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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options April 17, 2017: It's the day before taxes are due! Gross! Anyway, comedian Clare O'Kane swings by Studio A to take Dave's mind off the IRS!

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Artist Track Album Images Approx. start time
Unreasonably long show intro     
0:00:00 ()
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch 
0:02:41 ()
Patches  Clarence Carter   Options  
0:05:18 ()
Doug Gillard   Ready for Death   Options  
0:08:26 ()
Dave talks on the phone.     
0:26:38 ()
Purling Hiss  Running from the City   Options  
1:33:28 ()
Slade  Far Far Away   Options  
1:37:32 ()
Mercyful Fate  Desecration of Souls   Options Don't Break the Oath 
1:44:02 ()
Eloise Laws  Love Factory   Options  
1:48:08 ()
Scott Walker  We Came Through   Options  
1:50:04 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 4/17/17 8:45pm em2c:

here's another clip for your show intro, from the 1983 Philippines horror movie "The Killing of Satan": https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkUpexwcOe_vgRgpRAds3CotfIR2
  Mon. 4/17/17 8:48pm em2c:

P.S. looking forward to Claire as a guest again -- she was amusingly unfazed by all the craziness last time she was there
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:49pm DaveHill:

I couldn't get that link to work!
  Mon. 4/17/17 8:49pm em2c:

hmmmm. :/
  Mon. 4/17/17 8:52pm em2c:

here's a longer YouTube edit of the movie some people made with the some of that audio mixed in --
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:52pm Asweepay:

wah-ho! did another week go by?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:54pm Asweepay:

God i love the IRS, who's with me?!
  Mon. 4/17/17 8:56pm em2c:

if I post it this way does it work? youtube.com/watch?v=IybUFPimw_I
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:56pm Asweepay:

you're all late!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:58pm DaveHill:

We're getting an early start!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 8:59pm Asweepay:

omg the show's gonna start, i cant hardly stand it!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:00pm Asweepay:

austin powers music?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:00pm Supermeowy:

is this where the nacho buffet is?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:00pm daveB from before:

happy #taintweek all!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Dennis D:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm em2c:

@asweepay -- Bittersweet Samba by Herb Albert
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm fleep:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm goodgollymissmollie:

Hello friends!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Asweepay:

will dave play the yngdave taint clip?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo everyone
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm brovanny:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Stephen Radford:

I'm too early... I better go make ANOTHER coffee....
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Asheville Jon:

i hope i don't wake the kids up when i crank ANGEL WITCH up to 11!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Asweepay:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Switchblade Batman:

What up sexy singles.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm daveB from before:

between the AAAY hole & the HEEEEEYOW!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:01pm Amy:

Hi everyone!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm James F:

And we're back between the a-hole and the meow!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm Asweepay:

ive gotta admit the yngdave whooooo-yuppp is pretty awesome
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm P-90:

No fair with the sneaky head start!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm Supermeowy:

more anatomy lessons from Yngdave!! Meeeeoooww!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm RomanDogBird:

dave, do they got any jon mikl thor in the library
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm Stephen Radford:

Oh here we go. Fasten your AngelWitch straps!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm Moreguinness:

greetings from the middle of nowhere
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:02pm Wade:

Hi everybody! #TaintWeek
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm Asweepay:

Rock me to hell!!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm DebfromBefore:

Hi Dave and friends of Dave. Angel Witch Monday!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm Wade:

How long are you in the desert, Scott?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm Asheville Jon:

>>>closet doors vibrating, floor shaking<<<
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm DaveHill:

Taint rising!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm daveB from before:

whasssup bob, dennis, meowy, stephen, dez, etc etc
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:03pm RomanDogBird:

oh badass, three weeks in a row of clare o'kane (she was on the tom scharpling show last week)
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:04pm Stephen Radford:

Greetings! High fives all around! (Hands only this time, please)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:04pm DaveHill:

I have Thor right here, RomanDogBird! Did you know I played guitar for Thor for one show?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:04pm Danne D:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:04pm DaveHill:

Stephen! How is Manchester?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:05pm RomanDogBird:

i didn't! what a surprise
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:05pm JeffHQ:

Like a codependent hotrod of nitro iced coffee to the veins on your inner thigh.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:05pm Asweepay:

everyone looks like Morrissey in Manchester, right?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm James F:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm Stephen Radford:

Manchester needs More Taint, otherwise it's great! Thanks for asking!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm spacecowboy:

yeeeeeeeH PATCHES 70's pop hits rule
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm MONEYBAG$:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm em2c:

ok, last time I will attempt to post that sound clip I mentioned... sorry --

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:06pm Asweepay:

watch your a** out on those moors in manchester
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:07pm JimmyfromKearny:

Clare O'Kane is a hot Filipino-Irish Lass!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Switching to skeleton avatar!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:07pm goodgollymissmollie:

Hot jam! Yes!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:08pm JimmyfromKearny:

This song came out right after my Dad died in 1970...has a lot of meaning for me...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:08pm Asweepay:

if i could watch my arse i'd always have great hindsight i 'spose
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:08pm James F:

Damn, Jimmy!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:08pm Asweepay:

Try the veal, i'll be here all week. Drive safe folks.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:08pm Stephen Radford:

Kinda dark outside. This daylight saving bs is overrated.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:09pm daveB from before:

alot of pressure on Patches...
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:09pm MONEYBAG$:

it seems like that song is missing a verse detailing how Patches eventually triumphed over adversity
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:09pm Asweepay:

daveB is that a rush 2112 logo?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:10pm Asweepay:

be careful or neil peart might come here and get quite verbose
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:10pm em2c:

haha it is
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:10pm daveB from before:

it is YngDave as the nude Rush starman...
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:11pm Angie:

Ugh. I was just telling someone that I felt like death.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:11pm Stephen Radford:

The moors are fun. I always bring a bucket and spade! You never know what/who you might find.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:11pm Asweepay:

apparently Kiss toured w them and used to tease rush about their lyrics
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:12pm James F:

They liked Ace cuz he had the good dope?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:12pm Queef Wahoo:

not bad
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:12pm em2c:

Gene Simmons loved their debut album and called them "a Candian Zeppelin." -- obviously he felt they lost the thread after that
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:12pm daveB from before:

Gene Simmons is all over the Rush documentaries...there is mutual respect but kiss used to laugh at them as they were bedding women and rush were reading their books (mostly Neil)
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:12pm MONEYBAG$:

The Trees is a comment on Kiss inter-band politics
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:13pm daveB from before:

my pal is Ace's guitar tech (currently)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:13pm James F:

unrest in the forest?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:13pm James F:

daveB, burying the lead!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:14pm goodgollymissmollie:

This playlist is solid gold
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Need some dependents, Dave? Go down the list of commenters and sign us up!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:15pm arkansas_heath_rudabaugh:

Hi guys
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:15pm Asweepay:

holy geez, dave musta died in the can!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm Asweepay:

more fiber!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm Asheville Jon:

more reverb!!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm JeffHQ:

Did she mean it when she said she'd always remember me in the frozen foods aisle?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm Stephens Steve:

Good evening
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm em2c:

@kenfromhydepark -- I'm emotionally dependent... does that count
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:16pm Supermeowy:

Heath!!! Mollie!! DEZ!! and so many other sexy singles!!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm Amy:

No YOUR cheatin' heart will tell on YOU
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm Folsom:

I must admit i liked the accordion version of valley lodge last night
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm arkansas_heath_rudabaugh:

Hey Meowy!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm Moreguinness:

solid jams tonight
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm Wade:

Can someone keep a tally on how many times "TAINT" is mentioned tonight?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:17pm James F:

Hey Meowy, Molile!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Asweepay:

what did dave do with shana feinberg?? im gettin lil suspicious, its been what 2 years now?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm James F:

Amy, is that you?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm arkansas_heath_rudabaugh:

Taint possible
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm em2c:

@wade --- that's cruel and unusual...place my bets on triple digits, though
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Asweepay:

a "taint" hit counter would be nice
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Amy:

Yes! James ... is that YOU?!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Kimzilla:

Evening folks!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Queef Wahoo:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:18pm Dennis D:

love that clip of mickey mouse is playing standup
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:19pm Dennis D:

thinking of buying one
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:19pm JeffHQ:

Like a 2nd Earth-like planet straight to the soul of the gravitational pantalons.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:20pm Asweepay:

shana? pfff, unlikely story
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:20pm goodgollymissmollie:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:20pm Stephen Radford:

I can do a count using notepad ++ after the show.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:20pm DJ E:

Danne D just can't stay out of trouble can he?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:21pm Wade:

That's two taints!!! Yes, Asweepay, a Taint hit counter!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:21pm James F:

whoa that was hot! did Yng get a new pedal?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:21pm Angie:

Are we supposed to drink every time Witch Taint is mentioned? If so, is water acceptable?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:21pm James F:

one more free line people! Call in at 201-209-9368!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm spacecowboy:

what is this song in the background?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm cosmic matrix:

now THAT was a fine solo
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm James F:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm em2c:

@james my feed must be delayed because you posted before I heard it
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm Stephen Radford:

This Yng Dave sounds like he could be a regular fixture!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm JeffHQ:

Hello DAVE, Yng and Beezlebubbies!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm Asweepay:

i don't drink, but i do live in NorCal. what should i do??
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:22pm DaveHill:

hung up on on my baby by Isaac Hayes
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:23pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:23pm James F:

em2c, you're right. I have the live feed here answering the phones
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:23pm DaveHill:

Hello, JeffHQ!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:24pm James F:

Stephen, YngDave's got staying power
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:24pm Asweepay:

chrsit, yng is makin s*** up now
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:24pm James F:

find a lighter asweepay
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy Dingus Day, everyone! (Learned about that on Stashu's show an hour ago.)
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:24pm JeffHQ:

Ferris Yngler
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm James F:

i think you're right Asweepay. I still don't think he ever sent the YngFang
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm Asweepay:

is a dingus a fanny?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm Angie:

I feel like I could be Yng Dave's mom. Whoa!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm Dennis D:

full blown mongoloid
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm Amy:

FBR, Dave. C'mon.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm spacecowboy:

yeaahahah yng dave- nothing wrong witha thumb up!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:25pm Angie:

I'm done being a bummer now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:26pm James F:

what hit ya so hard, Angie?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:26pm JeffHQ:

I got vaped on by a tool and spit on by a homeless guy today.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:26pm Asweepay:

devo - mongoloid
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:26pm em2c:

Yng is so angry
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm Asweepay:

well bensonhurst isnt known for being the most peaceful place
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm Folsom:

@Ken we need a Yngus day!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm Moreguinness:

yng is nothing if not compassionate towards all Mongoloids
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm em2c:

love the running "baboon heart" joke
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm James F:

privy is the shitter in the Queens English, yea Stpehen?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:27pm Wade:

Quit braggin', JeffHQ!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:28pm Angie:

Sunburn James F!!! I know! It's crazy! Everything aches and I have the chills. Weee!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:28pm Asweepay:

let's crowdsource to move yng and his mom to west Florida
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:28pm BriJet:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:28pm Switchblade Batman:

Are you kidding @Asweepay? Its like the most boring neighborhood, in the most boring section of Brooklyn.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:28pm Moreguinness:

at jeffhq you're winning the day
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm JeffHQ:

Like a pity party of the paranormal.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm em2c:

have YngDave call into the live show, put the phone on speaker, mic it, and then run that through a loud amp!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm Asweepay:

but it is in brooklyn! u try living amongst all those skinny jeans and try fitting in!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm Angie:

No Dave! You have the best life!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm Wade:

"Royal Liquor?!?! I don't even know her!"
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm Asweepay:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:29pm James F:

Angie, you burn so easily!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:30pm Supermeowy:

easy way to remember Sarah's liquor store: Royal Liquor, damned near wrecked her!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:30pm JeffHQ:

@wade/@moreguiness: \m/
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:30pm James F:

heater! she is so street!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:31pm Asweepay:

the theif is trying to reg the stolen car? the dumbest theif ever??
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:31pm Angie:

I never used to!! But my only source of light for the last couple of years was fluorescent. :/
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:31pm em2c:

that dog GIF is hypnotic
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:31pm spacecowboy:

holy crap
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:31pm JeffHQ:

I use my "heater" to stay warm in bed.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm Switchblade Batman:

I have @asweepay, since birth. I'm like 2 neighborhoods over from yng dave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Folsom - Good idea. I vote for December 24. Seems to be a day that needs some spicing up. Yngus Day > Christmas > Boxing Day
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm bobdoesthings:

wait .. i dont get it.. whats a "heater" in street terms..?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm em2c:

the only use of "heater" I've ever heard is the gangsters in the Star Trek episode when they travel to the gangster planet
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm James F:

a gun, bob
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:32pm Angie:

Oh wow!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm Buttbreath867-5309Ask4Jenny:

do u feel naked if u dont wear skinny jeans in blyn?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm Switchblade Batman:

Its a gun in old timey gangster talk @bob
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm Stephen Radford:

I love the term heaters... so Marlowe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm bobdoesthings:

I pieced it together but thanks James (pieced.. get it!?)
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm JeffHQ:

"Um, gimme your-...wait, can i get change for the Pac Man?"
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm Dennis D:

Liam should have paid you
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:33pm Switchblade Batman:

For the sake of brooklyn @buttbreath I don't wear skinny jeans
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:34pm spacecowboy:

this is the funniest thing ever
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:34pm Buttbreath867-5309Ask4Jenny:

have u tried? u might like it
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:34pm listener #126464:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:35pm dan from Albany:

everyone in that Kansas store is getting turned on & pregnant by Dave's sexy, black velvet voice.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:35pm ButtbreathFourScoreAndSEvneYearsAgoOurForefathers:

gesunheit, 126
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:35pm Switchblade Batman:

Lets say I don't have the physique @buttbreath :(
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:35pm James F:

I see what you did there Bob
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:35pm TryAMu-mu?:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:36pm Stephens Steve:

Cleveland mangg...what the sh-t !?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:36pm JakeGould:

What day is this?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:36pm James F:

Oh, Danne D doin us favors!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:36pm Post a comment!:

cut the chatter and make with the singing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:37pm James F:

Hey Jake
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:37pm Stephen Radford:

Bobs jokes are always loaded
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:37pm Supermeowy:

hearing Danne's voice makes my kale-enriched blood boil!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:37pm fleep:

Between Easter chocolate and a week of matzoh, it's Constipation Monday
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:37pm Dan from Albany:

Danne D should be on The Moth.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:38pm JakeGould:

Hey James!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:38pm Supermeowy:

Danne is a moth.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:38pm bobdoesthings:

@sstephen you're too kind.. sometimes i shoot blanks
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

www.royal-liquors.com They're on the internet. Serving K.C. since 1978.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:39pm Dan from Albany:

Dave gives good taint.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:39pm JeffHQ:

Can someone pick me up in MD?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:40pm No HTML, please:

r ya in Balmer?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:40pm Dan from Albany:

@supermeowy, are you saying Danne is attracted to bright light & eats clothing?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:41pm Supermeowy:

Dan -- It's been rumored for a long time.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:41pm No HTML, please:

52nd st was my 1st album.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:41pm P-90:

Just PLEASE stop invoking Billy Joel.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm Switchblade Batman:

Oh @DaveHill's last fundraiser show was absolutely hilarious.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm JeffHQ:

@No HTML: i could prob take the MARC up to Bmore fr DC after work
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm No HTML, please:

followed by: acdc flick, weird al [1983], rush signals
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm em2c:

keepin' the faith yes
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm Angie:

Yes. Keeping the faith.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm herb.nyc:

Wait, Dannie D is working on Thursday? Aren't most employers giving their people the day off to go to Witch Taint at Monty Hall?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm Dan from Albany:

@Supermeowy, breaking news.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:42pm No HTML, please:

well wacth out for the green line, dont fall asleep!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:43pm JeffHQ:

@NoH: been there Lyfted that
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:43pm em2c:

they only "billy joel" we ever need from now on -- https://youtu.be/F28eGS8PGy0?t=611
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:43pm Fresh Outta Moniker Ideas:

i'll raise ya an uber
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:44pm P-90:

They should have an annual Bradley Cooper Homecoming Parade. With lots of free beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:44pm James F:

lines open, people!!

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:44pm Fresh Outta Moniker Ideas:

id rather stick knitting needles in my ears than listen to foreigner
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:46pm JeffHQ:

10 percent cool mission
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:46pm James F:

I hear Foreigner on the radio these days and I just ask myself, "why?"
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:47pm em2c:

play it backwards... then you'll get it
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:47pm JeffHQ:

Hot sandwich peppers were tough on the backend tho
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:48pm Angie:

Foreigner is on my list of bands I hate.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:48pm I wanna know what love isssssssss:

dunno, james, dunno. the universe is a strange place
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm I wanna know what love isssssssss:

holy ess i;m in santy cruz!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm I wanna know what love isssssssss:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm James F:

what is this considering it, bullshit?!?!?!?!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm daveB from before:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm JimmyfromKearny:

Madam Luke!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm Dennis D:

hi Madam Luke
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm spacecowboy:

hey i hate foreigner too but it would be funny for dave to sing hot blooded while on a bike
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm P-90:

Possible regular feature: Famous Band Backstage Catering Blotter
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:49pm Wade:

DO IT MADAME!!!! Come to the Taint!!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:50pm em2c:

I love the keyboard solo in Foreigner's "Feels Like The First Time" -- it's so bad
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:50pm dude in Santy Cruz TOO! NO way!:

does she live on the west or east side?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:50pm daveB from before:

  Mon. 4/17/17 9:50pm Angie:

MadameLuke!!!!!! Heart heart heart!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You Santa Cruz folks should rent a limo.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:51pm dude in Santy Cruz TOO! NO way!:

this is not a big town 70k tops, whole cty. think i might need a towel.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:51pm Angie:

Dave! Can you change the date to a Friday for the LA Witch Taint?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:51pm James F:

madame luke can still claim Jimmy as a dependent
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:51pm dude in Santy Cruz TOO! NO way!:

we should Ka-ka-ka ken. she sounds hot
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:51pm spacecowboy:

foreigner bites it big time- i cant express this enough - just to be clear
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:52pm brovanny:

Anyone in Oakland/ SF Bay Area want to carpool for the LA show?
I don't have a car though
Limo sounds like a good idea
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:52pm Angie:

Maybe we can take up a collection to fly Jimmy to the LA show!!?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:53pm JeffHQ:

What's the closest Amtrak station to Jersey City?
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:53pm P-90:

"unveloping"! Well done!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:53pm dude in Santy Cruz TOO! NO way!:

carbon footprint ....oh yeah shes in scz
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm James F:

there is a direct line to the neighborhood from an amtrak stop JffHQ
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm bobdoesthings:

I wonder if @MadameLuke got my care package... a wooden crate of used cat toys
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm James F:

newark penn station
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm dude in Santy Cruz TOO! NO way!:

hello from market st , lady
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm Angie:

Probably Newark or Penn Station JeffHQ.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:54pm JakeGould:

I like Billy Joel.
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:55pm Moreguinness:

you should "fly" the colonel out to the LA show
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Newark station doesn't have wifi? What? www.amtrak.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:56pm James F:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:56pm I like food.:

ive never seen a vajayjay!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:56pm James F:

monty hall is 2 blocks from the exchange place station
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:57pm spacecowboy:

path train--- exchange place station is the stop -
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:57pm hola-soymilk:

Hi everyone
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:58pm JakeGould:

“The Vagina Monologues” sounds so old fashioned.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 9:58pm James F:

hey, hola!
  Mon. 4/17/17 9:58pm Stephen Radford:

Are the postal service still operating next door James?
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 9:58pm Supermeowy:

We forgot to take care of some housekeeping at the start of the chat!!! What's everyone wearing??? I'm NUDE!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:59pm I like stuff:

I'm nude -- now.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 9:59pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm daveB from before:

he didn't last
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm I like dreamin':

Julliard grads
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm JeffHQ:

Respect to Everlast.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm FiltheeAndie:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm spacecowboy:

we need a crappy groups festival - foreginer smashmouth - etc
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: You cool?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm DJ E:

eh, orange socks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 10:00pm James F:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:01pm I like dreamin':

Taint nothin' but a thang
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:01pm Asheville Jon:

Witch Taint in New Orleans! www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:01pm daveB from before:

Wade Snook facepainting - kids made to look like King Diamond, half price with churro receipt
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:01pm Moreguinness:

face tainting?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:02pm DJ E:

Spacecowboy, I believe they call it Coachella, heh-ho!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 10:02pm Folsom:

How about Taintapallooza or Taintstock?
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:02pm Supermeowy:

Did someone say ball???
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:02pm Taint nothin' but a Fang?:

dave u should keep that between u and your main squeeze
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:03pm JakeGould:

You got mozzarella balls? That’s a tainted treat!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:03pm Taint nothin' but a Fang?:

we have a weiner: Taintapallooza
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:03pm Amy:

Balls > sticks
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:03pm Dennis D:

I'm doing great Jake, thanks for askin
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:03pm DJ E:

I can get you 8 balls for 4.50 Dave. hit me up!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:04pm JeffHQ:

Black stout rout
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:04pm JakeGould:

Jane Jacobs liked expensive mozzarella balls.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:04pm ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Ive got 2 balls for only $10
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:04pm JakeGould:

@DenniD: No problem.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:05pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 4/17/17 10:06pm JeffHQ:

Sat and sat sha...
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:06pm DJ E:

the New Yorker isn't good enough for your Mozzarella Balls piece.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:06pm Angie:

I'm certified in CPR if anyone wants to hire me to hang around you. You know, just in case.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:06pm Angie:

  Mon. 4/17/17 10:06pm JakeGould:

Al Fresca!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:07pm daveB from before:

content is king!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Dr. Al Fresco, DVM, Esq (Mrs.)

Taint education on a hot spring night! Evening, Hillsters!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:08pm Amy:

I love the part in Black Metal Street Performer when Dave is eating the hamburger
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:09pm Supermeowy:

Creating viral content is what all my ex-boyfriends have done.
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:09pm Supermeowy:

^^ That sounded better in my head.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Take some Lysol™ and spray them all down! Hi Meowy!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:10pm daveB from before:

no - it was solid stuff meowy!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:11pm hola-soymilk:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:11pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Amy!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:12pm Black Metal Street Performer:

there'sa guy here in santy cruz that looks like dave inthat video -- everyday. his face is co vered comple tely in tattoos.completely .
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:12pm daveB from before:

this guy is on the wrong station!
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:12pm Supermeowy:

Thanks DaveB -- I appreciate the validation. We could all use a cheerleader behind the scenes! Or on the scene! Or on a hidden camera, amiright?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:13pm FiltheeAndie:

if this guy doesn't start talking about Shirley Temple's taint I'm going to lose it!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:13pm em2c:

this guy needs reverb
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:13pm daveB from before:

I could use a dallas cowboy cheerleader...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm the show whisperer:

can the caller speak a lil softer please
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, such a talent at such a young age. Amazing what one can do when you have a pushy showbiz mom forcing you into elite dancing/performing academies from the age of 2 (it's a fact).
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm daveB from before:

Al Coholic
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm daveB from before:

Al B. Back
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm JeffHQ:

Respect to Al Daniels.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:14pm daveB from before:

Les Moore
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Al Daniels, '69-'70? Get Irwin or one of our Elders of the High Council on this, no one else may be able to confirm this.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:15pm daveB from before:

Les Ismore
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:15pm the show whisperer:

maybe the caller will toss in a vocal fry or two
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Les Nessman? Check to see if he's wearing a Band-Aid.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:16pm em2c:

did Al just wake up?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:16pm the show whisperer:

i wonder if dave davies middle name is dave
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:16pm daveB from before:

Al B. Sure
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:16pm Dennis D:

I think he did Asbury Park too
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:17pm Rickwaukee:

What was on WFMU on last Wednesday?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:18pm Alex of Chicago:

Todd's interview with Dave was pretty great. Dave being Dave, more or less.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:18pm the show whisperer:

sure when i do that all over the beach i get s*** for it
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:19pm P-90:

Todd gets Ray Davies on the phone, Dave gets YngDave and Jimmy from Kearny. It's all part of the same rich tapestry...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:19pm Matt from Springfield:

San Juan Capistrano, California, in Orange County south of L.A.

(That's why Dave's guess of "Paramus" (NJ) is so funny :)
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:21pm JeffHQ:

Dave B!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@P-90: Kim Fowley phoned in to Chris T live, at the SAME time Julie recorded Cherie Currie on the phone for later. THIS is the place, alright!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:22pm JimmyfromKearny:

Dave B!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:23pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

Love the background music. I'd like that for my funeral
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:23pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

  Mon. 4/17/17 10:24pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hello Stephen! Thank you for the post on my FB!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:24pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

I'm excited!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:25pm Moreguinness:

dammit I can't ring in I have no phone service
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:26pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

Damn MoreGuinness... I'm not calling either. I have 3am voice.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:26pm the show whisperer:

you can use the interwebs to make phone calls for free too
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:27pm james f:

what time, rickwaukee?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:27pm em2c:

more RF converter switch talk plz
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Tampa! :)
How bout St. Pete? That's a pleasant place with pleasant beaches. How bout Ybor City?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:28pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

I got held at knife point in Canberra, but it was my fault for wandering around the city late at night alone. (Not proud)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:29pm Matt from Springfield:

It's a brOch, brO!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:29pm Moreguinness:

I could try a Skype thing but I only have my phone and a Kindle...I'm a ludite
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Enjoy the Witch Taint show and the Tampa Bay Metro Area, Cherish!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:29pm devlawn:

Bro! ouch! Tim and Eric have a great br0ch thing
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:30pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

Supermeowy! I've heard of her.... :P
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:30pm P-90:

Not every day someone calls to tell you they picked up your eyeballs at a store today. Being Dave sounds so interesting, I swear.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:30pm Matt from Springfield:

BroBroch, the kind of gift a dude can give to his hetero-lifemate to show appreciation.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:30pm P-90:

Is meowey coming to Monty Hall?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:31pm Moreguinness:

Dave you've seen deathgasm I assume
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Wonderful! I swear that was translated from the original Japanese!! :D
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:32pm JeffHQ:

Rush's next album "Spirit of Near Rhyme"
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:35pm the show whisperer:

are they playing under a pillow? wha happened?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:35pm P-90:

Isn't "Nearrhyme" a town or something in The Lord of The Rings trilogy?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:35pm Rickwaukee:

This reminds me of listening to bands standing outside of places I couldn't afford to get in to
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:36pm em2c:

lo-fi is a valid aesthetic!
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:36pm Supermeowy:

P-90 -- I wish I could see Witch Taint in Monty Hall, but I'm here in Austin, so no NJ visits for me :-(
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:36pm DaveHill:

It does sound like that, Rickwaukee!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Muffle your speakers with a sweater and turn the subwoofer up, make it sound even more like that!
Light a cig and some rope, spit some cheap beer to the floor, make it *smell* like that too! :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 10:40pm bobdoesthings:

@matt fromSF - living the dream
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Livin'/Hearin'/Smellin' it! Good times! :D
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:44pm herpes.nyc:

If Supermeowy writes more poetry,
It will be the death of me.
Her style is way better,
While I'm all the wetter.
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:44pm ferf:

"Emotions in motion" by Billy Squier perfectly describes the bliss Dave's listeners feel
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 10:45pm James Fernandez:

I think Dave woiuld prefer My Kind of Lover, ferf
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:47pm ferf:

Fair enough, and we all have a little billy squier in us all
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:48pm FiltheeAndie:

Can youuu dig itttt?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:48pm Switchblade Batman:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:49pm daveB from before:

this is a real pants dropper, this jam
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 10:49pm James Fernandez:

I just came from a bop!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:49pm Switchblade Batman:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:49pm DaveHill:

No, what is Deathgasm, Moreguinness?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:49pm herb.nyc:

FYI- I saw Jimmy Webb do B&Noble at 6pm earlier. Opened w "Wichita lineman". He has a memoir out. He gave us his songwriting hows- watch me break the top 40 next month.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:50pm Switchblade Batman:

I just came from a battle. I don't want my hair messed up
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:50pm P-90:

Eloise got some real soul
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:50pm daveB from before:

nice Herb! did he play MacArthur Park or talk about it?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

SCOTT! The best Walker Brother!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:52pm ferf:

Isnt scott walker a governor?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:53pm Switchblade Batman:

Of wisconsin @Ferf
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:53pm notmymonkey:

From desecration of souls to soul, very smooth Mr. Dave Hill.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:53pm Switchblade Batman:

He also ran for president, and got demolished the in the republican primaries.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:54pm Bacchanal:

of taint
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:55pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

Bic it.... got it.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

I was wondering where her hair went; if she shaved her head, or just got a scalp extension..
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:56pm Danne D:

Taintstock State Park?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 10:56pm bobdoesthings:

whaaaa?? gotta be packing knives.. thats nature 101
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 10:57pm Supermeowy:

Thanks @herpes.nyc !!! Glad to be of service!
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:57pm devlawn:

whittling is good reason to have a knife in the woods
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 10:57pm James F:

knives, heat. lotta weapons tonight, bob
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 10:58pm bobdoesthings:

whoaaaaa coool Fallout gif!?!?
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:58pm devlawn:

does taint plaque qualify as a weapon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 10:58pm bobdoesthings:

indeed. stay street, stay hydrated, also... bring a knife
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:59pm Moreguinness:

it's on Netflix. black metal horror comedy from New Zealand
  Mon. 4/17/17 10:59pm devlawn:

station ID or go to jail. or did I miss it.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:00pm Matt from Springfield:

These United Taints
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:00pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:01pm Switchblade Batman:

I want one @Davehill
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:01pm Dennis D:

probably money
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Shweeeeet doll.

"Toxic Bile", welcome back!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:07pm Bacchanal:

ask chuck "what's up?"
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:10pm Bacchanal:

testicles ascend upward into the body when in danger
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:10pm Bacchanal:

youre welcome, im here to help.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:11pm Rickwaukee:

Q: has Clare ever gleamed any cubes?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:11pm FiltheeAndie:

i bailed on a skateboard once
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:12pm notmymonkey:

Witch Taint Voodoo doll
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:13pm Danne D:

James has stepped into the ring
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:14pm herb.nyc:

@daveB- no "mcarthur park", alas. A short "turn around and look at me" (did he say this was his first 45 bought?) and "moon is a harsh miscreant". Oh, memoirs has 3 page list of bands who sang "mcarthur park"
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:14pm Switchblade Batman:

that last GIF is from fallout. I shot tons of those robots
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:14pm James F:

I am about to lay down the smack...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:15pm Dennis D:

Cut the gab
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:15pm James F:

(okay this is Danne posting this not James) :)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:15pm daveB from before:

bayonne is gonna be closed
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:16pm herb.nyc:

My butcher txt'd me- can he get a backstage badge too?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:16pm daveB from before:

all access!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:17pm FiltheeAndie:

I'm driving 3 hours to get my taint touched backstage!
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:17pm Danne D:

My popcorn is out
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:17pm Danne D:

@Andie awesome :)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:18pm daveB from before:

what's the story Richie?!
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:18pm Danne D:

Cassius would have the longest backstage rider and he isnt even in the show
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:19pm Marc15:

I have anxiety issues and I suffer with major depression, and I've been commenting on Dave's Comment Board for a while as well. Can I stand backstage too? Just asking?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:19pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

SuperMeowy and Kimzilla have been sending erotic emails to Dave for years! They don't demand back stage access. Its rude to assume he has privileges.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:19pm daveB from before:

Yng could go incognito - maybe dressed as Judge Lance Ito!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:19pm DaveHill:

Yes, Marc15!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Steve Harvey hosts: "Definition Feud"!! Weekdays at noon on WPIX-11!
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:20pm Danne D:

I just realized if everyone else is backstage I will score a sweet spot up front to watch the actual show :)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:21pm Bacchanal:

foghat plays concerts on the beach here in santy cruz ev summer
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:21pm Danne D:

"Introducing The Taint Family - Dave, Yng, Cassius, James and Jimmy"
"On your marks lets start the Familyng Feud"
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:21pm Rickwaukee:

Take a tip from Michael Jackson - SURGICAL MASK
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:21pm Slick Goldtooth:

Dave, you strike me as a Labatt and Gennee Cream Ale sorta guy
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:22pm James F:

@DaveB Don't ya mean YngCognito?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 11:22pm bobdoesthings:

@switchbladebatman - glad someone else noticed the Fallout gifs.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:22pm James F:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:22pm FiltheeAndie:

Yessss! YngWizard
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:23pm Marc15:

Taintgate is the latest Chris Christie scandal
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:23pm daveB from before:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:24pm Slick Goldtooth:

Yngdave's almost as elusive as Thomas Pyncheon
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Heating up! I hope they're still arguing after being dropped! ;)
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:24pm Marc15:

Thank you Dave
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 11:24pm Supermeowy:

Can I get a sick backstage hang with Jimmy from Kearny???
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 11:24pm Supermeowy:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:25pm Bacchanal:

oh u mean it was a same old same old kinda day huh jimmy
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:25pm devlawn:

violence is the new drinking game.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:25pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

Why go backstage? It's not going to be exactly like Almost Famous. (close)
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:26pm Danne D:

wait Jimmy is Hearty White's cousin?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:28pm Bacchanal:

any relation to Don Barris (and chuck)?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:28pm Oh It's Like i'm Back I ntHe Old Counrty!:

  Mon. 4/17/17 11:29pm Marc15:

W-What what just happened? What happened to Jimmy?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:29pm Slick Goldtooth:

Oh shit, this guy's the Know It All that calls to shut up weirdo, this dude never sleeps
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:30pm Name:

my luck i;ll end up telling some old lady she;s "delicious"`
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:30pm Matt from Springfield:

:) Good to know!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 11:31pm bobdoesthings:

"you can google it" .... oh yeah? ... go fuck yourself.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:32pm Name:

he's no jimmy
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:32pm Slick Goldtooth:

This guy is non-stop, like I imagine him with like a glass of warm milk and like a night cap on
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:33pm James F:

Masarap fact is legit.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:34pm Victoria:

That was exhausting
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:35pm Name:

Joel at the Blairstown, Warren County NJ boiler room?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Smart Ken remembered that the garbage company changed their pick-up schedule, which is Tuesdays now. Just brought the recycling bin outside. Did I miss anything good in the last 7 - 8 minutes?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:37pm Stephen Radford from Middleton (nr Manchester):

This show has really taken a journey tonight. The whole spectrum!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

I kind of respect this guy, just for proving how finicky Dee S. can be! :D
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 11:40pm Supermeowy:

This fella has a solid working knowledge of all of Dave's work.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:40pm Slick Goldtooth:

I heard Varg Vikernes had to leave a Witch Taint show early because it was too much for him
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Danne will sit in the one Witch Taint seat at the back, the stage right in front of him, and the rest of Monty Hall will be one big backstage..
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:42pm Name:

need a lil advice: if you were to buy a "Like New" condition CD how much less a $8.00 "Brand New" would it have to cost for you to forego buying brand new and buying Like New instead?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Tickets still available! www.ticketfly.com...
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Slick: I think Varg voluntarily walked back into prison after seeing the show, in a state of shock.
Avatar    Mon. 4/17/17 11:43pm Supermeowy:

My 10 year old survived the Witch Taint show. No excuses!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:43pm Slick Goldtooth:

@matt ah that's right, i must've had bad intel
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:44pm Stephens Steve:

Goooooiiinnnn Nuttttz!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:44pm James F:

@Name this is Danne - you bring up and awesome point - lots of awesome used and like new CDs will be available along with Vinyl and other wonders at the WFMU record fair coming up the last weekend of the month in Brooklyn. See the front page of the website for more info :)
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:44pm Matt from Springfield:

She don't ride - Clare O'Kane.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:46pm devlawn:

this show took a sad turn.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:47pm RomanDogBird:

bob crane starred in his own personal pornos, baby, YEAAH!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:47pm Name:

bob Crane's son was on gilbert gottfried's podcast
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:49pm Rickwaukee:

Let's hear 10 minutes of just Clare
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:50pm Danne D:

I won $25 from Seven Second Delay on a 20 Questions episode where the answer was Bob Crane
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:51pm Hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!:

I watched a lot of Hogan's Heroes
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:51pm JeffHQ:

Skate or die.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:52pm BriJet:

  Mon. 4/17/17 11:52pm Moreguinness:

this episode is completely bonkers
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:52pm Hogaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!:

Skate into traffic and you may die
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:52pm BriJet:

@Name Yes that's right! I forgot! Been a long time since I listened to GGACP! <3
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/17/17 11:53pm pillow_out:

i never get to hear the begining of this show anymor ebut i always catch the last half hour and it's still worth it.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:53pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

did he just say ball soup?
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:53pm Danne D:

Hogan's Heroes is on every night on the rerun channel :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:54pm James F:

You just missed a crappy Danne D call early on pillow_out
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:54pm BriJet:

I LOVE meringue NUDE Herb Alpert style
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:54pm James F:

(that was Danne impersonating James dissing Danne)
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:55pm ledzeppelinsucks:

Led Zeppelin reruns are on every minute on construction worker music stations
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:55pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

interacting at 4am is called a "crack deal", sir.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:55pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

youre welcome
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:55pm Danne D:

wow this show flew by :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 4/17/17 11:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Clare is a great guest. Very smooth delivery and a pleasant personality. Invite her back any time. Now, back to filling out tax forms.
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:56pm BriJet:

Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Break it in, of course!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:56pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

I'm too funny for this board [3rd stone from the sun guitar heard playing in bg]
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:57pm Danne D:

such a great show :) Clare was a delight once again :) Thanks Dave and Clare and James and all you callers and commenters and listeners. Be there Thursday!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:57pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

say hello to Braddock Rd for me, Matt, lots of bad memories of commutes up 395 HOV lane
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Show has flown by! Thanks Dave, Clare, James, Danne, all the krayzee kallers and Hillfolk and everyone!

Have a good night!
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:58pm JeffHQ:

Stay hydrated.
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:58pm LightninBluEyes:

Goodnight everyone
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:58pm Dennis D:

No one gets 3 livers! they are c hoosey who gets livers
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:58pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

eat something every now and then too
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:58pm Dennis D:

night All. have a great weeks
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

i get nothing done when i listen to this show
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm BriJet:

Clare, Hill Peeps got yer back!!!!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Sure will, I know! Also to Braddock Rd a mile before the onramp, like Tyson's Corner it's a place where you sit still in gridlock while waiting for the *privilege* of sitting in more gridlock!
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm Dennis D:

can i get backstage Clare?
Avatar Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm I know nusssinnggggg!:

oh god i do not miss tysons corner ugh
  Mon. 4/17/17 11:59pm james f:

gnite everyone!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:00am I know nusssinnggggg!:

the dumper!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:00am I know nusssinnggggg!:

now u know why i moved from DC to ca!
Avatar    Tue. 4/18/17 12:00am Supermeowy:

Goodnight kids!!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:01am I know nusssinnggggg!:

now i have no excuse to not get s*** done
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:02am I know nusssinnggggg!:

what is this hippie crap?!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:03am I know nusssinnggggg!:

oh my earsssss
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:03am I know nusssinnggggg!:

this is the music they play in insane asylums
  Tue. 4/18/17 12:04am Stephens Steve:

Wow not once was the CLEVELAND killer mentioned
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:04am I know nusssinnggggg!:

...and yanni concerts (dont ask)
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:05am I know nusssinnggggg!:

oh god its like ricky ricardo on acid!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:05am I know nusssinnggggg!:

someone give him some OJ!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:06am I know nusssinnggggg!:

u lightweights all gone to bed already?
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:07am I know nusssinnggggg!:

thats right, Murder She Wrote is on , isnt it?!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:09am I know nusssinnggggg!:

and no one answered my cd question! to hell with the lot of you!
Avatar Tue. 4/18/17 12:12am I know nusssinnggggg!:

smell ya later!
  Wed. 4/19/17 7:58pm BriJet:

OMG Davy mentioned Moosehead! "The Moose Is Loose!"
  Mon. 4/24/17 11:16pm karl c:

Thanks for the shout out
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