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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 24, 2017: Cuz I'm a Creep

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:00pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:00pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:00pm Just Ted:

I have a feeling you guys are PUMPED for this topic.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:00pm NotARealDoctor:

Hi Frangry!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:01pm Fuzzy:

place yer bets: how long will the intro music play this week? I say the mikes go live at 6:05!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:01pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, hello there!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm dgg:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Just Ted:

Truth be told, I'm a better lurker than creep.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm dgg:

u r on the air
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Just Ted:

yes, you are on.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Andy plants:

Your on
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm InfamousTim:

Hello ladies, huge fan since last year. My son and I listen to the archive all the time and he loves to dance to your theme. Today is his third birthday! I know you aren't huge fans is kids but will you give a quick Happy Birthday to my son TomTom?! Thank you!!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Fuzzy:

I lost -- you're on the air.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Skurky:

Yous are on
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Jordan:

You're on the air
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm NotARealDoctor:

You're on the air
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Just Ted:

at least on the internet
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Andy plants:

You're on
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:02pm Carmichael:

Wow, you guys threw me off by starting on time. I thought I had 5 free minutes ....
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:03pm billyiswilliam:

Intro music!!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:03pm Fuzzy:

push that yellow button.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:03pm dgg:

"I can't do that, Frangry"
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:03pm Sophronia Sphinx:

You're not on the air, don't worry. Just say any embarrassing thing you want to.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:03pm cosmic matrix:

how high did you guys get before the show?? for heavens sake
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:04pm dgg:

Put some delay on so we can trip out
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:04pm Just Ted:

If you're not broadcasting over the air, then you know that means its going to be the CREEPIEST of the CREEPS that will call in. The comments board weirdos.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:04pm Carmichael:

How many beers in, Frangles??
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:05pm Bum Bum:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:05pm RAWisROLLIE:

Thank God It's Frangry
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:06pm Just Ted:

SUW: No Penis-People help needed.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:08pm dgg:

I don't have a bed
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:08pm why you:

some men don't have penises you fcuking transphobe
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:08pm Jordan:

I love Michele the audio engineer...........
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You tested the phone in advance, right? Just in case the marathon preppers disconnected the line?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:09pm NotARealDoctor:

I know I'm a creep because we went for a walk but only I knew we were together.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:10pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

  Fri. 2/24/17 6:10pm Holly from New Zealand:

I yelled it out for you x
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:11pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:11pm dale:

when i was 28 i took out my girlfriend's 16 year old sister out. my girlfriend knew about it but i was really loaded when i showed up to take her out to her teen social club. i had improper thoughts.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:12pm NotARealDoctor:

I know I'm a creep because I screenshot people's Grindr profile pics for later use.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:12pm jake:

I know Imm a creep cause i always go to the movies by myself.. DONT JUDGE ME TICKET TAKER
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:12pm Holly from New Zealand:

I'm a creep because I got friends of mine to pose nude for me, in the cemetery next to my house and called it "art"...
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:12pm dale:

the 'heaters' are in the rear. HA!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:12pm Just Ted:

Sure its not!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:13pm Just Ted:

Judgement suits you Michele.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:13pm Greg Oreo:

I know I'm a creep because I always stare down the person sitting across from me on the subway.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:14pm Just Ted:

M y M with nuts or sans
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:14pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

  Fri. 2/24/17 6:14pm Holly from New Zealand:

On a waaaaahterbed
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:14pm dgg:

will this be the first shut up weirdo that causes someone to get arrested?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I am a creep because I take Oreos, eat the middle goo and put the cookie parts back into the bag.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:15pm Just Ted:

I had a feeling sniffing would pop up sooner or later.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:15pm NotARealDoctor:

Ken, it would be worse if you filled them with toothpaste before you put them back
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:15pm Greg Oreo:

I am a creep because I REALLY liked Ken's comment. ;)
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:16pm common:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:17pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Next week on the show: Pickup Artists and why you are one!
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:17pm Greg Oreo:

I'm a creep because I make inappropriate comments to men on message boards.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:18pm Just Ted:

When I was in elementary school, the guys used to peek in through the double doors to the HS girls locker room. I could never bring myself to do it. Which creeps ME out.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:19pm DONALD TRUMP:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:19pm dgg:

whoa. this guy is a seriosuly creeply
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:19pm Just Ted:

To catch a predator creeps me out.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:20pm Ill-annoy:

Is it creepy that I think it's hot when she says Emmy-ems?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:20pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Greg, I called Ken in Hyde Park's voice sexy on Wednesday, so I am a creep here too
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:20pm Sophronia Sphinx:

He's not an a-hole he's a troll.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:20pm NotARealDoctor:

Oh yeah? Hi, Greg Oreo. What's up?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:21pm Greg Oreo:

His voice IS sexy Aaron. And what;s up Doc
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:21pm Sophronia Sphinx:

No if he was a nerd that guy was a troll. How you could not know the very important difference??
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:21pm Just Ted:

Follow up topic Creep or A-hole.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:22pm NotARealDoctor:

Greg, I'll be checking for your Grindr profile later ;)
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:22pm A.T.F.:

Am i a creep because i'd rather be real high than take a shower???Always....its just a weed...
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:22pm Just Ted:

Lines are off the hook!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:22pm panurge:

nice try ATF
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:23pm Just Ted:

Damn, I HAVE to re listen to this show to dissect all the diabolicalness.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:23pm Sophronia Sphinx:

It was online he's was a classic textbook troll
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My wedding creepiness is that when I'm in a department store like Macy's, I type random names into the registry kiosk and see what the couples have on their list.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:24pm dgg:

I'm a creep because I get a tingle down my leg when Michele breathes into the mic
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:24pm NJ Prof:

Hey Woofmoos, anyone going to Monty Hall tonight?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:25pm Greg Oreo:

I'm a creep because I masturbate with hot dogs (Which are sandwiches by the way)
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:25pm NJ Prof:

First time I've been, what's the parking situation near there?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:25pm Richard Nixon:

I am not a creep!
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:26pm Greg Oreo:

I create my own taste sensations.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:27pm panurge:

I take screenshots of all the pretty girls I see on tinder and I collect them in a big folder and none of them match with me is that creepy??
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:27pm Just Ted:

I'm not going to get through today, but I feel I'm a creep because my presence creeps people out. A general sense of uneasy follows me around, like a bubble.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:27pm chad from oregon:

What he DIDN'T say, is that most Fetlife profiles have nudity and graphic... other things. he's creeping on the Tinder matches there to see them naked before even trying to meet them.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:27pm Gambrelli:

Oh BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a call......
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:28pm Just Ted:

What exactly is Michele on, because she is definitely on some kind of high. High on life?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:28pm Switchblade Batman:

Well I DID right swipe Michele once on tinder, she left swiped left :(
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:28pm DONALD TRUMP:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:29pm dale:

murder is 'a mistake?' okay.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:29pm Switchblade Batman:

Me too Rooster, me too.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:29pm Greg Oreo:

I'm an optician and a woman I sold glasses to once swiped right on me. I swiped left. She then found me on OKCupid and sent me a message. I ignored it. She came to visit me and wanted to hook up in the bathroom. She was a major creep.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:29pm Frangry:

i think shes just high on life :)
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:29pm Holly from New Zealand:

Awwww Rooster!! He's awesome, I'd go drink with him
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:30pm Just Ted:

Creep on down to the early bird Rooster.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:32pm spodiodi:

"all of these people have sex with someone" lol
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:32pm dgg:

@Greg that is so awesome
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:32pm dgg:

My greatest sadness from pizza delivering was that I never slept with someone I brought a pizza to
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:34pm dale:

did you deliver a big sausage pizza dgg?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:34pm Just Ted:

I'm Frangry, I see O-faces.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:35pm dgg:

I packed a hot sausage. but no one wanted it I guess. I did steal some kids yo-yo once. but that's different
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:35pm Creeple Peeple:

I do weird stuff with Plastigoop.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:35pm Greg Oreo:

@dgg While delivering cookies in college(insomnia what!) I delivered to the girls dorm and I got to creep on some girls running around in their underwear. That was as close as I ever got :(
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:35pm Holly from New Zealand:

Ha ha ha, awesome, Just Ted!!
Also, my girlfriend has a GREAT O face
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:35pm dale:

back in the early 80s i had sex with a woman on the hood of her father's car after my grandma's funeral. that was kind of creepy.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:36pm chad from oregon:

I think Just Ted just designed the next t-shirt.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:36pm dgg:

@greg that's pretty good. I'd take it.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:37pm Just Ted:

@Holly from NZ, I meant that in the "I see dead people" way, but in my excitement I forgot to make that clear.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:37pm dale:

he was going somewhere and was legitimately creepy . and YOU hung up.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:37pm spodiodi:

All my creepy stuff is too creepy to reveal.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:37pm dgg:

I did deliver a pizza once without my shoes on. The people said "funky". When I look back on that, they were right
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:37pm spodiodi:

I don't need confirmation.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:38pm robyn:

just stopping by to say... you've got a pretty mouth. *creeps out*
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:38pm Holly from New Zealand:

You don't need to make it clear, got it INSTANTLY. Also, where the F is Robyn in this conversation?!?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:39pm Greg Oreo:

If we are going back to middle school, I once asked out the ugly girl that smelled like eggs so that I wouldn't look shallow for crushing on the hot girls. It didn't work.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:40pm Just Ted:

Way back in the day, I delivered something to a very old, very frail lady, she asked me if I could tie her shoes. So I did. But it was really weird.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:40pm Just Ted:

@Robyn are those lips moist?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:40pm Holly from New Zealand:

Ha ha, snap
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:41pm dgg:

@ted ahaha. that's good of you.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:41pm dale:

i took a pair of binoculars to the broadway show 'chicago' - that was kind of weird, but hey - it was chicago.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Why is Emo Philips calling?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:43pm Jordan:

@FRANGRY - Creepier? You or MICHELE?
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:44pm Switchblade Batman:

I'm googling for a priest shirt and collar so I can pick up girls. That creepy?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:45pm lawrence:

That guy with the kid was pretty creepy
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:45pm Just Ted:

I thought about boring a friends baby to pick up girls. But decided puppies would work better.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:45pm Jordan:

"The Creep Tip" well said......
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:46pm spodiodi:

One night only: Boring Babies
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:46pm Just Ted:

The first time I went to the station, you guys said, "Oh, you're not as bad as we expected." Ken agreed, he said "Yeah, I was expecting much worse."
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:47pm dale:

he doesn't get to talk to human people often.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:47pm Gael:

I heard about the creepy stories on the dark net and later learned how to browse the dark net. And I'm telling you none of you are real creeps
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:47pm Holly from New Zealand:

I can't fucking stand that guy. Nails on a chalkboard to me
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'd like to hear Spike's creep stories. Well, maybe not.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:48pm Just Ted:

Frangry, also said "We should give him a butler name." My memory creeps people out. Sometimes it astonishes people though, but thats rare.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:49pm joe mulligan:

oh hell there might be more men creeps than women, but women go there its exponential
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:49pm Holly from New Zealand:

This show is fantastic
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm dale:

i got roof flashing.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm Just Ted:

Google must me thinking, WTF is this spike in "home depot boobs" searches.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm dgg:

You have "safe search" on
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm indrek from estonia:

where are you from exactly holly
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm Jordan:

Women creeps are more creative......for sure
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:50pm dale:

change your safe search setting frangry.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:51pm lawrence:

Show me the money!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:51pm Just Ted:

I'm fairly sure that search was mild by WFMU standards.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:51pm chad from oregon:

Yeah, that's a total boobs and butt Depot search
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm dgg:

wow, that's normal? I try really hard not to do that.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm Holly from New Zealand:

I DID!!! Thanks for the note xxx
Think I'm the most southern weirdo in the world
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm spidermank:

I'm in the wardrobe.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm chad from oregon:

No goths though, just bad tans
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm dale:

'bing' images with safe search off is tons of nekkid women at the home depot. they're fugly, but nekkid.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm Justin from Parsippany:

I definitively don't have safe search on, and I didn't get any results
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm lawrence:

Turned around and walked away lol
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:52pm Eric from Bellingham:

Sometimes I feel like a creep for having a huge crush on these two women I listen to every week but have never met.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:53pm indrek from estonia:

ok, great, holly. i'm a creep because i take those kind of photos on the streets. 4 years ago from christchurch: http://68.media.tumblr.com/d7aaf4a33dae7946cf4d8d175c26b6d7/tumblr_old3uvopYI1ri0oxdo1_500.jpg
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:53pm dgg:

I think Gomez is more altogether ooky personally
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:53pm common:

something, but not creepy! i was there during that last one. it was creepy. but funny
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:53pm Just Ted:

I've gained the ability to not be shy about being nude, after my near death experience.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm indrek from estonia:

ahh, holly. i read you are from the southern island lol
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm Just Ted:

Jesus BENNN-ettt
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm Holly from New Zealand:

That's a great pic Indrek, totally creepy :)
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm spodiodi:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Creepiness level rising.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm Jeff:

What a good-natured, self-deprecating stalker!
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm lawrence:

  Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm lawrence:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:54pm Just Ted:

Does Bennett drive a white panel van?
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:55pm lawrence:

Love is Grand
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:55pm spidermank:

Your wardrobe.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Lots of oddity with this guy, but not so much creepy.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:56pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:56pm Just Ted:

Lies leed to the oddest behavior. Its no wonder Threes Company was on for so long.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:57pm BADBRAIN:

Good nite creeps.
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:58pm kevlicki:

Good night from Tobago weirdos
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:58pm Frangry:

BYE WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:58pm dgg:

till we shut up again
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:58pm Jordan:

Bye Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay, have fun tonight!
  Fri. 2/24/17 6:59pm Holly from New Zealand:

YES! Glad she won
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 7:00pm madman:

  Fri. 2/24/17 7:01pm Cookie:

Congrats CRISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/24/17 7:02pm indrek from estonia:

It was somehow creepy that i had a chance to listen to this show live. It's 2 AM here, yet I am grateful
  Fri. 2/24/17 7:03pm Brando:

Goodnight Estonia..............
  Fri. 2/24/17 7:03pm indrek from estonia:

good night
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 7:07pm Just Ted:

Excellent show. You could do this topic next week and the lines would still be off the hook.
Avatar Fri. 2/24/17 8:52pm spodiodi:

Sounds good, Mr. Fine Wine!
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