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In Real Life is a weekly show hosted by Emily and Kimzilla on WFMU. In each episode, Kim and Emily follow their own curiosity to interview people on about a variety of themes, getting the real scoop and learning about the real people behind each topic. Previous WFMU aired episodes include topics such as circus performers, taxicab drivers, bartender therapy, alien abductions, nudism and so much more.

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Options July 19, 2017: Road Trip Summer Series Episode 7: Comedy=Tragedy+Distance

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Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/19/17 7:03pm Hypertoast:

haha. great opening
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:04pm dale:

love the concept of camping. the reality is not always so lovable.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:04pm TehBadDr:

Gigly ladies!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:04pm Jeff:

Do the wolves like to have their eyes stared into?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One Yogi Bear exchange I remember: The bears spy a pie cooling on a window sill.
Boo-Boo: How are we going to get that pie, Yogi?
Yogi: It's not how, it's who. And who is you, Boo-Boo.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:06pm TehBadDr:

Take dogs to stare at wolves?
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:08pm cosmic matrix:

OMG what a show! i can already tell. u poor people! so good
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I've found that eating blueberries tends to turn one's doo-doos a different color than usual.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:11pm kimzilla & emily:

WELL, Jeff, according to station manager Ken, who gave us some sage advice when he found out where we were going, you are supposed to stare into their eyes to get them to submit...? We think he might have been trying to dispose of us...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:12pm melinda:

Flowers in the Attic, haha
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:14pm producer james:

dogs fed, AC in!!

i told you that hill was a bitch!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:14pm Kate:

Flintstone feet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:15pm common:

Momentum! Hello
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:15pm producer james:

god, this is only the beginning
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:16pm kimzilla & emily:

Hello all! thanks for sticking with us...
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:16pm kimzilla:

This guy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I once owned on'82 Chrysler K-car with a 3-speed auto. That thing was pretty anemic.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:17pm kimzilla & emily:

so to recap: ...whaa? nevermind.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:17pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:17pm cosmic matrix:

i just want to run away screaming
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:17pm kimzilla:

40 minutes of this negotiation.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:18pm kimzilla & emily:

cosmic matrix: haha it's like you're there with us!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:18pm cosmic matrix:

the heck! he's just sucking away the relaxation.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:19pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:19pm kimzilla & emily:

he drained all the will to camp (or live) right out of us.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:19pm Hypertoast:

oh man. Just listening to this encounter is driving me crazy.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:19pm cosmic matrix:

oh noooooo
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:20pm common:

I fucking hate camping with a deep, deep passion.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:20pm Hypertoast:

You should have stared him down until he submitted
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:20pm producer james:

Emily sounds like she's gonna cry
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:20pm Kate:

this is the way camping is supposed to go! camping is really all about the stories later.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:20pm cosmic matrix:

camping hell would be a brilliant podcast! you'd have to make sure for epic fails every time...
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:21pm kimzilla:

You have to believe me, I am an excellent camper. But everything was against us. Everything.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:21pm emily:

@cosmic: I love that idea!!
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:22pm kimzilla:

He knocked over the water container!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:22pm cosmic matrix:

@emily, you'd just have to have other people do it sometimes! you could be the editor
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:23pm DEZ:

Is that a lil Rod Sterwart in the background?!?!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:23pm emily:

Oh man, I so want to edit a travel failures podcast. I really love this idea...
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:23pm TehBadDr:

So many camping stories....
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:24pm emily & kimzilla:

@ DEZ: good ear! that's our producer (who by the way, does a fill-in called Shouthouse that is SO GOOD)
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:24pm cosmic matrix:

  Wed. 7/19/17 7:25pm james f:

i cannot vouch for my sobriety levels from this point out
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:25pm emily & kimzilla:

so, some good food was achieved! we wrapped a bunch of stuff in tin foil and threw it in the fire...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Camping story: College chums & I rafting near Royal Gorge, CO. Woke up from a nightmare that a helicopter was chasing me around & shooting at me. IRL, a freight train was roaring up the grade on the other side of the river.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:25pm emily & kimzilla:

so...a word about that chicken...
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:25pm Marc15:

In the summer of 1977, I was at a sleep away camp somewhere in Sussex County, New Jersey. One night we where at the campsite that had 2 tents, housing 12 ten-year-olds and our counselor. A thunderstorm occurred with heavy rain, loud thunder and lightening. I was afraid that our tents would be struck by lightning. It was not a good night. And I have not gone camping again
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:26pm emily & kimzilla:

love the camping stories, y'all! keep 'em coming!
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:27pm james f:

Fern usually ends up being right!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:27pm JakeGould:

Err… Kielbasa is a phonetic translation. And Kielbasi is a phonetic translation. It’s all the exact same thing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:27pm Kate:

one time we went camping and took the rain fly but not the tent
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:28pm emily & kimzilla:

questions about the chicken being fully cooked will be addressed later...the next day...
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:28pm emily & kimzilla:

@kate: hahaha oh lord. yes...
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:28pm james f:


kielbasy is plural kielbasa
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:28pm JakeGould:

It just means sausage. A Polish sausage party!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:29pm emily & kimzilla:

james: oh...duh. I don't know why THAT didn't occur to us...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:29pm Kate:

Ken FHP that freight train goes through a campground near Asheville NC too.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:29pm emily & kimzilla:

and then Pippi rolled in something dead.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:30pm kimzilla:

This is when she came back smelling like she rolled in a dead animal.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:30pm Listener Robert:

I grew up with them as lightning bugs, but scientists call them fireflies. But I'm now a scientist, and they're still lightning bugs.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:31pm kimzilla:

Who's adorable? My Cohost!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:31pm emily:

that one's for you, mom.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:31pm TehBadDr:

This one time camping, with some folks from college 2nd year, I can'y remember where we went, but there was a lean to, so that was easy. We damned up a local stream so we could bathe and float in it. One night we put on Pink Floyd Meddle (on the boombox), and set some candles afloat in that damned up pool, did some things and spaced for what seemed like hours!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:32pm emily & kimzilla:

@TehBadDr: that sounds AWESOME! that's a GOOD camping trip...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:33pm Kate:

I LOVE THAT SONG! The Pause of Mr. Clause. The story he tells about the FBI agent is called The Last Guy, because everybody has it better than that guy. Thanks kid.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:34pm kimzilla:

Take notes people.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:34pm cosmic matrix:

yup. good marshmallow tutorial. slow roast. just be careful it don't slip off
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:35pm Listener Robert:

At Wolf Park in Tippecanoe, Dr. Klinghammer used to demonstrate scent rolling by taking some perfume spray from an audience volunteer and spraying it on the ground. The wolves would sniff it, then one would roll on it, and the others would sniff that wolf. It's like, "Smell what I found."

Dr. Klinghammer, who died a few years ago, said they'll do it even if you put down something irritating for them to roll on that makes them sneeze. I thought about going back there with a packet of hot Chinese mustard.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:35pm Kate:

Boil from the inside. Kim I'm starting to be a little worried about you.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:35pm TehBadDr:

Watch for the puff!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:35pm PsychopathJimFields:

Should you people really be playing with fire?
Hi Kim!!!!
Hi Emily!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:35pm melinda:

I used to go camping with my dad and his friends when I was in high school, but not since then. They were an interesting group of people.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:37pm Listener Robert:

So Pippi wanted you to smell that dead animal.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:37pm producer james:

this is bullshit!!
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:38pm kimzilla:

He's back!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:38pm cosmic matrix:

  Wed. 7/19/17 7:39pm nick zero:

,,,,,in 1993 in Hutchinson ,KS. the City street dept used to dump the kerosene used to clean out the leftover asphalt in the dump trucks used and washed it down the drain that went straight into what was once a clear creek that ran off the Arkansas River and ran North to South through town. I reported it and they did nothing. Genius morons is the word I am looking for.Now that it looks dead and lifeless they stamped "no dumping goes to river" with a fish symbol on the manhole covers done in the early 2000s.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:39pm cosmic matrix:

i would love to read through the yelp reviews of this campground.....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:41pm Erin and the Cat:

I can hear the fire popping
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:41pm JakeGould:

Yelp reviews are very accurate.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:42pm producer James:

a bear with a pair of nikes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One of my college buds owned a few acres in some hills near Fairplay, CO. They had a little pop-up trailer permanently parked there. Over the years, we burned up all the available firewood on the property.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:42pm PsychopathJimFields:

Hello producer James!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:43pm TehBadDr:

I raise you a Koala with a pair of Asics!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:44pm emily & kimzilla:

man...we sound haggard as HELL
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:44pm cosmic matrix:

what a trip.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:45pm kimzilla:

James was sweating out blueberry juice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:45pm Aitch:

Bears, dogs and seals all the same family. Bear a really big dog.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:45pm producer james:

turns out I was the bear
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:46pm TehBadDr:

I've found that the wildlife will come and check you out, try and get at your food, trash, and what not. No need to seek them out.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:47pm JakeGould:

Ever see two koala bears fight? Well you are one click away… youtu.be...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

One trip, I hiked up Mauna Loa. Went outside to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Glanced up and noticed the stars weren't twinkling like when you're at sea level. Wish I would've spent more time stargazing. It was freezing cold in January and I didn't bring my coat along to Hawaii.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:50pm melinda:

Koala fight messes with my childhood ideal of cuddly creatures hanging out eating eucalyptus leaves. I'd still like to meet one someday.
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:51pm producer james:

so much groanin
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:52pm Kate:

worst ways to die than by bear attack: being roasted like a marsh mellow by someone that makes you boil inside. . .
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:52pm TehBadDr:

You should see Koalas mate! Brutal, maybe you have mistaken fighting for mating.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:53pm JakeGould:

Don’t microwaves boil from the inside?
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:53pm TehBadDr:

@Kate wins the discussion board!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:53pm cosmic matrix:

oh no!!!
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:54pm DEZ:

YEZ!!!!!!!! \M/
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:54pm TehBadDr:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:54pm Kate:

yep, microwaved to death, that's the worst
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:55pm producer james:

i was ENRAGED!!!!!
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:56pm james:

830 opening
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:56pm producer james:

  Wed. 7/19/17 7:56pm james:

she dropped it twice!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:57pm melinda:

This show is making me feel better about not having been camping since 1988.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:57pm Kate:

@ TehBadDr: YAY, so glad you are judge this week !
  Wed. 7/19/17 7:58pm producer james:

it was a great trip now that it was last week
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:58pm Kate:

@ TehBadDr: hope you enjoyed the small bribe I sent earlier in July. . .
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:58pm TehBadDr:

Great show again Emily and Kimzilla!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:59pm JakeGould:

Please don’t play “payback” games.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 7:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Camping tip: Bring plenty of your own water. If you drink straight out of the creek, you can get sick from the water germs.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 7:59pm cosmic matrix:

i'm sorry your camping trip sucked but that was great radio!!!
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