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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options April 4, 2017: Thom Jones (aka DDDJJJ666) fills in for Tony

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Make Yourself Scarce   Options Razormaid Chapter 4: Pressing The Vinyl    0:00:00 ()
BGM  Neo Dancer   Options Back Ground Music  Vanity  0:01:59 ()
Solid Space  Tenth Planet   Options Space Museum  In Phaze  0:07:03 ()
Fiction  Geldstueck   Options German Suppression  EFA  0:09:51 ()
Killing Joke  Excerpt   Options The Cortauld Talks  Invisible  0:13:54 ()
Robert Rich  Selene & Ether   Options Premonitions 1980-1985  Vinyl On Demand  0:17:09 ()
Adriano Celentano  Prisencolinensinainciusol   Options Prisencolinensinainciusol 7"  Ariola  0:25:19 ()
Asmus Tietchens  Vom Pol Zum Metropol   Options Der Fuenfte Himmel  Beureau B  0:27:32 ()
Kline Coma Xero  Mannequins   Options Kline Coma Xero  Medical  0:33:35 ()
Tangela Tricoli  Space Woman   Options Jet Lady  Private  0:37:00 ()
Muslimgauze  Untitles   Options Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass  Waystyx  0:39:19 ()
Exploiting The Prophets  ETP   Options Exploiting The Prophets  Eksakt  0:44:33 ()
RAF  Self Control   Options Self Control 12"  Carrere  0:59:51 ()
Tuxedomoon  Still Small Voice   Options Vapour Trails  Cramboy  1:05:59 ()
Toni Valen  Niet Terug   Options Zelda  Oktavio  1:11:17 ()
Warning  They Are On Their Way   Options Electric Eyes  Vertigo  1:13:58 ()
Jack Jones  Wives And Lovers   Options Greatest Hits  Kapp  1:18:35 ()
Blanck Mass  Hive Mind   Options World Eater  Sacred Bones  1:21:00 ()
Patrick Fitzgerald Group  Animal Mentality   Options Tonight EP  Final Solution  1:29:18 ()
Mind Pollution  Nothing New   Options Your Pollution  Irmgardz  1:32:58 ()
The Fatal Charm  Bad Dreams (To Heavy Metal)   Options The Bridge II  It's Immaterial  1:36:52 ()
Paul Nova  Criminal World   Options Melancholy Heaven  Exhibit One  1:40:05 ()
Terrence Thomas/Robert Fair  Where Eagles Fly   Options Forces  Interface  1:45:57 ()
Claudia Robot  Ich Bin Ein Roboter   Options Alarmsignal  Philips  2:02:11 ()
Metronic Underground  Westerwald   Options Illusion  Private  2:06:43 ()
Look Blue Go Purple  Safety In Crosswords   Options Bewitched  Flying Nun  2:08:31 ()
2 Belgen  I Have A Bright Mind   Options Soulmasking  Antler  2:09:58 ()
Swamp Children  Samba Zippy Pt. II   Options So Hot  Factory Benelux  2:12:31 ()
O Yuki Conjugate  Ba- Makala   Options Into Dark Water  Final Image  2:16:52 ()
Esplendor Geometrico  Belew   Options Esplendor Geometrico  EG  2:20:21 ()
Eno  Reflection III   Options Reflection  Warp  2:22:53 ()
Terry Riley  The Oldtimer   Options Lifespan Soundtrack  Stip  2:27:03 ()
Naffi Sandwich  We Are Willing   Options Hoochie Pooch  Em  2:28:40 ()
Halfnelson  Saccharine And The War   Options Halfnelson  Bearsville  2:31:33 ()
Clock DVA  Excerpt   Options Rekonstruktor 12"  Anterior Research  2:35:12 ()
Treibeis  Deutsche Frau   Options Alpentaeume  WDSP  2:37:19 ()
Stu Cisco  The Mariner's Dream   Options Amanita  Private  2:42:16 ()
Charles De Goal  Plus Haut   Options Double face  New Rose  2:44:42 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 11:48am DDDJJJ666:

Wakey Wakey, let go of snakey!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 11:50am DDDJJJ666:

Pledge some money to the show while youre at it. I can't curse on air just anywhere, ya know.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 11:54am DDDJJJ666:

For those of you hate me, be sure to avoid listening to Hipsters Suck, Monday nights 11PM-1AM Pacific on XRAY FM.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 11:57am DDDJJJ666:

This show will be safe for work, if you work with longshoremen.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 11:58am DDDJJJ666:

The Longshoremen is also a pretty good band that put out a couple records in the 80's that you can still find in the occasional dollar bin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

Good Tuesday, Thom and all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 4/4/17 12:02pm doctorjazz:

Welcome, Thom.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 12:02pm Carmichael:

Heya Thom and listeners.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:03pm DDDJJJ666:

Hi, yooz guyz!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:05pm DDDJJJ666:

This is what my alarm clock does every morning. At 2PM.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:12pm DDDJJJ666:

I am hoping that showing the German government my Krautrock and Neue Deutsche Welle collection will gain me instant citizenship.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Imagine that; emigrating to Germany to escape oppression.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:15pm still b/p:

Jagermeister used to be marketed as digestive aid and for German cough suppression, which is no doubt what is meant by the album title.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:15pm DDDJJJ666:

Jaz hands!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:16pm DDDJJJ666:

I find Jaegermeister helps me forget a cough or any other ailment.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:17pm DDDJJJ666:

It also makes me able to hunt with incredible skill.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:19pm DDDJJJ666:

Catch and release, of course.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:19pm DDDJJJ666:

Or, in the case of deer; catch and pet and release.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:20pm DDDJJJ666:

In space, no one can hear you not doing your job.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:20pm still b/p:

Performing humane CPR on the deer, then.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:22pm DDDJJJ666:

Guns are not used. Except these sweet guns I call arms.
  Tue. 4/4/17 12:23pm βrian:

This feels a bit like a euthanasia soundtrack...
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:23pm DDDJJJ666:

Just relax and close your eyes and everything will be fine.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:24pm still b/p:

Nice -- shirtless, and doing your best Axl in the mirror: "Whooooa, sweet guns of mine..."
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Speaking of which, I can't recommend the New Zealand film Deathgasm enough.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:25pm DDDJJJ666:

My greatest fear: Axl grease.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 12:26pm listener james from westwood:

Almost as bad as a Slashed tire.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:26pm DDDJJJ666:

Or Duff On Golf.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:29pm DDDJJJ666:

Izzy qualified to teach that sport?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 12:30pm listener james from westwood:

Barely; he's just Straddlin the line.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:31pm DDDJJJ666:

Where are all the Steven Adler jokes, dammit?!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:31pm DDDJJJ666:

James Westwood, FTW!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:31pm still b/p:

Citizen Kane's last words: "Rose, bud!"
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:33pm βrian:

I always thought that meant Fuck The What?
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:33pm DDDJJJ666:

I thought that at first, too. Better, in a way.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:33pm DDDJJJ666:

Win The For!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:36pm DDDJJJ666:

I used to wonder why everyone was so interested in LOL TOLHHURST
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:37pm βrian:

Free The Whales.
Feel The Wrath.
Fix The Wabbit
Fuck The World
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:38pm DDDJJJ666:

Find The Words.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:39pm still b/p:

Fold The Wash.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:40pm βrian:

In the beginning was the ism, the initialism.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 4/4/17 12:42pm JtotheK:

Hello and welcome back DDDJJJ666! Hi everyone.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:43pm DDDJJJ666:

Guten Morgen, JtotheK!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 12:44pm DDDJJJ666:

Free The Willie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 4/4/17 12:57pm JtotheK:

sorting/organizing records in expedits -- a chore that will inevitably take longer than expected. and one i dread having to do, soon-ish.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 1:02pm listener james from westwood:

Whoa! I remember when MTV got criticized b/c Brannigan's video for "Self-Control" was considered "racy."
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:02pm DDDJJJ666:

The modern Sisyphus is forever shifting records in an infinite number of Expedits.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 1:02pm northguineahills:

I've only heard the Laura Branigan cover...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 1:02pm listener james from westwood:

This was of course in the Gilead-like early Reagan 80s.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:03pm DDDJJJ666:

The thought of Laura Brannigan losing self control still haunts me.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:03pm DDDJJJ666:

Or maybe she is literally haunting me.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:04pm DDDJJJ666:

This Italo version takes the edge off abit. Especially the rap part.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 1:04pm northguineahills:

Well, I only heard the Laura Brannigan cover filtered through the pop universe of 1987 Japan.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:09pm DDDJJJ666:

Relatively tame within the sugary musical constructs of J-pop.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:10pm DDDJJJ666:

Some mornings my wife, Magnolia Bouvier, brings me breakfast and I go "Bran again!"
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Magnolia Bouvier's excellent radio show, Vampirella In Iridescent Teal can be found on Mix Cloud, BTW.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:14pm DDDJJJ666:

Because I can speak German, I can also understand Dutch. When I am drunk.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 1:16pm 23 Wolves:

HOORAY, I love Warning so much!!!!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:16pm DDDJJJ666:

A Always B Be L Lsteningtowarning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 1:19pm listener james from westwood:

When "Wives and Lovers" was used in "GoodFellas," "fix your nose up" meant something a lot different in context of the film.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:20pm DDDJJJ666:

Warning is kind of amazing. The main guy died recently.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:21pm DDDJJJ666:

James; was that when Joe Pesci used Afrin?
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:21pm still b/p:

Wives and Lovers, despite and due to its pronounced and deplorable attitude, has been a favorite piece of period popular music schmaltz since I was a teenager.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:22pm DDDJJJ666:

Bad lyrics. Great arranging.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Though, I am happy to say that my wife is my lover. However, she is not waiting for me at the door like a dog. This does not eliminate dog-like actions in other arenas.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Like wearing a flea collar.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Because I keep catching and releasing deer (please see earlier comments)
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:32pm DDDJJJ666:

All the music played today has an encoded resonant frequency designed to give the president Giardia.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:38pm DDDJJJ666:

Goth bless fake Chrome.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:39pm still b/p:

Great ...all his even MORE ill-tempered tweets will be coming from the Mar-a-Lago bathroom.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:41pm DDDJJJ666:

I am going to build my own Mar-a-Lego compound. It will be awesome.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:42pm still b/p:

Jack Jones and Jerry Vale music piped throughout all the time!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:44pm DDDJJJ666:

My Lego president will be so much better than the current president. Because anything would be better.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 1:47pm still b/p:

I would rather accidently step on the Lego President in my bare feet three to five times a day than endure the rest of the term with the current holder.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:01pm DDDJJJ666:

Please do so on the current one.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:12pm Rich in Washington:

Hello hello hello DDDJJJ666
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Hey, Rich!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:14pm DDDJJJ666:

I am trying to bring down the current regime with some Salsa.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:14pm DDDJJJ666:

I hear acid reflux is deadly to 70 year old bigot assholes.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:18pm Webhamster Henry:

So you must be the LEGO Tony Coulter then?
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:19pm Rich in Washington:

I had a Lego when I was a kid.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:19pm DDDJJJ666:

I am the Erector Set TC.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:20pm Rich in Washington:

I had a Lincoln Log too. What stupid toys they were.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 4/4/17 2:20pm doctorjazz:

Seem to have lost the signal on my PC pop-up.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:21pm DDDJJJ666:

They were the finest swallowable toys that natural selection could muster.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:22pm DDDJJJ666:

Pop-up here is working.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:22pm DDDJJJ666:

It might be EVP of Laura Brannigan haunting your PC.
  Tue. 4/4/17 2:24pm Dean:

Lego has gone bonkers. My youngest just acquired a mini-set that includes a Lego baguette and bread basket!

Lincoln Logs were not stupid. They were rustic.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Lincoln Logs were great. If you were into ass-play.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:26pm DDDJJJ666:

I remember when Lego's involved imagination. Now they are like Ikea furniture.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:27pm DDDJJJ666:

Nothing's bad when Eno is playing, though.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:27pm Rich in Washington:

wonder if there's a correlation between the child toy safety act and the demographic of voters over the last 18 years.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:27pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh, except for the current administration: ALWAYS BAD!
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:27pm Rich in Washington:

I think this Eno lad is onto something.
  Tue. 4/4/17 2:27pm Dean:

I wasn't into ass-play, but I've matured quite a bit since then. Maybe I should swing by the toy store on the way home and purchase a new set of Lincoln Logs.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:29pm Rich in Washington:

I mean, mine might be the last generation who can remember that the stupidest kids growing up usually didn't live to see their 20th birthday. Now they're in high offices.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:29pm northguineahills:

I used to make Lincoln Log skyscrapers as a kid. I had to work on the architecture so it wouldn't simply toddle over.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:30pm northguineahills:

I'm pretty sure the one in the highest level is probable older then you, and only didn't Darwin himself out of the gene pool due to being born into money.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:31pm Rich in Washington:

Wait. What are you saying... Lincoln LOGS? How did you get more than one log? Were you rich or something?
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:31pm DDDJJJ666:

I was too busy killing Native Americans with my Cavalry in my Fort Apache playset. Back when, somehow, killing Native Americans with toys was OK.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:31pm Rich in Washington:

Naffi Sandwich sounds like Northern England slang for female genitalia.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:32pm Rich in Washington:

The Trumps were so rich they had people choke on Legos for them.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:34pm Rich in Washington:

Ron Mael was so ahead of his time, what people thought was a hitler moustache was really a 21st century stripper's pubes.
  Tue. 4/4/17 2:34pm Barry:

Sparks always make me smile. Thanks Thom!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:34pm northguineahills:

Now, Playmobil, that's where it was at!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:35pm Webhamster Henry:

I am the "Girder and Panel Set" WebHamster. If you think Erectorset is a double entedre, so is Girdle & Panty set.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:35pm Rich in Washington:

"Aye, laddy! She had a hitler moustache over her naffi sandwich, she did!"
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:37pm DDDJJJ666:

Ron's Stache actually continues to evolve. It has its own brain.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:37pm DDDJJJ666:

It can now fashion tools.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:38pm DDDJJJ666:

One day, this town won't be big enough for both Ron mael and his moustache.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:38pm Rich in Washington:

The Mael Bros song Moustache has the wittiest couplet about facial hair ever.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Mael pattern boldness.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:39pm Rich in Washington:

I would look it up but there's some law that lyric sites have to get most songs completely wrong.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:40pm DDDJJJ666:

Looking up Cocteau Twins lyrics is the funnest.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:43pm DDDJJJ666:

Sparks have a new album coming out soonish.
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:45pm Rich in Washington:

They're doing a lot of cool stuff. Like some kind of Broadway-ish thing?
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:46pm DDDJJJ666:

Not sure.
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 2:47pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 2:51pm northguineahills:

No, the airport is a member of Charles de Goal (hey, I've sampled the now discontinued Bernard Parmegiani designed attention tone at Charles de Gaulle.)
Avatar    Tue. 4/4/17 2:59pm Rich in Washington:

Thanks DDDJJJ666!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 4/4/17 2:59pm JtotheK:

thanks DDDJJJ666, enjoyed the show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 4/4/17 3:01pm northguineahills:

Crap, it's three, thanks DDDJJJ666!
Avatar Tue. 4/4/17 3:02pm DDDJJJ666:

Well, it's been fun boys (3). My ass is stuffed full of Lincoln Logs and I am autoerotic asphyxiating on Lego's. Time for lunch. Thank you all. Crush the Drumpf!
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