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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 6, 2016: Best Day In 3 Words

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:00pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm robyn:

Let's do horse names again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm Just Ted:

Friday, Frangry, Foodbed.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm kevlicki:

What's up hot nerds. It's Friday and I'm working on the computer
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:01pm madman:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:02pm Rob F:

Hi all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:02pm Just Ted:

Michele has a groupie!!!
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:02pm madman:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:03pm Mark M:

Just try it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:03pm Just Ted:

Is Frangry still celebrating here heritage.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:03pm robyn:

What did you girls buy at the record fair? Liz Phair?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm John from nowheresville UK:

Cambridge ball, Robitussin
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm Just Ted:

Matt Warwick has a wonderful voice.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm glenn:

you're very cool, for the reason that you're an uncool dorkette.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm Cokehead Kris:

Hot nerd alert nerd alert!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm robyn:

Did you just call him "Daddy Garbage"?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm lulu lalaland:

Has Ladytron been your into song forever
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:04pm Mark M:

Hi Frangry and Michele.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:05pm kevlicki:

Frangry that's called herpes
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:05pm lulu lalaland:

I have the Herpes
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:05pm Mark M:

Oh crap.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:05pm glenn:

sex baseball food.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:05pm Cokehead Kris:

@kelviki..Denton Texas rules!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:06pm robyn:

Oprah car cliff
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:06pm Cliff:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm chris:

nice one, Cliff!
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm Swan_Gone:

Bikes, Eagles, Volcano
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm Cliff:

Rape, Incest, Cannibalism.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm Mark M:

Did she just say incest?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm Just Ted:

3 words best day: Its not yours.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:07pm glenn:

worst day? audit audit audit.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:08pm John from nowheresville UK:

Jesus Perfection Homicide
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:08pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:09pm bierly:

what if callers say three words and u guess if it's supposed to be worst or best
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:09pm robyn:

You're going to pass out in about two minutes, Michele
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:09pm Just Ted:

Michele's been binging on Game of Thrones again.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:09pm robyn:

Frangry's best day: YOLO DTF OMG
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:09pm Paula:

Meeting Kevin Smith and Day music died
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:10pm Gambrelli:

@bierly - good idea........
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:10pm wfmu roxxxxx:

frangry plz ck ur gmail account
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:10pm glenn:

pee on back.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:10pm John from nowheresville UK:

shitty young innocence
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:11pm Mark M:

Best day Friday i listen to the radio and this show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:11pm Carmichael:

Wasted as hell.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:11pm John from nowheresville UK:

chick with boner
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:12pm kevlicki:

Weddings are the easiest place to hook up!
And funerals
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:12pm bierly:

isnt this what the wedding crashers about? is this owen wilson calling in : - (
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:12pm buhhh:

*does one of the things*

*gets feelings hurt*

*decides not to do all of the things*
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:12pm dale:

i went to a wedding at a country club and snuck out to do a girl against a tree on the 9th hole.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:13pm robyn:

I don't feel shit either, Frangry
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:13pm Cokehead Kris:

Slut love!!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:14pm Cokehead Kris:

Own it and bone it!
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:14pm glenn:

is it just me, or have weddings come up a lot lately?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:14pm Mark M:

I almost hooked up at a wedding once.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:15pm John from nowheresville UK:

I'm gonna try and be a slut too, before I get old, right on
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:15pm Gambrelli:

"Become" Frangry? Really???????
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:15pm Jill:

Weirdo power! These two are so funny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:16pm Just Ted:

Jeez! remember when Gumby had to have Reverse Cowgirl explained to him? How time has flown.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:16pm Carmichael:

I had a major hookup at a friend's wedding. I DJ'ed it, that must have driven the ladies crazy ...
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:16pm buhhh:

*mania* for the win
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:16pm robyn:

Free ride home
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:17pm Just Ted:

Don't forget you speed dated a girl.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm Just Ted:

Michele had the best question.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm Mark M:

I was a DJ at a function with a buddy of mine and we had a stage that the girls were sitting on the edge of the whole time.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Speed Date-Rape
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm kevlicki:

Frangry, I told the gods honest truth last week
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm Carmichael:

Back Door Bernie
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:18pm John from nowheresville UK:

I went speed dating and told them all I was a translator, bagged so many super hot girls' contact details, when I guiltily fessed up to being unemployed they strangely did not want to know
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:19pm Mark M:

Having the girls sit there while my buddy and i were working was awesome.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:19pm robyn:

He's in jail, so, "I did what?" probably not great
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:19pm MISTERJOHNNY:

What's the topic?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:19pm Gambrelli:

Frangry - Ask him when Scott is getting out.............
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:20pm lulu lalaland:

This guy sounds like he's elderly
  Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:20pm King Dean:

She's not pregnant.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:20pm MISTERJOHNNY:

I'm the King of the Rooster!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:20pm Carmichael:

This guy is on downers.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:21pm lulu lalaland:

Legionaries Disease
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:21pm chalmers:

Topic idea: How would you bust out of prison?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:21pm kevlicki:

Robyn, he should try
I'm Not Guilty
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:22pm Cokehead Kris:

Kelvicki definitely lied
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:22pm robyn:

Kevlicki: "dad did it"
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:22pm lulu lalaland:

What respiratory or gastro intestinal virus would you rather have? SARS or or Denge Fever?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:22pm madman:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm adventuruz:

*does ALL the things*

*except bowling when u can't leave*

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm Mark M:

This girl is funny.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Michele needs a jet pack to escape lame situations with Frangry...
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm robyn:

Caroline's best day: Michele minus Frangry
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm Carmichael:

This is a call for shut-ins, apparently ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm Just Ted:

Is this Caroline or Caroline?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:23pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Frangry superannuated slutty slag
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:24pm John from nowheresville UK:

how do these mentals exist in the US and sound so chilled without decent healthcare?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:24pm robyn:

Real fake Caroline's best day is so much better than what I came up with
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:24pm Mark M:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:24pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Did he say mazells???
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:25pm Gambrelli:

@Robyn - so true!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:25pm Mark M:

What doi curly fries taste like?
  Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:25pm King Dean:

This one is from the future Trump didn't win
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:25pm chalmers:

I'm driving my daughter to a Bas Mitzvah tomorrow, and I can't to say "Mazels" when I leave.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:26pm lulu lalaland:

It's ok to be mental! It's a pass for being an a$$
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:26pm JakeGould:

@chalmers: Mazel Tov to you and your daughter!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:26pm wfmu roxxxxx:

FRANGRY: pleeeeeeez ck ur gmail
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:26pm Just Ted:

There was a copy of Tusk for sale in the WFMU record bins.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:27pm lulu lalaland:

What about dream analysis?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:27pm JakeGould:

He was gray and ran away from Frangry? Husband material!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:27pm chalmers:

@JakeGould Thanks!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:27pm MISTERJOHNNY:

What about "tovs"???
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:28pm John from nowheresville UK:

my mentalness involves feeling guilty for being an ass @lulu
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:28pm lulu lalaland:

Romano cheese
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:28pm robyn:

Smells like cable television.... Michele is in a beautiful space right now
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:29pm Cindy:

Oral sex party.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:29pm Carmichael:

My house smells like DirecTV. And credit cards.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:29pm MISTERJOHNNY:

I like the class war subtext of this show.

Is Michele feeling the Bern???
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:29pm DJ E:

I might have missed this, but Tusk the Fleetwood Mac album or that weird Kevin Smith film?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:30pm Cliff:

Cirrhosis Delirium Tremens
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:30pm JakeGould:

@DJE: Fleetwood Mac!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:30pm than:

biked home wasted
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:30pm MISTERJOHNNY:

New Topic: What does your home smell of???
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:30pm robyn:

My house smells like Netflix and the melting of my sexual peak
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:31pm lulu lalaland:

HPV we all have it
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:31pm John from nowheresville UK:

Emmanuel College Ball
Robitussin 100 hours
same day
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm Just Ted:

Wasn't it the Marathon promo?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm glenn:

my house smells like spring and pastizzi.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm melinda:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm Carmichael:

Here comes the demographic ...
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Mazel, Frangles...
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:32pm lulu lalaland:

Found an ounce or QP
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm John from nowheresville UK:

Roadtrip to Scotland
Burying the body
same day
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm Cliff:

This is NOT a guy who'd bother with an "emotional processing lunch"
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm chalmers:

One more and she could have started a baseball team.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm Mark M:

That's messed up!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm lulu lalaland:

I think she got bored with Illinois
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:33pm Carmichael:

Grand Canyon diarrhea.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:34pm robyn:

7 guys is like, a little bit
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:34pm Just Ted:

This guy wins. Even if he doesn't win the show, this guy won. BIG TIME.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:34pm lulu lalaland:

He wears glasses
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:34pm Carmichael:

She dated Illinois. ALL of Illinois.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:35pm MISTERJOHNNY:

The Andy Days...
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:35pm lulu lalaland:

Talk about super heros
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:36pm Just Ted:

I thought it was just me who thought that band was a bit douchey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:36pm Carmichael:

She's a he.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:37pm robyn:

It's just the tip..
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:37pm dfb:

i had circumcision at age 11 too. it happens
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:37pm lulu lalaland:

Foreskin is Fungi
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

This guy’s a liar.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:38pm Just Ted:

This could have been a good speed date line of questioning.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:38pm lulu lalaland:

Isn't that child abuse?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:38pm Carmichael:

Yikes. Jesus, yikes.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:39pm John from nowheresville UK:

circumcision > tight foreskin

I like condoms but they hurt
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:40pm JakeGould:

Aden is a liar. He deserves a smack across the tuchus.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:40pm Dave in Vermont:

my friend Nigel was circumcised at age 9/10
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:40pm Just Ted:

A friend of mine's father got circumcised as an adult.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:40pm P-90:

Medically, you can have that done at any age.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm JakeGould:

Really? People get circumcised at ages 9-11?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm robyn:

@Dave Talk about making plans for Nigel
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm lulu lalaland:

Rabbis have given babies Herpes -bc the suck on the blood
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm chalmers:

Henry Hill, the mobster depicted in "Goodfellas," was circumcised as a adult when he converted to get married.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm John from nowheresville UK:

I got voluntarily part-circumscized
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm glenn:

is that jake gould on the phone?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm melinda:

I've heard of adult circumcision too, for the same reason that the caller described.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm Mark M:

What the hell??????
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:41pm ancient_story:

I love this show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm chris:

jewish russians are the best
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm TheMarmot:

you can just use a cigar cutter
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm bierly:

what's happening
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm Just Ted:

@lulu lalaland Thats only a certain sect of Orthodox Judaism.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm chalmers:

Is it now a requirement that each caller have a "bit" to get on the air?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:42pm John from nowheresville UK:

the guy who just called posts illiterate newpaper ads for astrology services and he believes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:43pm Dave in Vermont:

@robyn - Yes, Wayne and I sang that song to him often.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:43pm Just Ted:

BTW I'm glad this show has stolen something from Broad City for a change.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:43pm Mark M:

I do voices so i could do a show.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:43pm robyn:

Yeah but you have no idea what's going on. The world is just one long noise track
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:43pm JakeGould:

@glenn: Nope. I would never do a fake Jewish accent like some schmuck.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm chalmers:

As a Shut Up Weirdo loyalist I refuse to watch those Broad City plagiarizers.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm John from nowheresville UK:

what is broad city?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm Just Ted:

There was a whole rabbi blood sucking thing on an episode recently.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm lulu lalaland:

I know John it's predominately in the Hassidic community. A few babies died from the virus. I have Herpes. Children get really sick.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm robyn:

@Dave lol I would've done the same. I love that song, I would be bummed if it made me think of my messed up penis
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:44pm glenn:

well, SOMEBODY was.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm kevlicki:

I'm told that my NYC sticker is in a broad city episode. I haven't seen it tho
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm DJ E:

Aaron. America's Sweatheart and creepy uncle.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm no:

Signal breaking up bad
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm JakeGould:

“Broad City” www.cc.com...
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm John from nowheresville UK:

this guy drugs school girls so he can film their ankles
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm Marla:

Made The List
Did Not Win
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm Mark M:

What's with this guy?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm BADBRAIN:

it's time for "slut up weirdo"
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm John from nowheresville UK:

shit I feel bad. didn;t clock the electronic voice
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:45pm DJ E:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:46pm giraffe-o:

audio is really clipping, at least on the stream :(
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:46pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:46pm dfb:

sorry is he on a talker of some sort
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:46pm Just Ted:

OH and I almost forgot!!!!!!! NEXT YEAR, SUW coincides with CINCO DE MAYO. WORLDS WILL COLLIDE!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:46pm dj:

Every frikin week this guy calls. It brings the show to a complete stop. This premise blows.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:47pm lulu lalaland:

He sounds creepy
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:47pm JakeGould:

Aaron from Minneapolis has a legit reason for using that speech to text thing.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:47pm Andy Plants:

Hello there
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm spidermank:

pie pint pudding
no pudding pie
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm JakeGould:

These calls tonight are just trolls.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm DJ E:

@JakeGould: Really? I always thought it was just a shtick.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm madman:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm lulu lalaland:

Sodomy lame dude
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:48pm Just Ted:

Best day: I GOT THROUGH.
Every day: MY CALL SUCKED.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:49pm KidProJoe:

Mushrooms, saw God.
The next day.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:49pm Dave Z:

98% of your male callers are morons.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:49pm TheMarmot:

large blunts nonstop
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:49pm JakeGould:

@DJE: Aaron is real. He’s cool. Here is his comments profile. Click the pic to see what I mean. wfmu.org...
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:49pm John from nowheresville UK:

One day maybe?
Everyday day a-fucking-gain
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:50pm Gambrelli:

LADIES - What age for 1st KISS for you?????
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:50pm Mark M:

I've never called.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:50pm Linda Lee:

~ you're the best, ladies! ~
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:50pm robyn:

Tequila cocaine Kleenex. It was a real up and down day
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm JakeGould:

Best Day in 3 Words: 12 hour nap.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm lulu lalaland:

All points west
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

I had to hang up on Do It for Me just because i had nothing to really say. And look the software isn't perfect, but it has come a long way in 31 yearrs, so I m grateful I can call at all
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm TheMarmot:

no, at what age did you first kiss EACH OTHER
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm JakeGould:

@Aaron: You’re good people! Keep on keeping on!
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm robyn:

Lethal weapon and a ring!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:51pm Just Ted:

This story blows away all the previous calls.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm lulu lalaland:

Worst day
Out of meds

Withdraw insomnia migraine
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm John from nowheresville UK:

I'm never listening to this again, yet something else I've made an ass of myself at
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm Jimmy B:

best day was when I was in Las Vegas listening to SUW
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm Smilty69:

Happy Mother's Day
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm Mark M:

Oh man too personal.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm Cliff:

I always like your calls, Aaron! The long pauses make it that much better when you pull off a zinger.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm dj:

My worse day is: Engage Aaron Argument. My best Shut The Hell
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm Gambrelli:

@Frangry - great kiss story - thanks for sharing
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:52pm robyn:

"Sometimes it's not good when they're little" - babysitter Michele
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:53pm spidermank:

all the things
things got wierd
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:53pm TheMarmot:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:53pm Just Ted:

Frangry, cheating on Spuds McKenzie. Scandalous.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:53pm lulu lalaland:

Break up sex

Is better than

Make up sex
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:54pm chalmers:

Yeah, Spuds McKenzie was real.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:54pm madman:

@lulu lalaland good one
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:54pm robyn:

Depends. Could be anything from 3rd to 6th with you.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:54pm Cokehead Kris:

I'm cursing for y'all that guy sux
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:55pm Just Ted:

I can never remember Mike, so I just substitute Spuds.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:55pm lulu lalaland:

@madman think dude
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:55pm geezerette:

Fell in Love

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:55pm Carmichael:

Boy, you really rattled the demographic tree. All the mouth breathers and paste eaters are calling in.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:55pm Mark M:

Worst day friend death mourning.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm DJ E:

@Aaron: Just so you know, I meant that endearingly. always fun to Mr. Hill bounce off your calls.
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm Shane:

@Frangry - How good of a kisser did you say Mike Mc was??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm Just Ted:

One day the show should just be a recalling of all of Frangry's stories. So everyone can catch up.
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm John from nowheresville UK:

everyday is like sunday, silent and grey
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm ?:

molested by grandma
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm Dom in Chicago:

What's with all the people crying about past relationships? Did they all lose their Emo Bands?
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:56pm Frangry:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/6/16 6:57pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

DJ, so I'm not on your shit list?
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:57pm robyn:

Hall n Oates
Neil Young loop
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:58pm madman:

  Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm lulu lalaland:

Won the lottery. Best

Diagnosed with cancer worst
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm Gambrelli:

@Robyn - another good show - thanks
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm robyn:

Michele just got a disco ball up there rn
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm Cliff:

Phil Collins Forever
Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm John from nowheresville UK:

seriously never listening again, a cave beckons, I don't get on with anyone or anything, not enjoying this
  Fri. 5/6/16 6:59pm lulu lalaland:

Avatar Fri. 5/6/16 7:00pm BADBRAIN:

the best fridays 6-7 pm
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