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Playlist for 06 April 2017 Options | For the birds

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Artist Song Album Label Images Approx. start time
The Shadows  Thunderbirds Theme   Options Shadows Are Go!  Scamp    0:00:00 ()
Gelbart  Melody for the Birds   Options Submarine  Gelbart    0:02:05 ()
Hasil Adkins  Chicken Walk   Options Poultry in Motion  Norton    0:03:55 ()
Louis Jordan  Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens   Options Best of  MCA 
0:05:55 ()
Spanky & Our Gang  And Your Bird Can Sing   Options 7-inch single  Mercury    0:09:02 ()
Marshall P. Lufsky  Birdies Favorite   Options 78 (originally)  Columbia    0:10:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alan Hawkshaw 
Bluebird   Options Sounds of the 60s and 70s vol 2  KPM    0:13:35 ()
Maggie Hammond  High Flying Bird   Options Dream Babes, vol. 5: Folk Rock and Faithfull (various artists)  RPM    0:15:47 ()
DJ Frane  If I Had Wings   Options Journey to the Planet of Birds  DJ Frane 
0:18:45 ()
DJ Frane  Birdwatchers   Options Journey to the Planet of Birds  DJ Frane    0:21:20 ()
Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra  Hello Bluebird   Options 78 (originally)  Regal    0:23:17 ()
Raymond Scott  The Penguin   Options Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights  Columbia/Legacy    0:26:30 ()
James Copp  The Birdie   Options James Copp 3  Liberty Music Shops    0:29:06 ()
Merv and Merla  The Time of the Singing of the Birds   Options Sounds of Fresh Waters  Word    0:31:47 ()
Lynn Anderson  Snowbird   Options Rose Garden  Columbia 
0:33:06 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tony Hatch 
Pretty Flamingo   Options A Latin Happening  Warner Bros.    0:35:11 ()
Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown  Lullaby of Birdland   Options Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown  EmArcy    0:38:03 ()
Bacalao  Blackbird   Options Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, vol. 1 (various artists)  8-Bit Operators    0:41:56 ()
Alan Price  Look Over Your Shoulder   Options O Lucky Man! (soundtrack)  Waner Bros.    0:44:34 ()
Clara Rockmore  The Swan (Saint-Saens)   Options The Art of the Theremin  Delos 
0:46:39 ()
Alasdair Roberts  The Bird   Options Migrating Bird: The Songs Of Lal Waterson (various artists)  Honest Jons    0:49:31 ()
Beach Boys  Little Bird   Options Friends  Capitol    0:52:13 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sven Libaek 
Birds in Flight, from Nature Walkabout   Options Inner Space (The Lost Film Music Of Sven Libaek)  Trunk    0:54:10 ()
Charlie Parker  Ornithology   Options Yardbird Suite: The Ultimate Collection  Rhino    0:59:22 ()
Stevie Wonder  Bird of Beauty   Options Fulfillingsness' First Finale  Tamla 
1:02:15 ()
Dengue Fever  Hummingbird   Options Escape From Dragon House  Birdman    1:06:26 ()
Charles Bukowski  Bluebird, read by Harry Dean Stanton   Options found on the internets  Charles Bukowski    1:11:32 ()
Lui Man-Sing  Birds Returning to the Forest   Options Chinese Masterpieces for the Erh-Hu  Lyrichord    1:12:33 ()
Emmett Williams  Cellar Song for Five Voices   Options Tellus #24: Fluxtellus  Tellus    1:14:39 ()
Tom Wilson  Lesbian Seagull   Options Gay Name Game  Aboveground Records 
1:19:37 ()
a canary and a parakeet  excerpt   Options The Fun and Care of Birds  Pet Productions, Inc.    1:23:50 ()
Paul McCartney & Wings  Bluebird   Options Band on the Run  Capitol    1:25:44 ()
Music behind DJ:
John Saunders 
Free as a Bird   Options Slipstream: Up-to-date group sounds featuring the synthesizer played by Astral Sounds  DeWolfe Music    1:29:05 ()
Roy Acuff and His Smokey Mountain Boys  The Songbirds Are Singing in Heaven   Options 78 (originally)  Columbia    1:33:44 ()
Holy Modal Rounders  Bird Song   Options The Moray Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders  Elektra 
1:36:05 ()
The Blue Birds  Hussani Lal Qalander   Options Pakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976 (various artists)  Sublime Frequencies    1:38:33 ()
Richard & Mimi Fariña  A Swallow Song   Options Reflections in a Crystal Wind  Vanguard    1:42:10 ()
Igor Stravinsky  The Owl and the Pussy-cat (Adrienne Albert, soprano)   Options Recent Stravinsky  Columbia    1:44:57 ()
Neil Young  Birds   Options After the Gold Rush  Reprise    1:47:30 ()
Will to Power  Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley   Options Will to Power  Epic 
1:50:02 ()
Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan  Big Black Bird (Spirit of My Love)   Options Life and Death (And Almost Everything Else)  Omni    1:53:57 ()
Mitch Miller & The Gang  Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends   Options Sing Along With Mitch  Columbia    1:56:27 ()
Music behind DJ:
Johnny Beecher 
Sax Fifth Avenue   Options 45 played at 33  Warner Bros.    1:56:54 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:21am Michael:

Early greetings to Charlie! Only 4 to go - say it ain't so! Hope you're well and you've got all your books and notebooks and backpacks ready.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:25am Charlie:

Hi Michael! I might need a few new #2 pencils...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:31am Michael:

We may chip in and send some juice boxes and snax.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:35am Charlie:

What I could really use is some new neurons and synapses;)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:51am Michael:

I've heard a nice Scotch helps with that.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:52am Charlie:

I've got some of that: www.jukn55.com...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 11:54am Michael:

Heheh. I bet you do.
  Thu. 4/6/17 11:56am Katya Oddio:

Is this show really for the birds? (wink)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:01pm Charlie:

By the birds, of the birds, for the birds!
Hi Katya!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:02pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Thunderbirds are go!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:02pm Parq:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:03pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I saw The Birds for the first time a few weeks ago. There is something incredibly unsatisfying about that movie. Scary, yes, but it makes no sense. It's like Hitch is *trying* to say something, but won't.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:03pm Charlie:

Wendy is go!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:04pm Charlie:

Parq - tweet!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:04pm listener james from westwood:

Howdy, Charlie and all!
Can't see that scene from "The Birds" w/o thinking of the corresponding scene in "High Anxiety."
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:05pm listener james from westwood:

@Wendy: It's still better than that "Birdemic" film from a few years back.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:05pm doctorjazz:

HI, 4 to go, really SAD!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:05pm thatpatsmith:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:06pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Listener James, I didn't see "Birdemic," but I loooove "High Anxiety," especially the song, which I sing at any opportunity. KEY CHANGE!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:07pm Wendy del Formaggio:

AHHH! That bird sound from the film is so creepy/genius.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:07pm Parq:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:07pm listener james from westwood:

Not sure which Adkins album title I like more: "Poultry in Motion" or "White Light/White Meat."
  Thu. 4/6/17 12:08pm Doug Schulkind:

My synapses take napses, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:08pm listener james from westwood:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:09pm Webhamster Henry:

And your Bird can sing!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:09pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Parq, I recognize Mad Magazine when I see it! haha, that's great.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:10pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I think my favorite film scene about birds is in "The Producers" when Bialystock and Bloom go to the Nazi's apartment building and the "concierge" complains to them about the "boids." She's so great.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:10pm doctorjazz:

Off to a great start!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:10pm listener james from westwood:

I just finished rereading "L.A. Confidential," so tunes from the late 40s–mid 50s like this Jordan one (I assume) are On Point with my headspace.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:11pm Webhamster Henry:

And in the best Gaylord tradition, playing a Beatle cover.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:11pm Mayuko:

Good afternoon, Charlie and all.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:11pm listener james from westwood:

Wendy, most of my Bronx relatives had that same accent, so it's like triply funny to me!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:11pm Parq:

"I'm the con-si-urge. My husband used to be the con-si-urge, but he's dead."
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:11pm listener james from westwood:

"Ya get my drift?"
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:12pm Webhamster Henry:

I'm going to have to start playing my own records after Charlie goes off to school.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:13pm listener james from westwood:

The exterior shots in both "The Producers" and "The Odd Couple" capture bits of 1968-ish NYC that I wish I'd been old enough to experience live.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:15pm listener james from westwood:

I sometimes whistle this Hawkshaw track to myself, 100% bc of this show.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:15pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Listener James, I'm totally with you on the 1968-ish NYC thing. I love those shots and that era. But, I wasn't born til 1974 so I missed it all!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:15pm doctorjazz:

What a cool Beatles cover, Spanky & Our Gang.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:18pm Parq:

James and Wendy, my whole childhood, I wanted to live in that New York, By the time I got here, it was all but gone. Now, it's as gone as a California gold-rush town.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:19pm listener james from westwood:

1969. me, and spirited to Bergen County in 1975. Mostly a Bronx resident as a todder, w/ rare treks to Manhattan for my dad's office Xmas party. Huge affair at JP Morgan. One year they had a chimp on skates!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:20pm Wendy del Formaggio:

A chimp on skates?!? Did you tell Dave the Spazz?
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:21pm Charlie:

Hello, James! doctorjazz! thatpat! Doug! Henry! Mayuko!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:23pm listener james from westwood:

@Wendy: Def. something for the Spazz to be informed of!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:24pm Dominick:

Birdy num num
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:25pm Charlie:

hey there Dominick!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:26pm Charlie:

I think the key to the Birds movie is the aerial shot from the birds' POV during the scene at the gas station/restaurant, where there's chaos down below but from above it seems peaceful.
  Thu. 4/6/17 12:30pm Katya:

I heart Jim Copp so
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:31pm Charlie:

I know you do:) Me too...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:31pm Webhamster Henry:

Yes - this is the rare "adult song" Jim Copp.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:33pm drr:

second birdy num num
  Thu. 4/6/17 12:34pm Alex In Illinois:

Okay, he had that Peacock call wrong. I recall the free-roaming peacocks at the St. Louis zoo from my childhood, and they always went: "eeeYAAAA"
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:34pm Webhamster Henry:

You can poison the Pigeons, BTW with Tom Lehrer or the contested plagiaristic tune from Georg Kreisler (in German). home.broadpark.no...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:34pm Charlie:

hey drr! and Alex!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:38pm Webhamster Henry:

OK off to Grand Jury , catch ya on the archives
Spring haz sprung, de grass haz riz
I wonda where dem boidies iz?
De little boids is on de wing -
Ain't dat obsoid? The little wing is on de boid!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:40pm Charlie:

hahaha, thanks for that, Henry!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:41pm doctorjazz:

Sassy. Had a birthday not long ago.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:42pm Parq:

This version of "Birdland" just kills me.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:44pm doctorjazz:

Speaking of interesting versions, this Blackbird is quite a different take.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:45pm ndbob:

Heya Charlie and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:48pm Charlie:

Hi there Bob! Nice to see you:)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:50pm ndbob:

I'm pretty much recovered from World Rat Day Charlie
  Thu. 4/6/17 12:50pm Katya:

RE: Peacocks. Here's an mp3 from the amazing One-Minute Vacations project, day: march 24, 2003 http://www.quietamerican.org/vacation_2.html
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:51pm Charlie:

Bob -- World Rat Day was pretty exciting; we're all coming down from it gradually:)
  Thu. 4/6/17 12:58pm that Mike:

Yes, The Producers: Boids! Doity, disgustin, filthy, lice-ridden boids!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 12:58pm Carmichael:

Heya Charlie and friends.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:00pm ndbob:

Heya Carmichael!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:00pm doctorjazz:

Of course Bird is a must! Ornithology.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:01pm Charlie:

Hey there, Carmichael!
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:01pm Katya:

Yes! Jazz classic from Bird himself!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:01pm Charlie:

Welcome to a show suitable for lining birdcages.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:03pm doctorjazz:

Bye Bye Birdie, perhaps?
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:05pm Charlie:

There was a peacock living near our last residence for a while -- blood-curdling screams! very human sounding, unnerving.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:07pm Parq:

He speaks very, very fluent Spanish.
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:09pm Katya:

Some more bird songs for your download directories. Enjoy!
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:11pm Katya:

The LP version for this Dengue Fever album has been on my wishlist for years. Still hunting. It is good to want and not to just jump on Discogs.
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:15pm Katya:

Know this Bukowski, but thought he read it. Thanks for the heads-up about Stanton! (And I meant to say that only the CD of Escape From Dragon House is for sale at Discogs.)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:20pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Charlie & Still( till 4/27) Doing Nothingers. Having a hummingbird of a time listening. Sad that these birds will be flying away!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:21pm Parq:

This set is the best one yet on this show, and that's saying something.
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:23pm frenchee:

Hiya Chazz Birdlings!
this is a truly soaring set CAW CAW!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:23pm Charlie:

hiya, KevinfromBayRidge!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:24pm Brian in UK:

Hello Charlie.

Hey ndbob, how're you doing?
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:24pm Charlie:

hi frenchee!
and Brian in UK halloo to you too!
  Thu. 4/6/17 1:29pm frenchee:

MORE COWBELL~hiya Charlie
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:32pm Dominick:

There's a new sound!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:34pm Roberto:

Gerbils. My first in a long line of furry (and occasionally scaly) companions.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:36pm Charlie:

hi Roberto and your many companions:)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:36pm melinda:

hi folks
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:37pm Charlie:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:37pm melinda:

nice theme
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:38pm still b/p:

Just joining you crazy flockers now.

Jumping back to talk of vintage New York: Among the changes, for me, in visits and images seen, something about the New York street-feel changed and not for the better when the bright yellow, red and green shallow awnings and cowls started proliferating on so many storefronts a few decades ago. Love the older storefronts/signage/windows -- 50 to 100 years old -- and even pictures of them individually or longer stretches of them where they still exist and in nice period photos and movies.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:38pm Brian in UK:

Charlie, I played Pledge Song off this album recently. It was funny given the present incumbent.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:40pm Brian in UK:

Jack Nicholson on the back of a Harley in Easy Rider making bird wings.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:43pm Charlie:

welcome, melinda, and still b/p -- birds of a feather flock together (frolic together?)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:43pm melinda:

digging the Blue Birds.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:45pm northguineahills:

Richard & Mimi!

I remember when a friend of mine found that Tom Wilson album at a thrift store back in '97, that was a fun night.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:50pm Charlie:

That Richard and Mimi album is an old fave of mine.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:50pm Charlie:

Brian in UK -- yes...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:52pm listener james from westwood:

Otto: "Now I'd like to slow things down a little..."
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:52pm ndbob:

Heya Melinda! NGH!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:53pm ndbob:

Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:54pm Charlie:

We need some party games to get everyone talking...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:54pm Wilson K:

Oh man. C-bones, you're killing it!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:55pm doctorjazz:

Fun show, Charlie, thanks!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:56pm Charlie:

Hey, Wilson, thanks!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:57pm Wilson K:

This has got that Lee Hazelwood jauntyness
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:57pm Charlie:

Thanks, everyone, for flying with me today:)
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:58pm northguineahills:

Howdeez, ndbob!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:58pm ndbob:

excellent show Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:59pm Wilson K:

Guess "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" is inevitable at this point...
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 1:59pm listener james from westwood:

Heya, ndbob! See ya on the Fiveash side, I hope!

Thanks a ton, Charlie!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 2:00pm Michael:

Lotsa fun Charlie - thanks as always!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 2:00pm listener james from westwood:

I am in error; that's the Krinsky side today!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 2:01pm still b/p:

We ain't no fair-weather friends but wear-feather friends.
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 2:02pm Charlie:

Oh, yeh, sorry, forgot, Steve Krinsky's filling in!
Avatar Thu. 4/6/17 2:03pm Charlie:

lol still b/p!
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