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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options June 6, 2016: Dave is battling plague-like symptoms as he welcomes singer/songwriter/raconteur Mike Doughty (ex-Soul Coughing) back to Studio A for radio fun times/general heatbringing!

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Artist Track Album Images Approx. start time
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch (duh) 
0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Teenage Fanclub  I Don't Want Control of You   Options     0:05:43 (Pop‑up)
Scott Walker  We Came Through   Options     0:08:30 (Pop‑up)
Dave takes calls and stuff.        0:22:02 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  Supernaut   Options Vol. 4 
0:40:08 (Pop‑up)
Gregory Corso  Proximity   Options     0:43:58 (Pop‑up)
Glen Campbell  Wichita Lineman   Options     0:44:12 (Pop‑up)
Le Butcherettes  Sold Less Than Gold   Options     0:49:27 (Pop‑up)
Monster Magnet  God Says No   Options God Says No    0:51:43 (Pop‑up)
Negative Approach  Fashionable Idiots   Options     0:55:35 (Pop‑up)
Dave takes more calls.        0:59:42 (Pop‑up)
MIke Doughty live in-studio        1:34:36 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:01pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:02pm BenDoverMD:

We've all got light blue on...in our souls!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:02pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:02pm Dennis D:

  Mon. 6/6/16 9:02pm Ms. Sim:

Dayvid you look ABsolutely terrriffic.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm Cliff:

Hey, it's that song!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm BenDoverMD:

Is this Dave's first night back in a fortnight? Or like 3 weeks since I don't know what a fortnight is
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm DaveHill:

  Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm JeffHQ:

Guitar aFISHionado ready for school.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm Supermeowy:

Greetings sexy singles!! I've missed you and hope Dave keeps Danne on a tight leash tonight. Mayuko was too nice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:03pm Folsom:

I need my YngDave fix.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm brycepunk:

Those opening rips of this song, I forget the name... but it just means Dave is Back! Yeeesss!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: Jordache!!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm DaveHill:

Yes it is, BenDoverMD!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm Dennis D:

No shit!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm Gabby Hayes:

Three hours?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm Evan From Seattle:

The opening riff of Angel Witch signals Monday turning into Funday. Also that it is time for me to cook dinner.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:04pm BenDoverMD:

Welcome back Mr. Kot-tair!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:05pm Ms. Sim:

The more times they say it, the more I FEEL like an Angel Witch.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:05pm Gabby Hayes:

Are you going to play Ballroom Blitz?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm JeffHQ:

I left my heart on the Sunset Strip. #facemelter
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm DaveHill:

Hey Evan! What's the recipe for tonight?!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm JakeGould:

@BenDoverMD: If the SweatHogs actually climbed up on Mr. Kotter’s fire escape back in the day they would have been shot and tossed off to the curb… Just saying.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm Ken:

I'm going to post way too much!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm Cliff:

Actually I wanna hear some Dokken
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm Dennis D:

I meant no shit in reference to a needed YngDave fix
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:06pm Supermeowy:

what was that magical song????
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Cliff:

It was Sandstorm by Darude
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Danne D:

Hi Everyone :)
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Dennis D:

There should be a song called Devil Bitch
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Evan From Seattle:

Hey Dave! Welcome back to the airwaves! Tonight I'm cooking up some black beans with sautéed onion and green pepper and garlic. Good eats!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:07pm Dennis D:

hi DD
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:08pm Supermeowy:

Dave, since you swung through texas and we haven't heard some Glen Campbell in a while, could you consider a tune by Glen?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:08pm DaveHill:

Good to be back, everybody! I've missed you all. Even you, Danne!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:08pm Danne D:

Hi Ms. Sim :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:08pm BenDoverMD:

Zackltly @jakegould...how about all those corny "did I ever tell you about my aunt...." Jokes?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:08pm Therese:

Oh, hi Dave! Greetings from a porch in Wisconsin!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:09pm Danne D:

Therese :) What a nice surprise to see you here :)
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:09pm Ms. Sim:

Teenage Fanclub rule so hard.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:09pm JakeGould:

@BenDoverMD: Well, the whole premise of “Welcome Back, Kotter” was the show was supposed to be a vehicle for Gabe Kaplan’s comedy act. But Vinnie Barbarino (aka: John Travolta) threw a rubber hose into those works.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:10pm DaveHill:

Hi Therese! Where in Wisconsin? I'm gonna be there Thursday!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/6/16 9:10pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Angel Witch Fanclub... right here!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:10pm BenDoverMD:

Teenage Fanclub seem to have a formula for most of their tunes, but dang if it ain't a sweet swell formula
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:10pm moreguinness:

evening Mr. hill
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:11pm Rickwaukee:

this song is giving me a boner.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:11pm JakeGould:

Scott Walker cannot inspire the troops… But he can inspire old folks to head to the buffet table.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:11pm Danne D:

201-209-9368 :) 3 lines are open
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:11pm lord freakington:

In the show definition blurb it says "a sincere effort to get the members of dokken back on speaking terms will also be made" I hate to start controversy - but i dont feel a sincere effort is being made
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:13pm Danne D:

@Lord F - I think you should call in and express your concerns.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:13pm BenDoverMD:

Agreed @lordF ... Less Tawkken
More Dokken
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:14pm cosmic matrix:

missed u
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:14pm cosmic matrix:

although miyuko did lay down the jams
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:14pm Danne D:

If you follow Therese on twitter you can see how impressive the porch is (spoiler - it really is quite impressive)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:15pm JakeGould:

I really liked Mayo’s 3 hours of “Angel Witch” mixed with awkward interactions with Danne D during the fill ins.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:15pm Dennis D:

I bet one is in Wisconsin!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:16pm Cliff:

Danne D is kindof a weeaboo isn't he
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:16pm Davewaukee:

Thursday, Boswell
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:16pm JakeGould:

Ack! “I really liked Mayuko’s 3 hours…” not MAYO! Stupid spell check.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:16pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 9:17pm Supermeowy:

what is Therese's Twitter handle, Danne?? jeesh!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:17pm Cliff:

Goddamn computers!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:17pm Bill Dolan:

Hold me
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:18pm Dennis D:

Danne d said hey in a Ray Romanoish voice
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:19pm JakeGould:

Yeah, Ray Romano…
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:19pm Ms. Sim:

*wink wink, butt-shake*
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:19pm Cliff:

I'm not actually a Siberian jew's-harp player, btw
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/6/16 9:19pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@meowy - I got it - mobile.twitter.com...
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:20pm Danne D:

@Dennis and Jake - never heard that one
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:20pm Therese:

Oh, yeah? I am close-ish to Milwaukee, but closer to Fond du Lac.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:20pm Gabby Hayes:

It's a flippin' sausage fest in here
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:22pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: Pretty confident that when you had the Danne D 15 minute show during a fill in we said you sound like Ray Romano. It’s not a judgement… Just an observation. At least from me.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:22pm JeffHQ:

(audiobook recording)
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:23pm Ms. Sim:

YngDave's trying out some new material...
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:23pm cash:

Good lord, yng.. 'th 1st to be excused, may be accused.'
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:24pm Dennis D:

Some too long blues
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:24pm JeffHQ:

I need TP for YngDave's bungholio.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:25pm Dennis D:

Da Blues!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:25pm Rickwaukee:

RIP my ears!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:25pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:26pm Dennis D:

He will name the adopted Asian kid NoMSG?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:26pm JeffHQ:

Jersey City Gets Better.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:26pm Danne D:

BGZ!!! :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:27pm Danne D:

@Therese Dave is in Milwaukee Thursday night :) (though somebody mighta mentioned it)
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:27pm P-90:

Welcome home @Dave, and Happy Birthday. Props to Mayuko who valiantly held down the fort during your travels. I'm looking forward to tonight's exciting lineup, I'll be right here, lurking behind my sexually ambiguous log-in.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:27pm Danne D:

@Jake I regularly notice for the first time the Ray Romano comparison
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:28pm DJ Shake N Bake:

I'm here! What did I miss with YngDave?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:28pm Gabby Hayes:

Dokken is a musical sausage fest.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:29pm JeffHQ:

Happy Girthday.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:30pm Gabby Hayes:

What kind of car does Dave drive? A fancy 1996 Honda Accord?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:30pm BadGuyZero:

@Therese: Any amphibious automobile activities?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:31pm cash:

Dj bake: horrible stabs at jokes
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:32pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: You’re still cool with me!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:32pm Therese:

@BadGuyZero not yet, but I am always hopeful!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:32pm lord freakington:

dave is fancy !
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:32pm herb.nyc:

Uh, I got my copy of Dave's book from the NY Pubic Library. (Due tomw, but maybe I'll just steal it)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:33pm Cliff:

It's only 72 here in Syracuse, while in Yakutsk it's 63
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:33pm lord freakington:

  Mon. 6/6/16 9:34pm P-90:

And yes @Dave, the music of Glen Campbell was an intrinsic part of the original award-winning format of this show, but we haven't heard any Glen for a while. Can we get back in the saddle with a little Glen now and then? Please?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:34pm Dennis D:

Trump has always been hated in Inwood.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:35pm Ms. Sim:

When I first read the Donald Trump story in Paris Review I was 100% sure it was satire. (And I thought it was brilliant.) Knowing it's true makes it 200% better.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/6/16 9:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

All you New Jersey residents voting tomorrow?
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:37pm JeffHQ:

Goddamn this $20 Target bookshelf I'm making!!! Pass the verb.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:37pm P-90:

Mayuko was so charming, inventive, and just plain fun the last two weeks. Nothing to add about Danne.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:38pm Danne D:

Thanks P-90 :D
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:40pm lord freakington:

play witcha lineman - its good for colds - destroys the cold in its tracks
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:40pm Bill Dolan:

Danne has kissibly fresh breath
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:40pm DaveHill:

It's completely true and not embellished at all, Ms. Sim.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:41pm Bill Dolan:

with Oreo piano teeth
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:41pm lord freakington:

yeah !! im so sick of black sabbath - but i still love this song
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:41pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: I lived across the street from “Trump Village” in Brighton Beach as a kid… Pretty much every kid in those buildings were just bullying racist a-holes. So I learned what a special family the Trumps are at an early age.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:41pm Ms. Sim:

That blows my mind, Dave. What an epic tale.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:41pm JakeGould:

Sick of Sabbath? Banish the guy from the boards!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:43pm Bill Dolan:

Supernauty By Nature
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:43pm herb.nyc:

Since Muhammad Ali died, I've been telling people "YOU are the greatest!". But w Dave, we'd all say " yeah, we know".
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:44pm Dennis D:

@JakeGould Trump was rumored to be trying to buy Inwood and erect highrise apartments in the mid 80s, but Columbia U beat him out for the land.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:44pm Tome:

the band I wanted to be in > bit.ly...
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:44pm JeffHQ:

Sabbath? We're good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:44pm amy:

@davehill are you going to be over your plague-like symptoms by the time your Chicago gig rolls around Saturday? Driving 6 hours for it. No pressure.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:45pm Danne D:

Bill Dolan :) Thanks for your kind hospitality the other night :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:45pm Danne D:

There's your Glen Campbell :)
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:45pm P-90:

"Witchita Lineman" is clinically proven effective against the so-called common cold. For suspected Bubonic Plague, you might even want to bust out the "Galveston."
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:45pm Ms. Sim:

YESS! Dave caves to peer pressure!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:46pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Hard to say if that was a better outcome. His dad, Fred Trump, purchased Steeplechase Park and demolished it for fun and left the land to rot for years. www.coneyislandhistory.org...
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:47pm BadGuyZero:

♬♬ And the Wichita lineman
Is still snortin' liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiines ♬♬
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:47pm lord freakington:

sweeeeet........ better then vitamin c too
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:47pm Ben Dover, MD:

DanneeeeeDeeee is still on the line!!!!
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:48pm P-90:

YES! Ask and ye shall receive. The Good Book says so.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:48pm Supermeowy:

On behalf of me and P-90, much gratitude for the Glen tune!! You've still got it, Dave!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:48pm Evan From Seattle:

So is the verdict on the birthday cake oreos thumbs down?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:49pm Dennis D:

Well Colombia built a hospital and a lot of clinics up here, much better than 71 story buildings on Dyckman St
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:49pm Dennis D:

I knew his dad was a prick too, ugh.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:51pm BadGuyZero:

Le Butcherettes are fierce!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 9:51pm Evan From Seattle:

Smokin jams tonight
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:51pm JakeGould:

@DennisD: Yup! I’m kinda oddly happy that Trump and Sanders are in the race. Now I can easily explain how scummy the Trumps have been and also point out there were once tons of socialist Jews like Sanders in Brooklyn. But enough of politics!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:53pm Dennis D:

@jakegould my fault i hear his name and can't help myself sometimes, enough indeed
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:54pm DaveHill:

I will always honor a Glen Campbell, request!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 9:54pm Danne D:

I think Birthday Cake Oreos the kind that you break out once a year
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:55pm Ms. Sim:

It sounds like a very thoughtful gift, Danne.
  Mon. 6/6/16 9:56pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 9:57pm bill:

Monster magnet in their sampling phase (dorfing?)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:01pm DaveHill:

Testicle talk.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:02pm Ms. Sim:

I'm sure YngDave is RIVETED.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:02pm Tome:

[ covers the kids ears .. ]
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:02pm BadGuyZero:

Ball blather
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:02pm Danne D:

Bad product idea #75 - Testikakes
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:03pm Rickwaukee:

boyfriend to life drawing classes just to pull prank - must be love.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:04pm Rickwaukee:

  Mon. 6/6/16 10:04pm P-90:

"Lovingly rendered testicles by most peoples' aesthetic standards"
now we're getting somewhere
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:05pm JeffHQ:

Jimmy Sings The Hits.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:05pm Bill Dolan:

Testicles of an Angel
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:05pm DJ E:

I found out my friend lives in Kearny. Sadly she has not met Jimmy.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:07pm Tom Y.:

Have to chime in and say it was a thrill to meet DH at DC's last week. Kearny was mentioned, so it's too bad Jimmy wasn't there. Anyway, the book is amazing so far. Laughs AND tears!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:08pm P-90:

Dave's Twitter has been a frenetic Hunter Thompson-esque narrative of his travels.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:08pm Bill Dolan:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:09pm Supermeowy:

Jimmy is rambling like Danne likes to. I'm worried.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:09pm Bill Dolan:

Track marks of an angel
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:09pm JeffHQ:

The Town.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:09pm Ms. Sim:

I'm enjoying this story more than the testicle story, tbh.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:10pm Danne D:

I thought the same thing about Guillaimes lol
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:10pm DJ E:

so using this next time I see a florist.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:11pm Danne D:

Jimmy's hernia meds seem to be doing the job
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:11pm Bill Dolan:

That was like an Italian Kearny Erotic Short Story
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:11pm Ms. Sim:

But a lotta homoeroticism on the show tonight, no doubt about it.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:11pm JakeGould:

That is one solid joke! “Two lips right here!” BOOM!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:12pm Bill Dolan:

Tulips on an organ are FAR better than roses on a piano.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:12pm Supermeowy:

Jimmy really has the voice of an angel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:12pm Tome:

WoW !
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:13pm JeffHQ:

Sounds guilty.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:14pm amy:

Ha ha ha ha!!!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:14pm DJ E:

this might require some waterboarding.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:14pm JeffHQ:

Yes or no, gonads!!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:14pm snif:

totally guilty!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:15pm Ms. Sim:

lol, the show is on FIRE tonight.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:15pm BadGuyZero:

Online horses?
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:15pm Rickwaukee:

3190! - that place is a den of penis drawers!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:15pm P-90:

Adele's boyfriend sounds REAL guilty.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:16pm Bill Dolan:

Penis drawing of an angel
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:16pm GrandéBlondé:

@Danne D and @DaveHill this is Adele, thanks so much for taking my call! I was phone-banking for two hours and calling in to the show was my reward I gave myself.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:17pm herb.nyc:

Song request- BBragg "sexuality"
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:17pm GrandéBlondé:

Lol he's not fooling anyone
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:17pm Danne D:

Thanks for the call Adele :)
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:17pm Bill Dolan:

Online Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:18pm JeffHQ:

Better Call YngDave.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:19pm Rickwaukee:

I can't go in a submarine because I walked through a ditch once and my feet got wet.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:21pm lolly:

YngDave! Afrin nasal spray 20 min before take off, 20 min before landing. Hurty ears no more. Japan, ho!!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:21pm ScottC:

It's Chinatown Dave...
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:21pm moreguinness:

I think you and yngdave need to start a paranormal investigation agency...Your first case is this whole mysterious testicle/penis/wallet affair
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:22pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 10:22pm DJ E:

if they start mentioning John's Pizzeria like on Q104.3 I am tuning out.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:24pm JeffHQ:

We're in it now.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:24pm JakeGould:

Astor Place cuts! Yup… One of the only things there that is still the same… That and the Cozy Soup and Burger.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:24pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 10:25pm P-90:

YingDave: proud winner of the "Attend the Dokken Reunion Concert in Japan with Dave Hill" WFMU Marathon Premium
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:25pm JeffHQ:

Maybe the "rich guy" will lose his job.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:26pm P-90:

So sad when the ex-girfriend's face is "weirdly harder" than it used to be.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:28pm GrandéBlondé:

Gentrification sucks
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:28pm Bill Dolan:

Cozy Soup and Burger. The only place in NYC with an autographed picture of Alf.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:29pm JeffHQ:

Wes core.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:30pm DJ E:

Cleveland: where you don't have to have a million $ to live like a millionaire.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:30pm JakeGould:

@BillDolan: Ha! Also the only place that in the early 1990s I got so pissed at the service, I took back my tip and got into a small shouting match with the counter staff. I just asked for extra water after I paid for meal AND left a tip and they were dicks but hey… I did a take back on that.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:32pm Bill Dolan:

Just the tip
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/6/16 10:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The race is on to be the first trillionaire on Earth!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:33pm JeffHQ:

Barge in the Atlantic anyone?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:33pm Supermeowy:

Dave better pick Austin when he decides he's sick of NYC. We have places that sell chocolate.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:34pm Bill Dolan:

How can the chocolate retain its form in 110 degree weather?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:34pm JakeGould:

@JeffHQ: I’m convinced some digital superhighway will make living in places like remote/rural parts of New York State will be the next thing.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:34pm JeffHQ:

@Meowy: DC needs Hill-arity more than Austin! ;-P
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Mon. 6/6/16 10:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Supermeowy - I'll bet water skiing on Lake Travis is a nice way to spend an afternoon.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:36pm Bill Dolan:

I'm sleeping under the South Congress bridge with the bats
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:36pm DaveHill:

Sounding clear on the airwaves?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Dave! Mike Dough-tee!
Hey everyone!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:36pm Ms. Sim:

Sounds RAD
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:37pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: Sounding clear. Now tell us more about this place that sells all this chocolate. YUMMERS!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:37pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 10:39pm JeffHQ:

@Jake: But when do the condos demolish upstate's ma/pa tractor shop?
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:40pm BriJet:

Hellllo alll!!! ^^
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: Self-aware condos, roaming the streets??

Hi BriJet!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:41pm Danne D:

BriJet :)
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:42pm Ms. Sim:

I'm a loud talker. When I get going, people back up. I think it's just part of having grown up in New York. WE'RE LOUD PEOPLE.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:42pm JakeGould:

@JeffHQ: Yeah, the issue is also retail… the reason all these boutique food places are all over the place is everything else everyone wants comes via mail order… So no local shops because people just don’t care… Unless it’s a 99 cent store, nail salon or cell phone store.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:42pm JeffHQ:

Vocal fry is the issue here.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:43pm JakeGould:

Another LifeHack™ is just to say, “Why are you threatened by me?” Really works in most nonsense conflicts.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:43pm BriJet:

Danne D and Matt f S Hiiiiiiii

Sorry Davy, Danne was talking to me. :'(
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:44pm Ms. Sim:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:45pm Matt from Springfield:


(Psst--and hi Ms. Sim, it's off the chains tonight, thank you)
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:45pm Ms. Sim:

(I'm laughing loudly.)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:46pm Supermeowy:

Ken From Hyde Park the lake is currently 120% full. It's crazy given that math doesn't work that way, but it's gone from 40% to 120% in the span of 3 years. Very wild. @BillDolan - the trick is to eat the chocolate in the store that has air conditioning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:46pm Matt from Springfield:

No, it's the Haitian pirates! Get Ike and his sailing ship on it!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:46pm JeffHQ:

Long live WFMU.
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:46pm Eric Hat:

First, Dude should move to a city with silent parks. Second, not much more real than this. FMU IS IT! TYBG
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:46pm Enid Coleslaw:

Best station in the WORLD guys! Representing from Singapore!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:47pm Danne D:

cool Enid :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Sing a Song from Singapore in Singlish! Thanks, Enid!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:47pm Eric Hat:

People laugh when I say it's the only station worth listening. Am I laughing? Am I smiling?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:48pm DaveHill:

Singapore?! Call in, Enid!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:48pm JakeGould:

Singha is decent Thai beer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

It rocks, Jake! 'Specially when you're in Thailand.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"MethLine: Ellensburg"
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:50pm Enid Coleslaw:

Matt, you have asked and I shall deliver:

Dave unfortunately am at work! I should try to call in another time!
  Mon. 6/6/16 10:50pm moreguinness:

I like to singha about the moona and the juna and the springha
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:50pm JakeGould:

Ever have someone you told off come back to you later with a pipe? Boy howdy does that get the “run for your life” juices flowing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

It checks out, thanks Enid! Will listen to the whole thing later!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:54pm JakeGould:

FWIW, the guy who came at me and a family member with a pipe did so because said family member was a d-bag and said a d-bag thing to them… So hey!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

"Paradise Lost" concept prog album? Danne, what's he talkin about?? ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Makes ya think!
...actually not. Trying to avoid being a d-bag is fairly simple.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:56pm amy:

Trip Shakespeare!! I haven't heard that name forever!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 10:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, soundbyte from "the Derek Tapes"! Thanks for the attribution!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:58pm BadGuyZero:

I love this tape of these two guys talking.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 10:59pm BadGuyZero:

I like when he talks about how Morbid Angel songs will actually summon demons.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:02pm Matt from Springfield:

"I am King Diamond, and I am Satanist!"

Find out more at satan.com!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:02pm JakeGould:

“Have you heard the bad news about Satan?”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:03pm amy:

"Weird pool house sex"
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:03pm JeffHQ:

Hail Jason.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:05pm oldboy2000:

They say TWAT way too much.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:05pm JakeGould:

Twat… Dink… Twat… Dink… Twat… Dink… Twat… Dink… Twat… Dink… So satisfying.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:05pm Matt from Springfield:

2 2 many 4s, $44,444 fine 4 U.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:06pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 11:07pm JeffHQ:

Roulette Rock.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:08pm JakeGould:

“Ronnie James Dio’s lamp emporium! We have every lamp in stock! Even if it’s the last in line!” *rimshot*
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:09pm JeffHQ:

Frosted Mini Wheats ?
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:10pm Ms. Sim:

I just got a shweeeet deal on a Sodastream setup. Yup, I'm feeling like a smug yuppie right about now. Who wants my autograph?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Boring and riveting! Like THIS show! It's a bacchanal!!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:11pm Dennis D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:11pm Evan From Seattle:

Hollywood Squares and Sammy Davis Jr.?? Those are like two of the best things!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:11pm Dennis D:

thats the King Diamond clip
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:12pm Matt from Springfield:

There's probably a version of Hollywood squares on some syndicated channel.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:13pm Supermeowy:

Hey gang, I'm signing off, but if you wanna know more about Dave's visit to Austin, go find my interview with him here: radiotatas.libsyn.com... . Dave was really hilarious and great!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:13pm Dennis D:

bye SM
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:13pm Ms. Sim:

G'night Supermeowy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:13pm Evan From Seattle:

Aww Hollywood Squares ended in 2004. In 2012 there was a version called Hip Hop Squares on MTV2 apparently.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, thanks for that link! Good night 'Meowy!
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:14pm JeffHQ:

@Meowy: will do, later
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:15pm Marc15:

Hollywood Squares has not been on since 2004
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:15pm nickrhombi:

hey, c sharp.. into the void! (loved the kind diamond story. wow.)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:15pm DaveHill:

Goodnight, SM!
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:16pm ledzeppelinsucks:

South Tacoma is ugly today
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@LZ sucks: And EVERY day, for that matter!!
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:16pm JeffHQ:

Nailed it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

"Neck bend", "Adrian Belew trick", I like that technique too!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:17pm JakeGould:

“The Gosh Darn Dave Hill Show”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Gersh Dern David Hill Show
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:19pm pillow_out:

well i made it for 40 minutes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Those are the Matt from Springfield Studio A Guest Mics, I INSIST you chew into the mic!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Pillow Pillow Hey!
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:20pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:21pm Dennis D:

hello Pillow
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:21pm JakeGould:

@pillow_out: That’s what she said!

*rimshot* *others scowl* *asked to leave* *stands silently on the street wondering what to do next*
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:22pm Supermeowy:

YES!!! Montreal bagels are THE superior bagel. now, for real, good night!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: First, light a cigarette. Then stare across the street. Then think of what to do next.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:23pm JeffHQ:

Sounds like a way to get revenge on a high school bully.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:24pm JakeGould:

@MattfromSpringfield: “It is a sad and beautiful world.”
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:24pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 6/6/16 11:26pm JeffHQ:

Keith Morris roadies his own gigs so...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:26pm Matt from Springfield:

"Does any legendary punk band have some spare sex with chicks? No donation is too small."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:27pm Matt from Springfield:

"Dropsy" can kick you!!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:27pm pillow_out:

wow these guys don't think they're going to get laid?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:28pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm not giving the Google behemoths $0.003 of ad money for my search! JUST TELL IT TO US AWREADY!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:31pm Matt from Springfield:

"Sidebar"! Two syllables, but that's another great stage nickname!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

"Crushing your enemies" is way more metal than "hook yourself up to this machine for thousands of dollars, maybe it'll do something!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

I think most of Russ Meyers' movies are public domain at this point, that's prob why.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:34pm ScottC:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Porn requires a certain suspension of disbelief. "Tasteful nudes" though, are fine as they are.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:35pm BadGuyZero:

I like when MOVIES! TV Network airs "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls." They put blurry dots over the naughty bits and drop the profanity. Other than that it's completely uncut.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:35pm JakeGould:

I watch nudie flicks for the articles.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:35pm Ms. Sim:

Something Weird are THE BEST. Seldom will you find movies with more fantastically flimsy reasons for nudity and titillation.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:35pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:36pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: Is that one of those free digital sub-channels? :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Super Porny Porn Porn, opening for Chix with Stix, Thursday at Le Poissson Rouuuuugee.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:38pm pillow_out:

that actually happened at my elementary school! there were porn mags in the woods
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:38pm BadGuyZero:

@Matt: Yes.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:39pm JakeGould:

Porn mags in the woods! Porn mags in the woods! Hi ho the dairy-o, porn mags in the woods!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

"Udder Fascination: For Farmers Over 18"
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:40pm nickrhombi:

this is the best story ever.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:40pm Dennis D:

No pron in the parks up here but there was a rapist called Raccoon man, that liked young boys
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:41pm Dennis D:

"Hey kids, wanna see some baby raccoons?"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: It's a subtle good laugh. Just like watching the network TV version of "Animal House" (I gave up halfway through, counting at least 31 things that were cut out), or the basic cable version of 1983 "Scarface" (some 215 "fucks" cut out, you're not able to understand any plot!)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:41pm common:

oui was one i found in the woods in the 70s
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:42pm JakeGould:

@common: Oui was pretty cool… That’s what I hear thought…
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: HWWOW. I don't even know how to go from there!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:42pm Dennis D:

Yeah I liked Oui the few times I saw one
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:43pm Dennis D:

The raccoon man story is a weird one
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:44pm BadGuyZero:

@Matt: In the 70s and early 80s they filmed alternate takes and extra scenes for when a film was shown on broadcast TV. There are some movies that I wish had the cleaned-up-for-TV audio as one of the audio tracks. My friends and I watched "Do The Right Thing" any time it was on TV because "mickey fickey" was such a funny made-up profanity to us.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:44pm common:

@jake it was bloated from rain and the images made me confused about beaches and peeing.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:44pm Dennis D:

I stopped telling it at my gigs its just too creepy
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:45pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: It just stops dead in its tracks, you don't even know how to go from there!

Now, acid and junk stories from NYC neighborhoods... :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:46pm JakeGould:

What raccoon story?
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:46pm Dennis D:

Yeah, I agree
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:47pm Dennis D:

on my first Cd there is a story about a creepy guy from my hood called the Raccoon Man
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:48pm Dennis D:

that i probably should have left off
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:49pm Matt from Springfield:

Louis C.K. has a surprisingly good story and conclusion related to "Jean-Baptiste", his town's child molester when he was a kid. It somehow works.
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:49pm JeffHQ:

Dave Attell is at the station door.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dennis: Are your CDs still avail for sale, on Amazon or a personal website? </plug>
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:50pm JakeGould:

Oh! You’re that Dennis D! I grew up in the other side of the world, Brighton Beach in the 1970s/1980s… Where 6th graders got pregnant or were bookies or were junkies or just died… So hey… Feel you! Good work!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:50pm Dennis D:

I guess most towns had one
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:50pm Matt from Springfield:

REMEMBER guys: in NY State you are allowed to have apps, and Scotch, but only boobs, no bottomless stripping.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:51pm Dennis D:

all of the above, hard copies at my wensite, www.dennisdriscoll.com
or Itunes and Amazon
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:51pm moreguinness:

there's a hooters right near Penn station
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:51pm Dennis D:

oops, website I meant dennisdriscoll.com
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Sweet, Dennis! :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm JakeGould:

You mean this, right? dennisdriscoll.com
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm Dennis D:

Thank you Jake
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm JeffHQ:

Ammonia cleanse.
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm Dennis D:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:52pm Danne D:

Sorry Aaron :( Call back
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:53pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

I bailed on the call Danne, time is short, thoughts are long
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:54pm Ms. Sim:

I'm signing off for the night, I look forward to seeing everyone next week! TA!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:54pm Danne D:

No worries Aaron - hope you call next show! You always bring the heat!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Call back earlier next week Aaron! Give us your thoughts!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:54pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:54pm pillow_out:

oh yeah i wanna get your cds too Dennis
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:55pm Dennis D:

night Ms Sim
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:55pm Matt from Springfield:

TA², Ms. Sim and everyone!

What's this song title, w/ the 90s TV refs and busting up a Starbucks?!
  Mon. 6/6/16 11:55pm JeffHQ:

Great song. Thanks, gang. Stay street.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Bending the highest guitar string! BEND IT MIKE!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:56pm Evan From Seattle:

Really digging this. Good stuff.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: Stay street, and stay sleep!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:56pm Dennis D:

I've been in negoiations to be on the GDDave Hill show again soon. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:57pm Matt from Springfield:

It's called "Busting Up A Starbucks"! :) Thanks guys!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:57pm Dennis D:

I liked that song too
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Bring us some "exclusive", hidden stories of your past, Dennis! Always look forward to your monologues and/or chats!
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:59pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show everyone :)
Stay tuned for Julie who does an awesome show - she's filling for Jesse (she also has awesome taste in Iron Man covers) :)

Til next time everyone! :)
Avatar Mon. 6/6/16 11:59pm Dennis D:

Dave can bring the hidden stories in me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:59pm Evan From Seattle:

Great show thanks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/6/16 11:59pm Matt from Springfield:

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" covers, too! :)
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:00am Dennis D:

Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:01am JakeGould:

Julie is on tonight! SWEET!
Avatar Tue. 6/7/16 12:55am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! See you next week!
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