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Polkatively Yours...

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Options April 30, 2018: Winky Binky Bunny Hop Polka 'til ya Drop

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
SWIVS  Stashu's Theme   Options    
Captain Bogg & Salty  Nellie the Elephant   Options   0:01:05 ()
Marvin Hamlisch  The Entertainer   Options   0:05:42 ()
Ruben Ramos  Popurri de polkas   Options   0:09:29 ()
Early B  Ghostbusters   Options WFMU RECORD FAIR FIND BY GREG HARRISON  0:14:36 ()
Tommy Tallarico  Doobeedowapbop   Options   0:17:51 ()
Jill Grossman  Tom   Options   0:19:12 ()
Peter Pam Pixie Players  Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater/Peter Piper   Options   0:24:04 ()
Alton Elis  Why Birds Follow Spring   Options   0:26:15 ()
Richie Vadnal  Polka-Re Polka-Ra   Options   0:30:44 ()
The Oldtimers Playing Dusty Manuscripts  Who's Going To Love You?   Options   0:32:52 ()
Fat Louie Szykowski   Ferryboat Polka   Options   0:38:55 ()
Art Carney   A Thump A Twinlkle A Twitch   Options   0:43:00 ()
The Pinetoppers  Flying Eagle Pola   Options   0:47:17 ()
  Happy Night Polka     0:52:18 ()
The Pinetoppers  cHICKEN POLKA   Options   0:55:20 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:01pm 666Unicorndeath:

Hello Polka World...
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:01pm Linda Lee:

StashuuUU! let's have fun!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:01pm J J F:

What’s up Doc .....? Stashu!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:02pm Richard S:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:02pm queems:

omg i got a polka record for a dollar at the record fair
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:02pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:02pm Linda Lee:

heard it yet, queems?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:03pm queems:

not yet! but it is jimmy sturr so i have an idea of what to expect
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:03pm P-90:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:04pm Linda Lee:

lovely! should be fun!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:04pm queems:

i just started importing my 18 $1 cds though and so far i have a bunch of winners
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:04pm Linda Lee:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:05pm Linda Lee:

i love Nellie the Elephant.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:05pm Stashu:

  Mon. 4/30/18 8:05pm P-90:

Cześć DJ and Polka Folka!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:06pm Michael polka Bova:

Yipeeeeee yapieeee yahoooooieeeee
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:06pm Linda Lee:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:06pm Robert Tables:

wow queems good find. I managed to find a polka LP in somebody's miscellaneous section. "In Heaven There Is No Beer?" is the title. Yes, with question mark.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:07pm Steve:

Marchin' music
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:08pm Tome:

Hello ! ahh Monday evening, so good !
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:08pm Steve:

I haven't heard this grand old tune (The Entertainer ?) in a long time ! Thanks for playing it.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:08pm P-90:

Scottski Yoplin
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:09pm andrewb:

A pretty good note for note cover of toy dolls' version "Nellie"
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:09pm kay:

Scott Joplin? You rock, girl!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:10pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Dzien dobry Panie Stashuuuu!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:10pm Linda Lee:

actually found an lp in my travels with *both* polka & 'Haun Meelie' on it (aka 'corn weenie'). had to send it to Stashu!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:13pm Michael polka Bova:

Kochamy cir Stashu
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:13pm Steve:

Linda Lee, You might possibly remember this one: 'Washington Square' by The Village Stompers LP ?
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:14pm Michael polka Bova:

Good evening Linda
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:14pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Do you have any Walter Lesniak and his polka band songs? I can’t believe I was discussing him w/an old college pal today. He was the pride of Linden NJ (along w/the 1910 Fruitgum Co.) & was a fixture at the Bayway Polish Home.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:14pm Linda Lee:

hmmmm .. i might if i heard it, Steve!
hi Michael!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:15pm Linda Lee:

what a deep, lovely voice you have, melissa!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:15pm P-90:

Cześć DJ Melisski!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:16pm Michael polka Bova:

Where the heck are the polkas ?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:16pm JakeGould:

Melissa’s hormone therapy should be toned down a notch.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:17pm Linda Lee:

not if she likes it as is, Jake! :-)
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:17pm brycepunk1:

Monday night tradition: Dance with Me Stanley :) while hanging with my girls and 666UnicornDeath
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:19pm Linda Lee:

wow ... heavy dub! beautiful!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:19pm Not 666unicorndeath:

Where is 666unicorndeath
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:19pm MONEYBAG$:

big ups ghostbuster, every time
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:19pm Robert Tables:

yes yes yes to this!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:20pm Linda Lee:

oh my gOSH! doobeedowapbop!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:20pm Micheal Polka Bova:

The chipmunks on heroin
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:20pm Linda Lee:

that was sick.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:21pm Linda Lee:

and "Tom" is my new most favorite record ever!!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:21pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Dance with me stoner
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:22pm wendi c:

Cooking and Puppet-Making with Stashu our happy Monday ritual.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:22pm MONEYBAG$:

was that the same Tommy Tallarico who used to do a video game review show a million years ago??? because I was just thinking about him for some odd reason
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:22pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Are the puppets helping you cook?!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:23pm Robert Tables:

That Tommy Tallarico track was the theme to Earthworm Jim.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:23pm MONEYBAG$:

well I guess it is then, that is super weird
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:24pm Robert Tables:

The merry-go-round had a bubble maker!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:24pm Richard S:

Whatatatatat? Noooooo Reverberberberberb?
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:25pm P-90:

Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:25pm Linda Lee:

@MONEYBAG$ ~ that's wfmu magic. happens often!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:27pm Switchblade Batman:

My grandpa used to call me peter peter pumpkin eater. I miss the guy. :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/30/18 8:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is DJ Melissa from Zone 5, per chance?
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:27pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Dance with me studdley!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:27pm JakeGould:

I beertended on Friday. My favorite beer enthusiast told me he has been coming to the record fair for 20 years but doesn’t listen to the station since he finds the programming to be insufferable.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:27pm Linda Lee:

what a beautiful show tonight, Stashu! brava!!!!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:28pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Insufferably awesome!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:28pm JakeGould:

This is great polka music.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:29pm Linda Lee:

i'm sure he's not alone, Jake ~ but miles o' vinyl is miles o' vinyl!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:29pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

The programming is almost as good as the comments board! Some say better?!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:29pm wendi c:

I'm cooking and the puppets are being made by my guy in the other room - but I feel like the puppets are helping anyways ;)
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:30pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Polish people I tell to tune in probably think I'm lying about polkas being on the show
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:30pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Am I sensing a polka cooking puppet show in the future?!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:31pm Linda Lee:

@Michael ~ they just need to listen all the time!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:31pm queems:

one of my polish coworkers told me polka isn't polish and i was just like wat
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:31pm Rob (Jerzcity):

that kind of sarcasm is always a request for punishment
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:31pm OfficerDowney:

i'm not a cop, nor have I ever been one. polka till you puke!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:32pm Linda Lee:

@queems - wat?
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:32pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Yes yes banging my head
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:32pm Stashu:

Wendi my love love!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:32pm queems:

@linda i have no idea
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:32pm JakeGould:

I learned that the Polish joke craze of the 1940s to the 1970s was a targeted propaganda effort launched by the USSR and Nazis to just dehumanize Poles.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:33pm vinylmonkee:

  Mon. 4/30/18 8:33pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Are you captain of the polka pirate parade?!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:33pm Linda Lee:

@queems ~ WWSS? (what would Stashu say?)
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:33pm JakeGould:

Start a Polish pirate station and have airhorns and local ads.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:34pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Mom hated polish jokes , I just laughed
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:34pm Richard S:

I love to go a-polka-ing
And as dance
With DJ Stash'
I cannot help but sing.
Polka-re, polka-ra...
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:34pm queems:

he told me it was czech and i was like WAT
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:34pm Jeff, the Butterman:

Stashu, dancin Sam, the 7.8 year old has been tearing in up tonight!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/30/18 8:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

These blokes claim polka was Bohemian in origin. www.centralhome.com...
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:35pm Linda Lee:

@JakeGould ~ in that case, what about Jewish jokes? Italian jokes? Irish Jokes? .. all part of purposeful campaigns?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:36pm queems:

that website is my coworker
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:36pm JakeGould:

“My Other Website is a Car”
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:37pm Linda Lee:

so ~ polka isn't originally mexican?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:37pm Richard S:

Considering how the borders of Poland have shifted over the centuries, I don't think it matters exactly where it came from - it's Polish NOW.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:38pm Linda Lee:

it's ska that's similar to polka, not reggae so much.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:38pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Polka goes back millions of years
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:39pm queems:

  Mon. 4/30/18 8:39pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

Way before vertebrates
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:39pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Don't have a computer , you would have to accept a cassette or live on the phone
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:40pm MONEYBAG$:

I had to play Nadia's Theme on recorder in elementary school music class
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:40pm Robert Tables:

apparently reggae is pretty popular in Poland en.wikipedia.org...
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:40pm queems:

i was supposed to go to bed like half an hour ago but this show is like drinking surge so now idk what i'm going to do
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:41pm Micheal Polka Bova:

I have a smarter phone , It flips open , makes calls and texts and that's it , it's a smarter phone because it costs do much less
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:41pm Stashu:

Robert- yeah! I kind of heard about that! Hi!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/30/18 8:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There should be a DIY polka app for phones. You enter lyrics you like and it kicks out a polka beat and then you sing out the lyrics karaoke-style.
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:42pm Alex:

Na Zdrowie
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:42pm Linda Lee:

that's the kind of phone i want Michael! what's the name on it?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:42pm Robert Tables:

hallo! cześć!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:43pm Micheal Polka Bova:

No unicorn , no Chester , what happened
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:43pm Robert Tables:

unicorn up top
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:43pm Linda Lee:

unicorn was first! but where is Chester?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:44pm JakeGould:

When going to the bathroom, remember… The number 1 train takes forever, but number 2 goes express!

Well, that is not actually a good analogy.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:44pm Linda Lee:

Art Carney!! love it!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:45pm Linda Lee:

just ask any rabbit how to make a rabbit.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:45pm JakeGould:

Montague sounds like a putz.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:45pm coelacanth∅:

greetings Stashu and all
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:45pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Linda its called a flip phone made by Samsung $15 a month unlimited text unlimited calls , I sometimes open it and yell enterprise but nothing happens
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:46pm Linda Lee:

well that sounds good enough for me! thanks Michael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/30/18 8:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hmmm...this is similar to his "Doodle Li Boop" Christmas song.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:47pm JakeGould:

I want to throw firecrackers at Montague.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:47pm Linda Lee:

just don't hit the rabbit!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:48pm coelacanth∅:

swiper no swiping!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:48pm queems:

oh mannn
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:49pm All out Scott:

yayyyy polka
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:49pm P-90:

This gets MY eagle flying
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:50pm /\/\1guEL^^<>~:

yey, been listening a while. I finally get to say hola!, from Michigan
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:51pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Thanks Linda lol
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:52pm P-90:

Emmanuel Reverb?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:52pm Richard S:

You have to VERB before you can REVERB
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:52pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Stashu that's so hot you twiddling the flange
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:53pm Linda Lee:

i hear echo, no reverb.
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:53pm Rob (Jerzcity):

it-za re-verb!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:54pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Stashu there is barely any echo/reverb
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:54pm Linda Lee:

poor Dave will be enraged!!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:54pm Stashu:

Hi Michigan
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:54pm Richard S:

happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:54pm seedfriend:

Thanks for all the stuff!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:55pm Richard S:

Another fun show! I'll be finishing a bottle of port later on. Wish me luck!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:55pm 666Unicorndeath:

hahahaha ASOME!!!!
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:57pm /\/\1guEL^^<>~:

whats the name for the yogis of the polka world?
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:57pm Stashu:

i'LL SEARCH FOR Walter Lesniak
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:58pm Micheal Polka Bova:

This one is awesome with the chicken
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:58pm P-90:

This gets MY chicken pecking!
Avatar Mon. 4/30/18 8:59pm Corey:

Lots of fun tonight! Rabbit selections went well with the pair of them hopping around the yard
  Mon. 4/30/18 8:59pm Micheal Polka Bova:

Good luck Stashu
  Mon. 4/30/18 9:00pm wendi c:

Love that there's a genre of Chicken Polka
  Mon. 4/30/18 9:00pm Micheal Polka Bova:

This will be in my head all week thanks stashu
  Mon. 4/30/18 9:00pm P-90:

  Mon. 4/30/18 9:01pm P-90:

Yo Dave and Hillians
  Mon. 4/30/18 9:01pm own crabapplesatellite Johnzon:

  Mon. 4/30/18 9:01pm P-90:

Yo Dave and Hillians
  Mon. 4/30/18 10:04pm seedfriend:

Turn the page means so much.
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