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A small-c catholic preaching to the unevensong choir.

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Options May 29, 2016: Days and Nights With the Unbored

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Artist Track Comments
The Letters  Nobody Loves Me   Options  
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans  Nambuzaka Yuki No Wakare   Options  
Ut  How It Goes   Options  
Melody Dog  Tomorrow's World   Options  
The Lovelites  (When) I Get Scared   Options  
Anoushka Shankar feat. Alev Lenz  Land of Gold   Options  
The Softies  Sleep Away Your Troubles   Options  
Bert Jansch  Change the Song   Options  
Jackie DeShannon  Only Love Can Break Your Heart   Options  
Red Sleeping Beauty  Stay   Options  
The Koobas  Woe Is Love, My Dear   Options  
Isobel Campbell  Yearning   Options  
Aavikko  Zefyros   Options  
Klaus Johann Grobe  Wo sind   Options  
Gary Toms Empire  7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)   Options  
Chris Joss  Zingy Twangs   Options  
Van Hunt  What Were You Hoping For?   Options  
John Barry  Touch and Go   Options This is from the King Rat soundtrack. 
Dauerfisch  ...& leiter   Options  
Curd Duca  Lennie   Options  
Robertinho Silva  Sonata de batera   Options  
Ronny and the Daytonas  Sandy   Options  
Birdie  Blue Eyed Son (Reprise)   Options  
Elvis Presley  I Need Somebody to Lean On   Options  
Professor Liang Tsai-ping  Song of the Tea Leaf Pickers   Options  
Harry Betts  Nat's Theme   Options This is from the soundtrack to The Fantastic Plastic Machine. 
Barbara Manning Sings With the Original Artists  Cry Me a River   Options  
Christina Aguilera  The Right Man   Options  
Carlos Gardel  Lejana tierra mia   Options  
The Married Monk  The Gospel According to Saint Rocco   Options  
Bebel Gilberto   Baby   Options  
Jorge Ben  Minha teimosia, uma arma pra te conquistar   Options  

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:05pm Cliff:

Hi Gaylord! I see you'll be taking a well-deserved break this summer :)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:07pm Gaylord Fields:

Hi, Cliff! Yes, it's been 15 years since I've had a proper two-day weekend, and I'm looking forward to the possibilities.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:09pm Cliff:

That's Glen Jones levels of commitment to the station right there!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:10pm Cliff:

(And Bill Kelly, Jeff Sarge, all of you Sunday DJs are stalwarts)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:10pm Gaylord Fields:

Thanks! To clarify, I have taken off individual shows here and there.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:11pm Julie:

Loving this UT song (and the sentiment)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:11pm Gaylord Fields:

Folks like Bill Kelly and Jeff Sarge have only missed shows for health reasons.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:12pm geezerette:

Gaylord,best of luck in all your endeavors while you're away.
I'm going to miss your sensibility. Hope at some point you want to return,it's been a great pleasure listening to you.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:13pm Gaylord Fields:

Hiya, Julie!
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:13pm IFisher:

Hello Gaylord and all-
Gaylord, I'm happy for ye, truly, but bummed all the same. You are sui generis
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:14pm Cliff:

Bill Kelly and I have something in common, he started on WFMU in 1978, and I started on the planet in the same year.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:15pm Gaylord Fields:

@geezerette: Thank you for your weekly sunshine and wordplay! I hope not to be gone too long.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:15pm Uncle Michael:

I'm going to miss you, Gaylord. Come back, ok?
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:16pm Gaylord Fields:

@IFisher: Gee, thanks! That's swell and head-swelling.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:16pm Cliff:

(And I haven't skipped a single weekend off-planet)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:16pm geezerette:

Gaylord, thanks :D!!!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:17pm rjk:

Hi Gaylord, and everyone else. Sad to see you missing from the new schedule. Sunday nights won't be the same. Hope you'll be back soon. (great opening set, by the way)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:17pm Gaylord Fields:

@Uncle Michael: I'm certain I'll find the outside world frightening and come scurrying back to the warm bosom of WFMU at the earliest opportunity.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:18pm Uncle Michael:

Good. It's awful out there.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:20pm Gaylord Fields:

@rjk: Thanks! I'm looking forward to my time off but I will certainly miss this community.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:22pm Uncle Michael:

I'm taking next week off. In the micro it's a relief, once in a while, not to have a sow to prepare. In the macro, I'd have a hole I wouldn't be sure how to fill.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:24pm Uncle Michael:

Gaylord, you need to get active on social media so you can post links to songs you think I need to hear. There's a lot of music I wouldn't hear without your tutelage.
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:24pm Cooh John:

Have a good hiatus, Gaylord. Remember there will be a lot going on in Cbus on Rick James death day. Great show as always.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:24pm geezerette:

UM, preparing a sow even once would be daunting,but once a week! That's a lot of BBQ!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:24pm Cliff:

I still don't "get" social media *shrug*
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:25pm Uncle Michael:

How will I fill that hole without a prepared sow? I ask you.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:25pm Gaylord Fields:

As much as I'm very much looking forward to having my Sundays free, there must have been a reason (or several) that it's been15 years since my last sabbatical.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:26pm BadGuyZero:

I was disappointed to not see your name on the summer schedule. But then I realized that you'll now be able to enjoy the full Decades TV weekend binges. 'Cause you could be watching "Celebrity Bowling" right now instead of spinning records for our enjoyment.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:27pm Gaylord Fields:

@Cooh John: So true! It may happen.

@Uncle Michael: I'm still waiting for antisocial media so I can not be a part of that either.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:27pm geezerette:

Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:29pm Cliff:

Gaylord, it's called Reddit
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:29pm Uncle Michael:

Any Sunday you want to just comer over and play records...just sayin'.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:30pm Uncle Michael:

Gaylord has no combover. No matter what you may have read.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:30pm Gaylord Fields:

@BadGuyZero: It was tough tearing myself from the Celebrity Bowling binge to come here. As it is, I'll be missing the always hilarious Billy Barty (okay, I'm DVRing his appearance).
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:31pm geezerette:

Cliff,funny! :D
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:32pm Cliff:

geeezerette, wocka wocka!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:34pm geezerette:

back atcha :D!!!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:35pm Joel:

There must be some mistake.. I pledged to your show this year so you would continue to be there, continue being the person who made the end of the weekend a bit easier to accept, not so you would leave. There obviously was a mix up.. What will i do for this year's SOULSTICE ? AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH :-)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:35pm Cliff:

Btw, if you wanna hear another ghost story, send me a message on my profile page - this one's a bit more unsettling than what I posted on Irene's show a couple weeks ago so I don't want to go into it here :/
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:37pm Gaylord Fields:

@Cliff: Ha!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:39pm Cliff:

Yes, Reddit, the internet cure for hypotension.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@Joel: Did you make out the payment to me personally, as per my coded instructions, or did you perform the most common error in making it out to WFMU?
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:41pm cheri:

Gaylord, you'll be missed, have a wonderful summer , things won't be the same and looking forward to your return. THANK YOU Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:42pm Joel:

But the nice person on the phone said they would make sure everything was taken care of :-) Enjoy your time off and know you will be missed.. First Monica, now you (sigh)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:42pm dale:

checking in....ola people.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:42pm Gaylord Fields:

@cheri: Thanks for the kind words.
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:43pm JakeGould:

@Gaylord: So this means you'll be hanging out in the rec room after church services to finally, properly enjoy pound cake and fruit punch with the rest of the parishioners, correct? No more "Irish exit" to play your beloved 45s.
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:43pm bill:

oh no gaylord......i'm buying a coffin and jumping in
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:43pm Gaylord Fields:

@Joel: That is incredibly kind of you. (And there is a Summer Soul-stice plan of action, which I will announce during my mic break.)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:45pm Gaylord Fields:

@JakeGould: Yes, I will finally get to saunter on a Sunday. And I've heard tell of this meal called "brunching" that I'd like to try.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:46pm Gaylord Fields:

@bill: Whew! As long as you don't cremate yourself.
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:46pm JakeGould:

@Gaylord: Brunch is horrible nowadays. Don't do it!
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:47pm bill:

i have question--when you do a soul-tice or a special om a certian type of music, is it still free-form---because your boxed into that genre
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:47pm Gaylord Fields:

@JakeGould: It's been 15 years! How bad can things possibly get in 15 years?
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:49pm Monica:

allright, blow your whistle for gaylord!!!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:49pm Gaylord Fields:

@bill: Yes, it is still freeform, by typical definitions.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:49pm Cliff:

Hey Monica!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:50pm Monica:

poppers time, cliff and all!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:50pm Gaylord Fields:

@Monica: I was hoping this would wet your whistle! Spit up all into that thang!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:51pm Cliff:

Is contact cement an acceptable substitute?
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:53pm JakeGould:

@Gaylord: 20 years ago SantaCon was a fun counter-cultural event. Now look at the dude-bro d-bag fest it has become!!!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:53pm BadGuyZero:

It's so weird that everyone in that WFMU documentary is disappearing. It's a KENspiracy!

[not to be confused with Kihnspiracy, which is an album by Greg Kihn Band]
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:54pm Cliff:

I'd like to hear a KHLAMspiracy
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:55pm JakeGould:

Unless someone knows what the deal is with schedule changes, can we stop with the drama? Thanks!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:55pm fleep:

Zingy Twangs, those were great, with the nut clusters and circus peanut chips
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:57pm Cliff:

JakeGould, I assume they're noobs who haven't been listening for more than a year or two?
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:57pm geezerette:

Jake,the squid stopped laughing.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:57pm Cliff:

(Or they just REALLY REALLY love Gaylord!)
  Sun. 5/29/16 5:58pm JakeGould:

Also, Gaylord can consider that break his Quinciniera gift!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 5:58pm Gaylord Fields:

@JakeGould: So, essentially, their role model is the Santa from the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop-motion animation TV special.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:00pm riff randell toronto:

Perfect timing to catch you! I received my signed Yoko Ono in the mail today ❤️
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:00pm JakeGould:

@GaylordFields: I agree. I mean I think the Abominable Snowman from the Rankin-Bass stuff is cool so I have to agree.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:04pm fleep:

Moving Faye up is going to cause auditory jet lag.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:05pm Cliff:

Ichiban, hai!!
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:06pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Holy crap, Gaylord- I just took the most amazing picture of my cat, standing on her hind legs with her paws on the windowsill, listening to your voice coming out of the radio...
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:07pm Keith:

Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:08pm fleep:

Front page has bug? Click on LISTEN and drop down menu goes behind the jpg, can't get to the archives. Both Chrome and Firefox.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:10pm maggiemaggie:

Have a wonderful, soul-filling sabbatical and please come back when you are ready!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:12pm fleep:

Stuff like that used to summon Kenzo out of the ether, oh well.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:13pm geezerette:

Cliff,travel present for you: deoxy.org
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:13pm Gaylord Fields:

@Greg from ZONE 5: I want to see that photo! Please send it to me!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:15pm Īke:

Still not as bad as 98% of comments sections. Heh.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:15pm Cliff:

Good one geeezerette! I first found out about deoxy.org back in the 90s from the liner notes to the Coil album Time Machines.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:15pm Greg from ZONE 5:

I'm lampin' / I'm lampin' / I'm cold cold lampin'
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:17pm Gaylord Fields:

@maggiemaggie: Thank you!
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:17pm riff randell toronto:

This is too much beautiful
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:17pm fleep:

Gaylord, your imminent absence means I can now fill a whole programming day (8 shows x 3 hours) with shows I miss. (Is that the end of noobitude?) But there's 15 years of archives!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:18pm geezerette:

@ Cliff:that's when I found it too. Had that great graphic of King Tut.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:19pm Gaylord Fields:

@riff randell toronto: Hey there, pal!

@fleep: That's the attitude!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:20pm geezerette:

riff r t: Yes!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:21pm common:

good eve, gaylord and all
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:22pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

GF...If you wanna pop in on a comments board 'n stuff - I'm sure we could make room for you in FMU culture - somewhere somehow - even if you don't have a show
...if anyone complains - just send 'em my way & I'll tell 'em whut's whut (harhar)...
Seriously tho' - as I wunce wrotes - you are maybe the best example of FMU-J as Artist (if there could be just one). Grateful.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:22pm Gaylord Fields:

@common: Top of the evening to you!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:24pm Gaylord Fields:

@Revolution Rabbit Nov63: I'll most certainly be "around" this summer despite not having a fixed radio slot address.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:24pm dk:

a summer without gaylord is a summer without sunday.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:25pm geezerette:

There's that lovely, dreamy thing you do. :)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:26pm Gaylord Fields:

@dk: oh, you!

@geezerette: And oh, you!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:27pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The summer schedule is the shorter one anyhow.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:27pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm living the Airplane! movie today. i had the fish at the local restaurant and I'm feeling pretty ill. Enough of my troubles. I want to wish you a relaxing and enjoyable summer, Gaylord. If you go to the track, may all your selections pay off handsomely.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:28pm Gaylord Fields:

@Ken From Hyde Park: Saratoga or bust!
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:28pm cheri:

once more Gaylord, I hope you enjoy your well deserved time off.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:28pm Gaylord Fields:

And I hope you feel better sooner.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:28pm dk:

only the truth. this show is the distilled, perfected, and purified essence of sunday afternoon.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:29pm Cliff:

Sorry to hear that Ken from HP, I was having my own Airplane! moment last Friday :( Get plenty of Pepto-Bismol!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:30pm dk:

and also, what cheri said.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Elvis does Mel Torme. Very interesting. Boy could saang.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:31pm Adrian in London:

@Ken Oh-oh, hope you survive. Drink lots of water; that's my non-medically-trained answer to most ailments.

@Gaylord Hope you have a great break. You'll be back in the autumn though, right?
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:31pm BadGuyZero:

♫♫ It's a cruel, cruel summer
Leaving us here on our own
It's a cruel, cruel summer
Gaylord's gone ♫♫
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:31pm dk:

i honestly didn't recognize elvis's voice on that one. amazing.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:32pm Cliff:

Yeah, wow, that was Elvis?!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

You get used to Elvis Impersonators (rather than...Elvis). *I'm* an Elvis Impersonator...we're all Elvis Impersonators...
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:33pm Gaylord Fields:

@Cliff: That's as close as EP ever got to singing jazz.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:33pm fleep:

U want free form, u got it.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:33pm Cliff:

I'll never get used to Andy Kaufman impersonating Elvis
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:33pm Gaylord Fields:

@Adrian in London: I'm hoping for an autumn return, yes.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Seriously - that segue was as much evidence of something Universal as everything Alan Watts ever said...altho' there must some Elvis doing some cod Asian number in some mediocre flick...
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:35pm geezerette:

Andy Kaufman was a genius.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:35pm cheri:

farewell Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:36pm Gaylord Fields:

Some of Elvis' best prime vocal years were wasted on soundtrack dreck (except for that song and a few others that slipped through) during the lean years.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:36pm Gaylord Fields:

@cheri: I'm not dead (yet).
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:36pm BadGuyZero:

Holy hell! There is some major lightning happening in my neighborhood right now.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:37pm geezerette:

Elvis never took a sabbatical.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:37pm geezerette:

Should have.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:38pm maggiemaggie:

@geezerette that made me laugh out loud
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:38pm Gaylord Fields:

@geezerette: Beat me to it.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:39pm Gaylord Fields:

@BadGuyZero: You seem to be a grounded fellow. I'm not worried about you.

(I think I made that joke last week as well. Who cares? I'm outta here soon!)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:40pm geezerette:

HAHA! Bullseye! :D

maggiemaggie: Chortle!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:40pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:41pm Cliff:

Somebody tell that shaggy-dog story about the guy on death row who keeps asking for a single banana as his final request
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:43pm famous original sugarwolf:

Gee Gaylord what are you going to do with your Sundays???
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:44pm Gaylord Fields:

@famous original sugarwolf: Ice cream may be involved.
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:45pm famous original icecreamwolf:

@Gaylord: yay!!! May I also suggest... Baseball??
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:49pm Gaylord Fields:

@famous original icecreamwolf: You just did!

The Lance Broadway/Jorge Cantu Fan Club will meet!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:49pm geezerette:

Everybody Tango!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:52pm melinda:

Arriving at the last minute. Hello!
  Sun. 5/29/16 6:52pm P-90:

Enjoy that sabbatlical, Gaylord! If enyone has earned himself a Summer of "real" weekends, it's you, Paisano. Be sure and post photos from your most exotic destinations...
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...this program - the Nearest Faraway Place...
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:52pm Cliff:

Thank you Gaylord!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:53pm geezerette:

Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:54pm geezerette:

AWWWWW..group hug!!! :)
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:54pm Gaylord Fields:

@P-90: Thanks for the well wishes! It will be a wonderful summer, to quote Robin Ward.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:55pm common:

beautiful for a rainy eve
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:57pm Gaylord Fields:

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words! Till next week!
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm feeling better now. Have a good Memorial Day, Gaylord and friends.
Avatar Sun. 5/29/16 7:00pm Dave in Vermont:

We will miss you!
  Sun. 5/29/16 7:00pm P-90:

I humbly wish to make the first request for you first show when you return: "Aero '66" by the Wayfarers. Just so I'll know everything's back to normal.
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