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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 10, 2017: Self Help

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It's 6:01 PM Friday. Time for robots!
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:01pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:02pm SeanG:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:03pm Holly from New Zealand:

Hey ladies!! Got my pizza t shirt a couple of days ago, love it!! I think I might be the world's southern most weirdo...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:04pm Paul D:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:04pm dale:

the song that never ends.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:04pm RAWisROLLIE:

It's time for THEME SONG!
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:04pm dgg:

luckil this is one of my favorite songs
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:05pm Justin from Parsippany:

title of my self help book: "How to Stop Procrastinating... in One Week"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:05pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:05pm madman:

HI FRANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MICHELE AND LISTERNERS!!!!!!
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:05pm devlawn:

the song stopped :(
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:05pm cory:

my back hurts
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:06pm robyn:

i'd just like to point out, it's not EVERY friday...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:06pm fm Mike:

Hello Frangry and Michelle!

Haven't heard the show in a while, it's nice to be back :D
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:07pm Carmichael:

My apologies for my tardiness. May I say: "RRROOOBBBOOOTTTSSS!!!!"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:07pm throwbackvernacular:

you should have a baby on air for the pledge drive... just saying
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:07pm robyn:

Michele, I wear my pussy hat so that Frangry doesn't have to make decisions for you
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:07pm common:

dogs and cats know what you're saying.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:07pm devlawn:

Are you allowed to breastfeed while on air at WFMU?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:08pm ga01:

Hi everyone!
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:08pm throwbackvernacular:

wtf is a pussy hat and why the fuck am I hearing about them all the fuckin time
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:08pm fm Mike:

@ devlawn I can't see why not. It's not like we can see them.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:08pm ?:

Michelle - you need to make sure that your 2-week headache isnt from carbon monoxide in case the home heating system is leaking! really - it can be serious! [ so kind of on topic for self-help]
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm robyn:

"Needle in the Hay"... oh, wait.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm throwbackvernacular:

oh self help books! "When life gives you lemons, go home and kill yourself."
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm dale:

mine would be 'why listen to me? LOOK at me!'
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm dgg:

"The Power of Positive Drinking"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm Jeff:

Dogs knowing what you're saying doesn't mean they're conniving. It means they're highly emotionally-attuned geniuses.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:09pm Paul D:

How To Get Well Or Die Trying (A Benzo Guidebook) - Paul D.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:10pm Andy plants:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm KyFletch:

Bulimia helps with alcoholism: a self help book
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm samer.psd:

self help books!?
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm Holly from New Zealand:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm RAWisROLLIE:

"How To Help Yourself Read A How-To Book...By Yourself"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm NotARealDoctor:

"How to Fail Upward (Being White and Male)"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:11pm Andy plants:

Angry and crying while winning, and being amazing
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:12pm Paul D:

Who Let The Dogs Out? Surviving The 90's - A Memoir.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:12pm Holly from New Zealand:

Becoming One With the Art Crowd or There's Free Wine at Show Openings
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm throwbackvernacular:

"cumon baby lite my fire, an arsonists guide to romance."
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm Snow Moon:

Everything you wanted to know about Wierdos, but we're afraid to ask
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm chalmers:

I'm still hoping that "Wake Up, Weirdo" gets the morning drive slot.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm Jeff:

Frangry to Michele: "Boyfriend?"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm crushed:

wait, boyfriend?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:13pm robyn:

They make small white teddy bears holding a bottle of Nyquil
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:14pm samer psd:

get a life mister!
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:14pm Carmichael:

How To Be a Sore Winner.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:14pm spidermank:

"Getting a life Mister"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My book will be "1001 Ways To Prank Radio Call-in Shows."
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:14pm RAWisROLLIE:

Can you take more than one call at once? Just let that prankster blab for an hour with the volume down.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:15pm KyFletch:

"Get a life!" A guide to prank calling a radio station
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:15pm dale:

'how to write a self-help book' is a good self-help book. i'd buy that for a dollar.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:15pm robyn:

she sounded too young to know so much.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Wake up and smell the WEIRD
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:15pm spidermank:

"Be origiginal, here's how"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:16pm Leech:

"You're Doing It Wrong: Stop, Just Stop"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:16pm Jeff:

He's cracking himself up.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:16pm throwbackvernacular:

drinking you own pee for fun and profit.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:16pm farmer pete:

Hi ladies. My self-help book would be "Eleven Ways to Use This Book."
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:16pm Carmichael:

@robyn, you sound old just saying that.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm throwbackvernacular:

that's how too tho
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm dale:

'hypnotism for pleasure and profit'
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm NotARealDoctor:

"How to Hide Your Drinking Problem from your Boss"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm Andy plants:

Finding the beauty in the broke, how to be proud of delivering pizza and living in your moms attic at 27
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm Paul D:

Raisin' The Roof - I Was A 90s Talkshow Slut - A Memoir
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:17pm Salamander:

This Pubic Hair Won't Eat Itself
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:18pm cory:

okay, i really want to hang with Scott when he gets out
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:18pm robyn:

@Carmichael it's that Maker's Mark. a portal to the future.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:18pm throwbackvernacular:

"Burn me with that hot cheese: a sado masochists guide to eating disorders."
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:18pm Frangry:

Protecting the Peach in the Big Apple

How to go Commando in New York and New Jersey

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:19pm RAWisROLLIE:

"How to Accept Your Pointy Ears: An Elf-Help Book"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:19pm fm Mike:

Salamander wins lol
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:19pm warhamster:

Pretending You're Not Dead Inside: Dating in Your Late 30's
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:20pm throwbackvernacular:

yeah that's a good one
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:20pm Paul D:

Blue Shimmery Eyeshadow And Overplucked Eyebrows - A Modeling How To. Copyright 1995 by Amber Valeta
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:20pm farmer pete:

How to Punch Things and Look Normal While Doing It
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:22pm farmer pete:

Ways to Not Giggle When Saying the Word "Moist"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:22pm dgg:

so you fucked up your life again part 14
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:22pm Snow Moon:

10 Easy ways to annoy your Sister
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:23pm Frangry:

Frangry's French Pronunciation Guide for Stupid People
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:23pm farmer pete:

Candlemaking as Emotional Therapy: A Wick-ed Good Time
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:23pm cory:

my weed delivery guy just brings me weed. i'm cool with that
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:24pm ianlang:

"So You're a Big Boy Now: What to Expect From A Diaperless Life"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:24pm robyn:

What To Use When You're Not Following Your Dreams
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:24pm throwbackvernacular:

give me my fuckin dope and get the fuck away before the cops come.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:24pm Salamander:

my book is about surviving on a island with no food
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:24pm common:

how to talk to your right-wing relatives about politics on the phone by continuously hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, drinking beers and popping percs.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:25pm Frangry:

Want a World Wind Romance?

A Guide for Forty Year Old Gals

By Michele
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:26pm robyn:

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Because The Things You Cannot Control Will Devastate You
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:27pm throwbackvernacular:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:27pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When Drumpf provokes China enough, World Wind 3 is going to erupt.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:27pm Paul D:

Tolerating Zooey Dachanel, A Zenmasters Guide To Being Ok
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:28pm Carmichael:

And that mans no more filet minyong.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:28pm Snow Moon:

Trump's Guide to Locking Her Up
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:28pm Carmichael:

And that mans no more filet minyong.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:28pm robyn:

Billy, that's the clip. I was wrong. I was wrong.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:29pm warhamster:

@robyn - That would be amazing.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:29pm Salamander:

You Call That a Penis?: How to Command Respect Amongst Colleagues
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:29pm Frangry:

How to Kill Your Ex
And Get Rid of the Body

by Michele
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:30pm throwbackvernacular:

king missle. for serial?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:30pm NotARealDoctor:

I care about Mr. Rogers. :(
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:30pm Andy plants:

You're not ugly you're beautiful hair tips and fashion by BoB Ross
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:30pm dale:

'how to remember colors'
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm NotARealDoctor:

His sweaters were many. There were different colors.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm throwbackvernacular:

rip mr. rogers. he kept his weight at 143 lbs. 143 for I love you.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm Michelle:

Frangry's Guide to Wierdos Management
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm Sir Meowsalot:

HI. TRUST ME, THIS IS MY REAL- all caps sorry. My book would be HOW TO CATCHTHEM ALL, THE BABES.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm farmer pete:

Mr. Rogers had several sweaters. He updated each season. It was the PBS fashion statement that drove their pledge drives. They were like WFMU T-shirts. Anyway, he's dead now.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm Paul D:

Im not a bitch or a ho - UNITY The Queen Latifah Story
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:31pm Chud:

"Bawlin' to Ballin': Rebounding for Fun and Profit"
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm Frangry:

Mr. Grant to Michele:

"I HATE spunk!!!"
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm Just Ted:

Do you know there is a mr. rogers spin off now called Daniel Tigers Neighborhood?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm robyn:

like a sweaty and blotchy Romeo and Juliet
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm farmer pete:

How to Guide Radio Hosts Through a Show Filled with Awkward Callers
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm dale:

a stomach virus is going around michele - you may have the trots tonight.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:32pm robyn:

Rumeo and Mint Juliept
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm throwbackvernacular:

down low tickle living with vd
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm cory:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm Just Ted:

Down low tickle REMIX IT
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm nickfuckmyass:

How To Ruin Your Life In Two Easy Steps!
Chapter 1: Date your boss.
Chapter 2: Dump your boss.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm Holly from New Zealand:

Idiots guide to masturbation, the down low tickle
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:33pm Jeff:

If it's not a down low tickle, it could be gastritis.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:34pm Frangry:

Is that an ulcer?
Michele's Guide to Self Diagnosis
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:34pm Michelle:

Probiotics and Tequila -. Fun ways to cure your Reflux
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:34pm cory:

gastritis is a bitch
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:35pm dale:

a guide on how to live on welfare called 'who moved my government cheese?'
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:35pm Salamander:

It's Not Bestiality If Nobody Sees It
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:35pm Frangry:

Ulcer or Orgasm???
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:36pm farmer pete:

How to Eat Without A Mouth
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:36pm throwbackvernacular:

cuz its your dog
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:36pm robyn:

Downlow Tickle Me Elmo: I'ma Be Me
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:36pm dgg:

How to mrs your frangry
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:37pm farmer pete:

Jinx! How Not to Say Things At the Same Time
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:37pm dale:

'how to call radio shows to win prizes'
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:37pm Frangry:

How to call a radio show, retards
By Frangry
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:37pm Michelle:

Beyond Probiotics and Tequila,, your guide to refluxing for profit
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:37pm robyn:

Chapter 1: Electric toothbrush
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:38pm six:

Pour The Crumbs From a Bag of Chips Into The End of a Jar of Salsa and Eat it With a Spoon Like Cereal & Other Classy Crap
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:38pm Holly from New Zealand:

@Robyn, you are a GOD
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm Jeff:

Having a World-Wind Romance:

How to Become a Bad Boy with Health Insurance
who serves a fine Filet Minyong.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm throwbackvernacular:

used or unused?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm robyn:

I own stock in Philips, so sue me
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm robyn:

How I became the queen of the Playlist
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm dale:

'hot dogs and other sandwiches - 101 recipes for the foodbed.'
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm dale:

i just said that!
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:39pm Frangry:

How to Be A Classy Broad

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:40pm throwbackvernacular:

fuck that hotdog sandwich shit
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:40pm robyn:

@Holly you feel me.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:40pm dale:

good cop bad cop - the franny and michele story.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:41pm nickfuckmyass:

Taco Bell: Beginner's Guide to Cardiac Arrest
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:41pm DONALD TRUMP:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:41pm throwbackvernacular:

a girls guide
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:41pm ga01:

How to write a diary regardless of your Korsakoff's syndrome.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:42pm Frangry:

Don't Pee the Bed

A Gentleman's Guide to Casual Sexy Time
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:42pm lawrence:

Silent but deadly: how to get away with farting at work
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:42pm dale:

i don't know why i try to win a tee shirt. i have SO many tee shirts.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:42pm throwbackvernacular:

that's a fuckin tshirt
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:42pm qd:

Touch my twat then lock the door behind you. - the memoirs of a gay-sha.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:43pm robyn:

i would fly in for the marathon but i'm afraid of receiving my grisly comeuppance
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:43pm lawrence:

And other depraved fancies
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:44pm robyn:

plus i've met duane before, anyway.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:44pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:44pm dale:

'how to make your own pizza shirt'
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:44pm Carmichael:

@robyn, it would ruin the mystery.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:45pm Frangry:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:45pm throwbackvernacular:

ahhhh kit-ten
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:45pm dryeraser:

the downlow tickle - how to keep'em rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:45pm Sam:

XXL is all that's left?? What are the odds that someone who likes pizza is that size??
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:45pm Seth000:

Live with Your Parents and STILL be the Envy of Your Friends
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:46pm Frangry:

Imaginary Boyfriends Will Never Cheat On You

Frangry's Guide to Modern Romance
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:46pm Holly from New Zealand:

He sounded like Jimmy off South Park
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:46pm dale:

yes, stay a miss-tery robyn. wish i didn't know a lot of fmu deejays look like homeless jewish men.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:46pm farmer pete:

How to Convince Your Lover to Settle For Instant Oatmeal for Breakfast
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:46pm robyn:

@Frangry request or self-help title?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:47pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:47pm dale:

that's what she said.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:47pm dgg:

try the down low tickle
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm robyn:

i've met duane and ken
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm lawrence:

Assault and Flattery: your road to the second date!
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm throwbackvernacular:

cheating on your imaginary girlfriend: a scisophrenics guide to infidelity
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm dgg:

J. Edgar Hoover calls Frangry and Michelle, a memorable evening.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm Frangry:

If you want Robin to come, give her the down low tickle, duh...
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:48pm robyn:

we had a party one friday from 6 - 7 pm. with tom scharpling
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:49pm Sam:

Wow, the callers are getting nuttier and nuttier on this show! It's living up to its name alright.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:49pm Jeff:

I don't need a book for that/
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:49pm AwfulWaffle:

"Helping the Retarded to Know God". This is an actual book.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:49pm Just Ted:

@Robyn That really should read: ken and duane met ROBYN
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Recipes For Important People on the Go: Chapter 1, Ham Sandwich and Milk.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:50pm petitefarter:

why did u cut weed girl How to be the Best Weed Delivery Guy. that was the best one so far. sounded like there were good stories too
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:50pm throwbackvernacular:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:50pm robyn:

@Frangry I was just tweaking you on your show time. I met Duane at SXSW in Austin a few years ago. I got drunk and bought him a lemon drop
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:50pm throwbackvernacular:

whatever happened to the suw roadtrip?
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:51pm nickfuckmyass:

Mullets: White Men's Guide For Hair
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:51pm zoran:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:51pm dale:

what ever happened to spike and the drunk guy?
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:51pm Mark M:

Oh man that guy is good.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:51pm dale:

i dated a girl half irish half puerto rican - she was insane.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:52pm Andy plants:

When being in love and being loyal isn't enough, how not to be held down by the anchor of vagina a guide to becoming a free spirit with alcohol and drugs
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@dale - Spike called again once or twice in the last month or so.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:52pm Just Ted:

I'm with Michele on this one. If Fringy had known Down Low Tickle, she wouldn't have been able to keep it together.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:53pm Mark M:

I dated a girl that was black part native american, half white english, and Irish.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:53pm throwbackvernacular:

sitting down to pee, a mans guide to keeping the bathroom floor clean
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:54pm Andy plants:

I'm straight edge
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:54pm dale:

'how to simplify life by crossing things off your list very loudly'
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:54pm Matt Warwick:

"Dyin's Easy. Livin's Hard" by Matthew Danger Warwick
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:55pm DonJuanTijuana:

Are you going to play any music or just PMS?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:55pm robyn:

yeah, how the fuck are you guys just pissing on the floor all the time
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:55pm dale:

'navigating the stream - an observers' guide to male urination'
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:55pm throwbackvernacular:

read the book
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:56pm madman:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:56pm Listener Robert:

More & more lately I've been wetting the floor while sitting down to make a sissy. The ding-dong winds up pointing too high & the sissy goes over the rim & under the seat. If I push it down, it actually bends up more.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm farmer pete:

How to Look Good in Someone Else's Underpants
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm dale:

robyn - ladies whiz UP under the front of the toilet seat all the time.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm Sam:

Robyn, it's because tiny movements in the angle of your penis results in a wide distribution of urine. It's hard to control. If you have any sort of erection forget it.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm Mark M:

The phones are a mess.
  Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm Holly from New Zealand:

I want a dartboard with the explainers voice in it
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm robyn:

@dale fair.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:57pm dale:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:58pm Frangry:

Six and the City

Frangry's Guide to Being Average Looking in NYC!!!
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:58pm DonJuanTijuana:

why do you always kiss Billy Jams ass?
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:58pm dale:

next week i'm just gonna use that same answer.
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:59pm robyn:

@Sam did not know that. still, in a different world, that would be cleaned..
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 6:59pm madman:

  Fri. 2/10/17 6:59pm Steven2:

Reaching new heights: Leaving your parents basement
Avatar Fri. 2/10/17 7:13pm madman:

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