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Options August 15, 2016: Paronomasia and Homophones

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Leonard Solomon   The Grand Gallope   Options 0:00:00 ()
Okapi and Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra   Amour Humain - Sturnus Vulgaris   Options 0:01:16 ()
Mike Cooper   Fratello Mare   Options 0:03:45 ()
The Shaggs   I’m So Happy When…   Options 0:05:44 ()
Broadcast   Dave’s Dream   Options 0:07:51 ()
BNegao and Seletore de Frequencia   Enxugando O Gelo   Options 0:10:35 ()
Yeah You   Command Pool   Options 0:12:14 ()
Cabaret Voltaire   Nag Nag Nag   Options 0:15:34 ()
Soft Cell   Metro MRX   Options 0:17:53 ()
Vicious Pink Phenomena  My Private Tokyo   Options 0:19:52 ()
Glen Meadmore   Girlene   Options 0:23:02 ()
RIAA   Always Something Rollin   Options 0:27:44 ()
Psychic TV   Being Lost   Options 0:30:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith  
Summer Place '76 [Theme from 'A Summer Place']   Options 0:34:03 ()
Okapi and Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra   Amour de la Nature - Hylocichla Mustelina   Options 0:38:32 ()
Okapi and Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra   Amour Divin - Pipilo Erythrophthalmus   Options 0:39:47 ()
Rik Rue   Fur Beep   Options 0:41:17 ()
Ergo Phizmiz  Symphonie Vum   Options 0:42:22 ()
Orquestra Serenata Tropical  Sukiyaki   Options 0:45:38 ()
The Prisoner   Number 6 Throned   Options 0:47:13 ()
The Prisoner   You Must Conform   Options 0:49:21 ()
Roger Roger   Rigamarole (Laughing Mania)   Options 0:49:31 ()
DJ Carhouse and MC Hellshit   Air Rappers   Options 0:50:13 ()
Miguel Painem   Se Van Los Negritos   Options 0:50:59 ()
ZONA MC   Channel Surfing   Options 0:51:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Percy Faith  
Summer Place '76 [Theme from 'A Summer Place']   Options 0:52:16 ()
Messerchups   Learning To Control Myself   Options 0:54:32 ()
Percy Thrillington   Dear Boy   Options 0:57:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/15/16 5:58pm vince:

Paronomasia?...that's a hard word to say..
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 5:59pm People Like Us:

you just did
  Mon. 8/15/16 5:59pm vince:

I said it ssssllllooooowwwly.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:01pm People Like Us:

here we go
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:01pm geezerette:

Big Gulp-a-lope!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Greetings, your pooeyness!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:01pm People Like Us:

and goood evening
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:02pm People Like Us:

there you all are
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:02pm vince:

sad to know only three show left.... after this one.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:02pm People Like Us:

I got the title of this show from wikipedia
classy eh
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:02pm litmuspie:

Ready for anything. Except that one thing.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:02pm geezerette:

Hey! People LIKE us! :)
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:04pm People Like Us:

yes, considered putting in a bid for the next schedule but the next one is a long one, until next June and I am doing a ton of other creative stuff in the week too and and and
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:04pm vince:

I really was getting tied of hearing all those HETERO-phones, anyway!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:04pm Michael 98145:

always good to start with a calliope giggle
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:05pm ranjit:

always safest to give up on doing creative stuff
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:05pm People Like Us:

I think Paronomasia and Homonphones could be the sister album to Pyriphones and Whirliwhatever it was called
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:05pm People Like Us:

hello ranjit, you can talk, an instrument a day!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:06pm Carmichael:

Heya Vicky all hetero and LGBT -phones.
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:06pm vince:

HEY...the SHaggs!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:06pm People Like Us:

homophones sound like shittyflutes
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:07pm ranjit:

a pooeyflute a day!
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:07pm vince:

I just heard there a 'super deluxe' re-issue of The Shaggs that's coming out!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:07pm Kat in Chicago:

I was, and remain, the delighted recipient of one of Ranjit's instruments moonmilk.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:08pm People Like Us:

seems like a contradiction in terms
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:08pm Michael 98145:

quadraphonic Shaggs ?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:09pm People Like Us:

when quadraphonic goes wrong
the youtube video
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:09pm vince:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:10pm People Like Us:

everyone look at ranjit's moonmilk site
but come back here too, ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:11pm People Like Us:

I don't know what they are saying
what are they saying
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:11pm vince:

yo no se
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:12pm Kat in Chicago:

Google translates the title as "Wiping Ice"
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:12pm litmuspie:

I think i heard 'brassiere' in there.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:12pm Marcel M:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:13pm People Like Us:

what is Wiping Ice?

  Mon. 8/15/16 6:13pm vince:

enxugando O Gelo?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:13pm Michael 98145:

"addicted to fascination"
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm JakeGould:

Ice to wipe yourself off after this crazy NYC heatwave.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm steve:

in sync with the car alarm outside my window
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm People Like Us:

keep this up, ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm People Like Us:

yes I planned that
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm JakeGould:

OMFG! A car is being stolen in New York City!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:14pm Kat in Chicago:

I guess if your ice gets dirty it needs wiping?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:15pm People Like Us:

half of this music is Gwilly Edmondez
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:15pm Michael 98145:

can you still buy dry ice without a permit?
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm vince:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm Michael 98145:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm slugluv1313:

NAG NAG NAG!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm JakeGould:

Gwilly was in Cabaret Voltaire?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm People Like Us:

ha ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:16pm People Like Us:

hi Monica :))
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:17pm geezerette:

@Ranjit: Hilarious & elegant!!!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:17pm People Like Us:

it's funny how many noisy people now make drone music
it's like they totally HAD ENOUGH OF IT
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:18pm Kat in Chicago:

haha Vicki
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:18pm JakeGould:

Drone Drone Drone
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:18pm People Like Us:

I am waiting for 80s architecture to come back
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:19pm litmuspie:

I'm still waiting for simon pegg to make an album. It will happen.
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:20pm vince:

I just went to see his "Star Trek"... HE HAD CAPT. KIRK SAY "Skip To The End"!!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:20pm steve:

PLU - funny cause its true! basically everyone in Brooklyn... there's like 3 proper noise acts left.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:20pm JakeGould:

1980s architecture? Looking forward to flushing a Memphis toilet.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:20pm People Like Us:

if you wait long enough everyone makes an album
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:21pm JakeGould:

@vince: The new “Star Trek” where the “Beastie Boys” save the day?
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:21pm vince:

This is a quite unexpected show... I like it!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:21pm People Like Us:

I wonder what happened in the 90s
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:21pm litmuspie:

Hugh laurie playing the blues. Is he punishing us for something?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm Kat in Chicago:

A private Tokyo sounds preferable to a private Idaho
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm People Like Us:

everyone plays the blues if you wait long enough
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm ranjit:

this horrible thing happened in the 90s
(i was just in nashville and had the misfortune of seeing it from a distance)
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm vince:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm litmuspie:

Vicki everyone shopped at next in the 90s. Thats all i remember.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:22pm People Like Us:

wow, NICE
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:23pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:23pm People Like Us:

oh that's true
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:23pm ranjit:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:23pm steve:

Girlele! yeah!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:23pm People Like Us:

another task for you when you are meant to be doing something important: look up Glen Meadmore on youtube
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:24pm Kat in Chicago:

Yay Girlene! Loving the Do or DIY dance party today
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:24pm JakeGould:

Was Glen Meadmore “Fang” in the cartoons at one point?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:24pm SeanG:

this sounds good
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:26pm steve:

so on board with this guy
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:26pm People Like Us:

Glen Meadmore's is the queen of high energy monotony - that's a compliment by the way!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:26pm People Like Us:

I often make the joke "you obviously don't know who I am", which comes from this song
no one gets the joke and I laugh alone
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:27pm Jeff:

Now we will laugh with you.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:27pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:27pm litmuspie:

Do you have a plan if someone does get the joke?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:28pm People Like Us:

good point
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:28pm matt:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:28pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:28pm ranjit:

This RIAA thing is one of my frequent earworms that I can never remember who made it to write in my earworm log
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:29pm People Like Us:

yes, so joyful
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:30pm Kat in Chicago:

I like that you maintain an earworm log, Ranjit
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:30pm JakeGould:

Always something there to remind me of who—or what—was in Cabaret Voltaire.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:31pm Michael 98145:

this has to be the fastest-moving show in the known world
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:31pm Webhamster Henry:

I keep a list of ephemeral songs that pop up in the Give the Drummer Stream and are never heard of again.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:31pm People Like Us:

I made 3 radio shows about earworms
is on radio boredcast: search the page for "earworm"
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:32pm People Like Us:

ranjit - are you "earworm report" on twitter?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:32pm ranjit:

Kat: of course I do, and it has a twitter feed :)
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:32pm ironybread:

Fond memories of doing a radio show with a friend Rob in the 1990s on KUOI-FM Moscow, Idaho, called "Doo Doo Radio", featuring the "Five Minute Marathon" where we played as many tracks as possible in five minutes. Obviously we struck gold the day TMBG released "Fingertips"
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:32pm ranjit:

yes that's me!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:32pm People Like Us:

all these sudden confessions from you all
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm ironybread:

I killed Harry S. Truman
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm ranjit:

Can you really count Fingertips as more than one track? *concerned look*
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm People Like Us:

didn't realise
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm People Like Us:

hang on, are you most people?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm JakeGould:

i just ate a big cookie. *confession*
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Mmmm... confections!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:33pm People Like Us:

ha ha ha
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:34pm vince:

I agree with ranjit.... it's ONE BIG SONG
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:34pm Kat in Chicago:

Those Boredcast earworm shows are great. Will follow @earwormreport
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:34pm JakeGould:

Confection Confessions™
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:34pm litmuspie:

I remember micky most. Thats kind of a confession.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:34pm ranjit:

here at the confection confession connection
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:35pm JakeGould:

*toot toot*
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I demand concessions!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:36pm People Like Us:

but you're already getting in for free
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:36pm Michael 98145:

i don't drink enough water
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:37pm People Like Us:

less wars when everyone is trying to write lyrics down from pop songs, fact
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:37pm People Like Us:

and more water drunk
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

Confection Confession Concession Connection Concoction.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:38pm ranjit:

reading that gave me a contusion
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:38pm vince:

I'm PRO-coction
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:39pm Webhamster Henry:

TMBG plays it live as one long song:
It's funny, but I've met all the Fingertips singers.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:39pm People Like Us:

do you suppose when you download an album from the internet you then have less internet?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:39pm JakeGould:

Confection confession concession connection concoction concussion.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:40pm geezerette:

Vicki there is absolutely nothing else like this, whatever this is...
going to miss PLU but hope you'll do fill ins sometimes.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:40pm Webhamster Henry:

I think you end up with MORE internet, because the Internet is connections between collections.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:40pm litmuspie:

Rotary connection. Mmm.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:40pm Marcel M:

This is great
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:41pm vince:

I like it, too
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:41pm JakeGould:

Confection confession concession connection concoction concussion collection correction.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:41pm litmuspie:

The internet should be free, but there should be an emoji allowance. 10 per month.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:41pm People Like Us:

this is what the comments board is like www.youtube.com...
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:42pm Michael 98145:

( i think Jake has broken his processor )
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:43pm JakeGould:

@Michael98145: I actually think I had a minor ear infection this weekend. So maybe you are onto something. Everything is spinning.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:43pm People Like Us:

is Mandelbrot Roundabouts a good album title or is it what the 90s were like?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:44pm geezerette:

Jake, cornfungus! www.npr.org...
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:44pm JakeGould:

Soup Dragons an Inspiral Carpets both used Mandelbrot sets. Also, the 1990s were about those 3D things where you had to cross your eyes.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:44pm dale:

sorry i missed the comments - had my feedbag on. wonder if you could hurt the shaggs with the pooey flute treatment?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:44pm Michael 98145:

we finally escaped the 90s ...
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:45pm People Like Us:

thank you Jake, ha ha - you summed up the 90s
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:46pm JakeGould:

Also, the 1990s were about bad CGI in movies like Johnny Mnemonic and Lawnmower Man.
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:46pm vince:

"Those 3D things Where You Had To Cross Your Eyes"--sounds like an album title to me
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:46pm People Like Us:

yes, I quite like the idea of that
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:47pm People Like Us:

mandelbrots sort of go with didgeridoo music don't they
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:47pm ironybread:

Hm, this tastes like the "Prisoner" soundtrack
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:47pm JakeGould:

Oooh! Also Gregorian chants set to dance music.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:48pm People Like Us:

ewww yes
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:48pm vince:

Ugh...the '90's!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:49pm JakeGould:

Enigma!!! And U2 becoming all “Achtung Baby.”
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:49pm litmuspie:

Damien Hirst was very 90s. I think.
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:49pm vince:

...AND suing Negativland!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:49pm Michael 98145:

Sukiyaki: "I look up as I walk
So that the tears won't fall
Remembering those those spring days
But I am all alone tonight"
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:50pm JakeGould:

Also lots of velour and velvet garb, big shoes and flair pants.
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:50pm vince:

Suki & Teri Yaki
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:51pm litmuspie:

JakeGould having Enigma flashbacks
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:51pm People Like Us:

I wonder what now was like
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:51pm JakeGould:

Suki Yucky: Was that a “Garbage Pail Kid?”
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:51pm vince:

NOW IS better than we think!.... 'coz you're on the air!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not @ all what you'd expect...
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:52pm Carmichael:

Thankfully I was out of the country and away from commercial radio in the 90s.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:52pm ranjit:

Gipsy Kings was the 80s inoffensive ethnic music for yuppies, Buena Vista Social Club was the 90s, but I'm not sure that the 00s and 10s equivalents are
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:53pm litmuspie:

I dont like the way the world of today rips off the future.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:53pm JakeGould:

Spin Doctors and Blues Traveller… 1990s.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:54pm ranjit:

wait, i think i'm off by a decade. GK 90s, BVSC 00s?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:54pm ironybread:

Now is just a big disappointment, such a letdown, all been done better before, nothing you'd want to waste your time on, read my bitter blog entry about it, download my review, agree with me on Twitter and then say one critical thing and I'll block you #Hipster
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:55pm vince:

I'm trying to find what album the Okapi tracks you played are on
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Vicki. Have a very pooey week.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:55pm Carmichael:

@ranjit: Strunz & Farah?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:56pm People Like Us:

thanks for listening!
Vince, it's Okapi's brand new album
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:56pm ranjit:

I don't know Strunz & Farah!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:56pm litmuspie:

Tom from Myspace is partly responsible for the now times.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:56pm People Like Us:

called "16 oiseuaux pour olivier messiaen"
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:57pm vince:

Got cha! Thanks... and have a happy week!
  Mon. 8/15/16 6:57pm Dean:

Cesaria Evora?
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:57pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:58pm Michael 98145:

bless you
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:58pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:58pm Folsom:

It would be interesting having PLU and MAC do a mix up of the laughing 78 records.
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:58pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:59pm People Like Us:

oh it's nearly the top of the hour
good evening all
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:59pm People Like Us:

or goodnight
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 6:59pm SeanG:

nighty night
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 7:00pm Webhamster Henry:

An excellent trip this week, Vicki!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 7:00pm People Like Us:

Stay tuned for David Suisman!
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 7:00pm Kat in Chicago:

That was great fun, thank you
Avatar Mon. 8/15/16 7:00pm Michael 98145:


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