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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

Wednesdays 7 - 10pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options March 8, 2017: Marathon Week 1 with DJ Mark R.
We'll be giving away 9 thrilling LP and CD prizes, ranging from collections of Polish rock and Spanish garage, to Brooklyn post-rock and Zambian psych. Oh, and a couple of John and Yoko albums, too.

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Pledge $75 or more to receive a copy of BEIJING CALLING, a collection of ear-searing, mind-twisting, bowel-eviscerating punk, rock, and noise tracks from Gary's massive personal super-posse of action-packed thrills from everybody's favorite People's Republic!

Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2017     
Komety  Chain of Fools   Options Czech Up! Volume 1: Chain of Fools 1966-1978  2016  This fabulous CD is possibly yours for a $20 pledge before 7:20 PM!  0:04:21 ()
Eva Pilarová  Leto Leto   Options Czech Up! Volume 1: Chain of Fools 1966-1978  2016    0:07:47 ()
Karel Gott  I've Never Been So Young   Options Czech Up! Volume 1: Chain of Fools 1966-1978  2016    0:09:29 ()
Viktor Sodoma  Vysoka Hra   Options Czech Up! Volume 1: Chain of Fools 1966-1978  2016    0:13:04 ()
Hang on the Box  Ass Hole I'm Not Your Baby   Options Beijing Calling: Chinese Rock 1994-2017  2017  Bodega Pop Live's DJ Premium, yours for a $75 or more pledge  0:15:53 ()
75 Dollar Bill  Beni Said   Options Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock  2016  This vinyl LP can be yours for a $20 pledge!  0:27:58 ()
Carsick Cars  Zhong Nan Hai   Options Beijing Calling: Chinese Rock 1994-2017  2017  Bodega Pop Live's DJ Premium, yours for a $75 or more pledge!  0:37:03 ()
Elza Soares  Luz Vermelha   Options The Woman at the End of the World  2015  This Mais Um Discos CD can be yours for $20 -- get in the running now!  0:51:30 ()
Lurdez Da Luz  Andei   Options Lurdez Da Luz  2010    0:55:25 ()
Novos Baianos e Baby Consuelo  Você Me Dá Um Disco?   Options No Final Do Juízo  1971    0:58:52 ()
Elza Soares  Dança   Options The Woman at the End of the World  2015  This terrific CD can be yours for $20  1:01:12 ()
Amanaz  I Am Very Far   Options Africa  1975  This 2 CD set can be yours for $20!  1:15:04 ()
Amanaz  History of Man (Reverb Mix)   Options Africa  1975  This 2 CD set is YOURS for $20  1:17:59 ()
Amanaz  Sunday Morning   Options Africa  1975  Pledge! Pledge! Pledge! for this  1:20:45 ()
Restoration Nightmare Factory  You Finally Remember Your Childhood Feeling   Options Beijing Calling: Chinese Rock 1994-2017  2017  Yours for $75 or more pledge!  1:32:36 ()
Chui Wan  Black Cat White Cat   Options Beijing Calling: Chinese Rock 1994-2017  2017    1:33:43 ()
Yishak Banjaw  Segno Sra Allebign   Options Love Songs Vol. 2  2016  This CD is (quite possibly) yours for $20  1:37:21 ()
Kanui & Lula  My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua   Options Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era Vol. 2 (1927-1936)    This vinyl LP can be yours for a mere $20 pledge!  1:55:01 ()
Tau Moe's Hawaiian Jazzites  U Like, Noa Like   Options Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era Vol. 2 (1927-1936)      1:57:55 ()
Sol Hoopii & his Novelty Quartette  Palolo   Options Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era Vol. 2 (1927-1936)      2:00:56 ()
Segis Luvaun  Wela-Ka-Hao   Options Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era Vol. 2 (1927-1936)    Don't wait to pledge!  2:04:26 ()
          2:07:02 ()
Cefe y Los Gigantes  Sin Rencor   Options Algo Salvaje Vol. 2: Untamed 60s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain    Yours for $20!  2:15:17 ()
Joyside   Eat Me   Options Beijing Calling: Chinese Rock 1994-2017  2017  Bodega Pop Live's DJ Premium, yours for $75  2:16:48 ()
Unknown  Spanish Cola Commercial   Options Los Nuggetz: 1960s Punk, Pop & Psychedelic from Latin America      2:19:36 ()
Los Pops  Te Esperaba   Options Algo Salvaje Vol. 2: Untamed 60s Beat And Garage Nuggets From Spain      2:21:31 ()
Los Gatos Negros  Jugando al Amor   Options Elegant Pop (Spanish Garage)    Los Gatos Negros are on the Algo Salvaje, but it's a different track  2:23:08 ()
Music behind DJ:
Wax Audio 
Imagine This   Options       2:31:09 ()
Bugotak  Kon Togethy   Options       2:35:15 ()
John Lennon & Yoko Ono  Remember Love   Options Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins    This time capsule of an album on vinyl can be yours for a $20 pledge -- get in the running!  2:39:23 ()
John Lennon & Yoko Ono  Song for John   Options Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions    This album can also be yours for a $20 pledge -- very good chance of winning it!  2:41:51 ()
The Qwarymen  Beatle Rap   Options Curl Activate 2      2:44:37 ()
"The Beatles"  Talking to Myself   Options Everyday Chemistry      2:48:14 ()
Rabato  Revolution 8   Options WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD | Beatles Tribute      2:51:49 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 3/8/17 7:00pm Jill B.:

Good Evening Gary. Hope all is well in NY. No more snow here, just lots and lots of rain, rain, rain.....yearning for sunny skies.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:01pm Gary:

Hi Mom! Glad to hear the snow melted ... did you get the package yet?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 7:02pm listener james from westwood:

Evening, Gary, Jill, and all!!
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:02pm Jill B.:

Oh Yes! Loved all of the goodies, especially the sweet little apron and lovely bottle in the beautiful wood case. Looking forward to using each and every item you sent.
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:03pm Mark R.:

Hi Gary's Mom! Come on everyone, it's that time when we show our love for Bodegas and all things FMU. How's about a Mouse of Today Pledge?
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:03pm Jill B.:

Hey NoDak Bob!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:03pm Gary:

James! Co-host Mark!
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:04pm Mark R.:

Welcome, James!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:07pm hyde:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:09pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:11pm Gary:

This super thrilling CD can be yours for a pledge of $20 to get in the running!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:11pm hyde:

so today i had to have my gas heater looked at, since the pilot light kept going out. conversation between me and the gas guy basically went like this:

Gas Guy: yeah, I don't know if you'll know this name, but the house I stopped at before this was this guy Sonny Rollins...

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:12pm Gary:

Whaaaaa ...?!?
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:14pm hyde:

yeah, Sonny Rollins apparently lives up the road. The gas guy said he was really nice, though he was sad 'cause he can't play anymore. Sonny Rollins also tipped the guy with a two dollar bill when he left!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:17pm Doug Schulkind:

Sad Sonny Rollins, the two-dollar-bill tipper, has lost his flame. It's like a short story.

Good evening Emperor Gary and all Bodegans!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:18pm Gary:

Hey, Doug!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:19pm hyde:

@Doug he is 87, after all. i think he hasn't been able to play for awhile, in reading around today he had an album planned for 2014 that never came out. but he'll always be a saxophone colossus.

i want to go hang out with him.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:20pm Gary:

Going to give away Czech Up! in a moment ... pledge!
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:20pm Mark R.:

Think about this: a Swag-for-Life membership. We'll take $10 or $20 or $30 off your credit card every much, just like your teenager going into your wallet--you won't even notice! And the best part is, you can stop it any time you want. Meanwhile, you get new swag every year, and this year, you get the amazing Eat Flaming Death t-shirt, too. Check it out elsewhere on this site!
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:20pm Dean:

More songs should include "Ass Hole" in the lyrics.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:22pm Doug Schulkind:

My first ever radio show was called Tenor Madness, named for Rollins' legendary duet with J. Coltrane.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:22pm Doug Schulkind:

The first record I ever played on the air... skipped.
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:23pm hyde:

@Doug that's amazing. i bought Way Out West when i was in high school, and it blew my mind
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:25pm Dean:

Amazing! Thank you!

Of course you're invited. Hell, yeah, my parties are going to another level. I'm a wild and crazy guy.

Tim lives nearby, if not in Berkeley.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:27pm Doug Schulkind:

Great great cover art for Way Out West: londonjazzcollector.files.wordpress.com...
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:28pm Dean:

Way Out West was one of the first LPs I purchased as an "audiophile" pressing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 7:29pm Polyus:

Awright Gary and Mark! Happy Marathon.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:29pm Gary:

Hey Dean, thanks so much for the pledge! And say hi to Tim when you bump into him!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:29pm Gary:

  Wed. 3/8/17 7:30pm Dean:

Ironically, my sole means of interaction with Tim is...on this comment board! A buddy of mine, however, used to ride the bus with him.
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:32pm Mark R.:

Welcome Polyus, hi Doug! It's heating up in here!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:33pm tim abdellah:

Ima jump in here - the water seems fine! Howdy all, near and far!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:34pm hyde:

@Doug William Claxton, for the win
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:34pm Gary:

Speak of the Tim!
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:34pm Dean:

Hi, tim. (See?)
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:35pm Mark R.:

Yeah Tim, welcome! I concur about that Rollins album cover--fantastic!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:37pm Gary:

This rip-roaring LP can be yours for a $20 pledge!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:37pm hyde:

my gf just told me that Sonny Rollins plays the sax stuff on some songs Tattoo You by the Stones (like on Waiting on a Friend) which somehow i never knew before.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:38pm Gary:

Whoa, I didn't know that either, Hyde
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:38pm tim abdellah:

Is the whole album of 75 Dollar Bill as awesome as this track?
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:39pm Gary:

YES. Tim, they're pretty well loved around these parts
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:39pm hyde:

@Gary i assume Charlie Watts was responsible
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:42pm tim abdellah:

Cool - sign me up for the LP. do I do it through the pledge widget on this webpage?
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:42pm Doug Schulkind:

Sonny Rollins also plays (or has his sax overdubbed on) the Stones' "Slave." Or, as Ben Carson calls it "American Striver."
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:42pm Gary:

Yes, the widget at the top!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:43pm Gary:

<iframe src="pledge.wfmu.org... frameborder="0"></iframe>
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:43pm Gary:

Or click here: pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 7:44pm hyde:

@Doug how did i never know this stuff???? all i know about is the fake news rumor that Ornette Coleman played with Supertramp
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:45pm Gary:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 7:45pm northguineahills:

Wow, this is the best Carsick Cars I've ever heard!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:48pm Flash Strap:

GAAAAARY! The King holds court! tithe to this lord, all
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:50pm Mark R.:

Get in the running for that 75 Dollar Bill album with a pledge, y'all!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:51pm tim abdellah:

Awesome - THANKS Gary and Mark!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:51pm Flash Strap:

congratulations Tim
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:54pm Gary:

NGH! Flashstrap!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:56pm Doug Schulkind:

No, Ornette played with the Dead. Very different.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 7:56pm Flash Strap:

your premium looks like actual dynamite, Gary
  Wed. 3/8/17 7:58pm Mark R.:

You guys, having personally previewed Gary's excellent collection all week, I can attest that "Beijing Calling" is worth every penny of that $75 pledge. Maybe $76, actually.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:01pm Flash Strap:

76.01 at minimum, from the sound of it
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:07pm hyde:

my stupid cheap treebranch filled upstate NY internet crapped out there for ten minutes. i hope i didn't miss anything
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:09pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:17pm Flash Strap:

Elza Soares has had some intimidating work done (on her face). She looks awesome, actually, like a stone god: www.google.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:18pm Flash Strap:

Amanaz is so good
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:19pm Gary:

Elza's gonna be 80 this year!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:19pm geezerette:

Amanaz is addictive.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:20pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:21pm geezerette:

This playlist is addictive.
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:25pm hyde:

hellooooo geezerette!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:26pm geezerette:

Hiiiiiiii Hyde!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:27pm geezerette:

Not kidding about Amanaz. :D
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:27pm steve:

love it
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:27pm Mark R.:

Folks, did you know that WFMU spends $100,000 every year just to pay the rent on the site where our transmitters are? So yes, we need your pledges, no kiddin' now, you guys!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:29pm geezerette:

I gave at the "office", hahaha...
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:36pm Flash Strap:

this track is ba-Zonkers! holy shit
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:36pm Mark R.:

Ba-zonkers is right, Flash! Holy Toledo!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:37pm Gary:

I think that track is the vaporwave the kids are all talking about
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:39pm geezerette:

WOW!!! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:42pm geezerette:

Want to wrap this music around me like a coat & walk around inside it. Know whaddeye meme?
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:42pm Flash Strap:

oh my lord this is a good sound
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:43pm Jill B.:

Gary, I am enjoying tonight's music more than other nights. Don't know what the difference is (tone deaf I guess), but it is a lovely evening of music via Gary.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:43pm Gary:

I think tonight's show is overall less ka-razy than maybe I've been recently, sonically?
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:44pm hyde:

love this
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:45pm Gary:

Mom, we'll be hearing vintage Hawai'an music during the next set!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:45pm Mary Wing:

Hi Gary and Mark, and Bodega-fans! Love this Yishak Banjaw CD.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:46pm Gary:

Mary! Hi!
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:46pm Mark R.:

Hi Mary! I love Yishak too--very groovy stuff!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:47pm tim abdellah:

"So Nice" - Jobim, I think
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:47pm geezerette:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:47pm Mary Wing:

Girl from Ipanema?
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:47pm hyde:

tim has it
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:47pm Jill B.:

Yes! Hawaiian...it will take me back to our time in Kukuihaele! And brighten the soggy day.
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:48pm Dean:

I prefer the B-52s' "Girl from Ipanema."
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:48pm tim abdellah:

  Wed. 3/8/17 8:48pm Jill B.:

Yes, I want my world to be groovy, but more so I want my world to be sane!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:48pm hyde:

i'm hoping for Sol Hoʻopiʻi
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:48pm hyde:

ungulate up
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:50pm geezerette:

haha! Hyde.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:50pm tim abdellah:

this may be the version you're thinking of, with the organ: Astrud Gilberto with Walter Wanderly: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:51pm geezerette:

@Tim: Nailed it!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:54pm Flash Strap:

He's a great silent co-host, Gary
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 8:54pm melinda:

He did move to NC
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 8:54pm melinda:

Hi Flash! Sorry to speak for you, just now tuning in
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:54pm Flash Strap:

i moved to Bahama

Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:57pm hyde:

hiya melinda!
  Wed. 3/8/17 8:57pm Jill B.:

Thanks for a bit of old Hawaii! Key ah lah kay ku ah
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 8:57pm melinda:

howdy hyde! and everyone!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 8:58pm hyde:

i love this song
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:58pm geezerette:

Hey Flash and Melinda!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:58pm geezerette:

Poi party!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 8:58pm Flash Strap:

Hi Melinda! And Geezerette, and NGH, and Hyde and any other frequenters of the Explorers room and everyone else too, including, especially, Gary's mom!

Really want this comp for myself, seems so good
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:00pm melinda:

I like this one too. It was on a different Hawaiian compilation CD I got from the library and taped many years ago.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:00pm Uncle Michael:

Hello everyone.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:00pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:01pm geezerette:

This is both beautiful and funny.

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:01pm Gary:

Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 9:01pm hyde:

hello unca mikey
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:02pm Jill B.:

How fun! In some ways I do miss Hawaii
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:02pm Flash Strap:

Hey Uncle!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:05pm Kris Holmes:

the legendary sol hoopi
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:06pm Mayuko:

Good evening!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:06pm Gary:

Kris! Mayuko!
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:06pm Mark R.:

Hi Mayuko and Kris!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:08pm Kris Holmes:

Don't forget to pledge if you can people, handy widget at the top of the playlist before, premium rewards, prizes, what could possibly go wrong, it's a great cause :)
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:08pm Mark R.:

What Kris said!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:09pm geezerette:

Howdy, Kris & Mayuko!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:09pm Kris Holmes:

also, headed to hawaii in late sept, for my first time, so excite!!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:09pm Kris Holmes:

hi geezerette & everybody!!
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm Jill B.:

Signing off for the night Gary. Time for dinner and old movies. Love the sound of your laughter tonight.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm Kris Holmes:

moving the belt to change the speed is pretty standard on hi fi turntables!! Rega is a good brand as a rule.
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm hyde:

haha, i used to have a KLH turntable that my father made from a kit where you had to switch the band between 33 and 45
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm Dean:

Buy a supply of replacement belts. My first "high end" turntable was a CJ Walker, which had a similar pulley switch mechanism. Current 'table is a Linn Sondek from c.1983. Love it.
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm Mark R.:

I'm very happy with it, Kris!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 9:11pm hyde:

hello Mayuko!!!
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:12pm Dean:

Rega also makes solid CD players.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:13pm Flash Strap:

I've got those Bali discs as a prize next week!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:14pm Mayuko:

hello hyde :)
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:16pm Kris Holmes:

love those hawaiian records, don't listen to them enough, i used to have a few of the old hawaiian 78s back when i collected 78s. actually just passed by a pile of them beat to crap in the local record store the other week now that i think about it, early Victor titles etc. that stuff was a popular sound back then!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:18pm Kris Holmes:

these foreign garage/beat comps are always such a revelation
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:23pm Kris Holmes:

crazy, there was a local version of this coke commercial on a New Zealand 60s LP presented by Coke, same music, same melody.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:23pm Mayuko:

Coca Cola had some good commercial songs in Japan too. I wonder what other countries have had!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:26pm Kris Holmes:

Japan has good everything, amazing way of presenting stuff.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:29pm Doug Schulkind:

Pledge pledge pledge to Gary's show! One of the world's great libraries of international recordings spills out into your ears and minds every Wednesday night. Gary has such a fine ear for captivating and unusual sounds you've never ever heard before.

Express your appreciation and pleasure with a friendly contribution to the cause in Gary's honor. Pledge here now: pledge.wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:29pm Kris Holmes:

the word is definitely not "heinous"
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:31pm Kris Holmes:

lol at "do you like to chew" hahahaha
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:33pm Mark R.:

How can you not want this track? Pledge now, you fuckers! (to quote an ex-Beatle).
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:33pm tim abdellah:

Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:34pm Mary Wing:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:34pm melinda:

I never thought I'd say this but I like George Bush's paintings. He has a book of them out now.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:35pm Flash Strap:

and, uh
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:37pm Kris Holmes:

is it weird to sat that i kinda like Bush more now? :(
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:37pm Mary Wing:

Possible "h" words similar to presumptuous: haughty, highfalutin, hubristic.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:38pm melinda:

Kris I think many feel the same.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:38pm Dave in Vermont:

@Melinda, one of which is featured on Last Week Tonight- a portrait GW gave to the Dalai Lama
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:38pm Mark R.:

Because everything is relative, Kris. Compared to what we've got now, he seems good. But the bar has definitely been lowered to a subterranean level.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:38pm melinda:

omg, Kon Togethy...now I get it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:39pm Webhamster Henry:

Just popping in here to say - what kind of bodegas are YOU finding these cassettes in?
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:39pm Mark R.:

Groovy ones with 8% alcohol beer.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:39pm Gary:

Dave! Henry! I admit this track came from a fellow DJ, not a bodega
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:40pm Webhamster Henry:

It does sound a little on the Vocal Fry side of the WFMU genre spectrum.
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:41pm Mark R.:

I think Dan played another track from this album Monday night, Henry.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:42pm Flash Strap:

hahaha guys don't let the bad behavior of our current future-war-criminal distract you from the crimes of our most prominent recent past one! The Iraq war killed 500,000 Iraqis. Even Trump hasn't done anything THAT bad yet (YET)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:42pm Webhamster Henry:

Sorry I bumped into my limit of shows to like in this morning's pledge! I'm such a Drummer Streamer! If I get a job again, I'll have to just blanket the station.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:44pm Flash Strap:

Yoko's so amazing

Gary's Yoko show, also amazing!
  Wed. 3/8/17 9:46pm Mark R.:

Two great albums left to win for two lucky listeners! You're in the running with just a lil' ol' $20 pledge.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:46pm Gary:

Pledge pledge pledge -- if two pledge, you'll each get one of these LPs ... if only one of you pledges, you'll get BOTH! (If more than two pledge, it'll be luck of the draw)
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:48pm Flash Strap:

oh my heavens this is wiiiiiiiild
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:48pm tim abdellah:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:49pm Webhamster Henry:

I'm visualizing the 60s cartoon Beatles, Paul Frees and all, singing this song.
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:50pm Flash Strap:

damn, just damn
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/8/17 9:51pm Jeff Golick:

  Wed. 3/8/17 9:52pm Mark R.:

Let's see if we can get two more pledges before we close the Bodega for the night!
Avatar    Wed. 3/8/17 9:58pm hyde:

thanks Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 3/8/17 9:58pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks for the music, Gary!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:59pm Kris Holmes:

fun show team, enjoyed the tunes
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 9:59pm Flash Strap:

Thanks Gary and all!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 10:00pm tim abdellah:

Good night everyone! Great show!
Avatar Wed. 3/8/17 10:01pm Gary:

Night folks! See you soon ...
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