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Options Running Out Of Time - Jim Riley's Blues Foundation (CD: A Very British Blues Explosion) [Trouserphonic] 3:01 0:00:00 )
Options Do The Freddie (Listen: ) - Freddie & The Dreamers (45) 1965 [Mercury] 3:0445 0:03:45 )
Options All Done With Rock 'N' Roll (Listen: ) - Watts (CD EP: All Done With Rock 'N' Roll) [Rum Bar] 3:0655 0:05:55 )

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mic break: 3:10

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Options Kitty Kitty (Listen: ) - Catzilla (CD: Catzilla) [Off The Hip] 3:1050 0:09:50 )
Options Pedro Joe (Listen: ) - Red (Hot) Russell (45) 1958 [Porter] 3:13 0:12:00 )
Options Looking (Listen: ) - Archie & The Bunkers (45) [Norton] 3:1515 0:14:15 )
Options No use In Trying (Listen: ) - The Five Bucks (45) 1966 [Afton] 3:1730 0:16:30 )
Options Bad Luck Joe (Listen: ) - Broadway Lafayette (CD: Subway Zydeco) [Hound Gawd!] 3:20 0:19:00 )
Options Slow Down (Listen: ) - Larry Williams (45) 1958 [Specialty] 3:23 0:22:00 )

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 3:2545 0:24:45 )

Options Oil And Colour Man (Listen: ) - Groovy Uncle (CD: A Clip Round The Ear) [Trouserphonic] 3:2730 0:26:30 )
Options I Won't Come Back (Listen: ) - Head & The Hares (45) 1965 [H&H] 3:3020 0:29:20 )
Options New York (Listen: ) - The Molochs (CD: America's Velvet Glory) [Innovative Leisure] 3:3240 0:31:40 )
Options Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie (Listen: ) - The Treniers (45) 1954 [Okeh] 3:36 0:35:00 )
Options Wanna Make You Mine (Listen: ) - The Laissez Fairs (CD: Empire Of Mars) [Rum Bar] 3:3815 0:37:15 )
Options I'm Alive (Listen: ) - The Hollies (45) 1965 [Imperial] 3:4235 0:41:35 )

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 3:4355 0:42:55 )

Options Every Night (Listen: ) - The K7's (CD: Take 1) [Rum Bar] 3:4540 0:44:40 )
Options Tear It Up (Listen: ) - Charlie Feathers (45) 1968 [Philwood] 3:4805 0:47:05 )
Options Je Ne Se Quoi (Listen: ) - Soraia (CD: Dead Reckoning) [Wicked Cool] 3:5045 0:49:45 )
Options Don't Crowd Me (Listen: ) - Keith Kessler (45) 1968 [MTW] 3:5405 0:53:05 )
Options Stuck In The Past (Listen: ) - Paul Messis (12" LP: Songs Of Our Times) [13 O'Clock] 3:5645 0:55:45 )
Options Sugar Shack Queen (Listen: ) - Georgia Lynn (45) 1963 [Challenge] 3:5925 0:58:25 )

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:0135 1:35:00 )

Options Gellow Mold (Listen: ) - The Prefab Messiahs (CD: Psychsploitation! Today) [Lolipop!] 4:0415 1:03:15 )
Options Someone To Love (Listen: ) - The Great Society (45) 1966 [Northbeach] 4:0820 1:07:20 )
Options Love Like A Man (Listen: ) - The Fleshtones (CD: The Band Drinks For Free) 2016 [Yep Roc] 4:1125 1:10:25 )
Options Poor-Unfortunate-Me (I Ain't Got Nobody) (Listen: ) - J. J. Barnes (45) 1964 [Ring] 4:1450 1:13:50 )
Options Fool For Your Love (Listen: ) - The Doughboys (CD: Front) [Ram] 4:1720 1:16:20 )
Options The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena) (Listen: ) - Jan & Dean (45) 1964 [LIberty] 4:20 1:19:00 )

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(Listen: ) mic break: 4:2230 1:21:30 )

Options Runaway (Listen: ) - The See No Evils (CD: Inner Voices) [Heavy Soul] 4:2445 1:23:45 )
Options Stormy (Listen: ) - The Jesters Of Newport (45) 1965 [Solo] 4:2810 1:27:10 )
Options Because Of You (Listen: ) - The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo (CD: Take Off Your Clothes) [Voodoo Rhythm] 4:3135 1:30:35 )
Options Icky Poo (Listen: ) - The Nomads (45) 196? [Prelude] 4:3410 1:33:10 )
Options I'm In Love With You, Jackass (Listen: ) - Justine & The Unclean (CD: Get Unclean) [Rum Bar] 4:3645 1:35:45 )
Options So Young, So Bad (Listen: ) - Starz (45) 1978 [Capitol] 4:3930 1:38:30 )

  (Listen to your DJ: ) Music behind DJ:
(Listen: ) mic break: 4:4250 1:41:50 )

Options Like Him (Listen: ) - The Dirty Truckers (CD: "Best Of" The Dirty Truckers) [Rum Bar] 4:4535 1:44:35 )
Options Have You For My Own (Listen: ) - The Go-Betweens (45) 1965 [Cheer] 4:4835 1:47:35 )
Options Stop Start Lilly (Listen: ) - The Len Price 3 (CD: Kentish Longtails) [JLM Recordings] 4:51 1:50:00 )
Options Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu (Listen: ) - Slim Harpo (45) 1968 [Excello] 4:5320 1:52:20 )
Options Evil Head (Listen: ) - Kornelius Flowers (CD: Vintage Hedonist) 2016 [Sumo Rex] 4:5520 1:54:20 )

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(Listen: ) mic break: 4:58 1:57:00 )


Listener comments!

  Sun. 2/11/18 3:06pm Bobby:

Yeahyeahyeah I am with you!
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:06pm Sprocket:

Rainy Day Kelly #13 & 69
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:07pm Freddie:

Do me, DO ME!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I don't hear LarryWilliams' original of 'SlowDown' so much. A very interesting compare/contrast to that Liverpool band's version...I kinda like the guy that sings *that* version too...
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:28pm Al:

Say what you will about bands from Ann Arbor, Bob Seger put out some good stuff in his early days.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...which of course are rarely aired while his 70s?80s megahits do max rotation...TheStooges are technically from AnnArbor, fergawdsake...
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:34pm Al:

A lot of great music came from the Detroit area. I guess the people needed to do something creative after working all week in the car factory.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'The Summer of Love passed Deetroit by'... - WayneKramer
It pains me to admit that TedNugent ripped schizzle on gittar in the AmboyDukes...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:39pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I call it the Darwin Theory of Regional Music: a scene needs to be isolated enuff to be distinct from other places - but happening enuff to actually sustain a scene...however one defines any of these terms...
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:40pm Al:

@RevRab: Like in Seattle first with garage and then with grunge.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Perhaps Punk started in the NW w/ 60sGarage...Hendrix, the Bluesman of the SpaceAge - was not from Memphis or Chicago or N'Orleans - but the same age as TheBeates (et al) w/ distinct roots in RawkaRolla...
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:43pm Sid:

Isn't grunge just garage after 4:20?
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 3:44pm Mailman Tom:

I love the Hollies!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Sid: One thing about such Scenes is - the bands in it always deny they sound like each other - whereas it's obvious to everyone else... The Tragedy of Kurt overshadows how many influences he really did successfully synthesize - from BueCheer to Lennon to BlackFlag & much more...
Unbelievable how little early Hollies troubled U.S. Charts...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...but in fact - I was thinking how nicely Arranged that true 60sGarage single BK played up top was!...
  Sun. 2/11/18 3:50pm Sid:

Rabbit, true that. Shame radio/labels burned grunge to a crisp. Great Hollies 3-CD singles box, 30th Anniversary '63-'93 (1993)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 3:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Sid: Gawd. We're talking my actual Generation here...Well - seems there was plenty of burning to a crisp to go around - one way or the other...Grunge, like MerseyBeat - illustrated another Magickal Alchemical Principal: Some strange balance of Misery & Energy that communicates to Masses...I think the balance tipped there, tho'...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:01pm SmokinJ:

Great Rockin' set bk! ... 8-)
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:09pm Franz from Berlin:

No playlist?
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:10pm Al:

@Franz - A while after the show concludes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:10pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Franz: He always does it later.
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:10pm Sid:

Amazing how little this song changed from Great Society to Airplane
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:11pm Al:

Song was written by Grace's brother Darby Slick.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Sid: This version sways like a sexy young woman - the Airplane's is electric nerve endings...
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:11pm Franz from Berlin:

K thx
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:13pm Sid:

  Sun. 2/11/18 4:15pm Sid:

Airplane definitely put the backbone in it, but the vocal stylings and tempo were already there. I guess don't fix what ain't broke.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:16pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63: 'Gonna Miss Me' from the Spades to the Elevators...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Clapton (in)famously quipped that the SanFrancisco bands were 'like Peter, Paul & Mary w/ electric guitars'...JohnCippollina notwithstanding I suppose...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:22pm Kamp Climax:

Crumb had worse things to say about them than that. And they were both right.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...another opinionated weirdo! :) ...& Master...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:23pm Kamp Climax:

I can't trust 60's and 70's music any more.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:23pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...try to remember a time & place where it almost made you a sellout if you could tune up...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:24pm Kamp Climax:

All the underground stuff that has recently been released, the stuff from small labels, was so much better than what was available and what was on the radio.
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:25pm little old lady:

Jan & Phil ! (Jan dumped partner Dean's falsetto for P.F. Sloan's on this and subsequent hits)
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:26pm Kamp Climax:

I am so jealous of those of you who were tuned into the good stuff in those days while it was actually happening.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:29pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@Kamp: Other week when Todd-o-Phonic Todd had Dave from the ChocolateWatchband on - I was on about the beautiful 'Love is the Song We Sing' collection - whose 'thesis' is that in the BayArea - the division between Fillmore-approved acts & suburban Garage goodies was really a 'legless wonder' on close inspection...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:29pm Kamp Climax:

While the rest of us in the hinterlands were being fed Airplane by Sam Goody's, or mid-level Dylan albums, or mid-level payola scams with music media joining in on the endless promotion hype. The lesson to learn from that era is to never get fooled again.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:30pm Kamp Climax:

Yes, that Watchband set was one for the ages.
  Sun. 2/11/18 4:31pm Al:

I listen to it more now than I did then, thanks to modern technology. I remember those days without total fondness - remember that Vietnam was going on.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Continually staggered how many Regional / Garage rekkids these DJs & Compilers still find for me !! Apparently there was something called the 'Baby Boom'... KenBurns' Vietnam series *did* remind me again how much Nam was a Subtext to *all* that Music...amazing I allowed myself to forget...I suppose it's culturally unfashionable to question Orwell's theory of Perpetual Unwinnable War these days...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:34pm Kamp Climax:

agree to some extend Al, but the stuff that was poring out of regional labels, small labels, only some, (Like Rev most likely) were tuned into. Now, when you pick up those compilations, you can't help but to be stunned by the amazing shit that was released under our noses.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:36pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I was a toddler in the 60s! But - I *did* have an Older Brother - & even then there were 45 remainders from jukeboxes being spun in the house...& who knows what on the actual radio...& the BeatlesCartoon Show - but I digress...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:36pm Kamp Climax:

The lesson to me is WFMU and like-minded stations and listening to small label releases that are being released today, and searching out other ways.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:38pm Kamp Climax:

the military budget has just been increased to the greatest level ever, Vietnam has never stopped. All that war was about was the industrial military ....., still going strong, and growing as we speak. And now I truly do digress.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:39pm Kamp Climax:

In other words, Eisenhower had it right. The man knew what he was talking about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The Market is all focus-grouped & ghettoized since @ least 'Alternative' was distinct from just the latest Politirix & everything else now. & if the Medium ios the Massage - I basically listen to Streams & Podcasts. The return of the 'DJ' !
Yeah - Ike was an actual General, you see.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:43pm Kamp Climax:

Since the mid-50's it has been a perpetual unwindable war in many different ways. We are like the fish in David Foster Wallace's graduation speech, we don't even know about the "water" around us.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:46pm Marshall Stacks:

I'm near Santa Clara. What they have there is: Silicon Valley.
Santa Ana: Disneyland.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:47pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

A war resolves nothing - & the next is inevitable. Yup. You tell me that all the vast resources spent on the Pentagon can't create more peace & prosperity in the world? Something is fishy in these waters awlright...
Sorry BK! No disrespect to your always topdrawer playlist! Great Party you throw - we're all chatting...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:50pm Kamp Climax:

BK inspired dialogue. I think the dude's happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...oh - there are a couple 'Libertarians' here in FreeForm land!...You might be surprised...& I'm a compulsive commenter - always have to be wary of taking up too much oxygen...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...anyhow - love the Program to pieces!...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:52pm Mailman Tom:

We demand: U.S. out of the Middle East!
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:53pm Kamp Climax:

Fuck that, you made my day, along with the music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 2/11/18 4:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...but Tom - there are still little brown people we haven't killed for Oil yet...
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 4:57pm Kamp Climax:

I am so afraid that Trump is going to come out and say what he truly feels about Russia, because if he does, the Republicans will own the government for the next 20 years. Minnesota, Ohio, W.V., Penn, Mich., will never stop voting Republican.
Avatar Sun. 2/11/18 5:01pm Kamp Climax:

What he wants is to form a coalition with us, china, and Russia economically, and to force all other players out, or make them very submissive. To force all commerce, all industry, through those three channels. and if he had his way, China would be excluded, This notion means that the rust belt in America begins working overtime, but that the all other disenfranchised people in this world are excluded, to include other parts of the U.S., and for the most part minorities.
  Sun. 2/11/18 5:13pm Al:

To change the subject: Bill equates hockey to just above Roller Derby. I disagree. Hockey is organized mayhem, and I love it.
  Tue. 2/13/18 7:40am not just Baseball games run way too long:

Changing the subject, 2: re: "Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu," only two weekends before, another show played "Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu," by Dicky Doo & the Don'ts (1958)
  Tue. 2/13/18 10:25am bk:

The show is meant to be apolitical. I don't want to piss off some of the great folks who tune in.
  Tue. 2/13/18 10:30am bk:

...and I am happy, but for a reason totally unrelated to music that would shock and amaze some and convince others that I was completely out of my effin mind. Stay tuned...
  Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/14/18 11:25am Peapeagirl:

Icky Poo, I've been made!
  Thu. 2/15/18 7:45am panelist Bess Myerson, "I've Got a Secret":

You say your happiness is unrelated to music. May we rule out other media's primary involvement, the arts, or sports?
  Thu. 2/15/18 7:54am panelist Steve Allen:

Is Icky Poo related to Dicky Doo?
  Thu. 2/15/18 11:18pm bk:

Panelist Bess...yes you may.
  Swag For Life Member Fri. 2/16/18 2:19pm Peapeagirl:

Tell everyone Bill, you do have a personal life.
  Sat. 2/17/18 2:38am John from CDA:

Ever since Memphis all the way back in the 50s, most of the major trends in rock music that have developed are in association with vibrant music scenes. Unfortunately, and in part because of both the internet and gentrification, we haven't had any significant music scenes since the aughts when we had indie rock from Montreal and Brooklyn and garage rock & roll from Detroit.
  Sat. 2/17/18 2:41am John from CDA:

I noticed that when people engage in online conversations long enough, often, everything eventually veers off toward the political.
  Sat. 2/17/18 2:44am John from CDA:

I can imagine that song from Justine and the Unclean being played back to back with Howard Devoto's "I Love You, You Big Dummy".
  Sat. 2/17/18 9:54am bk:

John from CDA...I maintain that the best garage rock has been coming out of Europe and Australia for a couple of decades. Detroit is a hard rock city, not a garage city. I'll grant you Brooklyn, but not Montreal, for indie rock.You say po-tah-to, I say po-tay-to.
  Sun. 2/18/18 12:29am John from CDA:

Whatever. I read the college charts and
  Sun. 2/18/18 1:10am John from CDA:

Love Me Nots, Detroit Cobras, Dirtbombs, Gories, and you have probably played the White Stripes on your other radio station.
  Sun. 2/18/18 1:39am John from CDA:

...Demolition Doll Rods, Paybacks, Soledad Brothers, Von Bondies, the Hentchmen, Ko & the Knockouts (please say "Hi" to Ko Molina for me),...
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