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A roadmap that reveals the highways, byways, ley lines and subterranean tunnels connecting rock, soul, pop, folk rock, R&B, garage, punk, funk, jazz, world music, and soundtracks from the twilight of the 1950s to the dawn of the 1970s. Larry Grogan is a DJ, writer, podcaster, collector, and the man behind Funky16Corners.

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Options May 9, 2018: Let's Go To San Francisco (Flowers Optional)

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format
Funky16Corners  Testify! Intro   Options Best of Funky16Corners Volume One  Funky16Corners  2017  MP3 
We Five  You Were On My Mind   Options 45RPM Single  A&M  1965  45 
Beau Brummels  When It Comes To Your Love   Options Volume 2  Autumn  1965  LP 
Mojo Men  Off the Hook   Options 45RPM Single  Autumn  1965  45 
Sly  Buttermilk Pt1   Options 45RPM Single  Autumn  1965  45 
The Count Five  Psychotic Reaction   Options 45RPM Single  Double Shot  1966  45 
The Other Side  Walking Down the Road   Options 45RPM Single  Brent  1966  45 
Knight Riders  I   Options San Francisco Roots  Vault  1968  LP 
The Mourning Reign  Satisfaction Guaranteed   Options 45RPM Single  Link  1966  45 
The Chocolate Watchband  Sweet Young Thing   Options 45RPM Single  Tower  1967  45 
The New Breed  Want Ad Reader   Options 45RPM Single  HBR  1966  45 
The Charlatans  Alabama Bound   Options Alabama Bound  Philips  1968  LP 
Jefferson Airplane  3/5 Mile In Ten Seconds   Options Surrealistic Pillow  RCA  1967  LP 
Jefferson Airplane  My Best Friend   Options Surrealistic Pillow  RCA  1967  LP 
Sons of Champlin  Fat City   Options 45RPM Single  Verve  1966  45 
The Loading Zone  Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead   Options The Loading Zone  RCA  1968  LP 
Grateful Dead  The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion   Options Grateful Dead  Warner Brothers  1967  LP 
Grateful Dead  Born Cross Eyed   Options Anthem of the Sun  Warner Brothers  19681  LP 
Country Joe and the Fish  Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine   Options Electric Music For the Mind and Body  Vanguard  1967  LP 
Country Joe and the Fish  Superbird   Options Electric Music For the Mind and Body  Vangauard  1967  LP 
Moby Grape  Omaha   Options 45RPM Single  Columbia  1967  45 
Sopwith Camel  Cellophane Woman   Options Sopwith Camel  Kama Sutra  1967  LP 
Steve Miller Band  Living In the USA   Options Sailor  Capitol  1968  LP 
Big Brother and the Holding Company  Combination of the Two   Options Cheap Thrills  Columbia  1968  LP 
Quicksilver Messenger Service  Who Do You Love   Options Happy Trails  Capitol  1969  LP 
Quicksilver Messenger Service  Mona   Options Happy Trails  Capitol  1969  LP 
Kak  Rain (45 Edit)   Options 45RPM Single  Epic  1968  45 
Clover  Shotgun   Options 45RPM Single  Liberty (Italy)  1970  45 
Santana  Persuasion   Options Santana  Columbia  1969  LP 
Sly and the Family Stone  I Want To Take You Higher   Options Stand  Epic  1969  LP 
It's a Beautiful Day  White Bird   Options It's a Beautiful Day  Columbia  1969  LP 
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers  I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor)   Options 45RPM Single  LIke  1966  45 

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:01pm Parq:

Made it! Battery died and I was worried I wouldn't be here for the intro. Baby baby baby ...
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:01pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Parq!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:02pm Parq:

I *love* this We Five number.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:03pm coelacanth∅:

hey Larry ...and flower children
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:03pm Funky16Corners:

Yes indeed. Great record.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:03pm Funky16Corners:

And IMHO better than the original
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:04pm Funky16Corners:

Hey C!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:06pm coelacanth∅:

i don't recall ever hearing an earlier version of you were on my mind. i might've guessed that that was the original.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:06pm hyde:

only here briefly, but hello
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:07pm Funky16Corners:

It was by Ian and Sylvia
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:07pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Hyde!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:13pm coelacanth∅:

i hear your voice. the music before your voice didn't fit in with the theme, from what i can tell.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:14pm Funky16Corners:

Yeah, the connection software crapped out and the stream popped back in, Can you hear the Count Five now?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:15pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:15pm Uncle Michael:

Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:15pm Parq:

Somebody -- I don't remember who, maybe Uncle Michael? -- played the other version recently.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:15pm coelacanth∅:

oh yeah!
- this track never wears out!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:15pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Unk!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:16pm Parq:

I heard everything that's listed on your playlist. And there was only a very brief gap before your voice came back in. I mean a second, maybe.
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:16pm still b/p:

Hear’em fine. Unless I’m having, y’know....a sigh caught tick reaction.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:16pm Uncle Michael:

I played the Brenton Wood version last July.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:17pm Funky16Corners:

I def disconnected for a minute or so
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:17pm Parq:

I was about to say "But then, I'm on the stream" and then I remembered that this is Drummer Some and the stream is all there is.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:17pm Uncle Michael:

yes you did, briefly
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:18pm Parq:

Well, my puter must have processed it efficiently, because i scarcely had time to look up before you were back.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:18pm coelacanth∅:

there was a minute or more of a stream song...guy with maybe a hispanic "accent" and a raunchy bluesy git.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:19pm Funky16Corners:

I couldn't tell what was up for a second, my screen went completely black
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:20pm Parq:

Mentioning "Drummer Some" reminds me, anyone know how our fearless leader is doing? He ought to be in his finals period now, and having been to professional school myself, I know what that's like.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:20pm Funky16Corners:

Done with school and on vacation!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:20pm Funky16Corners:

He was at a ballgame tonight
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:21pm Uncle Michael:

Doug graduated and is on vacation with his family. Thatchmo is filling in this Friday.
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:21pm still b/p:

Heard enough of Buttermilk — a glass half FULL — to realize I never heard it before, but must hear/drink it again.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:22pm Funky16Corners:

I'd have played Pt2 but it's pretty much just a rehash of Pt1
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:22pm Uncle Michael:

You have much Stewart Brothers stuff, Larry?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:24pm Funky16Corners:

No, I do not. I wish I had the comp that came out a while back
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:25pm Uncle Michael:

oooh, there's a comp?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:26pm Funky16Corners:

Yeah, I can't recall the title. It's a bunch of early Sly-related stuff
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:26pm Uncle Michael:

This? www.amazon.com...
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:27pm Funky16Corners:

I think that's it
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:28pm Uncle Michael:

Doesn't look like it includes the Stewart Brothers singles...The Rat, Sleep on the Porch...
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:29pm Funky16Corners:

I have a vague memory of that stuff being comped, but maybe it was back in the 80s
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:29pm Parq:

Doug is finished with school? Oh, that's fantastic, I didn't know that. Did his semester end early or did he finish in December? (My kid did the latter, so I know about that.) If the latter, is gonna walk with his class this year?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:30pm Parq:

Re Coales @ 10:18, I didn't hear anything like that, I'm pleased to say.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:30pm Uncle Michael:

It ended last week or the week before.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:31pm Parq:

UM, wow, that's great, good for him. He's gonna be great in the field he chose. I'll have to write him when he gets back from vaca.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:33pm coelacanth∅:

this backing track may have influenced "i'm your captain",methinks.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:34pm Funky16Corners:

There is certainly a resemblance
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:34pm Uncle Michael:

I'm trying to hang on but it's not working. I'm putting my tired ass to bed. Keep the tunes coming, Larry. Night all.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:35pm Funky16Corners:

Nite Unk!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:35pm coelacanth∅:

nighty night Uncle M
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:37pm Parq:

JA! Boy, them and the Rascals, the two of them made up the bulk of my 45 collection in those days.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:38pm chresti:

good night
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:38pm coelacanth∅:

Parq haha i probably didn't do it justice with my description! it wasn't bad...and (not that i'm a great fan, but) was sorta Beefheart-ish. (maybe... it's a long time ago now!)
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:38pm Funky16Corners:

This is one of my favorite songs ever
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:39pm Parq:

UM, sleep well and dream of the fun we're gonna have on Friday.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:39pm coelacanth∅:

they had so many great ones.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:40pm Parq:

I love the version that starts their live album (Bless Its Pointed Little Head?) that follows the "King Kong" clip-- the roaring Cassidy and Spencer intro, with Jorma and Paul falling in and building it up.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:41pm Funky16Corners:

Such a great band, and as big as they are, underrated
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:41pm coelacanth∅:

i revisited after bathing at baxters a few months ago, and my visit is still going on!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:42pm chresti:

Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:42pm Funky16Corners:

Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:43pm coelacanth∅:

maybe the mediocre-at-best-starship cast a dark shadow over their legacy?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:44pm Funky16Corners:

It does indeed. Every time We Built This City gets played another spadeful of dirt lands on their grave
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:44pm Doctorjazz:

Late to the party again... Hi Larry and all.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:45pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Doc!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:45pm Parq:

Yeah, Coales, Grace has cheerfully admitted that most of what she recorded in the 80s probably sucks, candidly saying that, if someone said to her "Sing this and we'll give you more coke", she sang it.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:46pm coelacanth∅:

haha Larry i'm laughing and cringing at the same time!
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:48pm Lord Johnzon:

That Lester Bangs essay sounds interesting... I'm gonna check it out!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:49pm coelacanth∅:

hey doc

Parq it doesn't surprise me that coke was behind it, but cool that she said that.
...the truth is i never much liked her singing and time gradually makes me like it less...although i like her singing usually if she's not the lead.
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:50pm Lord Johnzon:

I'm trying to find it... can you post a link? Just finding the whole book for sale... maybe I should buy it
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:51pm coelacanth∅:

Marty Balin had a wonderful voice.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:54pm Funky16Corners:

@Lord Johnzon - It's worth picking up the whole book. Some of the greatest music writing ever.
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:56pm Doctorjazz:

DEAD! Bout time...
  Wed. 5/9/18 10:58pm still b/p:

I think it’s funny how We Built This City became such a punching bag. I don’t stand up for it, but it seems a harmless semi-ho-hum production j.o. that suffers mostly from contrast with band’s earlier legacy. I recall hearing someone in the biz giving it generous props back then, saying, production-wise, “something’s happening every moment!”
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:59pm Funky16Corners:

Something's happening alright. Nothing good!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 10:59pm Funky16Corners:

I mean, did anybody ever need to hear Grace Slick sound like all the rest of the stuff on MTV?
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:01pm coelacanth∅:

i remember the first time i heard the first 'dead album i was like no, really? YES! i already knew europe 72; workingman's; 'beauty; scullfuck... it pretty instantly became my favorite grateful dead album and remains so.
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:02pm still b/p:

Other than provision of some blow, I’m curious about pitches and perspectives as Starship undertook such a track.
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:02pm Doctorjazz:

Great County Joe!
Balin and Slick had a nice blend and chemistry
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:02pm Parq:

Larry, I was gonna try to comment, but @ 10:59, you nailed it. There is nothing I could usefully add.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:03pm Funky16Corners:

I used to play it all the time for my mod/garage freinds when they'd start carping about the Dead. There's some straight up garage pop on that first album.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:03pm Funky16Corners:

@SBP - I assume it was money? If you read the bands bio, the influence of Mickey Thomas got them some hits but was terrible for the band artistically
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:05pm Funky16Corners:

Somebody needs to write an anti-Trump song this good.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:06pm coelacanth∅:

well then i heard my brother's "vintage dead" album which is my other favorite...but because the dead doesn't make money for that album they pretend it didn't exist, and zombie deadheads obediently pretend it doesn't exist also, it seems.
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:06pm still b/p:

Lorraine is good and worth hearing more often. Never coulda told ya who recorded it til now.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:07pm Funky16Corners:

That first Country Joe album is great from end to end, with some really trippy psychedelic tunes
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:08pm coelacanth∅:

it's perfect. not a bad moment.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:10pm coelacanth∅:

section 43 as trippy as trippy ja
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:10pm Doctorjazz:

Omaha was fav at the time!

The 1st 2 Dead albums did have punky moments, but they also had lots of hints on the Dead live show, more than the other studio albums, seems to me (of course, the live albums were better for this).
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:11pm Funky16Corners:

Anthem is practically live
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:11pm Lord Johnzon:

Anybody else heard that story about Salvatore Dali showing up to a party naked... well not technically I guess... but wrapped in Saran Wrap(or whatever the contemporary equivalent)... not sure if it's apocryphal
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:12pm coelacanth∅:

isn't anthem live with a whole lot of overdub? or is it not that much...
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:14pm coelacanth∅:

(...and released later, stripped down again - and much better in my opinion?)
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:15pm Funky16Corners:

Anthem is a mix of live and overdubs. Pretty forward thinking for the time
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:16pm Funky16Corners:

@LordJ - I haven't heard that story, but from what I know of Dali, it wouldn't surprise me a bit
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:19pm Doctorjazz:


Story of Anthem..., interesting.
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:20pm Dean:

I so fucking need this BB&tHC right now.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:20pm Funky16Corners:

For their rep as a bunch of stoners, the Dead were on the cutting edge of technology and recording
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:20pm Funky16Corners:

Hey Dean!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:21pm northguineahills:

I took my puter 20 some minutes, but, I'm finally here!.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:21pm Funky16Corners:

Hey NGH!
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:21pm Doctorjazz:

BIG Brother got a bad rap at the time.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:22pm Funky16Corners:

Yes, and it doesn't help that Janis gave them their walking papers pretty quickly. Sam Andrew was a great guitarist
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:23pm Funky16Corners:

I always loved how they used this as the opening sequence to Monterey Pop
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:26pm still b/p:

I should watch the Monterey doc again... probably viewed 25 years ago. Good chance for music, scene, festival envy.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:26pm coelacanth∅:

they were great musicians. they should've just found another good female singer. it wouldn't be the same, but just as good. (maybe better?)
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:27pm Funky16Corners:

Yeah, I mean Janis was a hard act to follow, but they could have done something
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:28pm Funky16Corners:

@SBP - The Criterion Collection box of Monterey Pop is amazing. Lots of unissued footage
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:28pm doctorjazz:

Janis supposedly took the critics panning of the band to heart; they used to say Big Brother was holding Janis back. That was really her high point.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:28pm coelacanth∅:

(i've never heard anything about their bad rap, but the best Janis is with them, in my opinion)
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:29pm Funky16Corners:

I dig Full Tilt Boogie, too, but there's something perfect about her stuff with Big Brother
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:30pm coelacanth∅:

yeah i should've said there are exceptions! (bobby mcgee, for one)
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:31pm doctorjazz:

I remember reading about it, critics thought she'd be much better without them. She definitely did great stuff after she left, but the recordings with them were special.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:32pm Funky16Corners:

Along with Hendrix, she's one of the great puzzles, i.e. what might she have done if she'd survived? Progressed and "tuned her instrument" or ended up hacking it on the blues fest circuit?
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:32pm Dean:

For sure. I think Janis hadn't yet reached a high point.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:32pm Funky16Corners:

Got a bad rap as a screecher, but really had a lot of talent and was sublime at her best
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:34pm Dean:

A--not the, but a--high point for Cipollina is on Man's Maximum Darkness album. Not saying it's all due to him, but the record's a good one.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:34pm Funky16Corners:

Another great player. I saw some of his gear at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:42pm doctorjazz:

Cool version of Shotgun, never heard that (or Clover, for that matter).
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:43pm Funky16Corners:

I'll explain them at the break. Interesting guys
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:46pm Dean:

So fun: Joplin was born pretty much halfway between the time of the births of me and my mom. I regard Janis as formative of my musical life. My mom likely doesn't even remember her.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:46pm Funky16Corners:

Her legacy is really enduring, too.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:47pm coelacanth∅:

i got to check out early
Thanks Larry!
tchau camaradas
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:47pm doctorjazz:

Boom laka laka laka laka
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:48pm Funky16Corners:

Nite C!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:50pm doctorjazz:

Awww, pretty way to end (I figure that works out time wise).
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:50pm Funky16Corners:

Just about perfectly!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:52pm doctorjazz:

Loved the show, thanks!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:53pm Funky16Corners:

Thanks Doc!
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:55pm still b/p:

Great show. This one’s always so evocative of mid-70s radio play for me.
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:55pm rw:

Thank you F16C!
  Wed. 5/9/18 11:57pm Dean:

Oh christ don't say "lean into it"! Not these days.
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:59pm Funky16Corners:

Thanks guys!
Avatar Wed. 5/9/18 11:59pm Funky16Corners:

@Dean - who wrecked that turn of phrase? Or do you mean leaning in general?
  Thu. 5/10/18 12:05am Dean:

What's her name Sandberg of Facebook. Pop press BS, presented as feminist or pro-woman.
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