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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 30, 2016: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:04pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 9/30/16 6:04pm JakeGould:

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:05pm dale:

longest. intro. EVERRRR!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:05pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

No honey you can't be a robot
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:05pm dale:

when i grow up i want to be a child. or at least be able to think like one again.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:06pm Kevlicki:

Grow up? fuck that! I just keep getting older
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:06pm Studio B Ben:

Hello and welcome to your show.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:06pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:06pm yourfriendpaul:

When I grow up, I want this lead-in to be over
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:07pm dale:

my clock says 6:06 - 10 percent of your show is this annoying music.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I look forward to wearing diapers again someday.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:07pm Carmichael:

7 minutes, a new record. Who gets the T shirt?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm yourfriendpaul:

So glad I turned on the show to perk myself up. This is working great- zzzzzzzz....
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm JakeGould:

Yeah! ASMR?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm dale:

sounds like frangry doing kegel exercises.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm robyn:

I got ASMR from our production manager shuffling papers earlier this week. Forgot the directions she was giving.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm yourfriendpaul:

Did I tune in to hearts of space accidentally?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm Paul D:

How you can do this without laughing is amazing.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm spidermank:

Damn I thought we'd all done the growin up part , was hopin this next bit was the growin out bit.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:08pm Just Ted:

I when I was a kid I wanted to be a Garbage Man, went to college became a scientist. If I had followed my dream, I'd be retired now.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:09pm Mark M:

What's going on?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:09pm Studio B Ben:

I'mma dip... into a forest and chillax a minnit.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:09pm robyn:

Center yourself Frangry. Life is a selfie, we just don't always hold the camera #namaste
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:09pm dale:

civil service is the way to go now just ted.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:09pm Jordan:

Ladies - which one of you is HOMELESS?????
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm Carmichael:

Why don't you 2 leave and come back again. Take 1 is an epic fail.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm JakeGould:

Lawng sawk in a hawt beath.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm spidermank:

Lets admit it , we all want to be more French
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm Marcel M:

Why, Jordan, trynta fill a bed?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm Just Ted:

@Frangry Day before you move back, Hotel Party??
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:10pm dale:

i wana be a philanderer.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm Marcel M:

@Frangry: Great time to finally have hotel sex.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm JakeGould:

Life coach?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm Just Ted:

Wait, wait, wait.....
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm Mark M:

I've always wanted to be a deejay, but now i'm a struggling writer.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm Salamander:

kit-ten minyong
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:11pm dale:

people become 'coaches' when they get fired from their jobs and have no other options.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Carmichael:

Hey Michele, can you do your impression of the Kool Aid man?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Marcel M:

Plenty of people on here, Frangry.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Jordan:

@Marcel M - No, SUW FB said one is/was homeless......
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm yourfriendpaul:

Do life coaches throw chairs and stuff when they get angry at your life screw ups, like a basketball coach?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Kevlicki:

I want to be the color of the sky when I grow up!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Studio B Ben:

I saw this thing as a teenager and it made me always want to be a professional Ice Cream Taste Tester. Instead, I'm just a volunteer freelancer.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm e:

I want to be Ivanka Trump: a hot voluptuous woman who can have lots of sex and whose daddy will always be giving me money.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm robyn:

Craigslist. Snatch-ies
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:12pm Paul D:

I want to be a sugar daddy when i grow up. Money = Power = Respect.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm dale:

life coaches should just say 'walk it off'
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm Marcel M:

@Jordan: Just messin' around ;-)
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm Slick Goldtooth:

I wanted to play a sport professionally but then as I got older I realized how you pretty much have to willingly give up a childhood and be abused by adults to get anywhere, at least that's what's usually the case with tennis.

Although I'd probably be cool retired as a middling player and sitting on 5 mil and being super arthritic at 35
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm Andy Plants:

I have a sweet attic apartment you can sleep in the band room with my music equipment there's a couch
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm Studio B Ben:

That sucks. I'm sorry, Frangry. I once had an upstairs neighbor's hot water heater blow up while they were out of town and start leaking through my light fixtures.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:13pm Jordan:

I know......
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:14pm Just Ted:

@Micheel with your blind rage, aren't you already a volcano?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:14pm dale:

two weeks of not cleaning or doing laundry is pretty sweet - but i think that might be your normal schedule, frangry.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:14pm Mark M:

I wouldn't mind being a photographer.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:14pm Exile:

I want to be Batman or a Jedi, I haven't decided yet.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:14pm robyn:

Michele, baby you're a FIIIIIIIIIIIRREWORK
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:15pm dale:

how about a pro-life coach - 'don't have an abortion! don't have an abortion!'
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:15pm Andy Plants:

I lived in a basement apartment once and it flooded to the ceiling I lost every single thing I owned including 26 milk crates worth of records I feel your pain
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:15pm Carmichael:

I want to be an orchestra conductor. Easiest job on earth, all money and kudos while others lug the rock.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:15pm JakeGould:

@Frangry: Maybe you need a service dog to comfort you? Like a big golden retriever.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:15pm robyn:

Kant says something about whim versus will. Some good hotel room reading.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:16pm robyn:

A colonialist
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:16pm Mark M:

It's fall that's good reason enough to be on a downer, i get depressed every fall because i don't Summer to go away.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:16pm Kevlicki:

good one @dale
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:16pm dfb:

i want to be an elephant and not one of the pented up circus elephants
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:17pm robyn:

An electrician connects people (UP TOP)
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:17pm Marcel M:

What the fuck happened your neighbor put a hose through yr door??
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:17pm Cindy:

Moist is the worst word ever!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:17pm Just Ted:

Moist computers, Fringy has joined the demographic.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm Jake:

The piano player at burlesque shows
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm Noelle:

A Frangry PUMP UP - "You are the cutest homeless person I know"
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm spidermank:

French for "not needing another person for sex" is different than the English for " I can't get sex" and is - "Erne est B'Orgnine" , I am an expert on frenchnessness nes pas.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm RAWisROLLIE:

I just watched the Amanda Knox doc this afternoon. It's only about 90 minutes long. Worth watching.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:18pm yourfriendpaul:

I smell and insurance fraud story there..
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm madman:

  Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm robyn:

Making puppets would be awesome
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm dale:

andy designs games about pooping and farting - gipetto, he ain't.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm Frangry:

@yourfriendpaul: it was only $25 worth!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm Paul D:

I think the rain is affecting peoples brains today. Everyone's a little off.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:19pm v-dawg:

Perhaps a water-mitigation company is looking for extra business?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:20pm Carmichael:

The demographic has awakened ...
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:20pm Studio B Ben:

When I grow up, I want to be a good one.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:20pm robyn:

I want to be someone who isn't committed enough to her career to stop from fucking off and listening to WFMU for an hour 3-4 pm Fridays
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:20pm Cindy:

The weather is killing my feed
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:21pm Salamander:

I want to be the captain of the U.S.S. Excuse Me, Shark
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:21pm Marcel M:

Oh man.. I said the same thing about being the garbage man.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:21pm Marcel M:

my mom was psyched
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:22pm Jordan:

We all wanted to be garbage collectors.....
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:22pm Just Ted:

@Marcel riding on the back of a truck! THE best!!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:22pm spidermank:

yes crush the stupid hopes
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:22pm Marcel M:

To a young boys eyes nothing is cooler
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:23pm dale:

that sounds like sex michele.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:23pm RAWisROLLIE:

My crushed grown up dream is to be a pro wrestler, but I'm too concussion-prone.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:23pm Just Ted:

@Marcel I am so with you on this. I used to get up at like 5am to watch.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I want to drive an RV around the country. The RV chauffeur guy.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:24pm Marcel M:

I'd like to be Station Manager Ken when I grow up.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:24pm dale:

ha ha! let baby caller talk!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:24pm Paul D:

Frangy are you staying at La Quinta Williamsburg? #livingthegoodlife
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:25pm Brando:

FRANGRY - what's your ROOM #? (It might be a lucky # for us)
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:25pm e:

I wanna be the vibrator that Frangry uses.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:25pm Just Ted:

@Marcel I said you'd be a great replacement for Ken. Ask him to be his padawan
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:26pm dale:

he got the nickname buzz from somewhere.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:26pm spidermank:

Buzz Alchorin
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:26pm Salamander:

mayor of Bogotá
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:26pm common:

buzz never went to space
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm Carmichael:

I want to be a deadbeat when I grow up. Just hanging around, mooching beers and smokes from people.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm dale:

i had to build a fire in the woodstove this afternoon. too chilly and i won't turn the furnace on yet.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm Marcel M:

@Ted: I think Liz is in line for that! But I can replace her maybe ;-)
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm RAWisROLLIE:

That dude keeps pronouncing coup de grace incorrectly. The S-sound at the end isn't silent.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@common - Buzz Lightyear?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:27pm Cindy:

I met Buzz Lightyear. He was pretty chill.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm Paul D:

Frangry buy yourself a nice candle. It makes the room feel a little bit classier and Mariah Carey does it. #dyptique
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

They went to a movie studio WAKE UP!!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm common:

@ken: just kiddin.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm Just Ted:

@Marcel "Replace"
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm James:

Neil & Buzz walked - Michael Collins waited in the ship
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:28pm King Dean:

Michael Collins is the guy who had to wait while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:29pm Mark M:

I'd love to write the greatest vampire novel.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:29pm Marcel M:

@Ted: I meant succeed! Not replace
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:29pm Marissa:

poor coup de grâce guy
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm yourfriendpaul:

Are you taking requests? Ooh, now do Ice Cube's "good day"!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm James:

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm RAWisROLLIE:

@salamander I bet the mayor of Bogotá would have free access to their local strip club Bogotá-ta's.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm Mark M:

Okay, now i've heard everything.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm Kevlicki:

please do not goooooo
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:30pm Cindy:

You should join them on stage tomorrow night at The Wellmont
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm spidermank:

why cant i get just one fook?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm yourfriendpaul:

Hey dad, gimme the car tonight
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm King Dean:

Gone Baby Gone
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Studio B Ben:

Frangry should change her hotel room to one in Portland here so that we can go karaoke for a while and get really good cocktails.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Jake:

Please do not go
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm yourfriendpaul:

please please please do not go
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Jake:

Is the song
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Kevlicki:

tell your mom im stuck on this lovely girl.....
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Jake:

Please please please do not go
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm RAWisROLLIE:

Add It Up?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm fredrik:

Kiss off!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm Cindy:

Dance, Motherfucker?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:31pm RAWisROLLIE:

American Music?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:32pm Kevlicki:

oh my god look at the fucking comments board
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:32pm spidermank:

oops warned yoo
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:32pm Fuzzy:

add it up
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:32pm spidermank:

daddy i fucked the car
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:32pm chris:

must have something to do with luck
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Kevlicki:

how long, can the days go on.
whoa oh oh
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Jordan:

Why can't I get just one $%&*.............
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm yourfriendpaul:

please please please
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm common:

right fuzzy
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Kevlicki:

when my love is so strong
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Mark M:

Oh man here we go.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm fredrik:

It might be Ugly
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Kevlicki:

and I know I cannot tell a lie
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:33pm Fuzzy:

I just fucking told you
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm yourfriendpaul:

do no goooooo-oh oh, oh whoah
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm walkspot:

They do it all the time
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm Andy Plants:

Please do not go
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm Kevlicki:

I wanna see em go, bye

bye bye bye..

We told you, you god damn weirdo
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm JimmyfromKearny:

Just woke up. I don't wanna' grow up...
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:34pm yourfriendpaul:

Fuzzy n Paul know whats up
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:35pm dale:

sing and clap like clay pigeon!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:35pm Kevlicki:

bullshit, I called it
and it doesn't even matter
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:36pm mike:

Wasnt that the song they played when they made an appearance won Sabrina the Teenage witch? anyone remember that?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:36pm Andy Plants:

Amazing absolutely amazing
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:37pm yourfriendpaul:

Verified: Kevlicki wins on time stamp.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:37pm Paul D:

Life is a highway. I wanna ride it all night long (and make rollercoasters when I grow up)
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:37pm Frangry:

  Fri. 9/30/16 6:37pm Caliguire:

Like most boys, I want to be MICHELE's bicycle seat......
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:37pm spidermank:

in germany the fart booths are plenty full
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:38pm Just Ted:

Hey! I said nothing. Always getting blamed.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:39pm dale:

caliguire - you would have to shrink down to be that - not grow up.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm yourfriendpaul:

I wanna never grow up when I grow up.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm Paul D:

At least you dont have to clean your room in La Quinta Williamsburg.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm Studio B Ben:

Uh oh. We're dangerously close to Sext Up Weirdo
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm King Dean:

I want to be friends with Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. And also the guy who's weiner sex toys are based off of because mine is Giant
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm Mark M:

I worked in a sheltered workshop making two cents for every thousand pieces that were assembled, it was not fun!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:40pm dale:

4 months? you sound like you've been married for 12 years. not that i would know....
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:41pm Jordan:

FRANGRY's new autobiography - "The Slow Summer of '16"
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:41pm Studio B Ben:

Clearly, we all want to be kit-tens.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:41pm Cindy:

I want to be a fluffer.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:41pm Andy Plants:

I wanted to be an art teacher when I grow up but then I got arrested for doing graffiti cause my cousin ratted me out to the police
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm Mark M:

I worked in that hellhole for four years!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm dale:

hot dogs are beaks and claws and sweepin's. hamburgers probably have some organ meat.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm Marcel M:

She could just be a cannibal hamburger.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm Carmichael:

I would be a filet mingyong.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm dale:

i'd rather watch frangry eat a hot dog
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm spidermank:

thats deep . the hot dog hamburger thangy , god help us all
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:42pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:43pm dale:

hee hee.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:43pm Kevlicki:

I wanna be a kite when I grow up.

I could hang in the breeze and every once in awhile someone yanks my string
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:43pm Kelly:

I love these girls. So funny!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:44pm dale:

michele truly is the pervert in this relationship.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:44pm Marissa:

I actually want to grow up and be infertile though
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:44pm Paul D:

I don't wanna grow up. I'm a toys r us kid.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:44pm Samoan Nick:

Movie sound effects guy. Foley? Isn't that what it's called?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm Jordan:

FRANGRY - are hot dogs as sexual as popcicles?? (remember your Mom reference)
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm Just Ted:

@Frangry Damn pace yourself
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm WokkaWokka:

Stay at home dad.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm Carmichael:

When I grow up, I wanna be livin' in a van down by the river.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm Cindy:

A giant sponge to sop up all of Fraggy's woes.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:46pm yourfriendpaul:

We could all grow up to be Walmart greeters and get paid to say "have a good one!" all day
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:48pm Fuzzy:

I'll be your Knight In SHINING ARMOR!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:48pm ?:

When I grow up I want to die a Hero, everyones got to go so why not die helping another.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:49pm amateur hour?:

Nothing worse than a college radio DJ that loves the sound of their own voice. Who listens to this crap?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:49pm amateur hour?:

Nothing worse than a college radio DJ that loves the sound of their own voice. Who listens to this crap?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:49pm spidermank:

a SUW tee shirt winner
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:50pm BobbyM:

When I grow up I want to die a Hero, everyones got to go so why not die a helping another.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:50pm Marissa:

this guy wants to be father yod
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:50pm RAWisROLLIE:

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys R us kid.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:50pm Cindy:

A good cult....snore
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:51pm Carmichael:

The first bonehead caller: "What's the topic?"
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:51pm adrian990:

i want to be anime when i grow up
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:51pm dale:

you guys need another hour - just starting to get to the topic.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:51pm BobbyM:

apparently we are all listening...
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:52pm Brando:

FRANGRY - Why aren't you staying at MICHELE's house?????
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:52pm Kevlicki:

Scott" wants to be free and able to call into SUW when he grows up
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Marissa:

where are Rooster and Scott.... OMG THERE THEY ARE
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Paul D:

@Brando because Michele is selfish.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm BobbyM:

How about next weeks topic be GHOST STORIES, since its gonna be October???
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Cindy:

ha ha ha, that's hysterical.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Just Ted:

All things he could do in jail.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm BADBRAIN:

i wanna binere an oscar mayer weiner
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Marissa:

give Rooster the shirt he's so devoted and nice
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:53pm Kevlicki:

@Marissa I had already typed my last comment up and there was rooster!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:54pm Brando:

I thought you guys were in love......
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:54pm RAWisROLLIE:

Why be Hungarian when you can be a Franglo-Saxon?
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:54pm Marissa:

it's Rooster's time for a shirt
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:55pm Brando:

@Paul D - I guess they're not in love - very sad.....
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:55pm spidermank:

vodka potato deah sound effects?
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:55pm BADBRAIN:

i wanna be free
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:56pm BobbyM:

This topic Blows...and not in a good way.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:56pm Jeff:

Like... I think the sound of the War of the Worlds spacecraft opening up was a jar lid held inside a toilet bowl.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:56pm Slick Goldtooth:

snapping stalks of celery and carrots up close to a mic and slowed down a little simulates bones snapping
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:57pm throwbackvernacular:

miche, be the volcano. I want to be a carpenter in Ireland. congrats on the abfab movie
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:57pm Marissa:

squishing a box of corn starch simulates walking in the snow
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm dale:

forever 21, 5 below or hot topic - they're all like cash machines.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Cindy:

Tickle her!!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

R o o s t e r ! !! !!!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Marissa:

Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Marcel M:

Night, girls.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm spidermank:

wahey weerdos
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Jeff:

Frangles! Quick, squeeze Michele's bladderal region!
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Cindy:

Yay Rooster!! Good luck, Fraggy!!
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:58pm Kevlicki:

night weirdos
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm BADBRAIN:

bye weirdos gotta pee
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm Kevlicki:

thanks for keeping me company while I drew
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm Cindy:

Night weirdos
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm BobbyM:

what a train wreck.
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm Brando:

Good night ladies (have a good pee Michele)
  Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm Mark M:

Good night girls.
Avatar Fri. 9/30/16 6:59pm Kevlicki:

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