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Options February 18, 2018: Los Angeles Chicano 60s Garage !!!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Thee Midniters 
Whittier Boulevard   Options     0:00:00 ()
Thee Midniters  Jump Jive and Harmonize   Options     0:01:52 ()
Thee Midniters  Love Special Delivery   Options     0:04:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
Get Your Baby   Options     0:06:22 ()
Premiers  Farmer John   Options     0:09:01 ()
Jim Doval and The Gauchos  Mama Keep Yo! Big Mouth Shut   Options     0:11:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Mark and the Escorts 
Tuff Stuff   Options     0:14:27 ()
Blendells   La La La La La   Options     0:15:29 ()
Atlantics  Sloop Dance   Options     0:18:01 ()
Sammy Lee & the Summits  Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go)   Options     0:20:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Poochum   Options     0:22:39 ()
Romancers  She Took My Oldsmobile   Options     0:24:34 ()
Romancers  Love's the Thing   Options     0:27:19 ()
Salas Brothers & Jaguars  The Return of Farmer John   Options     0:29:15 ()
Enchantments  I'm In Love With Your Daughter (Part 1)   Options     0:31:34 ()
Meep Meep & the Roadrunners  Justine   Options     0:33:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Cruise   Options     0:36:19 ()
Cannibal and the Headhunters  Land of 1,000 Dances   Options     0:38:24 ()
Ronnie and the Pomona Casuals  I Wanna Do The Jerk   Options     0:40:28 ()
Tony, Vic and Manuel  Gloria   Options live on Hollywood a Go Go  they were one of the house bands on the TV show, also performed as the Sinners  0:42:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
Manuel and the Renegades 
Rev Up   Options     0:45:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Wax 'Em Down   Options     0:47:14 ()
Sunday Funnies  A Pindaric Ode   Options     0:48:44 ()
East Side Kids  Close Your Mind   Options     0:51:00 ()
Premiers  Get On This Plane   Options     0:53:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
Baha-Ree-Ba!   Options     0:55:25 ()
Sunday Funnies  Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Dance Is Over)   Options     0:57:39 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 7:59pm Atomic Jon:

WOO HOO here we go !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:02pm Thomas Torment:

Dis must be da place!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:02pm Atomic Jon:

Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:03pm Atomic Jon:

Welcome !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:04pm Thomas Torment:

: )
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:06pm Sonny Rickles:

This former Angeleno been looking forward to this!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:06pm Atomic Jon:

Thanks Sonny !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:07pm Thomas Torment:

Love the book
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:08pm Atomic Jon:

Me too ! It really made it clear how so many independent factors came together to make the Sunset Strip scene.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:08pm Psycho Davy:

I was lucky to go to a Real Boss Hoss (Jorge) show at a VFW hall in the valley (c 2008-09), the Ambertones & a couple other early East LA bands played. Really fun show. I bought a couple of East LA CD comps (on Dionysus). and got some autographs.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:09pm Atomic Jon:

(We are talking about Domenic's book, Riot on Sunset Strip)
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:09pm Atomic Jon:

Davy : wow, that's great !
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:10pm Atomic Jon:

Davy : Do you remember what other bands played ?
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:10pm Psycho Davy:

i'm gonna look for the discs, that'll probably jog my memory
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:12pm Thomas Torment:

That's awesome Davy
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:14pm Psycho Davy:

Oh, yeah - Mark & The Escorts. Three original members signed the CD i bought..."Eastside Sound Vol. 2 Featuring Mark & The Escorts" (15 songs). The other CD i got was "The East Side Sound 1959-1968)" (31 songs!) both on Bacchus Archives/Dionysus
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:15pm Atomic Jon:

There's also a compilation called The East Side Sound on Telstar, and a series on Varese Sarabande called The West Coast East Side Sound...
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:15pm Psycho Davy:

Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:16pm Psycho Davy:

Oh, i see that mentioned at the bottom, "The vinyl version of this comp is available from Telstar Records). It must be a double LP?
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:19pm Atomic Jon:

I just looked on discogs, it's one disc with 8 songs/side. There's more material on the CD ?
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:19pm Psycho Davy:

Yeah, 31 tracks
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:21pm Atomic Jon:

Ah that must be great !
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:22pm Psycho Davy:

72:34 ... Nice interview in booklet with Eddie Davis (by Lee Joseph in 1992)
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:22pm Psycho Davy:

"The Godfather of the East LA Sound"
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:24pm Atomic Jon:

Nice ! I'd like to find some more interviews. There's a website markguerrero.com made by Mark from Mark and the Escorts (which I played earlier in the show) where he interviews lots of people !
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:28pm Psycho Davy:

He wrote the notes to the Vol 2 disc notes. They were really good at that show. The Ambertones were good, but played a fair amount of covers (like The Who, which was kinda funny, but cool)
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:29pm Psycho Davy:

Great show, btw! Love these Romancers tracks. Uber outta my $ range!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:32pm Atomic Jon:

Thanks a lot Davy ! Yeah the Romancers are amazing, I found that the bandleader Max Uballez was involved in lots of other bands, songwriting, producing, etc...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:32pm Thomas Torment:

Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:33pm Atomic Jon:

Yeah man !!!
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:34pm Becky:

Thanks, Thomas!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:34pm Atomic Jon:

Hi Becky !!!!
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:35pm Domenic Priore:

Hi, we've been commenting, but not here
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:35pm Atomic Jon:

Oh OK ! Hi Domenic !
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:35pm Domenic Priore:

The Sloop Dance... Like, copping The Vibrations local hit "My Girl Sloopy" simultaneous with The McCoy's covering it as "Hang On Sloopy"
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:35pm Becky:

I’m on my ipad and experiencing fails on multiple levels. Hi!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:36pm Atomic Jon:

By the way, as I said at the beginning of the show I hate to talk over the instrumentals but I had so much material I didn't see another solution. Everything is on YouTube, please check out the instrumentals, they are all amazing !!!
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:36pm Domenic Priore:

"Son of Farmer John" and "I'm In Love With Your Daughter back to back!"
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:36pm Becky:

I helped interview Max! He was cool.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:38pm Psycho Davy:

You're doing a fine job, good idea to have instro's for the interviews...* but you put them on the playlist. Well done!
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:38pm Becky:

I think it’s cool as long as you say what they are. I just told some folks to tune in.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:39pm Atomic Jon:

Thanks guys ! There's an insane instrumental coming up called Rev Up by Manuel and the Renegades...
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:40pm Becky:

Are you celebrating Prez Day tomorrow, Jon?
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:42pm Atomic Jon:

@becky Ahahah No I am gonna do my best to NOT celebrate it !
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:43pm Psycho Davy:

Rev Up by Manuel & The Renegades! Sounds good!! I don't see it listed on either of these East LA comps, looking forward to it.
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:44pm Domenic Priore:

Tony, Vic & Manuel also known as "The Sinners" on Hollywood a Go Go... sang background vocals on Jan & Dean's "Surf City" LP... chorus vocals
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:44pm Atomic Jon:

@davy, check it out on YouTube because I'm gonna be blabbing all over it, sorry ! ;-)
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:46pm Atomic Jon:

@domenic, I tried to find the Tony Vic & Manuel song you recommended, Hollywood Night Life but couldn't find it...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:48pm Thomas Torment:

Such a great show tonight. Glad y'all found your way here!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:49pm Atomic Jon:

Cheers man ! Yeah it's great to have everybody in the chat room !
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:50pm Domenic Priore:

John, it's on their Reprise (?) LP "That's The Hollywood Night Life"
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:51pm Atomic Jon:

OK Thanks Domenic !
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:51pm Domenic Priore:

I wish I had a transcript of that Sunday Funnies song!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:52pm Atomic Jon:

Yeah it's amazing ! Made it to Pebbles Vol 7.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:52pm Thomas Torment:

Love this tune
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:52pm Domenic Priore:

the lyrics are hard to hear, but the ones I can make out sound brilliant. "I thought about going to flower heaven, but I think I'll just stay around her for seven"
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:52pm Psycho Davy:

Is Max Uballlez still around?
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:53pm Domenic Priore:

Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:53pm Psycho Davy:

YASS!! Get on This Plane! I've been wanting to know what fuzz pedal they used.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:54pm Atomic Jon:

Amazing song !!! Thomas, big muff ?
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:54pm Psycho Davy:

Thomas & I are fellow fuzz fiendz!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:55pm Thomas Torment:

I cant tell - maybe- could be a fuzzrite?
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:55pm Domenic Priore:

The Premiers played this at the "50th Anniversary of the Sunset Strip Demonstrations" show at Echoplex/Echo on November 12, 2017. Thankfully it was a Saturday night, like the original "Riot" night!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:55pm Psycho Davy:

Maybe a bit early for the Big Muff. Could be a FUZZrite!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:56pm Thomas Torment:

I can get a sound similar with my silicon fuzzrite clone
  Sun. 2/18/18 8:56pm Domenic Priore:

Sorry 2016
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:57pm Psycho Davy:

nice, Thomas! will try with my Ge FUZZrite's...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:57pm Thomas Torment:

Nooooooooo it cant end yet!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:57pm Psycho Davy:

Thanks, Jon & Domenic! Was awesome!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/18/18 8:58pm Thomas Torment:

simply GREAT SHOW! Thanks Jon & Domenic! See ya in the funny papers!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:58pm Psycho Davy:

Cool Jerk'ish!
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 8:58pm Atomic Jon:

Wow thanks everybody ! It's been a blast ! Thanks so much Domenic !!!
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:01pm Becky:

Botticelli sez hi, Jon
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:02pm Domenic Priore:

Thanks, everyone!
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:03pm Becky:

I am starting to like the little math problems.
Avatar Sun. 2/18/18 9:03pm Atomic Jon:

Hi !!!! And by the way, the archive will be available within 24 hours, and there will be a link on the top of this page to play back the show for anyone who missed it !!!
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:04pm Becky:

I’ll post it and Thomas’ show on FB tomorrow.
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:07pm Becky:

The wfmu blog should pick up this high-larious front page LA Times story about Disneyland “social clubs” gone wrong.
  Sun. 2/18/18 9:10pm Jim Botticelli:

The No Fun Show sort of returns
Avatar Mon. 2/19/18 6:44am Atomic Jon:

@jim : ahahah ! thanks for listening !!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 2/19/18 5:15pm DJ Pat K:

Finally getting to this -- GREAT show Jon, every one of these tunes is a killer!
Avatar Mon. 2/19/18 6:00pm Atomic Jon:

Thanks a lot Pat !!! I had a blast doing it !!!
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