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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 4, 2016: Shrimps & Celeries

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:04pm Frangry:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:04pm Miles:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:04pm Miles:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:05pm Jordan:

Hi ladies......
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:05pm SeanG:

Hi Frangry Hi Michele
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm Miles:

over sunny? delicious
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm dale:

how about a scramble wet and hard?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm robyn:

thanks for the t-shirt ladies. must be a great design since one of my roommates grabbed it immediately o_O
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm ?:

another dead air intro. maybe give the time to someone who shows up on time. off to the archives.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm Slick Goldtooth:

If you can find someone who can properly poach eggs, put a ring on it and hold onto dear life.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm Jordan:

I say nay.........
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:06pm Gus:

"kinda wet on the yolky part" good answer for most food order questions
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:07pm Miles:

oh deat
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:08pm robyn:

frangry's so judgmental now that she's celibit.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:08pm Slaughter:

My twat is dry. Should I care?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:08pm robyn:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:08pm DJ E:

Buy an egg poacher.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:08pm Miles:

oh *dear (burrito mouth)
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:09pm Jordan:

FRANGRY - are you now officially a BORN AGAIN VIRGIN"
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:09pm robyn:

i misspelled it to make fun of your pronunciation
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:10pm robyn:

you kind of won because you guessed why i did it
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:10pm farkwar:

spelled celibate,pronounced celibit
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:10pm Slaughter:

Sounds like someone else's twat is dry as well. Should I start doing drugs and drinking again at 36?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:11pm miles:

I don't like the projected topic either
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:11pm robyn:

@farkwar she pronounces it right she just said it with a funny tone one day and i enjoyed it
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm Slaughter:

I hate Compaq.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm robyn:

new topic, what are words?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm dale:

i hate consolidated spats - all that child labor!
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm farkwar:

captin obv; Trump Inc.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm DJ E:

the one I work for.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:12pm Jordan:

Is WFMU a "corporation"????
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:13pm chris:

Monsanto sucks ass
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:13pm dale:

it's a shitty topic. agreed.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:13pm miles:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:14pm dale:

i hate victoria's secret for objectifying women and their tata's
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:14pm miles:

(dollop dude denied)
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:14pm Cliff in Prague:

...maybe he was ACTUALLY sleeping?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:15pm robyn:

i hate Cracker Barrel because i want to eat fried chicken in a rocking chair and get high on sugar in the gift shop but i can't because i'm supporting a redneck agenda
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:15pm Slaughter:

I hate Paula Poundstone.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:15pm Frangry:

he most definitely was NOT actually sleeping
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:15pm Jordan:

FRANGRY - you're sing talking again???? (gonna be a long night)
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:15pm robyn:

did someone just crack open a Budweiser?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:16pm Samoan Nick:

I'm trying to listen on a plane (now that I'm A-List preferred and get free wi-fi) and it cuts out every ten seconds :(

I hate Home Depot because checkout machines take jobs and I think they're Jesus freaks.

This topic is boring. I'd be mildly more interested in whar big companies people actually like. Then I would buy stock in those.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:16pm Kurt Gottschalk:

nonprofits are incorporated
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:16pm flashbazbo:

Donald is a corporation.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:16pm dale:

when my wife's family comes to visit - that's company i hate.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:17pm miles:

Budweiser isn't a good look
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:17pm Samoan Nick:

Killer dad joke Dale
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm kevlicki:

Weirdos I'm working an event in Brooklyn.-PRINTS GONE WILD so I'm not able to "hangout" much tonight.
Miss yous

Come on over if you're near Gowanus. It's at littlefields on degraw
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm BennettCap:

New topic is, "Which topic sucks?"
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm Cliff in Prague:

No. No. No. No. No.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm robyn:

did we do Uppers or downers already
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm Slick Goldtooth:

This topic runs the risk for you guys to scoff at animal or other rights people which always just nosedives the flow of conversation. e.g. whenever someone calls in who's a vegan and then you guys just go off on people who are vegan and then there's 5 mins left in the show.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:18pm Slaughter:

Kill me
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:19pm miles:

grab um by the puppet
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:19pm Samoan Nick:

So we're doing politics?

How about "Make _______ Great Again."
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:19pm JM:

Way to prepare for your show!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:19pm dale:

'that thing found in hillary's underpants'
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:19pm Jordan:

Are you ladies drinking tonight???
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:20pm dale:

ladies aren't drinking - THAT'S what's wrong with this show.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:20pm robyn:

@Samoan Nick i like that!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:20pm Frangry:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:20pm Slaughter:

I wish I could afford a prostitue that wouldn't rob me tonight
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:20pm Cliff in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:21pm dale:

you better start downing them then frangry.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:21pm JM:

Service Electric Cable TV... Hate! Ray Ban....Nice!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:21pm Kurt Gottschalk:

the beer and the record book are the same organization. it's for-profit. i am fact checking suw tonight. i won't do it again.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:21pm Chud:

aren't the brewery and the trivia-mongers the same company?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:21pm Slick Goldtooth:

the problem with the guinness world book of records is they ran out of more conventional titles for people to hold so now it's a lot of stupid shit that's simple to get done like "largest meet up of people dressed as Waldo"
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:22pm Dana:

Fuckface von clownstik - jon stewart name for Donald trump
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:22pm chris:

rats give Guinness that extra something special, ya know?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm Jeff:

Well, duh.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm spidermank:

@Slick -agreed - theres a record for pushing a marble (or some small circular thing) round a shed with your nose .
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm robyn:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm Slaughter:

My twat is super dry at this point... gotta get that boom boom boom - black eyed peas
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm Cliff in Prague:

Because people argue about world records while drinking Guinness.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:23pm miles:

Guinness book of beer burples
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:24pm Dana:

There is a record for longest human poop
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:24pm JakeGould:

Guinness made that record book to cash in on bar trivia bullshit.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:24pm miles:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:24pm Slick Goldtooth:

@jake I mean it was basically formed to settle bar bets back then
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:24pm Cliff in Prague:

Dana: Which is.....?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:25pm kim:

What if you did a new Guinness world records ideas?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:25pm spidermank:

don't let the MOJO dwindle . lets search deep for our collective sense of belonging.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:25pm Brando:

FRANGRY - How long has this "so called" abstinence thing going???
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm Samoan Nick:

How about "What world record does the Guinness book need to recoed next?" Like, basically what can you think of that they haven't done, and you want to see
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm JM:

How about what should the topic be? Then next week you'll actually have one...
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm MaxPower:

I'd have to say that one of the stinkiest things are teenage stoners that like to noodle around on their guitars all day
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm ice in bklyn:

Is there a Guinness record for wearing the same socks for longest time?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Topic idea: What nickname would you give the presidential candidates? Like Donald Duck Drumpf or Hillary the Hairbag.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm Miles:

bro, u looking for strings? check out our logo
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm Huh Huh:

No Comment!
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:26pm Dana:

Cliff in Prague- 26 feet the length of a colon
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Samoan Nick:

Worst logos?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Cliff in Prague:

I knew I shouldn't have asked
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Kurt Gottschalk:

i am fact checking frangry's celibacy.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Leon:

You should just open the phones up
No topic needed
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Chud:

Guiness World Record: Longest relationship with Jennifer Aniston
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm Brando:

Was JUNE 24TH memorable in any way????
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:27pm robyn:

i don't like Trader Joe's. There was a story in the NYT about their practices and all that Hawaiian shirt bullshit is obnoxious anyway
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm Slick Goldtooth:

record, how many times can Frangry threaten to leave/quit/go home, etc in one hour?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm robyn:

the topic is What Do You Want In Your Banquet
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm Miles:

girls on fire? so 80s
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm Dana:

Topic - Movie pitches
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm Slaughter:

I just want to cry into a pillow on my grandmothers day bed from 1994, then pick up the princess phone beside said bed and scream at my mom for being such a bitch. #ijusthadmyfirstperiod
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm MaxPower:

ever had Otter Pops? Their raspberry flavor is actually made from secretions of the beaver anal glands. Don't you think it'd be easier to raise raspberry trees?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:28pm Cliff in Prague:

June 24th is St. John the Baptist's day, exactly six months before/after Christmas (.....I am so friggin drunk right now)
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm Huh Huh:

Fat people at WaWa's
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm Williamsport Patrick:

Coupe de grace is back
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm robyn:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm BennettCap:

@Robyn I want to destroy the Trader Joe's bell.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm Slaughter:

I just want to cry into a pillow on my grandmothers day bed from 1994, then pick up the princess phone beside said bed and scream at my mom for being such a bitch. #ijusthadmyfirstperiod
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm Huh Huh:

No Blind guys
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:29pm spidermank:

get back on the wine- that was a good show
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Another topic idea: What phrase would you like Frangry to state using her sing-song voice?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:30pm Miles:

this guy brings out the best in EVERYONE
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm Huh Huh:

I mean no Bind Guys
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm Brando:

@Ken - brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm robyn:

What's In Your Banquet?!!!
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm Miles:

topics contain us
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm Samoan Nick:

This guy keeps calling to remind you that you liked him once.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm JakeGould:

Apropos to nothing Frangry has been making some sweet sing-songy sounds the pay few shows. Includes the "Oy yoy yoi."
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:31pm Huh Huh:

Who is the dumbest woman in show biz?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:32pm MaxPower:

what do you like to eat the most when you're intoxicated?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:32pm robyn:

i saw a guy that looked like Steve Buscemi and John Waters' baby the other day
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:32pm JakeGould:

What's the best snack you can get at the newsstand when rushing to something?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:32pm Cliff in Prague:

robyn: wow.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:32pm Huh Huh:

Drunk true stories
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@robyn - Pictures or it didn't happen. :)
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Miles:

wet eggs & doughy milk?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Brando:

Michele - Have you ever done 4 months no sex???????
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Samoan Nick:

I'm brown, people tell me I look like every other brown person.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm robyn:

someone (actually a few people) have told me i remind them of Amanda Knox which is..
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Dana:

Topic - if you could be on any tv show which one and what would your character be
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm Huh Huh:

What is the worst thing that you have ever sat in?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:33pm robyn:

@Ken i might run into him again and I will take a snap if possible
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What celebrities (dead or alive) would you pit against each other in a celebrity death match?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:34pm Cliff in Prague:

Yeah no kidding, Amanda Knox is a total fox.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:35pm MaxPower:

i get told i look like younger mickey rourke . that kinda sucks
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Topic idea: Call in with your best topic idea.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:35pm Miles:

sunny side up shrimp
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:35pm robyn:

just trying to get me to perform Satanic Rituals in the bedroom i'm sure.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:36pm Chud:

This guy is hammered!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:36pm robyn:

when i get home i sure af ain't going to your banquet
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:36pm Cliff in Prague:

Kind of amazing that the topic is "do whatever" and callers are still failing
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:37pm robyn:

@Cliff lol
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:37pm Brando:

@Robyn - aren't Satanic Rituals always in the BEDROOM????
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:38pm FMthatguy:

Hi Frangy and Michelle!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:38pm madman:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:38pm MaxPower:

towed him on water skis?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:38pm Miles:

I hold the Guinness world record for most humpty dumps
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

You might think your banquet is a hot buffet, but it's really just a cold buffet. *snaps* *snaps*
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

FWIW, I know how to change a flat tire.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm dale:

i think it's just the men you ladies are attracted to who are morons.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm robyn:

@Brando from the window! to the wall!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm robyn:

Guy's probably in catering
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm JakeGould:

CORRECTION! You might think your banquet is a hot buffet, but it's really just a cold platter. *snaps* *snaps*
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:39pm MaxPower:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:40pm flashbazbo:

Look at 616. I said Donald is a Corp and you had a chance to recognize me. And you didn't Why. Just that little gesture could mean so much...
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:40pm robyn:

i want him to call back to see if he can remember any other foods
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:41pm MaxPower:

cajun seasoning with shrimp, on pasta? really man?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Topic idea: Name something that men can do better than women _or_ women can do better than men.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:41pm DJ E:

I get Screech from Saved By the Bell, but I feel like Screech as he is today.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:42pm Andrew:

it's Kyle Gass in tenacious D
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:42pm Kurt Gottschalk:

fact check: frangry is correct, the men attracted to them are idiots.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:42pm JakeGould:

Kyle Gass (other Tenacious D guy)
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm spidermank:

new topic idea - How many seconds of the show will be left once we get a new topic?
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm miles:

onion powder , wet egg, celeries, pan seared shrimp scampis & coconut burritos!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Last-ditch topic plan: Call up and demonstrate your "dumbest laugh."
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm dale:

coconut shrimp is so 80s!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm robyn:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:43pm MaxPower:

coconut shrimp is a total food trend! still good tho
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:44pm Pro:

Shrimp scampi is a classic
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:44pm madman:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:44pm JakeGould:

Last ditch topic: What was the last ditch you ever saw and why did you see it?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:44pm robyn:

did he just say "What's going on flat chest"???
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm Miles:

make America pancakes again
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm Cliff in Prague:

I think he said "flapjacks"
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm FMthatguy:

"Flap jacks"
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm Slick Goldtooth:

@robyn, flapjacks (?)
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm robyn:

@madman <3
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm DJ E:

Does Frangry really remember or is she just annoyed?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm FMthatguy:

Flapjacks = Pancakes = Good
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:45pm Noelle:

FRANGRY - does your V feel any better after 4 months of inactivity?????
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:46pm ShabbleDabble:

here's a topic: pros and cons of new jersey.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:46pm robyn:

Sizzler chests are really sexy
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:46pm FMthatguy:

Oh, Slaughter, Paula Poundstone is cool.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:46pm DJ E:

@Miles: You have my vote.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:46pm JakeGould:

I saw SizzleChest (featuring FlapJack) open up for Molly Hatchet in the 1980s.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm spidermank:

finger food? what do fingers eat? boogers?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm robyn:

if you're frying the shrimp you gotta do it Calabash style
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm Slick Goldtooth:

@robyn I just imagine some weird burlesque outfit with a coleman camp grill attached to a bikini. I'm not drunk enough for this show
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The character from Jerky Boys would call people Sizzlechest.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm JakeGould:

Celery is great! If you need a quick vegetable, just eat a stalk of celery.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm FMthatguy:

Banquet = Those food events that happen at Hotel Meeting rooms.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm Cliff in Prague:

Is celery even useful for anything??
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:47pm robyn:

"Let's get perms and go to the banquet!"
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:48pm FMthatguy:

Celery is good for crunch.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:48pm chris:

celery is a media, not a food. one uses celery to deliver a tasty sauce to one's mouth. by itself its just water and string.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:48pm BanquetKing:

Banquets are Buffets. Shrimp is easy to cook at one. Steam them and mix them up with whatever sauce people won't bitch about too much.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:48pm robyn:

@SlickGoldtooth that is BRILLIANT
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:48pm JakeGould:

@SpiderMank: Ever just stuck your finger in sauce and lick it? Amazing snack.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:49pm madman:

@robyn yes
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:49pm dale:

this confirms kurt's fact checking prowess.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:49pm Samoan Nick:

I'm really gonna need to not hear the word "banquet" for the next week or two.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:49pm Cliff in Prague:

GET IT?????
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm DJ E:

I've heard worse.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm spidermank:

@Jake , no need for sex talk here , we are tryin to establish a topic
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Fact check: Celery contains fewer calories than it takes to digest (a negative calorie food)? www.fitday.com...
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm JakeGould:

My birthday is June 9th. SRSLY! GET IT!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm Cliff in Prague:

Yep, we've only got 10 minutes to find a topic
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:50pm Jordan:

You ladies are "on the fly" animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:51pm FMthatguy:

What's the number? I got a topic.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:51pm JakeGould:

Shrimp are the fleas of the sea.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:51pm Slick Goldtooth:

Giant Isopods are technically the roach of the sea upload.wikimedia.org...
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:51pm dale:

tilapia is the toilet cleaning lady of the sea.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:51pm MaxPower:

shrimp grilled with jamaican jerk sauce
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:52pm Cliff in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:52pm dale:

ken from hp - the colon scrubbing effects of celery must not be denied.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:53pm Slick Goldtooth:

Boyhood was fucking boring. And I say this as someone who likes some really boring ass movies and weird tedious shit.

I mean fair play to follow some kid for that long and have the whole production, but I think the story of the creation is way more interesting than the product.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:53pm JakeGould:

DJ Colon Scrubba
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:53pm miles:

people tell us we look like shrimps but I suspect we look more like celeries & flapjacks had a baby
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:53pm robyn:

A multishrimp species banquet is the best kind
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:53pm spidermank:

If Billy Jam can just give us one hour of his show , we might get an official topic established here FFS
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm Kurt Gottschalk:

fact check: several species of shrimp, collective noun, no 's'
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm dale:

my birthday was last week - WE'RE FELLOW SCORPIOS!
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm jason:

My favorite day of the year is either June 20 or 21. It's the longest day of the year.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:54pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm robyn:

@jason that's my birthday!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm spacecowboy:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm JakeGould:

@Kurt: You are out "know-it-alling" me!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm spacecowboy:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm robyn:

i like that Michele is breaking while Frangry is just picking up speed
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm JakeGould:

@spacecwboy: So some people call you Maurice?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm Cliff in Prague:

When the child is the most rational caller you know something is very, very wrong
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:55pm Gus:

best caller so far
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:56pm JakeGould:

I love kid callers!
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:56pm miles:

this kid likes dogfood. Cassius is THE WINNER
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:56pm spidermank:

speak with the pompotous of love
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:56pm madman:

@spacecowboy that's good
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm robyn:

i tried one of those organic dog treats because it cost more than my dinner. it was terrible
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm JakeGould:

Was that Cassius from the boards?
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm dale:

sometimes they are.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Fun shrimp fact: the pistol shrimp snaps its claw so loudly, it stuns its prey into submission.
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm Frangry:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:57pm Leon:

Sorry . I guess it doesnt matter
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm Cliff in Prague:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm robyn:

today was out of control and i loved it
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bye...hope you survive next week's election.
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm JakeGould:

Bye Flapjacks!
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm Slick Goldtooth:

@robyn wutttt? wooof
Avatar Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm spacecowboy:

  Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm Jordan:

Goodnight Ladies.....
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm miles:

think of a normal topic
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:58pm Jordan:

Goodnight Robyn.......
  Fri. 11/4/16 6:59pm miles:

jeepers Mary & joseph
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