pm All out Scott:

@JPA that is a complicated arguement
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:40pm All out Scott:

@Kimzilla yes the box is a cell. your in it 23 hours a day
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:41pm dale:

i'll bet if a parole office gets his dunkin donuts order screwed up that effects someone's life for another year
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:42pm MissMelinda:

Scott! I am so happy to hear your voice today. Thank you for telling your story and sharing your life with us. I'm a big fan of the Dave Hill show & Shut Up Weirdo, so I'm very familiar with you. It means so much to hear you interview today!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:42pm All out Scott:

@Dale that is one of the arguements against the flawed parole board
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:43pm All out Scott:

@MissMelinda thanks I hope you get something from it
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:44pm bobbybassman:

very good show thanks for the insights
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:44pm Nils:

I am a big believer in rehabilitation and giving people a second chance. The Norwegian prison system do not put people behind bars for life. The maximum sentence is 21 years. The system will rehabilitate and educate the inmates to give them a chance in life when they return to society.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:45pm JPA:

Thanks for sharing this story.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:45pm MissMelinda:

@AlloutScott My cousin has a very similar story as yours, it's inspiriting to hear that you have learned so much and are so strong.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:46pm All out Scott:

@Nils after what I experienced i believe that would work better
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:46pm Erma Gherd:

Nils, thank you for that perspective, our prison system in the US is extremely flawed.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:46pm MissMelinda:

Thanks ladies, for another great show!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:46pm Hypertoast:

@Nils, and I bet the recitivism rate in Norway is much better than here, right?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:46pm dale:

i live maybe 17 or 18 miles from otisville. VERY bucolic.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:47pm All out Scott:

@Dale beautiful scenery
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:47pm medson:

Gotta run ugh Thanks Emily and Kimzilla and thanks for sharing Scott.
Great show
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:47pm MissMelinda:

We are very much in need of rehabilitation for our Prison system.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:47pm Emily:

Thanks for being here, Meds! Good to see y’a
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:48pm All out Scott:

@Medson your welcome glad you liked it
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:49pm Emily:

@Nils yes, I believe in that, too. I wish our system operated that way. People can’t change if you don’t give them a chance to.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:49pm MissMelinda:

I love these brave questions and brave answers.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:50pm kimzilla:

Thanks for visiting Medson!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:50pm dale:

not gonna happen missmelinda - too much money to be made for the politicians.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:50pm kimzilla:

And the privatized prisons are big money makers too.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm MissMelinda:

@dale Oh absolutely! I do believe in a better future though.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Scott, in your experience, how are the race relations among the prisoners? Do they generally get along or is there a lot of tension and conflict between blacks & whites?
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm dale:

it would be nice melinda.....
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm Tommy in Neversink:

I live upstate not too far from Ottisville and the other prisons in the area. I had a friend who because a prison guard . He quit after about a year not because of the prisoners but because of the behavior of the other guards.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:52pm All out Scott:

lots of tension
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:53pm melinda:

Thanks for telling us your story Scott.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:53pm Hypertoast:

Thank you Scott
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:53pm All out Scott:

@Tommy i have heard that story more than once. i can name three that quit for that reason
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:54pm Xyrus Blaze:

Ramen burrito was killer, Scott.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:54pm dale:

i only know one person in that world, he was a guard at ossining. based on his pro trump and nra facebook posts i think he was probably a dick prison guard.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:54pm Tommy in Neversink:

Right Scott.,..and being a prison guard has great benefits
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:54pm All out Scott:

You are all welcome. I am glad I got to share that
Hey Xyrus
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:55pm listener 126464:

Thanks DJs, thanks Scott, thanks Lifers!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:55pm Dennis D:

I had a friend who was a guard at Sing Sing who became a junkie then did time, saw both sides
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:55pm All out Scott:

I also know several guards who got it right. they are good successful people
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:55pm MadameLuke:

I have a friend who's a guard at Soledad here in California. The stories he told were mostly about the other guards and the stress of administration bs.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:55pm Xyrus Blaze:

Howdy dude. Also mighty brave of you to share your story on the air. Much respect.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:56pm dale:

thanks scott and em and kim. safe journey scott.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:56pm DC:

Here's to working for the best, and better futures. Nice work, Scott, always a great and inspiring speaker
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:56pm chris:

thanks for sharing your story, Scott. mad respect.

thanks, Emily and Kimzilla for bringing it to us again.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:56pm All out Scott:

Sing Sing is a crazy place
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:56pm Ike:

Oh wow, really interesting stuff! If I recall correctly, I talked to Scott on the phone while I was volunteering during the marathon. I'll have to hit the archives for the first half of this episode that I missed.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm Richard S:

Thanks, Scott for sharing with us.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm Dennis D:

I bet
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm All out Scott:

You are most welcome. i am not going anywhere far
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm Lilith21:

Fantastic job to All!!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good episode, Scott and hosts. Take care.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:57pm MissMelinda:

So much gratitude for this.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm MadameLuke:

He is a giant man
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm steveo:

Interesting and compelling show. Thanks for sharing your story, Scott. Thanks Kim & Emily.
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm Lilith21:

Yes!! The Stilts!!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm kimzilla:

G'night all!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm Lilith21:

Thank you Ladies!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:58pm Dennis D:

Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:59pm All out Scott:

thank you all for the love
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 7:59pm ultradamno:

Good show, thanks girls on fire, all out Scott!
  Wed. 5/16/18 7:59pm Lilith21:

Great job All Out Scott!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 8:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Also, thanks to Rooster and Mommer.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 8:00pm Erma Gherd:

Great show, everyone involved!
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 8:00pm All out Scott:

great song
  Wed. 5/16/18 8:00pm Scott's mom:

I love you and I'm proud of your new journey. it's a good one.
Avatar Wed. 5/16/18 8:01pm All out Scott:

mommer love you too
  Wed. 5/16/18 8:38pm Joe:

Hi, what was the song at the beginning of this show?
  Thu. 5/17/18 2:03am Sir Slouch:

Joe, "Egyptian Shumba" by the Tammys
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