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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 15, 2016: Wedding Disasters

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:02pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:02pm Just Ted:

hello everyone
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, weirdo-robots / robot-weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:02pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:02pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Sheesh girls just DECIDE ALREADY
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:03pm Evan From Seattle:

Hey weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:03pm Carmichael:

Can you nudge me awake when you decide?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Mercurial is not good...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm robyn:

I often think of Michele describing every day as a roller coaster and it comforts me
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm kevlicki:

Hi weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm dale:

mercurial means you are toxic when a man holds you in the pal of his hand
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm Slick Goldtooth:

I got like a feeling this is like gonna be like the best show like ever
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:04pm tomasz.:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm dale:

"three-way" is the safe word
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Mercurial is a euphemism for...well, you know...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

There are worse things that one could be called.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm Carmichael:

You should describe them like a fashion show.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm Just Ted:

The Nothing in your pants story.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:05pm Danne D:

Hi Frangry :) <3333
Hi FoodBed :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)

Did they call you Side-Pony, Michele?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:06pm dale:

i cut my own hair but i'm basically bald at this point
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:06pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Steve Buscemi will be at the swag table on Sunday...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm Marcel M:

Trying to be cool in front of a bunch of weird DJs and then being real on the air. Thats our Franny! <3
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm cory:

stay gold pony girl
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm dale:

make the topic 'what's your topic?'
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm glenn:

in my experience, mercurial means crazier than a box of frogs.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm Carmichael:

freeform, not formless.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:07pm robyn:

You can do as many topics as would reasonably be split on a pizza IMO
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:08pm Danne D:

I'm gonna head on the road now but I'll be tuned in :)

Make America Weird Again!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:08pm MISTERJOHNNY:

The hair stylist who cuts her own hair has a fool for a client...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:08pm Evan From Seattle:

"Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:08pm Paul D:

It's official: My twat hurts.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:09pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:09pm Slick Goldtooth:

LikeAlbie 2016: "Like Change"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:09pm Just Ted:

Didn't that happen in the Omen?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:09pm Slick Goldtooth:

Guy spoke to the nervous talker in me
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:10pm robyn:

My friend's older uncle got engaged in the fly because he was too embarrassed to introduce his significant other as his girlfriend at a funeral
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:10pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Have you ever been to a wedding where someone speaks up at the "does anybody object" part???
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:10pm 1980sjunkie:

Vote for me and you might win a free T-shirt
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:11pm A.T.F.:

This is painful. free form lobotomy thanks for 0
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:11pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Diving lessons???

Is that where she learned to breathe underwater???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I think I was on a high diving board for ten minutes before I jumped in.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:11pm robyn:

*on the fly. This at one of his ex-wives' mother's funeral. His words, "I just didn't want them to think I was a pussy"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:12pm Just Ted:

Can't help you. Haven't been to a wedding in AGES.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:12pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Seasonal show sucking syndrome...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:12pm glenn:

no, but i've been to a wedding where the brother of the bride headbutted the brother of the groom.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:12pm Carmichael:

Is this Spicolli?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm Just Ted:

Topic: Record Fair Stories
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm tomasz.:

people on 'ludes should not drive
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Topic: "What was your most mercurial moment?"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm Just Ted:

Pictures Michele!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm Carmichael:

Topic: Record Fairy Stories.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:13pm Dave Z:

Na Na - HOW DOES IT FEEL !!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm Just Ted:

Well now DEFINITELY pictures!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm MISTERJOHNNY:

She's having a Mercury Meltdown...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm Carmichael:

Here comes the demographic ....
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm dale:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm Trent:

volleyball was never popular.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm spidermank:

....are you still there.....?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Don't be nervous girls.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm kustomkitten:

I try to avoid as many weddings as possible.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm tomasz.:

i guess in the Top Gun era
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:14pm Just Ted:

@ Carmichael Was the serendipitous?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Breathe, Frangles...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm tomasz.:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm Penis Breath:

Were you called Mr.Ed because your clit is so big?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm spidermank:

own a dickie
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm Just Ted:

I could use a few new ties.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Put a tie on layaway...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm Just Ted:

I have a lot of shoes though.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm robyn:

The bride's sister danced so hard to Michael Jackson she threw up at one wedding I went to
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm Carmichael:

I would rent an ascot.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:15pm Mark M From Wappingers:

I didn't even want to go to my Brother's wedding, or my Sister's wedding.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm tomasz.:

you could go out wearing only a dress, but if you tried to do that with a tie, you'd be arrested. hope this helps
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm dale:

clip ons are not that expensive
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm robyn:

She was sober
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm Paul D:

madman call up to get these ladies jazzed
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm Danne D:

Dude buy a tie. c'mon man
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Way to ruin the wedding, dude!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:17pm spidermank:

i do that all the time robyn
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:17pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Tommy O.Shea should call in he hasn't been on the air in a long time.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:18pm chris:

i threw out my knee, on the dance floor at a wedding, when a dude wanted to start a congo line behind me... a bit too close for my comfort, if you catch my meaning...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:18pm Carmichael:

Dudes, he's one of the demographic. He's one of us.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:18pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Is the pain like pooping broken glass???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:18pm dale:

my wife's niece had a big wedding and the groom was getting texts from his girlfriend during it. i think she got an anullment
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm Marcel M:

amazing they have patience for guys who call in and say they are hot and they heard them randomly..
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm robyn:

Did the demographic of this show suddenly shift to stone-cold stupid bros in their late 20s?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm MISTERJOHNNY:

We are the Female-Driven podcast ladies...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm tomasz.:

i mean it's not like anyone else is calling
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm robyn:

@spidermank jamona
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm dale:

we went to city hall in manhattan. i was at work by ten.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm Marcel M:

Damn this guy is lame
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm Just Ted:

Married and kicking it to the girls on the radio.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:19pm Carmichael:

Good point, Robyn. They've usually been dumber than that.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm Marcel M:

People lie but only loozers call a radio show and say the chicks are hot and lie about being married.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm robyn:

This is like eavesdropping on a bar conversation at 1:45 am...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm vanya moscow:

I once played at a wedding in Moscow with my klezmer band. We were invited by a man called Chaim and bride was Leah, so we adapted a playful song about "chaim-leah love story". We started playing it someone wasn't happy and tried to stop us. We finished nonetheless. It turned out Chaim was rebbi's name, not groom's name. Funny story!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm tomasz.:

oh gawd
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm madman:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:20pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Frangry is mercurial and mendacious
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:21pm Frangry:

whats mendacious?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:21pm dale:

the mount hope prison community is a considerate one.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:21pm Mark M From Wappingers:

I'm not married but i am honest.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:21pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Is Rooster up for parole soon?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:22pm Paul D:

Can we have the screaming contest today?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:22pm Frangry:

rooster isnt in prison. his son scott is
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:23pm MISTERJOHNNY:

No, Rooster is in prison too...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

men┬Ěda┬Ěcious - adjective: not telling the truth; lying. "mendacious propaganda"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:24pm tomasz.:

Flowers for Frangrernon
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm King Dean:

At my friend's wedding one of our other friends came with a girl who he'd been on two dates with at most. Later that night someone let him know that the girl he was with made a porn video with her own sister. So in a completely drunken State he takes all of her clothes and sets them on fire in their hotel room. He starts screaming I love you so much how could you do this to me and gets arrested and had to pay who knows how much for the room that he destroyed
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm MISTERJOHNNY:

I'm pretty sure Rooster should be in prison for something, ya know?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm robyn:

We are emotional roller coasters surrounded by merry-go-rounds of partially fulfilling relationships ...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm spidermank:

the disposable cameras they leave on tables at weddings - I was drunk- I filled them with down the pants,under the table upskirt and random toilet shots,they werent impressed.
vote for me
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm MISTERJOHNNY:

What kind of flowers?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:25pm Mark M From Wappingers:

How you doing girls?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:27pm robyn:

LOL @king Dean no winners there..
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:27pm Frangry:

you know our fav is calla lillies
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:27pm dale:

tomasz - she's a savant of sorts so it fits.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:27pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Would Frangry elbow people in the face to catch to bouquet???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:27pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm Frangry:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm MISTERJOHNNY:

How about Michele?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm Frangry:

i dont do bouquets. no.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Good name for a car.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm Just Ted:

I named my car Spot.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:28pm robyn:

Frangles would be a good name for a dog, like a King Charles spaniel
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm robyn:

Michele is a motorcycle, man
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm Ken From Hyde Park:

On the topic of car names, mine is The Avenger.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm Paul D:

Dame Frangles for a drag queen name.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm madman:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm Mark M From Wappingers:

My friend had a camaro he named Linda with a bib.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:29pm Just Ted:

3 long story shorts in....
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:30pm glenn:

blah blah blahblahblah.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:30pm Carmichael:

Bo ..... ring .....
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:30pm Paul D:

This guy is so fucking boring I'm sorry.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:30pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Dame Frangles is wonderful...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:31pm tomasz.:

yeah i totally tuned out sorry
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:31pm Mark M From Wappingers:

I write for fun.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:31pm Marcel M:

Franny is the expert at being the best Franny on the best show on the best station.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:31pm Just Ted:

The Frangry and Michele School of Brevity
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm Give a class:

SHow me the ropes.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm dale:

i was a c.d. frangry. look for another career around 45
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm robyn:

You're a wonderful personal trainer
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm Beacb Bum:

Professor Frangy has a nice ring to it. I'd take that class for an easy A.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm Danne D:

Frangry is an expert tastemaker
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:32pm Just Ted:

Frangry of all trades, master of none.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Do Frangles
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm Marcel M:

Franny you have your own show with tons of fans!!! Fuck hobbies!!

Calling yrself an artist is que lame!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm Just Ted:

Frangry: Black Belt in Insult.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm Mark M From Wappingers:

I'm writing a comic book story.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm robyn:

Reggaeton is frangry's hobby
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:33pm tomasz.:

i'm a MFin artist.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:34pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Frangry Expect Flower Girl
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Frangry is good at being mercurial.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:34pm Marcel M:

Bitch has a hit show and she is complaining. Nahhh bitch.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:34pm robyn:

Oo Michele sleeping on the couch to-nite
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm Just Ted:

I have to agree, without WFMU Michele would flip out. Like 11pm news crime blotter.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Cool electronic voice.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm Marcel M:

hahahhahahahahha omg Aaron you are the best caller in history.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm tomasz.:

this story instantly wins
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm alberto:

you're good at photoshop.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm dale:

is aaron really typing this fast?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Aaron has saved the show!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:36pm Mark M From Wappingers:

We have a winner.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:36pm kustomkitten:

This is the best moment of my day.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:36pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Was the bride fat or pregnant???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm Carmichael:

@Mister Johnny: Yes.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm the Dude:

that one is a winner. you can't beat a dead horse.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm Danne D:

Aaron always brings it
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm madman:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm SteveFromStatenIsland:

michelle spilled her driiink
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm Dre:

Wow. The weirdos never cease to amaze.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:37pm tomasz.:

nice, Dude.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:38pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Unfortunately my Brother's marriage didn't last because his ex wife is a crazy lady.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:38pm MISTERJOHNNY:

I'm sad about the horse...murder???
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:38pm robyn:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:39pm SteveFromStatenIsland:

aaron killed it
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:39pm Penis Breather:

Once I was married to Mr. Ed.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:39pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Medical issues I think Johnny
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:39pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:39pm Marcel M:

Projectile vomiting as he was holding her... now thats an image!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:40pm SteveFromStatenIsland:

Mark, i guess fortunately than?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:41pm Just Ted:

The Red Wedding, now THAT was a wedding story.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:41pm robyn:

All I see in my mind's eye is a pile of FMU pubes
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:41pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Is food and drink allowed in the studio???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:41pm Cheri Pi:

Duane Train Will DJ my Ohio wedding, we'll figure out the details. Give me 10 years
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:41pm jwrong:

What did you spill?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm spidermank:

on what expensive electric stuff did you spill
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm Mark M From Wappingers:

The wedding was so over the top, in my opinion.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm tomasz.:

the guy who said "wedding?" until he got cut off made me laugh
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This cannot end well.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:43pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Hey Girls - is it true you all get super horny at weddings???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:43pm spidermank:

...good at spilliage....?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:43pm Carmichael:

A good friend would hold your hair while you puke.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:44pm robyn:

Oh man one wedding I would want to go to
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:44pm I'm Talking to You:

Once I was married ;to Mrs.Ed.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:44pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:44pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Frangry the human abacus
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:45pm glenn:

headless body in topless bar.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:45pm Mark M From Wappingers:

You girls are hilarious.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I'll bet listener Joy has some good wedding stories. Where is she at tonight?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:46pm robyn:

"Terrycloth robe found next to nuclear tower"
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:46pm JimmyfromKearny:

Edvard Munch...scream story...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:47pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Who will be Frangry's Maid of Honor?

Not Michele, right?
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:47pm Just Ted:

Feelings are Facts.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:47pm jwrong:

Frangry, hosting a spontaneous radio talk show for years for a NY/Jersey crowd is NOT a sign of lock of talent.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:47pm DJ E:

a guy dating Frangy says his life is in shambles?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm Frangry:

you guys are so mean to me
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm Marcel M:

gotta love how people think they can't talk about weed on the radio... What a rube!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm Carmichael:

If you're telling a story, a crucial part of the delivery is changing your tone of voice. Dumbass ...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm JimmyfromKearny:

Hey Danne Boy!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm Paul D:

I really just want to get shitfaced at a crappy gay bar. BUT I CAN'T.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm tomasz.:

lol, i love stoners being "subtle" about how they talk about weed
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:48pm robyn:

The same guy has called in like 4 times already .. And I am realizing now there is such a thing as male vocal fry
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:49pm glenn:

we're not mean, we love and adore you.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:49pm Just Ted:

We're like family mean not real mean.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:50pm Marcel M:

LOL Jwrong is so jelly! What a looser.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:50pm Carmichael:

I found a great dive bar with a ping pong table. Great people watching.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:50pm spidermank:

that doors open to let the smoke out from the mixing desk Frangry just fried with her drink spill
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:50pm tomasz.:

i love his panicked "hello?!"
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:51pm Frangry:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:51pm robyn:

This is promising...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:51pm Carmichael:

Frangry, please use your inside voice.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This is just like the Broad City episode about the dog wedding.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm robyn:

I think this guy is a politician...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm spidermank:

...cleaning out of choice...what are you are robot?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:52pm Guava Bite:

why no topic of nudism???????
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:53pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Today is the anniversary of the Titanic disaster...kinda like this show...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:53pm Carmichael:

Scottish wedding: man and a sheep.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:53pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:53pm Just Ted:

I would have loved uncle John back in the day.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:54pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Johnny the anniversary was yesterday, nice try
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:54pm robyn:

This sounds like, and is about as entertaining as, four weddings and a funeral
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:54pm Paul D:

Wow this story is awesome NOT.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:55pm Frangry:

@robyn: comment on point
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:55pm Just Ted:

What if the Broad City girls show up to the Record Fair Show? Would it be like that Star Trek episode with the Mirror Universe?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:55pm JimmyfromKearny:

Just get the guy another bottle of Glenlivit...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:55pm Carmichael:

He lives in the shitty part of California.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:55pm robyn:

@frangry thx. Also mentioning Facebook in your story never makes it better
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:56pm Marcel M:

I just LOLed so hard at that image
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:56pm Danne D:

Indian weddings are so fun!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:56pm Kelly:

I puked on the bride and one of the groomsmen once!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:56pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Drink away the pain...
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:56pm Paul D:

These stories are making my twat dryer than the sahara.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm spidermank:

the story ends? yippee
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm dale:

tell me when to wake up.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm Guava Bite:

Once I went to a nudist Indian wedding.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm Carmichael:

"yeah so anyway, .... yeah, anyway .... I was like "No way" ... and he was like "way" ....
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm robyn:

@kelly CALL
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Sign this guy up for story telling class....please.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm Danne D:

My friend had an elephant as his wedding
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm spidermank:

too polite Frangs
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm Just Ted:

Weren't you ASKING for a topic where the Weirdos have to tell a story, Frangry???
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm madman:

  Fri. 4/15/16 6:57pm MISTERJOHNNY:

This guy needs Frangles storytelling seminar big time.
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Marcel M:

If it ended with him wearing the thing at the thing it would have been a great story.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Andy Plants:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Marcel M:

Wait put reverb on this call
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Marcel M:

Will be nice!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Marcel M:

Some delay too!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Is this Danne D calling with his sad phone?
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm robyn:

Oh it does feel like ASMR...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Mark M From Wappingers:

Phone farts.
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm MISTERJOHNNY:

I had a dead horse at my wedding...
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm DJ E:

Hear ya next week
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm Evan From Seattle:

Have a great weekend weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:58pm chris:

well, you gave it a shot... thanks anyway, Michele and Frangry!
  Fri. 4/15/16 6:59pm Danne D:

Bye Frangry :)
Bye FoodBed :)
we love you
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 6:59pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 7:01pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

We never found out who won this week!
Avatar Fri. 4/15/16 7:02pm spidermank:

theres no winners at weddings , except the caterers
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