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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 7, 2016: What Animal Would You Marry?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yo! What's up, stupid?
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm dale:

what up hot messes?
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:04pm Carmichael:

I'm really getting to hate this song.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:05pm Wilson.:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:05pm Just Ted:

How many times is a male caller going to go with dog/bitch? I think the over under will be 5.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:06pm robyn:

Still enjoying those continental breakfasts Frangry?
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:07pm Salamander:

WFMU pubic hair
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:08pm Marcel M:

Dudes... I'm psyched about that mini fair.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:08pm Jordan:

@Robyn - Dare we ask if there's been any hotel SEX???????
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:08pm robyn:

Weird little boxes of cereal?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:09pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The 10/20 meet-up: www.meetup.com...
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:09pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:09pm spidermank:

Mrs Unicorn spidermank, wedding - lots of chodolate in the clouds, honeymoon on Mars
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:09pm Just Ted:

Do they still have the little mini cereal boxes? When I was in the hospital they were the mini bowls :-(
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:10pm Just Ted:

McGreevy had marital sex...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:10pm Marcel M:

I'd fux with Cheetara
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:11pm Just Ted:

@Marcel good one! Damn!!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:11pm dale:

i'd marry my dead cat peanut because she would have to be alive to get a marraige license and i miss her.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:11pm adrian990:

koalas have chlamydia like crazy fyi
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:12pm Just Ted:

Dolphins are very sexual animals.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:12pm robyn:

I'm just making fun frangry.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:12pm Marcel M:

Awww Dale!
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:12pm Flippy:

Well, I was married to a stupid cow for years. Does that count?
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:13pm robyn:

LOL @flippy
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:14pm Heyjoletsgo:

yeh made it!
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:14pm Salamander:

I would Mary a salamander
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:14pm Just Ted:

All these details on the ant wedding... Bridezillas in the making.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:15pm Jeff:

Apes might rip your face off.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:15pm Just Ted:

A monkey will bite you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:15pm Marcel M:

I feel like him saying Monkey cuz its more real is even more creepy than a random animal.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:15pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:15pm Heyjoletsgo:

I always wanted to marry a Jo so that the Joe's could come over
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm robyn:

Maybe a spider. 8 legs bb
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm Salamander:

I would marry a jellyfish and our first dance would be the Hokey Pokey
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm Carmichael:

You could fling poo at each other.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm Kevin:

@Flippy - I was married to a pig - so I feel you....
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm Heyjoletsgo:

monkeys throw poo
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm dale:

i would marry the pushmepullyou from dr. doolittle so when we dance at the reception it wouldn't matter who leads or who follows.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:16pm Just Ted:

@Jeff like that lady in Connecticut
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:17pm Heyjoletsgo:

Evonka Trump
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:17pm Just Ted:

It was the owners neighbor not the owner if I'm not mistaken
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:17pm Heyjoletsgo:

but bad inlaws
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:18pm Heyjoletsgo:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:18pm dale:

that's why chimpanzees shouldn't play hockey - they take 'faceoff' literally.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:18pm spidermank:

a little bit of face ripping and arm severidge and the cowards are running off , sheeesh whats wrong with everyone? monkey love rools
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:19pm Salamander:

I would marry a grizzly bear
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:19pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Bad news, my phone text to speech software wont work with the new Mac OS Sierra update so until I figure out how to get it to work, no WFMU calls for me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:19pm Marcel M:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:19pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, you internet people call in with your experiences! www.oddee.com...
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:20pm Heyjoletsgo:

a premantice
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:20pm Kevlicki:

Aaron in Minneapolis, there...needs to be...more...breaks...in your comment....
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:20pm Just Ted:

@Aaron can't you down grade back?
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:20pm Heyjoletsgo:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:20pm Heyjoletsgo:

marry the cat is good
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:21pm Salamander:

I would marry a kangaroo and our first dance would be the Cha Cha Slide
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:21pm dale:

i'd marry a cockroach because they can lay thousands of eggs a day so i'd have lot's of children to pass my name on to.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:21pm Geoff in Ottawa:

Probably a flamingo or a heron. Long legs and one of them's always in the air.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm robyn:

Bonobo. Open air commitment ceremony, multiple partners. So Bay.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm dale:

i'd marry any kardashian girl because they are pigs and our wedding would be really ghetto.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm Geoff in Ottawa:

Actually, a blowfish--for obvious reasons.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

@Ted if I knew how to partition my external hard drive I would
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:22pm Heyjoletsgo:

a malard duck, they stay for life
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:23pm Salamander:

bald eagle, we would have a wedding in the air
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:23pm Flippy:

Ha ha. Thanks, you guys. It's all over now and I'm feeling better about myself again.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:23pm dale:

good one geoff!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:23pm spidermank:

living in the garage? thats marital bliss?
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:23pm Heyjoletsgo:

Ottawa is the capitol of Canada
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Women, don't marry peacocks. Too high maintenance.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:24pm ?:

Marry the demogorgon from stranger things, the upside down seems chill af
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:24pm Just Ted:

@Aaron I believe you can do it with the built in disk utility.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:24pm robyn:

No, frangry, you're saying that one right.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:25pm adrian990:

surprised the ladies aren't going after the amazonian floppy snake
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:25pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

  Fri. 10/7/16 6:25pm robyn:

Good match
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:26pm Salamander:

the ugliest dog in the world would be my spouse and the cake would be the ugly dog covered in icing
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:27pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

As a Minnesotan, I am offended. Be glad I can't call in
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:28pm Carmichael:

I would marry a Yeti so that it could reach the high shelves for me.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:28pm Brando:

@Frangry - are you sort of married to Pancake???
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:28pm Chad 32:

SUW is so effing great. These two are amazing.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:29pm Salamander:

I would marry an anteater and we would have an antcake
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:29pm Just Ted:

what happened
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:30pm spidermank:

eww future nuts
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:30pm βrian:

Chipmunks have a nice, bright joyful chirp.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:30pm robyn:

I would marry a shark so we could hunt humans together after our beautiful ceremony in St. bart's
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:30pm Just Ted:

My comments board just went full screen.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:31pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:31pm dale:

comments board just looked like it was over.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:31pm Just Ted:

Hacked!! we've been Hacked!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:31pm Frangry:

@just ted: oh is that what happened?!?!
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:32pm kevlicki:

ßrian i was gonna tell the girls they need to take a hike, chipmunks make great sounds in the forest
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm kevlicki:

The board is fine on the app
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm robyn:

@carmichael Kate Bush says yetis are human
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm βrian:

Robyn called it.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm spidermank:

i personally welcome our comments board hacking overlords
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm Jeff:

Looks like the playlist got marked "finished" somehow.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:33pm Just Ted:

@Frangry and it doesn't auto refresh which sucks.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:34pm robyn:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:34pm dale:

i'd marry a possum and our deejay would play muskrat love.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:34pm Frangry:

the no auto refresh is driving me insane
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:35pm Jeff:

Yeah, this is the way playlists look after a show is over. Anyone accidentally hit a "finish" link?
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:35pm Just Ted:

back to normal
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:35pm Samoan Nick:

I'd marry a bee. We'd have a lot of kids and they'd all have a job. And I'd call her honey. Our first dance would signal where food is located.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:35pm kevlicki:

Be my chicken buddy
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:35pm robyn:

Waiting for the first fish answer
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:36pm spidermank:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:36pm Jeff:

O hay it's back! And I didn't fix it.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:36pm dale:

samoan nick for the win!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:36pm Frangry:

  Fri. 10/7/16 6:37pm Brando:

Where are you LADIES going next Friday??????
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:37pm Salamander:

@robyn I said jellyfish a while ago
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:37pm Heyjoletsgo:

a platipus
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:37pm Heyjoletsgo:

we will get married down under and our duck and beaver family will come
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:38pm Salamander:

also the goldfish
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:38pm Rebecca Lewis:

Sorry! I got "af" mixed up with "cf" (Sheila's show) when putting up her archives and did a finish the archive. Then as soon as I realized what I had done I made it "live" again.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:38pm Jeff:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:39pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:39pm Jeff:

Oh, it isn't a mystery any more.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:39pm Carmichael:

I would marry a hippo. We would have eating contests and would swim all day.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:40pm βrian:

Nobody has mentioned an Echidna??
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:41pm tonyb:

i married a kiwi : )
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:41pm Tico:

@Carmichael - Yes hippo - think of the doggy style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:41pm Salamander:

seahorses are chess masters
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:41pm βrian:

@tonyb: For many of us, that's a fruit, not an animal.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:41pm Kitchener Leslie:

I'd settle for nothing less than a thirteen-lined ground squirrel.

Some of us still have standards.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:42pm robyn:

I guess if I am a human, I'd marry a mayfly since they only live one day in a quick civil ceremony, take the money, then move on
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:42pm spidermank:

seahorses- supreme spooners
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:43pm dale:

i'd marry the last dodo so i wouldn't have to have any in-laws.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:43pm Samoan Nick:

Hey Frangry, look up a Glaucus Atlanticus. They look like alien overlord seahorses.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:43pm Just Ted:

my new iPhone 7 keeps dropping the call after it rings for too long.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:44pm dale:

the ladies are SERIOUSLY berating this guy for not being willing to go down on a blowfish.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:44pm Salamander:

I would marry a shark and on the dance floor I would say Excuse Me, Shark
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:44pm Jeff:


I saw hippos having sex in a zoo once.

The male unfurls this absolutely incomprehensibly gigantic penis which apparently has to be stored folded in half, then tries clumsily to climb up the back of the lady hippo.

If she's not into it, she just has to walk forward about a step and a half, and he slides off and looks sad. Then he tries again. And again. Until finally the lady hippo sort of sighs and doesn't bother to walk away.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:45pm robyn:

@salamander +1 callback!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:45pm dale:

they eat anything - LIKE YOU IDIOT!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:46pm dale:

we're talking about aquaman here.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:46pm Salamander:

@robyn thanks, all I got is injokes, kit-tens, the t in "often" and filet minyong
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:46pm βrian:

I like this guy's accent.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:48pm robyn:

Slow clap. Go Jeeffffs
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:48pm dale:

you can't spell 'jerk off' without jeff.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:48pm Salamander:

I would marry Sea-Monkeys aka mailorder brides
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:49pm robyn:

I'd marry a gerbil, like Richard Gere.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:49pm Samoan Nick:

I'd marry a lioness because they're used to providing all the food and guys who sleep 18 hours a dat and wake up only to eat and fuck them with barbed dicks. She'd be easily impressed. Unless I got in a fight with her lion friends or family.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:49pm Carmichael:

Jeff, that sounds like love ...
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:49pm dale:

jk - love all you jefs and geoffs and jeefs.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:50pm βrian:

I met a few charming loons.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:51pm dale:

if your mistress was a whale and your wife suspected you could say 'what? you think i would sleep with that whale?!'
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:51pm Carmichael:

Boy, she has relationship issues ...
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:52pm βrian:

Gregor Samsa!
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:52pm dale:

i would marry the shark from jaws because i would never have to feed it.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:54pm dale:

you can't marry a mermaid and serve seafood at the reception - that's just wrong.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:54pm robyn:

I thought we established our listeners only like oral mermaids totally fine
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:55pm spidermank:

mermaids have blow holes
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:55pm madman:

  Fri. 10/7/16 6:55pm Samoan Nick:

You just jizz on their eggs like a fish.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:55pm Salamander:

I would marry a kit-ten and we would rest filet minyong
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:55pm Marcel M:

Good show bros
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:56pm Just Ted:

@robyn that was my thoughts incase of the no lady parts.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:56pm robyn:

I'd marry a penguin since I already know how handsome he'd (OR SHE) look
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:57pm dale:

i'd marry bambi's mother so i could collect on the life insurance.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 10/7/16 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bald guys marry chickens.
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:58pm robyn:

Ha! @dale
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:58pm miles:

Robert Crumb talks about being turned on by bugs Bunny in drag!
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:58pm robyn:

Men are weird.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:58pm Just Ted:

Good show.
Avatar Fri. 10/7/16 6:59pm Just Ted:

@robyn they are the majority of the demo
  Fri. 10/7/16 6:59pm Brando:

Good show ladies.......
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