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Playlist for 11 April 2018 Options | Facegoat

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Artist Song Album Images New Approx. start time
Rabanada's  Sem Diversao (No Fun)   Options eyeball emoji 
Moon Duo  No Fun   Options  
  0:03:32 ()
Soulwax  Push It / No Fun   Options As Hear on Radio Soulwax 
  0:12:09 ()
Ridiculous Trio  No Fun   Options Play the Stooges 
  0:14:08 ()
Dr Mix  No Fun   Options Rough Trade Singles      0:17:37 ()
The Black keys  No Fun   Options  
  0:20:20 ()
The Hoof and Mouth Sinfonia with Bill Mac  No Fun   Options  
  0:23:11 ()
The Sex Pistols  No Fun   Options  
  0:28:12 ()
Juliette Lewis  No Fun   Options  
  0:34:54 ()
Billy Synth and the Turn-Ups  No Fun   Options  
  0:36:44 ()
Shittyflute  The Closest We Could Get to No Fun on Shittyflute   Options  
  0:40:19 ()
ZZ Tooooop  Tush   Options  
  0:51:25 ()
hookworms  Shortcomings   Options Microshift 
*   0:52:08 ()
Mamuthones  Here We Are   Options Fear on the Corner 
*   0:59:42 ()
That Pink Floyd  One Of These Days   Options Meddle 
  1:09:22 ()
OOIOO  Umo   Options Taiga 
  1:14:43 ()
Roberto de Simone  Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie II   Options Turned on and Freaked Out: Fabio's 2003 WFMU Marathon Premium CD 
  1:18:00 ()
Phew  Signal   Options Phew 
  1:29:57 ()
Can  Thief   Options Delay 1968 
  1:28:41 ()
Cut Chemist  Home Away from Home f. Laura Darlington   Options Die Cut (clean) 
*   1:42:08 ()
Quadron  Slippin'   Options  
  1:45:46 ()
Brix & The Extricated  Moonrise Kingdom   Options Part 2 
  1:49:27 ()
Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas  Nervous   Options Sofarnopolis 
*   1:52:48 ()
Joseph Nothing  Exhausted Machine Island   Options  
  2:05:41 ()
C2C  Down the Road   Options Tetra 
*   2:09:29 ()
Clothesline Revival  O Happy Land   Options  
  2:13:15 ()
John Lee Hooker  Dimples   Options  
  2:15:47 ()
Doo Rag  Cant Be Satisfied   Options  
  2:17:42 ()
Dokaka  Ramblin' Man   Options 2 
  2:20:09 ()
Plastic Joel Band f. Yoko Ono  Big Shot   Options 
*   2:25:10 ()
Godfathers  Cold Turkey   Options  
  2:28:17 ()
Mouse On Mars  Dimensional People Pt 2   Options Dimensional People 
  2:32:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Isi   Options       2:37:49 ()
The Limiñanas  The Gift (feat. Peter Hook)   Options Shadow People 
*   2:45:55 ()
Mutter  Geh Zuruck   Options Der Traum Vom Anderssein 
*   2:51:02 ()
BBC Shipping Forecast Orchestra  Sailing By   Options  
  2:55:36 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 6:39am -Ken:

Morning all!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 6:40am (Murakami Whywolf))):

'Mornin', Sunshine—you're nicked.'
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 7:02am Losermom:

I"m quitting facebook and getting a goat. Seriously.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 7:17am Ken From Hyde Park:

Is there a website yet?
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:19am Sam:

Hi Ken. I'd like to request the Mr. Ed theme song, Deutsche version.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 7:28am -Ken:

Morning all! I too want a goat very badly. Sam, who did that again? Was it Rolf Harris? I used to have it on a CD but it was destroyed in the hurricane.
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:32am Walt:

@ken: If Youtube is to be believed, German Mr. Ed is by "Mr. Ralf und Mr. Chris."
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:36am Sam:

I don't remember, I just remember it goes Ein pferd ist ein pferd and it sounds all scary.
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:37am Sam:

That figures God would send a hurricane to destroy it. It was in my head this morning for some reason, the hurricane probably dispersed it into the atmosphere and now it's everywhere and nowhere, it's a part of all of our brains at the cellular level.
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:48am FĦFĦ (:

Mr Ed in German
  Wed. 4/11/18 7:54am FĦFĦ (:

Guten tag, Kens, Sam, Losermom, Walt, Murakami and Walt!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 7:55am Losermom:

@Kenfrom hydepark facegoat!! take it and run!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 7:59am Losermom:

My sister has a lot of goat experience. She says they are just like dogs. Ken, get a studio screaming goat fer real.
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:10am Listener Robert:

If you can bear that pink-o Zuckerberg, then shell out, take your lumps like an eager beaver, and listen to his lyin'. But you may open the door to a licking, which can spiral into sessions of close inspection of your goods.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:15am orpheusviking:

Morning all. Always a favorite. mr ed theme song @ half speed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 8:17am -Ken:

Well done, as usual Robert.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:22am Michael:

Morning Ken. Booster seats for everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 8:25am -Ken:

Requests? Hurry. Once the show starts its too difficult
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:28am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Can I do one of the Top of the Hour IDs?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:28am orpheusviking:

requests. can / killing joke / the goddamn gallows / rare bird
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:29am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Stalling tape
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:29am Wild Neil||Peace All:

Wooden Shjips? Early Pink Floyd?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:30am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I wanna hear Ken chewing for two minutes straight
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:32am weiterso:

'Johnny CASH - besser so, Jenny Joe' from Nadelstiche Compilation
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:32am Michael:

Every 1's A Winner by Ty Segall. Or something else.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 8:34am Ken From Hyde Park:

What's today's over/under for meth lab difficulties on the Haz-Mat report? I'm going with two.
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:36am Listener Robert:

Yes, definitely Aaron in Minneapolis IDing! In fact I want Aaron to give the actual call signs of the xltrs. I know the one in Rockland (New City IIRC) is W220EE; the one in NYC must bd W220 something. Look up the studio-xmtr links too, anything to give Aaron more content. Power and height above average terrain figures, polarization.
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:38am Sam:

Yes, we want transmitter elevations, that would be wonderful.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:38am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Robert, thanks but i am just too damn lazy for all that
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:40am Sam:

Too lazy to go out and survey the terrain and triangulate the elevations based on the latitude coordinate and angle of the sun? Come on, man!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:40am Aaron in Minneapolis:

But if Ken wants me to take up his precious airtime allotted by the station manager, then I WILL DAMN WELL DO IT!
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:40am FĦFĦ (:

- Panda Bear - Boys Latin
- Combustible Edison - Morticia
- John Evans - Evacuation
- Chaz Jankel - Glad to know you
- Glen Meadmore - Girlene
- Saint Seneca - Moon Barks At the Moon
- Hirokazu Tanaka - Hyakugojuuichi (pokemon song!)
- etc
- etc

- Punk jingles
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:42am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Sam, if you go out and appraise all the sites then I will say everything
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:42am FĦFĦ (:

...or you could play The Moles Surf's Up and I'll be equally happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 8:43am -Ken:

Ooh very nice requests today everybody! And Aaron, I only know the real call letters of the NYC 91.9fm one, which is W220EJ but the rockland county one is different, and its not EE I dont think
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:44am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Can i just do the damn normal one and call it a day?
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:45am Sam:

Maybe you should do a super silly one
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:45am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:46am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I have something in mind, that will keep WFMU legal and is Silly!
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:48am FĦFĦ (:


My requests were all spurious. I have to confess I'm only here today to listen to...


..doing the legal IDs.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:49am Aaron in Minneapolis:

and me too
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 8:55am Wild Neil||Peace All:

SO, I am going to Poland for 4th of July week!
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:57am Sam:

Thanks FuFu. I clicked on your Mr. Ed link, the episode is in German but the theme song is still in English!
  Wed. 4/11/18 8:58am Listener Robert: actually lists WFMU's New City translator as W220EG, and apparently hasn't been updated to include the 91.9 translator in New York City, which must be W220 followed by 2 letters later in lexical order than EG. Well, Aaron, you can at least say "W220EG in New City, and on 91.9 in New York City". Maybe announce the stream from is available in AAC, MP3, and .asx.

-Ken, you should ask Radio-Locator to include the NYC xltr.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:00am Planet Tyler:

Ken, what is the state of the dingo?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:01am melinda:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:01am Aaron Working In Newark:

#Flounder Nation
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:02am thriftstoreleather:

this is so good!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:02am TDK60:

Ken, can Clay have a little gong?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:06am Krys O.:

Great Zuck gif!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:06am FĦFĦ (:


I swear for the goat gods the theme song was in German the first time I heard in the video. Perhaps the singer was embarrassed by his pronunciation and now he refuses to sing in German? Just a rational thought.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:06am Ramon vs Ramon:

I put in my requests during the Clay show. I am not too fast when your show starts: DOA, GI, Nixon's Head, Reagan's Youth, Minor Threat, TSOL, Dr. Bombay (NJ).
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:06am Krys O.:

I follow Goats of Anarchy on Facebook.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:06am Linda Lee:

good morning Ken! love the moon duo. perfect!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:07am scotty c from tennessee:

Ramon you forgot FEAR!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:07am thedunkel:

Morning Ken! Moring All! Moring all Aarons!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:08am Henry in Hopatcong:

Good morning Ken! Happy to be tuned in!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:08am FĦFĦ (:

This is No fun if it doesn't last the full set!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:08am The Oscar:

Mornin' all! Loving this, but was kind of wishing they'd do the "Come on Ron" bit.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:08am Linda Lee:

@Krys O ~ facebook? oh dear..
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:09am TDK60:

>broadcast report> north manhattan > 91.1 fm clear / 91.9 there yet static hiss /stop/
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:10am cory on the couch:

whoops forgot today is wednesday
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:10am dale:

zuckerberg looks like one of the victor buono missile worshipping cult in the planet of the apes movie. looks like a mask and wig he has on there.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:10am -Ken:

Yes W220EG is correct for Rockland County
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:11am Planet Tyler:

Ok can we all be gracious that the alt-right now has EODM to listen to besides Nugent and Kid Rock now? How Irwin exists in that world....?
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:11am weiterso:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:12am dale:

ken - have you ever done a c.b. broadcast?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:12am Dropof Goldensun:

Good morning!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:12am Planet Tyler:

@dale - i think this sums up that whole tabasco:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:12am Linda Lee:

Suckerbird: what a grotesque person, honestly.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:13am TDK60:

Hey, I could play this too. Hmmm, start a band?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:13am The Oscar:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:13am FĦFĦ (:

Hey, cory! I hope you did not forget to go to work!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:13am rsj:

just listened to this album the other day, holds up well, though the kids did not dig it like i thought they would
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:14am NewWilOrder:

This is great!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:14am David in London:

Salt N Pepper Stooges. Very nice.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:14am Linda Lee:

Salt N Iggy! :-)
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:15am Declan, Wolverhampton, England:

2 stellar tunes to open the show with.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:15am Jack:

@Linda Lee - Thank you for this! "Suckerbird"! You are 100% correct!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:15am steveo:

i like goats. -Ken, you are stacked.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:16am EG_Astro:

I know that this is supposed to be no fun, but c'mon this is too much fun.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:16am TDK60:

Is it A & G then D & C chords? I can play that. Just don't wanna deal with all the cigar chomping music biz types.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:16am steveo:

Linda Lee, I heard your name on my clock radio yesterday at around 6:50 am. You are famous.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:16am asheville jon:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:16am MD:

Good Morning from the End of the World...My Lovely Freeform fighters!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:17am dale:

no pooey flute fun next, i hope.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:17am Linda Lee:

ha! thanks steveo! :-)
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:17am Ramon vs Ramon:

YES Scotty C! I forgot FEAR and lots of others. Just a partial list there.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:17am MD:

Ken Can you play that great Euro-Vision Song contest winner..."My Lovely Horse!"
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am Sam:

Oh thanks weiterso!! That is heavenly.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am Linda Lee:

gosh, off to work now. no fun.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am thedunkel:

is there a scott baker trio version of 'no fun'?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am TDK60:

See ya LL Me too...
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am MD:

Someone needs to photo shop horns on Zuckerberg's Head! My new name for him is SUCKA-PUNCH
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:19am adampsyche:

it's sets like this that signify exactly why i donate regularly
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am -Ken:

Is there a shittyflute version of No Fun???
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am Rev. Turnip Druid:

As for the request for facegoat: I'm still eagerly awaiting Ken's promised cat-free alternate internet. Willing to invest.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am Rev. Turnip Druid:

also: hello.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am EG_Astro:

Who is that shredder in the pic for Soulwax? is that shania?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am Okasa:

Hi-De-Ho SM Ken. Hi-De-Ho everyone else.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:20am Krys O.:

@Linda Lee: Yes, I'm still on Facebook. I'm not afraid of the Internet.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:21am queems:

i played shittyflute for my sister this weekend and she hated it and so did both of her cats
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:21am Uncle Michael:

Are we having fun yet?
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:22am cory on the couch:

hiya fofo, work in one hour
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:22am MD:

ever get da feelin you been mugged...?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:22am MD:

nice cover!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:22am steveo:

Google sez axe gif is "Batshit, nuevo video de Sofi Tukker"
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:23am adampsyche:

@queems first heard shittyflute on a sunday afternoon show on my way back from the catskills; wife and i heard "take me on" and were like wtf and kept listening and eventually were losing our shit, this was last memorial day i think
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:23am Fashion Tashjian:

I was told that Ken had one of the most fun shows on this station. Was I misled?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:23am adampsyche:

but the dj KEPT PLAYING SHITTYFLUTE and it was too much esp with holiday traffic
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:24am scotty c from tennessee:

Ramon, ha, yeah, so many great bands, your post just kicked loose that nugget, cheers!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:24am queems:

@adam i can see how more than a couple shittyflute in a row could be too much shittyflute
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:25am steveo:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:25am EG_Astro:

Cool! Thanks @steveo
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:26am thriftstoreleather:

Ken, one of all time favorite shows was the "Dirt" show. This is So Fun!
haha blub blub
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:27am Greg from ZONE 5:

I KNEW that was Bill!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:27am thedunkel:

there is a shittyflute of the passenger -
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:27am FĦFĦ (:

Juliette Lewis singing No Fun cover:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:27am steveo:

i used google chrome reverse image search, which doesn't always work for gifs, but worked for this one
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:27am Bill Mac:

You're soooo predictable!!!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:28am scotty c from tennessee:

@fashion, no fun is so fun! You love it!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:28am Ramon vs Ramon:

No Fashion. You were not. This is an anomaly. Maybe he didn't take his morning Celexa. This really sucks though I'll admit.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:30am MD:

Oh this is gonna be a FUN Morning!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:30am EG_Astro:

Oh that's interesting. I didn't know that there was reverse image search. I'll definitely look in to that. Super helpful and useful.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:31am queems:

heaven help us
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:31am MD:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:31am FĦFĦ (:

Hmm..First time I like the Sex Pistols.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:31am Ramon vs Ramon:

This is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! GDI
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:31am Losermom:

OMG JR sounds like a screaming goat!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:33am northguineahills:

any No Fun covers from Not Not Fun Recs?
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:33am Bill Mac:

Yikes I just walked into this - awesome!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:35am TDK60:

Ken, can Clay have a little tambourine too?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:35am Losermom:

Woah. Just looked at the Juliette Lewis thingy of Fun. Why is it a can't stand Juliette Lewis? Am I insane for liking the Sex Pistols version so much better??
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:35am David in London:

Station Manager Ken, please can we have The Byrds’ Tribal Gathering as the ur-source of the No Fun riff?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:36am The Oscar:

Fun show so far.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:36am MD:

this is FUN!!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:36am Losermom:

*momentarily mutes* sorry
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:37am Sam:

A sex pistol probably wouldn't be much fun. Makes me think of Richie Aprile and Janice.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:38am rsj:

finally answering whether you can have too much of this song...
what happened to juliette lewis?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:38am Krys O.:

Here is the website for Goats of Anarchy, a rescue group:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:38am MD:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:38am scotty c from tennessee:

If you want to have fun go to the archives and listen to Mixology with DJ Jesuspants: October 3, 2003. An hour of “Gay Bar” remixes
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:38am FĦFĦ (:

Terveet Kädet - No Fun

This guy is from Finland and I cannot tell if he is singing in Finnish or English.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:39am eric from lake hiawatha:

Juliette and the Licks
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:40am Sam:

That dog is sooo high!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:40am crateslinger:

My wife is Keto, which means she has her burger with no bun.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:40am TDK60:

Terveet Kadet?! I remember them, made the hardcore rounds. // really hafta off to job....
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:41am MD:

William lee!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:41am dale:

iggy plop!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:41am Aaron Working In Newark:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am queems:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am jess:

what in the hell?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am thedunkel:

now thats what i call punk
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am geoff mcq:

If my wife hears this she'll cancel my Swag For Life direct debit
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am JakeGould:

@Ken: Wherever you are thanks for the endless “No Fun.” Only wish cover bands did the clapping.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:42am Adriana DC:

Don't forget the Teen Idles version of No Fun to complete the cycle!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:43am Jim Price:

Is that Kim's smiling dog?
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:43am Ramon vs Ramon:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:44am steveo:

tearing my eardrums out
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:44am FĦFĦ (:

No Fun by Complot Bronswick

This one looks promising
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:44am ?:

i hate this
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:44am Aaron Working In Newark:

I just got fired.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:44am MD:

wow this is even getting on MY nerves!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am MD:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am queems:

it’s impossible not to laugh when the whole team of shittyflutes comes in
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am Sam:

You can tell this was conducted by James Levine - that crescendo was incredible.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

Pooey ... hahaha!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am Mailman Tom:

Oh now, this is too much.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am MD:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am JakeGould:

@JimPrice: Nope! That is “Guilty Dog”
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:45am howard in nyc:

It's no fun being a scheissflute passenger
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:46am Sam:

I'm just lookin' for some strrrrretched tuuuuuuush
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:46am adampsyche:

going to be late to work due to this show today
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:46am JakeGould:

@Sam: Also, he diddled the shittyfloutist before it was recorded. That added to the warble.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:46am Krys O.:

No Fudd
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:47am Ramon vs Ramon:

Why are you torturing us Ken? Something happened to you at home? Why are you venting like this today? I demand an explanation!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:47am thedunkel:

Joe McGasko singing No Fun for 3 hours
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:47am queems:

@thedunkel would up my swag for life for that
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:48am Losermom:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:49am Planet Tyler:

Senator: Mr. Zuckerberg, two questions. Is Flarcebork the same as a Tweeto? And what are “an computer”?
Zuckerberg: (sigh)
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:49am queems:

that’s a lot of rules
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:49am JakeGould:

@KrysO.: Yeah! Bugs Bunny jumps out of his rabbit hole and sings it while screwing around with Elmer Fudd.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:49am Sam:

Also make sure that you can't access facegoat on the goat-free internet!
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:50am FACEGOAT NATION:

@Ken Link please
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:50am Roberto:

I'm vegan, which means I eat the bun without the burger.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:51am dale:

hope to hell there's no shitty tush...
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:51am BronwynB:

hello ken and everyone
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:51am Roberto:

I hope to hell there IS a scheissetusche.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:51am Sam:

If you're vegan you might skip facegoat and try faceplant.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:51am Roberto:

Word, Sam.
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:52am Stevie:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:52am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Ok Legal ID is written and ready, I will call in when i hear the song
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:52am FĦFĦ (:

Thank you but I do all my social media on
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:53am ratty:

meh-eh -eh meh-eh-eh (meaning unknown)
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:54am eric from lake hiawatha:

Sounds like I took a 714
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:54am -Ken:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:55am βrian:

Being from WI, I'm tickled pink that Paul Ryan isn't running for re-election. Pink, I say!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:57am -Ken:

Stand by Aaron
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:57am Ramon vs Ramon:

I stopped using Facebook in 2008 and never looked back. I hope the Zuck and napster ahole all disappear into a black hole. Useless, brain washing crap FB is. Now FaceGoat sounds enticing enough for my pet goat Mamabelle to join. She and I are legally married in Alabama.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 9:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'll be sure to use the goatgoatgo website for my internet searches from now on. I need to find a good song from Goatess for a future request.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:58am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Sitting but whatever
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:58am βrian:

Ok, we stand by Aaron. What'd he do?
  Wed. 4/11/18 9:58am FĦFĦ (:

This is the new phone number for the legal ID:

  Wed. 4/11/18 9:59am Au pair Evie, Amersfoort NL:

Thanks god it’s spring
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 9:59am Wild Neil||Peace All:

I quit Facebook 2 week ago. Deleted my account. Oh update: Going to Poland July 4 th week!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am steveo:

thumbs up
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am thedunkel:

…sadly… genius
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am MD:

More Sax Baby!!!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am queems:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am MD:

Hardcore SAX!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am steveo:

yakety invocation worked; more thumbs
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am cory on the couch:

best id ever!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:00am MD:

Dirty Dirty SAX!!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:01am FĦFĦ (:

Mamabelle sounds like 'sucks good' in italian/Spanish. No wonder, Ramon vs Ramon!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:01am MD:

SAX wit no strings attached!!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:01am asheville jon:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:01am melinda:

I would like to leave facebook but I've made some good friends there I don't want to lose contact with.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:01am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:04am -Ken:

Great job Aaron!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:04am FĦFĦ (:

Wild Neil,

Good! Report from there please for 4th of July is on a Kendnesday.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:04am JakeGould:

Goats are great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:05am -Ken:

I am taking the fourth of July off this year so that "Garbecue 2: The Reckoning" can take place.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:05am Ramon vs Ramon:

Best ID yet Aaron. Excellent. Thank you.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:06am uıʇsn∀:

sad I missed the shittyflute
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:08am Ken From Hyde Park:

If the parking lot is sold by July 4, what then? Move the 'cue up to the post office lot?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:08am Ramon vs Ramon:

Indeed FH FH ( I love it her very much.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:08am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I dare you to do it in Monty Hall
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:08am βrian:

That tawny goat has got flair.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:09am FĦFĦ (:


Oh, I made a mistake. the Fourth of July is on a Thursday. Yes, Thursday! Do your show as usual!

Rest of the people,

Ha! I lied to Ken. The 4th lands on a Wednesday! He will be doing the show thinking is the 3rd of July. Perfect plan!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:10am FĦFĦ (:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:10am Aaron in Minneapolis:

FMFM he can read ALL of your comment, you realize this dont you?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:10am orpheusviking:

excellent song
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:11am steveo:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:11am Sebastian:

hey everybody
hooray for the pinkies
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:11am Sebastian:

damn, I missed a lot of no fun!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:11am tom from Glasgow:

i'm listening to the radio on my secondary headphones under my regular work headphones. hi
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:11am FĦFĦ (:


Wait, what?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:12am kuriousornj:

my favorite Floyd, yasss !!!!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:12am Ramon vs Ramon:

Wild Neal: Poland has two things I love very much, pretty girls and kielbasa. Have fun there!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:13am Aaron in Minneapolis:

FMFM never mind, he skipped that last part you are safe
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:13am FĦFĦ (:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:13am steveo:

that vocal was jim henson, right?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:13am βrian:

Hey, Heavy Meddle!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:14am steveo:

(jk it's Nick Mason)
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:14am Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Ramon vs Ramon-Yes, a Polish 5 is an American 7! and the FOOD is SO GOOD! The women dress so well there also.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:15am Chi Bill:

That was so FUN, Ken!!! Can't believe I can't listen and read comments more 'cause I'm swamped at work. Wish I could hear That Pink Floyd but lost stream and now must go on a run. Peace and love.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:16am steveo:

How to Make Your Music Streaming Experience More Social

WIRED 1h ago
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:16am ratty:

goatface killah denied
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am Webhamster Henry:

Not enough OOIOO these days!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am fm Mike:

Love Taiga :)
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am FĦFĦ (:

A big FOOCK IOO to ooiioo for plagiarising this song without giving credit to the original one!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am Cecile:

OK, I think I might have a lead on a place that shows Eurovision in Minneapolis. Reddit took me to someone who was showing it last year at the Radisson Red bar where they worked. I contacted them and we'll see if they are doing it again this year.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am Sebastian:

Ken, sounds like you either have to start or stop smoking
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am Goyim in the AM:

Somewhere in the world is a guy who wants to here a Japanese post-punk rip-off of an Italian opera. THAT PLACE IS HERE AND THAT GUY IS ME.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:17am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:18am Cecile:

Sebastian, hallo! Wie geht's?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:19am Sebastian:

Cecile, es geht. Selbst?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:19am FĦFĦ (:

Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie part 2 (i think that's the name)
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:20am βrian:

How clothes get clean.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:21am Goyim in the AM:

Always cool when the opera is hardercore than the work it inspires. See also a million bad metal bands doing the Höllenfahrt from Don Giovanni.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:21am Cecile:

Ken, there is a drag queen named Asia O' Hara that has a badass Tweety bird look.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:24am Beast of Boonton:

who at WFMU is the best ShittyFlute player?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:26am cory@work:

ugh work, amirite?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:26am -Ken:

@Beast: Matthew Warwick. He's the best at everything.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:27am FĦFĦ (:


You mean the Cinderella story is more hardcore than the Simone tune?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:28am βrian:

Love the chèvre theme. Makes me crave fromage.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:28am steveo:

nice jam
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:29am steveo:

was that goat alarm because "jam" can be a double entrendre? (what, everything's not about me?)
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:30am orpheusviking:

thank you ken
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:31am JFR:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:31am Krys O.:

@Aaron Working in Newark: Are you serious? Did you get fired?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:31am kuriousornj:

what was that before Can ?!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:32am FĦFĦ (:

There's a band from the 90's that covers this song. I don't remember their name at the moment but they had a one hit wonder entitled 'Creep'.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:33am MD:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:35am pocket vito:

The acid reflux is from smoking too much
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:36am tom from Glasgow:

you should get some omeprazole, that;s the good stuff
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:36am Sam:

Pepcid - the choice of a new generation
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:37am dale:

is someone eating a scotcheroo?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:37am melinda:

I have tried all of the reflux remedies, both standard and alternative. It's a bitch.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:38am queems:

this is why i send you people my money every month- to hear chewing
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:38am Sam:

Have you tried vanilla ice cream? It counters the acid and soothes the throat.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:39am Asheville Jon:

ideas? FIRE ANDY!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am Ike:

We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones! We want Kelly Jones!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am Sam:

Ha ha ha good one Asheville Jon
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am Webhamster Henry:

I kind of remember the 1990 WFMU auction - wasn't the auctioneer Ned Sublette?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am NotARealDoctor:

How about another State of the Station address?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am Ramon vs Ramon:

Simethicone should take her of all GI issues. Pepcid doesn't work via lungs dummy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:40am Ken From Hyde Park:

In place of 7SD, how about a Listener Hour program?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:41am Sam:

I want Kelly AND Glen Jones
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:41am Webhamster Henry:

How about "Telephone Jam?"
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:41am Krys O.:

The WFMU Attractiveness Scale should necessitate a goat scream when mentioned on mic.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:41am queems:

@krys o. agreed
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:42am ♪ke:

Or give a new show a chance. Or do a listener hour! Or Jim the Poet!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:42am NotARealDoctor:

What if for 7SD you had a computer generated voice just read all of the comments on the comment board?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:42am NotARealDoctor:

Ken, you'd need to stand by with the dump button to drop all the inevitable swearing
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:42am Walt:

If she's available, get Michele to sit in on SSD and the two of you just take calls (or come up with some bogus topic, I don't care).
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:43am Chris E:

Oh man, I've just been sitting out in the sun with a few cold ones listening and it's been great as always. Spring is here! Enjoy it <3
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:44am -Ken:

Aaron, do you have a one hour show you can send me for tonight's 6-7pm hour?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:44am Sam:

You should use the seed word randomization concept on real people, stop people on the street, give them a seed word, see what that inspires them to say back, then take one of those words and give it to someone else. Shows where you stand outside and talk to people walking by are always funny.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:44am NotARealDoctor:

You could bring the dingo on as your cohost instead of Andy
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:45am Wild Neil||Peace All:

@Melinda-I went gluten and dairy free on the advice of a naturopath. For the first time in 15 years or so I can poop normally 6 out of 7 days a week now. It used to be a special, memorable warm memory (forgive the disgusting pun!). Maybe THAT could help you? Lactose is the issue maybe? OR roundup on wheat if not celiac disease?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:45am βrian:

43°F already. Haven't seen that in while.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:45am ɨkɛ:

Great idea! Go Aaron go! Or get Michele, Jim the Poet, and Kelly Jones all together! (Or would that get too NC-17 too quickly?)
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:45am queems:

you should just do an hour of total silence
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:45am Sam:

If you do a bad show when Andy's not there does Andy still have to pay?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:46am NotARealDoctor:

An entire hour of the screaming goat
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:46am NotARealDoctor:

Good question Sam
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:47am Kapo Strano:

"Umo" by OOIOO [adopted as theme song for ] WAS NOT A COMPLETE RIP-OFF of Roberto de Simone's arieta Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie II -- No, Ken, it turns out this was "inspired by" the song "Japanese Funk Machine" by Swiss band Unknownmix from their album Loops.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:48am Random Person:

Shari Barclay Hour tonight!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:48am melinda:

@Neil I went gluten and dairy free and it didn't help. Also a lot of other diet experimentation.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:48am Ramon vs Ramon:

How about getting a Breckmann sub, but not another 'FMU D'J. Get one of the listeners. Pick a subject. Argue about or whatever. You can do a call in show about music: for example, play songs from the eighties and ask the question "is it new wave?" From the nineties, is it grunge? Vinyl, cd or MP3, what's better? How to guard yourself from a nuclear war with Russia? Post pics of people and ask callers to opine "mass murderer or bum?"
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:49am Wild Neil||Peace All:

I think Sam's word seed idea is sheer genius!
@Melinda-I am so sorry it didn't work!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:49am -Ken:

I am waiting for a one hour file from Aaron. AARON?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:51am SeanG:

fun gifs today Ken!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:51am ɨkɛ:

@queems: Used to be you couldn't do that. An actual robot would call you and complain that there was too much silence. Well, not a physical robot, disappointingly. It only exists on the phone. Ken, does this still exist?
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:52am FĦFĦ (:

I vote for a 7SD rerun. There are tons of good material.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:52am NotARealDoctor:

Ken, here is a one hour show for you for tonight:
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:52am geoff mcq:

How about playing some Orielles Ken? Their album is the absolute tits.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:53am Sebastian:

what's up with the Old Codger these days, maybe he can fill in? I miss that grumpy old bastard.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:53am Linda Lee:

well, i'd chase her too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:54am Ken From Hyde Park:

The 7SD sub show could be where you crank call a product help line and make believe you're having trouble with an Instant Pot or something.
Or find a Nardwuar episode to play.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:54am Evan From Seattle:

I think Ken should play D&D on 7SD. Watching people do that seems to be a big thing with the kids.
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:54am Friendly robot:

Beep beep boop... ALERT! THIS..... SHOW.... IS....beep beep.... NOT.... VERY FUNNY.... PLEASE RECTIFY! Code 47.... ALERT! TAKE ACTION! UNACCEPTABLE!
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:54am Kapo Strano:

See also, Multiple Discovery list:
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:55am queems:

@ike the radio has a lot of weird rules
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:55am NotARealDoctor:

An additional hour of Wake and Bake with Clay Pigeon at 6pm
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:55am FĦFĦ (:

I'm sorry people, but a 7SD show without Ken or Andy is NOT a 7SD show. Ken and Andy are irreplaceable(*)

(*) Terms and conditions apply
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:56am queems:

i’m glad this album is getting so much airplay
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:56am NotARealDoctor:

An extended Irwin Chusid show
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

Kenny G impersonator who spends an hour reading the Apple or FB terms and conditions.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:57am NotARealDoctor:

A Very Special Episode of Professor DumDum
  Wed. 4/11/18 10:59am Sam:

DumDum and Frangry!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 10:59am -Ken:

where the f is Aaron
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:59am NotARealDoctor:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:59am tadpole:

great gifs today.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 10:59am Evan From Seattle:

Live Ken and AI Andy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:00am -Ken:

  Wed. 4/11/18 11:01am FĦFĦ (:

Yes, Evan nailed it!
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:01am Sam:

I don't know if people can take any more AI shenanigans
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:02am tadpole:

have nick the bard do his famous andy breckman impression.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:02am Linda Lee:

there's an idea: Ken & Andy impersonators face off! :-D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am -Ken:

Very nice, but that did not count
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am Linda Lee:

best ID ever. who are you, brilliant one?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am ɨkɛ:

Hilarious, but not legal.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am Aaron in Minneapolis:

I signed up to do one not two. Geez
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am Sebastian:

great illegal ID, whoever that was
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:03am steveo:

hilarious >> legal
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am tadpole:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am joe mulligan:

wow such pancreas. @Ike maybe we'll get a double then
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am FĦFĦ (:

I believe that was Sam the appresier. Sam the Appraiser wouldn't do an illegal ID.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am @berbo:

We need the official Station ID Announcer ID!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am tadpole:

what happened to the crazy neck twisting goat. that's my fave.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:04am Linda Lee:

Bravo!!!! fascinating!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:05am tadpole:

oh scratch that.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:05am queems:

double downnnn
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:05am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Sam is fired
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:05am northguineahills:

joe mulligan beat me to it!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:06am tom from Glasgow:

nice birds
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:06am Sebastian:

Sam should be fired for saying the IA episode was not bad, he has to be in cahoots with Andy, there's no other explanation
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:07am Linda Lee:

7SD show idea 2: how about a room full of people impersonating Ken & Andy at the same time?
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:07am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Not as good as Dave the spazzs chimps
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:07am northguineahills:

Wait, it isn't Thursday, and this isn't Trouble!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:08am Linda Lee:

you dumb guys. that's a billy goat!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:09am tadpole:

how 'bout you do a 7SD version of shut up weirdo's 'tell yourself off' show? That was really great.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:09am Sam:

Nothing like some billy goat cheese with a little billy jam
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:09am tadpole:

oh aquaman, what have you become...
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:10am FĦFĦ (:


I wouldn't suspect that. I mean, Sam only owns 70% of the shares of the Andy Toy's company. It's not like he owns the whole business!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:10am Linda Lee:

that's depraved.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:12am tadpole:

@linda aquaman is really strayed far from his mission.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:13am Linda Lee:

into the depths of depravity. with a minor!!
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:13am FĦFĦ (:

Linda Lee,

If I'm not mistaken there's an Andy impersonator somewhere. I think Ken wanted him to do a show together but I guess it never happened.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:13am 4chewnahdoe:

I fuckin' love this song
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:13am

for 7SD, can Prof. Dum Dum be called in to sub for Andy?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:14am melinda:

@tadpole haha
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:14am Linda Lee:

FMFM (: ~ i'd be willing to hear auditions. could be very amusing.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:14am Ramon vs Ramon:

Let's discuss all things pancreas as suggested. I haven't had a functioning pancreas since age 13. I imagine it shrunk and dried like umbilical chords when they get cut off. I'd like to meet it someday and curse the hell out of it. Pancreas are no fun. Mamabelle likes liver.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:14am βrian:

See Billy's whithers, see Billy's whithers sing.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:15am fm Mike:

Lol that Andy and Andy together would have been hilarious!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:15am Linda Lee:

let's see .. impersonator in studio, Andy on skype ..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:16am Ken From Hyde Park:

New job for this guy until lung cancer sets in:
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:16am Sam:

Can you get Tony Shaloub to come in for an interview on short notice?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:18am northguineahills:

Can we give the drummer some....
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:18am Planet Tyler:

While Ken refuses to give us an update on his dingo, have y;all seen this
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:19am Sam:

Anthony Hopkins does a mean Andy
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:19am Rich in Washington:

DOO RAG!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:20am fm Mike:

@ Linda Lee, I can do a very lispy version of Andy.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:20am Linda Lee:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:20am JakeGould:

There’s some cohesive joy to the playlist today. That’s good!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:20am Rich in Washington:

This band is criminally un-reissued.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:21am Lewis:

The Bear is dancing along...
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:21am Linda Lee:

maybe Ken can just have Andy impersonators call in & do the show as usual.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:21am Lewis:

@Rich.... indeed!
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:22am queems:

omfg i burst out laughing at this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:22am Ken From Hyde Park:

The staff of Andy's show calls in and tells of their opinion of him.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:23am Linda Lee:

kaka indeed.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:23am Uncle Michael:

This Ramblin' man is fucking brilliant.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:23am Sam:

We have a new number, 201 - 209 - 93, oh who cares. Ken, just put 'em through.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:23am Rev. Turnip Druid:

WHOASVILLE. Missed Doo Rag. I have failed you all. Belated caps-lock reaction with much enthusiasm.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am tadpole:

this is great
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am Beast of Boonton:

Needs a little ShittyFlute added
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am misterpickles69:

This is the original, no?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am Webhamster Henry:

Maybe there's a Yoko Ono cover of Ramblin' Man.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am Ken From Hyde Park:

Who was looking for more southern rock? There ya go!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am tadpole:

@linda a minor - and a goat! And we don't even know how old the goat is.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:24am queems:

this is like if minions sang ramblin man
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:25am Linda Lee:

.. let alone a billy goat. my god.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:25am MenfussMike:

good gawd this is annoying
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:26am misterpickles69:

don't give them any ideas, @queems
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:26am Linda Lee:

(that's a male goat, children.)
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:26am Uncle Michael:

I love this so much.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:26am doctorjazz:

Great Ramblin' Man!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:27am Rev. Turnip Druid:

William Goat, in formal company.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:27am misterpickles69:

BREAKING NEWS - Billy Joel just hung himself after hearing this
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

For $250,000, Ken will happily never play that "Ramblin' Man" anymore.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:27am JFR:

Plastic Joel Band
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:30am Ken From Hyde Park:

I need to replace my car's horn with a goat scream.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:30am tadpole:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:31am Carmichael:

Heya Kenneth and radio pals. Dokaka has by the far the greatest version of Ramblin' Man EVAH!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:32am Linda Lee:

that's a cold kitty, unfortunately.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:33am Ramon vs Ramon:

This world is a fuckin mess and I'm checking myself into my local psych ward until Trump is gone. Have a great day all.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:33am Linda Lee:

don't forget, Ramon vs Ramon: he's a symptom, not the cause.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:34am misterpickles69:

So get out and vote, people
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:36am Ramon vs Ramon:

Will remember that Linda Lee. Txs.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:36am FĦFĦ (:

I always confuse Mouse on Mars with Matmos and this song isn't helping!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:36am Carmichael:

WE are the cause, unfortunately.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:40am northguineahills:

...and the goat jumped through a burning ring of fire......
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:40am PMD:

Damn, missed Big Shot
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:41am Ken From Hyde Park:

Mary Wing hasn't been on the FM for a while and has done some Wednesday Drummer fill-ins. If she wants to take over at 6PM, that would be cool.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:42am Walt:

You mean henceforward, not heretofore.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:43am Rob (Jerzcity):

who am i supposed to contact if i didn't get billed for a pledge yet?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:43am βrian:

Mary Wing is coming up next on the Drummer Stream.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:43am Linda Lee:

@Carmichael ~ possibly, if you identify with those actually in power. i do believe we're meant to. personally, i can't.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:44am northguineahills:

@Walt: You mean henceforth, not henceforward.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:45am βrian:

I think Ken actually said "heretoforth," so he's off the hook.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:46am Linda Lee:

i'd truly be surprised if Ari Up were at that screening, poor thing.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:47am fm Mike:

Goodness gracious, GREAT GOATS OF FIRE!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:47am Rev. Turnip Druid:

heretoforeward, into th'future.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:47am Carmichael:

I do not, LL. What I mean is our various voting strategies for/against a particular candidate resulted in El Cheeto taking office. We (the collective) are the cause.
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:47am FĦFĦ (:


Go to the casino, sit at the roulette, and bet all the marathon money on the red. 48% of chances of doubling the money! I think it is worth the risk, don't we all agree?
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:48am Mister Dobalina:

I'm just here to say that Garbage Time is really a great show.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:48am steveo:

I never heard the term "New Wave" applied to Billy Joel. Fascinating.

"Still, for the album’s promo videos, Joel attempted an awkward New Wave getup. His visible discomfort may have even served as an unintentional blueprint for “nerd-core.” Buffalo’s self-proclaimed “pop cult” Hussalonia covered Glass Houses in its entirety and Geen Ween has his own Billy Joel-themed project. These reverent (and often brilliant) takes on the Joel’s material affirm that the tunes have aged better than his outfits."

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:48am

a slit lady will be here in 2wks: VIV ALBERTINE will be at mcnally jackson books, soho, thur, april 26, 7pm
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:48am -Ken:

@Rob, contact Joe at
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:49am tom from Glasgow:

this sounds very Old Mary Chain
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:50am melinda:

@tom it does. I like it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:51am -Ken:

@Herb, why what a coincidence! That is the same member of The Slits who will be at Monty Hall on May 6. She was the one on the left I believe
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:51am Evan From Seattle:

Really digging this shadow people track
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:53am Linda Lee:

not to get into the political weeds here on the board, but there's the political leadership & then there's the voting public, who weren't represented in the Democratic primary vote, by design. so who's the 'we'? i'll stop now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:55am -Ken:

@Lindalee, that is EXACTLY what the guy who we locked in the bathroom was saying!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:55am Wild Neil||Peace All:

Mutter is suber duber heavvvvvvvvyyyy, maaaaaaaaaaaan.....
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:56am Rob (Jerzcity):

thank ya, Ken!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am fm Mike:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am steveo:

great tunes; thanks for the show
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am geoff mcq:

Sailing By
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am thriftstoreleather:

thanks for doing the show with heartburn, Ken
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am βrian:

So, you lock the guy in the bathroom, and then you ask yourself, "How am I going to go to the bathroom?"
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am Krys O.:

Hail, Satan Goat!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am tom from Glasgow:

Dogger, Fisher, German Bight
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:57am northguineahills:

Gracias por las cabras, Kenito!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:58am tadpole:

@Brian: fatal flaw
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 4/11/18 11:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Bye, capricorns.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:59am Sebastian:

Thanks Ken!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:59am βrian:

Where is Mary?
  Wed. 4/11/18 11:59am FĦFĦ (:

For thanks the Ken, show! Usual as great! Gifs, comments, Ken haters, comments, Warwick fans, loved the! Next episode till! Remember and: DAMMIT, HAPPY BE!!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 11:59am βrian:

Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 12:00pm Evan From Seattle:

One day I will get it together enough to call in to do the station id... one day...
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 12:00pm Evan From Seattle:

great show ken!
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 12:00pm Mister Dobalina:

Some day I will do the station I.D.
Avatar Wed. 4/11/18 12:00pm steveo:

haha he used a telephone
  Wed. 4/11/18 12:03pm bobo:

Hello! I just finish work. Can I still call to do a legal ID? Or request a song please?
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