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In Real Life is a weekly show hosted by Emily and Kimzilla on WFMU. In each episode, Kim and Emily follow their own curiosity to interview people on about a variety of themes, getting the real scoop and learning about the real people behind each topic. Previous WFMU aired episodes include topics such as circus performers, taxicab drivers, bartender therapy, alien abductions, nudism and so much more.

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Options May 17, 2017: Pillow Talk

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Artist Approx. start time
The Tammy's  0:00:00 (MP3 | )
Adam' Lippin- Co-Owner of The Cuddlist.com  0:11:11 (MP3 | )
Jim the cuddlist client   0:33:39 (MP3 | )
Janet the cuddlist practitioner   0:37:10 (MP3 | )
Kim and Emily speak  0:57:57 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:03pm Jeff:

Phew! You finally cleared those puppets out of the studio!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:03pm Davee:

Probably need to spray the studio
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:03pm Davee:

smells like ass!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:04pm Davee:

Does Adam smell better????
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:05pm melinda:

I've heard about this.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:06pm james f:

Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Type your philosophical questions on the comments board and the girls on fire will relay them to Adam and get his response. Example: Why is water wet?
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:07pm Davee:

Spoon me
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:07pm melinda:

Massages are great.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:08pm PsychopathJimFields:

Hi Kimzilla and Emily!!!!
I'm listening, but you're competing with the Mets in extra innings. If they lose, I might just need a cuddle ;)
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:10pm kimzilla and Emily:

We understand Jim.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Do you think the logical extension of the business might be a service offering showers / baths with clients?
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:12pm kimzilla:

@Ken I wish they offered that in the studios of WFMU
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:12pm PsychopathJimFields:

And no sooner than the words were typed on the page, they lost.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:13pm kimzilla:

@PsychopathJimFields, well, here you go. Cuddlist.com
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:16pm PsychopathJimFields:

Thank you :)
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:17pm james f:

i am hearing Emily slowly being won over
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:17pm kimzilla and Emily:

The transition music was called 'Virtual Hug"
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:18pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Another job category that will eventually be taken over by robots, I'm afraid. (Could you imagine?)
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:18pm Emily:

@james f: NOPE
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:23pm janet trevino:

Hi y'all! My interview is coming up. I'm in San Antonio, Texas. Cuddlist.com
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:24pm melinda:

hi Janet!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:24pm ?:

they are very special people
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:25pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

I'd love to engage when I come on! Ask me anything.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:25pm kimzilla and Emily:

Hi Janet! Welcome!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:25pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

  Wed. 5/17/17 7:26pm james f:

these have been great already!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:26pm jim:

hi Emily and Kim it don't sound as scary as i thought i would
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:26pm Emily:

Well, not won over in the sense of wanting to do it myself--but I will say my attitude has been won over, at least in terms of professional cuddling in general. For other people.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:27pm kimzilla and Emily:

Janet, you and Jim were so in sync, which is amazing since we did the interviews separately.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:28pm Kate:

Our brains perceive people and things that are within our arms reach differently from people and things that are beyond our arms reach. We actually use different parts of our brains to perceive those things.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:28pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

It's so difficult to explain it. Yes. It's powerful.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:28pm kimzilla and Emily:

Hi Jim, you sounds great on the radio!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:28pm jim:

Emily I think professional or otherwise cuddling is a better know that we know what it can do
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:29pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@ken from Hyde Park... science is using animals & drugs. The human touch is irresistible.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:29pm kimzilla:

@Kate, so, are you as adverse to a strangers touch as Emily is. How has she never had a massage??
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:29pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

And for the average Jane & Joe, too!
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:29pm kimzilla:

@Janet and irreplaceable.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:30pm james f:

how old is Adam?
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:30pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@emily, are you not being won over? Lol
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:31pm Kate:

I don't think I could do it, but I do think it can heal in a way that other therapies can not.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:32pm kimzilla:

@James, I think he mentioned he was in his 50's, but the client, is Jim, he is in him early 60's.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:32pm Kate:

I don't think Emily has, but I have a massage therapists I visit every other week.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:32pm Emily:

I agree with what Kate said! Exactly.
@Janet: haha I'm totally won over with it being a powerful, legitimate, wonderful therapeutic technique. 100%.
But...I still don't think I can do it myself!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:32pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

Ha! Sorry for my delay in response. #refresh is important. Hahahahaha
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:33pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@james f, I think in his 40s.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:33pm james f:

  Wed. 5/17/17 7:34pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

I'm so happy to hear Jim & I were in sync. Even across the country w different Cuddlists, the intention is the same!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:35pm jim:

Danielle is an awesome human being and she is the critical ingredient, people who put themselves out there for connection with isolated people like the rest of us.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:36pm Kate:

Massage is magical for me. Touch at arms length. Safe but soothing.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:36pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@emily, i completely agree not everyone can do this! It takes some very special qualities. And thankfully... keeps us working! Lol.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:37pm kimzilla:

I found that the people that were a little weirded out by this, may not be the audience they are looking for. Those that may need healing, touch, going through pain, or simply the human touch is who needs this.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:37pm jim:

Kate I love massage too. but this is a level of giving I never felt before
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:37pm Emily:

@Janet well, I'm glad people like you ARE doing it. It's really important, valuable work. I know you're making a huge difference in the lives of others.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:38pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

  Wed. 5/17/17 7:39pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@Emily (smiley face)
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:40pm Kate:

Remember the experiment with baby chimps who lost their moms? The one that had a stuffed animal substitute mom survived, but the one given a mom made of chicken wire died. Even though both received the same amount of food.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Do you have many clients looking for help getting through a grieving period? Someone who lost a loved one, for example? (Was away for a bit, so sorry if this was discussed already.)
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:40pm Emily:

@ Kate: yes!!!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:40pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

Yes. We don't grow out of our need for touch! Babies need it. Adults do, too!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:41pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@ken, yes. The most difficult for me was a father whom lost his 20 yo daughter. Never did recover.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:41pm Kate:

Jim, you are brave. There is a level of intimacy in cuddling that is scary to me when I think about doing it with a stranger.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:42pm slowbear:

thanks for your work, janet
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:42pm Old Dave:

A little weirded? This is the definition of weird in 2017. Prolly.
Is it a pretentious short cut to professional therapy or something worse?
And the Vets must be drug in to prove it is valid?
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:43pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@kate, thankfully we're professionals. ;)
And my clients lose that feeling of being strangers within a few minutes
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:44pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@old Dave, we collaborate w therapists!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:44pm jim:

Kate I understand completely...but it is the fact that another person who is not invested in you and a relationship with you will connect with you freely is the greatest surprise. We are in a different world if we can give and take with strangers
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:44pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@old Dave, Vets come in willingly! Needing this!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:45pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

@slowbear, thank you!!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:45pm Kate:

Janet, I believe that. Looking back on my own life I remember times when I was in very deep pain and I think, if I'd had access to professional cuddling at those times, I might have chosen it.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:46pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

First session... embarrassing!!
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:46pm kimzilla:

Lol, this is a funny story. I had to keep it in!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:47pm Kate:

Jim. Wow. Yes.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:48pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

I've never told anyone publicly before. Your exclusive!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:48pm Kate:

Janet. You are very brave too.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:48pm kimzilla:

Exclusive, right here on In Real Life!
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:49pm Old Dave:

Janet, that's great. And apparently we ALL have PTSD.
I'm learning here, understand.
Don't think the guest is surprised by the erection.
Isn't it all about the quest for insurance money?
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:49pm jim:

old Dave having invested in years of therapy this is no short cut nor is it a pretense. You learn about how people can't relate and connect without packing years of freudian baggage. this is about re learning things we forgot how to do not sub conscience conflicts
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:54pm Kate:

Radical trust. Wow. Opening my mind here.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:55pm jim:

Janet that was awesome
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:56pm Old Dave:

Jim, that is nice. Unless you are living alone, like 60% of Americans. Then I say you have made things
worse for yourself and the rest of us.
Why? I think because you consider pets and radio shows the same as living in a relationship with actual factual humans.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:57pm Kate:

Emily, good observation. I do think its about a lack of physical touch.
  Wed. 5/17/17 7:59pm jim:

Old Dave I don't know about that but I live with wife and kids and have friends too. I feel better.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 7:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Nice show today. A trip down an avenue I hadn't considered before. Thanks, all! www.cuddlist.com
  Wed. 5/17/17 8:00pm Old Dave:

Shocking! And thanks...
  Wed. 5/17/17 8:01pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

Thanks Ken!

And I'm happy we're no longer weird & creepy! Lol
  Wed. 5/17/17 8:02pm Janet Trevino, Cuddlist in San Antonio, TX:

And look us up! We have Cuddlists all over the country!

And if you're love language is not touch, make sure you ask for love in the way that works for you!
  Wed. 5/17/17 8:05pm Kate:

So all the therapists on cuddliest.com are women. Do men do this?
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 8:07pm melinda:

There was a man cuddlist at the beginning.
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 8:08pm melinda:

Or maybe he was just the owner of the biz?
Avatar Wed. 5/17/17 8:12pm melinda:

Great show!
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