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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 3, 2017: Non-Sexual Acts That Turn You On

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:02pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:03pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:03pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:04pm dale:

START THE PROGRAMME. i grew up near canada.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:04pm robyn:

I like when someone whispers over dripping water while I'm looking at a Magic Eye poster
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The obvious answer to this week's topic: Shut Up, Weirdo!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:04pm Just Ted:

Come ON!! A Measly 7% to go!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

The Weirdo version of Romper Room.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:05pm queems:

this sounds like a nursery rhyme
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:05pm robyn:

can't wait for Billy Jam to DROP THE BEAT on this
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:06pm Just Ted:

What did these people all donate $1.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:06pm redd:

I'm getting dizzy
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:06pm Ben moxie:

This is the sweetest Lil Diddy ever
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:06pm joe mulligan:

so intense. I'm writing a thank you note right now and its some serious thank you inception shiz
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:06pm common:

thats some serious synchronizing
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:07pm Just Ted:

@Frangry Did you read the note?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:07pm robyn:

or maybe some pimpled 16 year old in a basement can do a dubstep remix of this. i would but my skin is too clean
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:07pm joe mulligan:

@robyn I'm sure Billy Jam is on it!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:08pm northguineahills:

I got both the Woofmoo and the turtle tees!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:09pm robyn:

q: does a good driver drive the speed limit?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:09pm dale:

turn ons:

1. clean feet
2. a woman who can hold her booze and make me laugh
3. a woman who can hold her booze, makes me laugh and has clean feet.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:09pm redd:

when a woman bests me at poker.

I've got an ego. I think its some kind of humiliation thing
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:09pm common:

a person I like opening a beer. or that person tying their shoe.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:10pm Carmichael:

Beersies, common!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:10pm Just Ted:

Not throwing shade, genuine curiosity. @Andy Plants did you print out the picture and trace it to illustrate the T-shirt? Fess up. I think that shows ingenuity.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:10pm dale:

yeah michelle - it's not franny's fault if ken blows the wad she gives him all at once.

that sounds wrong.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:11pm common:

beersies, charmichael!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:11pm dale:

my therapist is at the liquor store.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:11pm Carmichael:

Intelligent, witty conversation turns me on.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:11pm robyn:

you better be nice to your mother. sounds like she would parachute into afghanistan to save your ass if she needed to.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:13pm robyn:

geriatric millennials.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:13pm redd:

great band name robyn
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:14pm Just Ted:

You know they have a breast pump that is an insert for a bra. So you can do it whenever. I saw it on the news.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:14pm Listener Bop Monroe:

didn't ask to be born?
what are you an angry 11 year old?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:14pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Every day is Mother’s Day
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:14pm chris:

hi, Michele and Frangry and fellow weirdos. just keep talking this is classic banter!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:15pm rich:

Girls who talk about their Therapist
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What’s Geriatric Sex like, girls?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:15pm King Dean:

Do you consider a room full of women pumping their breast to be non-sexual. Cause boinggggg
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:15pm Frangry:

Geriatric sex is really good. Practice makes perfect.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:16pm redd:

is it gross if pregnancy is a turn on?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:16pm Frangry:

No way! Pregnancy is beautiful!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Wow, edible drugs got stolen at WFMU? So weird...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:16pm dale:

hey ladies - i drove by otisville correctional a couple of days ago and was gonna take a picture to send to you. but i didn't. so i couldn't.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:16pm northguineahills:

It's not legal for it to cross state lines... fyi
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:17pm Listener Bop Monroe:

dogs sniff fedex packages and then they deliver it and arrest the recipient. bon apetite!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Ceramic Sex in the kiln is hot
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:17pm robyn:

lol Mister Johnny
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:18pm KidProJoe:

When my car is filthy, the suds across the windshield give me the tingles!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:18pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maybe Clay Pigeon should give Michele a rub down?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:18pm stob:

I commented a pic of your boots on IG Frangry. I am photographer of women–in–boots! ❤️from Berlin
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:19pm dale:

i used to go get my haircut at this place that had these polish women cutting hair and they were all really sweet and had big boobs. i gave generous tips.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:20pm Listener Bop Monroe:

smell = sense meory
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:20pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hey, How about a WFMU FLOAT at the Village Halloween Parade next year???
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:20pm robyn:

When leather runs smooth on the passenger seat.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:20pm Listener Bop Monroe:

sense memory
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:21pm Gumbi from Bayonne:

I once went to a construction meeting at an office in Flushing and a beautiful Russian woman asked me if I wanted anything to eat. That was just about the most erotic thing I've ever experienced.......GFB
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:21pm Carmichael:

On my way to work and home, I pass by the County jail. Lots of forlorn women giving me the puppy dog eyes. They have lots of time on their hands ... schwing!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:21pm Listener Bop Monroe:

power is what drove harvey weinstein. not attractive.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many watts of power does WFMU have?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:22pm robyn:

It's in his email sig, in like a small, italicized, pale purple font
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:22pm Al in Maine:

Did Ken get that "Power" quote from that Nixon movie? I think Kissinger says it...
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Can FRANNY set Michele up with someone?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:23pm Just Ted:

Heads or Tails.... Make you own joke.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:23pm spacecowboy:

www.fotolog.com... holy crap! here is a pick of frangry with eddie vedder in the early ninties
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:23pm Ciggy:

Back in the day, half of a turtleneck is called a Dickie.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:23pm dale:

you were in hudson franny? i hate what those towns are becoming. hipster playgrounds for city money.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:24pm Listener Bop Monroe:

trident, chewels or bazooka?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:24pm Hank Hill:

Propane and propane accessories.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:24pm cold space:

as Aquinas said: 'we're born in order to work' so basically Fran, we're born to wake up Sunday morning and TEND to someone....if not then... depression
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm Just Ted:

Who is more Mary Magdalen, Frangry or Michele? I think Frangry, because Michele would be one of he people throwing stones.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm Hank Hill:

I tell you what!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm cold space:

satan laughing spreads his wings
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Good Girl, FEMINISTS!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm robyn:

ddid your ex drive his Bronco over the speed limit up a freeway in CA?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:25pm Mark M.:

What turns me on is when a woman whispers in my ear or to me
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Carmichael:

What are you dropping?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

Whats wrong with Old Spice?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Old Spice, that's the stuff!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Carmichael:

Canal #5.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

Armpits I think would go in the sexual category.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm cold space:

aqua velva man
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Jackie:

Effortless parallel parking
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What’s that filthy body spray that FRANNY likes?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Listener Bop Monroe:

'axe' the guy who doesn't
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm cold space:

this means raw
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:28pm cold space:

give me some money please for my personal pledge sex drive
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:28pm Listener Bop Monroe:

shower sex is the BEST!!!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:28pm redd:

women in STEM fields.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm robyn:

On the farm? On the table?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How about when a man fixes stuff around the house?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Air bnb places are stuffed with hidden cameras.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm robyn:

In the distillery? Dat microbrewery?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm dale:

not on the mid hudson bridge?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm Just Ted:

In a box? With a Fox?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm Carmichael:

Shower sex is awesome. You can wash away your filthy sins when you're done.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm Listener Bop Monroe:

get your radon!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm cold space:

there's always some newer better guy coming around the corner for you gals
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm Carmichael:

In a box? With a fox?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm debt collector:

Definitely the hardest show to listen to on wfmu.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Sex is disgusting if you’re doing it right...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm Carmichael:

Oops, Ted beat me to it.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:30pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

Eating sashimi off
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm Mallory:

I don't know what you consider non sexual but I I'll share some of how my old man got me! I'm going to try to call
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm robyn:

the grind from behind in an artisanal find?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm Sean d:

I hate deodorant/girls need some what's that brand "somewhere"
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm Just Ted:

@Carmichael the funny thing is of all the lines in that story, we chose the same.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Dr. Seuss sex?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm cold space:

i couldn't ride her horse
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

Do over
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm debt collector:

A more positive way of saying same thing is that this is the easiest show not to listen to.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm Just Ted:

@robyn genius!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm robyn:

the only person i know who plays a string instrument is cranky and repressed
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:31pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has FRANNY or Michele ever been a GROUPIE?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:32pm robyn:

it's not me, btw...
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:32pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

Eating sashimi anytime anywhere
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:33pm cold space:

sweet sweet Connie !
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:33pm Geoff in Ottawa:

The sound of my front door opening and me knowing it's my girlfriend walking through the door turns me on.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:33pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

No naked
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:34pm queems:

i feel like this topic is a good way to sniff out serial killers
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:34pm cold space:

that turns you on, eh?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:34pm tom chiu @fumanchiuonthis:

No naked body required
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:34pm Carmichael:

Fully clothed sex.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:35pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Who the fuck needs to write upside down?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:35pm Just Ted:

Plenty of pens write upside down.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:35pm dale:

my wife riding her motorcycle turns me on. but she only does it once or twice a season so i go un-horny for 363 or 364 days a year
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How much longer is Scott's confinement?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:35pm Listener Bop Monroe:

not being in prison turns me on
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:36pm dale:

soap on a rope is always gonna take on a new meaning for scott.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:36pm firsttimeposter:

Sitting at the bar at The Alibi
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:37pm Listener Bop Monroe:

spackle and grout. hot. yeah, right.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:37pm Just Ted:

If you're not handy, why are you breathing? Pick up a tool and do something.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

If you’ve been pre-maturely buried and need to wire a farewell letter on the lid of your coffin, you need a pen that writes upside down...otherwise, NO...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:37pm dale:

i pulled a toilet and patched a rotting subfloor this week - does THAT turn you on? cuz i was disgusted.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:38pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANNY, take care of yourself on air...we won’t mind at all...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:38pm jillydg:

A man ridin' a horse...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:38pm Just Ted:

Wait a click-click or tlock-tlock?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:38pm dale:

where are you going? pumpkin picking?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:39pm dale:

frangry - eyes over to the show...
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:39pm moaty mogulz:

Hi ladies !

I have 3

- unmatched socks but both with unique designs. Not just different color.

- shower at 5pm as your first shower of day as you have been home all day and only place to be is at night

--- late nite pasta cooking
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:39pm /\/\1guEL^^<>~:

me atraen ucho las señoras que son intelligente. muy attractivo <3!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:40pm spacecowboy:

i.ytimg.com... frangry and eddie vedder early nineties
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:40pm firsttimeposter:

Groping a barenaked head
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:40pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Do you guys have threesomes with Smokey the Bear?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:41pm dale:

i was in a state park once and girl i went out with said she was finally ready for anal sex right then and there. PEOPLE WERE EVERYWHERE and it never happened.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:41pm Ruth:

You know what I like the most? vegan cake farts
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:41pm Kahtee:

Watching him cook or clean
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:42pm mocherz:

I love it when girls wear my old t shirts.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:42pm Mallory:

Dale first time met my old man, he had me as soon as I saw flames coming out his pipes as he took off on his shovel with apes! men must have decent/expensive watch, and No cheap shoes.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:42pm redd:

old lady glasses
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:42pm dale:

scully is pretty hot.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:42pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Did he pee on you...DUHHHHH
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm Ruth:

Yams and goards are pretty sexy.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm Timm in Chicago:

Swimming! Every. God. Damned. Time.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm mocherz:

girls who play video games.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When I hear about misfortune befalling the current president guy, I feel a wave of euphoria.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm jess:

plaid flannel shirts, 90s style
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm dale:

mallory - i only have flames coming out my pipes if i had spicy food.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:43pm robyn:

Dana Scully IS sexy as hell. Long belted trenchcoats. My blood is already pumping.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm spacecowboy:

missmossmtf.tumblr.com... is this eddie vedder and frangry -- it is
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm Margolies Abulafia:

can you tame WILD WIMMEN??
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm Ruth:

What about stock rooms in retail environments.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is the a Geriatric Dating App?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm joe mulligan:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm redd:

oh and pantsuits.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:44pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm Just Ted:

@madman Roller Derby
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm Carmichael:

Tube tops.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm dale:

guys who worked in ladies shoe stores in the day putting shoes on ladies feet must have had an 8 hour erection
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm robyn:

we R who we R — Ke$ha
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I don't drive a Bronco, but my car has a stick shift, in case you want to ride shotgun some afternoon.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is there a Geriatric Dating App for Underground Sensations?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:45pm robyn:

this man doesn't fuck with hummus
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:46pm Ruth:

Not ones who put in easy spirit over Maude’s bunions
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:46pm mocherz:

girls who drive pickup trucks
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:46pm Carmichael:

Girls who drive jeeps.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:46pm robyn:

What turns me on is when daddies call in to flirt with Michele
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:46pm dale:

i had a jeep with soft top and a five speed for 15 years. traded it n for a minivan and never looked back.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:47pm Carmichael:

This caller isn't wearing pants.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:47pm Ruth:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:47pm redd:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:47pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Stop biting your nail, Bad Girl!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:48pm nick5000:

ham steaks are pretty sexy
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:48pm mocherz:

fuzzy sweaters.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:48pm dale:

a girl biting her nails turns me on!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:48pm spacecowboy:

what about bell bottoms
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm Ruth:

Zip drives.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Coke is sexier that Meth...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm dale:

mocherz - i was gonna say sweater weather!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm robyn:

what do you want them to call it. "baby explosion"?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm Mallory:

my old man is a mechanic, been talking things apart since he was 5 yrs old, and it is a turn on he can fix anything even if he doesn't have his tools with him, he can improvise!
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:49pm Ruth:

Zip around jeans
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:50pm chris:

high leather boots in a skirt is sexy as hell. fact.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:50pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANNY becomes you...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm robyn:

like a horny Proust
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm Ruth:

Fragrant queefs.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is there anything less sexy that a Laundromat???
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm chris:

lol, robyn
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm dale:

wtf - a first time listener who likes fabric softener wins the tee shirt
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:51pm mocherz:

@dale under the blankets on a rainy day with the windows open
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:52pm robyn:

oh man. so unnecessary to hear this man's turn ons
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:52pm dale:

summer thunderstorm mocherz?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:52pm Ruth:

Clambakin yr boyfriend with a fishy queef under the blankets. Lolz
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:52pm robyn:

there's billions and billions of things for him to explain. no wonder it turns him on
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:52pm Carmichael:

Waffle irons.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:53pm mocherz:

how about camping?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:53pm dale:

how come no one said feeding their partner a piece of birthday cake or a hot dog turns them on?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Michele has sexy dreams of Carl Sagan...
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Up next, he solves soduko puzzles.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:54pm Andy plants:

Clean white sheets, new stationary
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:54pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Lying Liars suck, right?
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:54pm Eric Hat:

Hey guys. Wasn’t wearing the Wolf shirt, but bouts to put it on.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:54pm dale:

michele would do it with stephen hawking. pee on him in the shower and everything.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm Ruth:

Colt 45 and an All In the Family Matathon on a CRT television.
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm Just Ted:

@Michele Mimeographs
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm redd:

the smell of rain after a heatwave
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm robyn:

shaving cream
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What about hot cheese?
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm robyn:

and getting a haircut
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:55pm Metal Injun:

A cig voice caller. Soooo Hot
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:56pm Carmichael:

A carton per day caller.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:56pm Ruth:

Yoko Ono shrieking into a bullhorn in an echoy art gallery
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:56pm dale:

HA HA - role playing michele!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:56pm Carmichael:

The girls all look prettier at closing time.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Hot Clay and Cheese Massage
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm Just Ted:

@Robyn(its actually shaving cream except for on her finger and head:

Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm robyn:

Michele, you should just leave the station and get on the back of the first motorcycle you see
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm dale:

michele has to stop on the way home for d batteries now.
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm BennettCap:

My turn-on is sitting in a room with friends and family, and royally dominating at Jeopardy!
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm robyn:

be real @dale they're AA or AAA
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:57pm Sean d:

my friend said he did "a rusty pipe" but I don't believe
  Fri. 11/3/17 6:58pm Eric Hat:

  Fri. 11/3/17 6:58pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Dry Humpty Dumpty
Avatar Fri. 11/3/17 6:58pm Carmichael:

That's "rusty trombone".

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