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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options April 1, 2016: What Would You Name Your Coffee Shop?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:01pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:01pm Just Ted:

Hello Everyone!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:02pm Frangry:

HI WEIRDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I dunno. Kenny's Koffee, I guess? Never thought about it before.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:02pm robyn:

I slept through last week's show and caught up .. It's so hard to restrain the urge to comment when it's archived.. good show tho ladies
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:03pm Marcel M:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:03pm robyn:

Also lets just get this out of the way now: Two Girls, One Cup
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:03pm P-90:

Evenin', Ladies. And Weirdos. I hear this show's gonna be great.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:03pm Evan From Seattle:

Hey everyone!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:03pm Tritler:

Ku Kux Kowffee
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:04pm common:

happy Friday!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:05pm spidermank:

bean creaming
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:05pm Just Ted:

Oh MY GOD!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:05pm chris:

my coffee shop would be called, "venteisnotafuckingsize"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:05pm Marcel M:

wo wo wo wo wo bros wo. Big time newz.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm madman:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm robyn:

Frangles, you are not good at April Fool's Day
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm Broad City:

Sorry for stealing your show ladies :(
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm Carmichael:

Black and Hot.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm Marcel M:

I'll also probably be drunk there standing near them during it probably. You guys should announce that too.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:06pm P-90:

Record Fair! Woo-hoo!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:07pm Mr. Machine:

"Wake up and Grind"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:07pm kevlicki:

You just stresses me out with that April fools setup. I almost felt like I was going to lose my Weirdo community
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:07pm tomasz.:

Thos Beans
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:07pm JakeGould:

My coffee shop? "Running a Little Latte."
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm Marcel M:

Dude there is a Cool Beans in NJ
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cool Beans or Kool Beenz?
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm dale:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm Marcel M:

I think its in Oradell
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:08pm glenn:

i wouldn't have a coffee shop. i already hate hipsters enough.
however, my home accessories store would be called tub and rug. or maybe rug and tub. the jury is out.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:09pm Orange-Faced Hairminoid:

Michelle & Frangries' new Reality Show: The name Pitch

Naked and Afraid
Keeping Up with the Cool Girls
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:09pm Matt:

Beans N' Greens - Coffee/Head shop
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:09pm SeanG:

hear the drummer get WICKED
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:10pm dale:

coffee in the front - liquor in the rear
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:10pm Mr. Machine:

"POW!!! Right In The Bean."
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:10pm robyn:

how about "Mr. Bean, No Not That Weird Guy"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:10pm glenn:

oh, and robyn's a fucking genius. two girls and one cup, indeed.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:11pm Christian:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:11pm Mr. Machine:

"One Guy, One Glass." could work too.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:12pm robyn:

"Bean Down So Long, It Looks Like Cup to Me"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:12pm Evan From Seattle:

"The Flicked Bean" I'm so sorry.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:12pm robyn:

"Bean Better"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:12pm Carmichael:

Bean There, Done That.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:12pm dale:

coffee shop slash strip club - "d cups"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm SeanG:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm glenn:

"namaste, motherfucker"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm robyn:

Just sounded like Bryce's show from here.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm Just Ted:

Always in your locker!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm Marcel M:

"I tried to pull it away the second time." Thats what he said.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:13pm Willy Wonka:

Umpa-Loompah Latte

Bump, Bean and Grind.

Tinder for your Grinder

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:14pm Evan From Seattle:

50 Ways To Leave Your Java
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:15pm Just Ted:

This does not bode well for a Live from the Record Fair show.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:15pm King Dean:

Chock full of butts and it'll be like Hooters but the girls will wear short shorts with coffee beans on them. Emailing you the cool beans pic
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:15pm Jack:

Grind and cream !
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:15pm melville:

Fifty Shades of Cafe
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:15pm robyn:

Getting Michele mixed up with me is the highlight of my life frangry
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:16pm robyn:

Guess cuz we are both so "kewl"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:16pm dale:

i wouldn't worry about the record fair broadcast - ken will prolly be on with you.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:16pm Morticia:

For a one million $ operation, WFMU seems to have the worst headphones and microphones.....
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm Carmichael:

Old Black Joe.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm tomasz.:

oh my god
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm Evan From Seattle:

Do you guys have bikini baristas out there? We've got tons of them here. Very much like that @King Dean
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm robyn:

There is an S
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm Mr. Machine:

"Let's Go Down To The Beans."
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:17pm spidermank:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:18pm Marcel M:

Calling in and saying you like their voices is like telling a girl you like her eyes... such an obvious cliche. C'maaaan.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:18pm Skurky:

I got really nervous when thay guy started with, "I have a fantasy..."
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:18pm dale:

'queen of cups' cafe and tarot reading.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:18pm Marcel M:

Boobs in Ken's office? Dude.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:18pm dale:

how about a coffee shop next to a bar called 'sober up?'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:19pm treavis:

Never thought i'd say this, but this show is even worse than 7 second delay.
My coffee shop would be called "Wicked Kewl Beanz, Man"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:20pm chris:

i like that, dale
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:20pm robyn:

Oh I don't think my comment posted. There is an S
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:20pm tomasz.:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm Danne D:

No Love For The Percahator.

Was gonna suggest Roastafi but that's a real place
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm Marcel M:

Thats what they're calling for? Honestly?!?! hahahahahha
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm dale:

or maybe a cafe slash proctologist called 'turn your head and coffee?'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm joe:

the punky brew store
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm Calvin:

Speech Impediment Calvin's C-C-C-Cafe
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm Just Ted:

Whole Latte Love and Arabica-dabra don't sound so bad now do they?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:21pm SeanG:

shit yr pants
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm glenn:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm spidermank:

bean fondled
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm Carmichael:

Forever Buzzed.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm Marcel M:

Surely java the hutt is taken
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm robyn:

O-Bean-Wan Kenobi?
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm Marcel M:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:22pm Danne D:

I thought there already was a Java the Hut - like a real place.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm dale:

seang - crappe au'lait.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm glenn:

java the hut's been done many times
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm don:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm Sir Richard Slouch:

I think that's a Scharpling ripoff
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm Skurky:

wasn't Java The Hutt from Rock Rot and Rule?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm robyn:

Michele punches up. Frangles mows down all comers.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm Marcel M:

I think there is Danne, like in the tri state area right?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm josh:

Java the Hutt is the name of the coffee shop where Ronald Thomas Clontle worked. Know your Scharpling and Wurster, people...
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:23pm tomasz.:

Coffeeing Fit
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:24pm Danne D:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:24pm Marcel M:

Wait is this the guy who called with the wife loosing weight thing on 7SD? sounds like him.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:24pm robyn:

"Drips Coffee." Covers the coffee and the customer
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:25pm Carmichael:

Espresso yourself.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:25pm dale:

cafe slash chapel - 'cup runneth over'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:26pm frupset:

Pot Roast
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:26pm SeanG:

go carm!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:26pm Al Tuna:

This might be the greatest freeform talk show.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:26pm kevlicki:

I love you weirdos but I'll catch ya later.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:26pm tomasz.:

Brewed Force
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:27pm Danne D:

Espressp Yourself is a real...appliance parts store?!?

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:27pm JakeGould:

Dammit! “Bean There Done That” was done already? What about a Vietnamese coffee shop called, “Bean There: Don Datt” A nice coffee shop run by a Vietnamese guy named Don Datt.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:27pm Just Ted:

Apparently Whole Latte Love is a real place in Rochester.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm juandelbaldeUK:

sexy coffee - strong, black and bitter - we shit coffee - I AM A HORSE
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm Marcel M:

The worst tho is when you have to wake up early and leave earlier so you drink your coffee fast and then have to poop when you are on yr way.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm robyn:

How about "Brown Juice Bar" then charge $8 a cup
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm tomasz.:

Grounds For Divorce
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm glenn:

how about a combination coffee shop / bailiff's office - "beans and liens".
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm Jordan:

Frangle's bean (the sexual "bean")
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm juandelbaldeUK:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm jhauer:

Enough of the puns ladies

My shop would be called "Crude"

Coffee should only be consumed dark and more bitter than hell itself.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm JakeGould:

@MarcelM: Yup. Office poop is not fun.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm Tommynj:

Since I would only go to a place where I would fit in, I would name the place "Sarcasm and Sips"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm spidermank:

shakey wakey's
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:28pm chris:

the steaming bean - real place, but i love the name
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:29pm Danne D:

Just Ted should open a political coffee shop and call it Ted Brews
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:29pm don:

coffe and dildo shop - Beanie Weenie
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:29pm tomasz.:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:29pm JakeGould:

A horse themed coffee shop called, “Grounds for the Horse.”
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:29pm Just Ted:

Huh, so is ArabicaDabra, in Los Angeles.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:30pm robyn:

Come on sister, It's.. Drumroll.. Grounds for divorce!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:30pm juandelbaldeUK:

"I am Patti Smith and I say 'Horses horses horse and coffee'"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:30pm Marcel M:

C'mon guys you aren't that good. Me included.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:31pm Tommynj:

Sex before marriage. Oh my.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:31pm Skurky:

Coffe shop / movie theater: Flick Your Bean
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:31pm tomasz.:

need to up my pun game i guess
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:31pm spidermank:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:31pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:32pm frupset:

make your own coffeepot at "Kilning My Coffee"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:32pm juandelbaldeUK:

Coffe-Es are good
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:32pm glenn:

a coffee shop at the republican convention "bottomless and brainless".
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:32pm Danne D:

Kids coffee shop idea: You're Grounded. All the customers would be made to wear dunce caps
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:33pm spidermank:

"drugs 'r' us"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:33pm juandelbaldeUK:

Mo' caffeine Less problems
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:33pm chris:

dj screw's coffe shop - cupped and brewed
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:33pm Tommynj:

skirt weather starts February 1st in NJ
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:34pm robyn:

"Human Bean," where you have to take your espresso shots like body shots
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:34pm JakeGould:

Grappa is great!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:34pm juandelbaldeUK:

Voulez vous coffee avec moi?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:34pm LaLa:

Frangry - what's prettier - your legs or your V?
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:35pm glenn:

sambucca is too sweet. try pernod instead.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:35pm tomasz.:

Central Perv
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:35pm Marcel M:

Was that the Dances with Wolves guy?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:35pm Tommynj:

Frangry's eyes are mesmerizing
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:35pm spidermank:

french coffee shop - "free weefee n coffee"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:36pm AnotherTomIGuess:

"Dirty Bean Water Shack"
We sell coffee stuff.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:36pm juandelbaldeUK:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:36pm robyn:

"Kahloogies," where mean baristas are guaranteed
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Coffee for Heroes and Villains would be a good name. It seems familiar somehow.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:37pm Tommynj:

I have a sense we are reaching the point where Michelle and Frangry start being mean to the callers
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:37pm robyn:

"'Friends' coming back" needs to go away. A friend of mine made me watch an episode recently. That show is fucking awful
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:37pm spidermank:

kill the callers
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:37pm Marcel M:

Agreed Robyn.. was never good. Seinfeld all the way. Peace.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:38pm juandelbaldeUK:

Meine Coffee
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:38pm Marcel M:

Java pit... sounds like a place where weird guys wrestle each other.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:38pm SeanG:

fawlty towers
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

Eine Kleine Nacht Coffee
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:38pm JakeGould:

Watery Fowls
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm Marcel M:

He is only 22 its ok he lives at home. But he should get going!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm Tommynj:

The Meat Counter is a good S&M club
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm RAWisROLLIE:

Turn Your Head and Coffee: a coffee delivery service plus complimentary hernia check
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm juandelbaldeUK:

Buy by coffee or go to hell shitheads
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm spidermank:

ive bean re virginized
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm robyn:

"Has Beans," for aging hipsters with PCs
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm madman:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:39pm juandelbaldeUK:

my coffee I mean
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:40pm dale:

cafe slash hot black detective agency called 'coffey brown'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:40pm Tommynj:

Watching her from afar.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:40pm Marcel M:

Added me on facebook, the whole thing. BOOM.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:40pm Marcel M:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:40pm Danne D:

A coffee shop where you have to pick your own coffee beans:

Find Em and Grind Em
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm dale:

raw is rollie - read waaay up higher
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm spidermank:

shop name -drink our coffe and you can lay the small wierd guy
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm juandelbaldeUK:

The Grindhouse
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm Tommynj:

guys don't care what they call you
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Mud Hut ... The theme there would be a simple, arid African village.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:41pm tomasz.:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:42pm Carmichael:

This guy is calling from a drive-thru.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm Just Ted:

Sure why not someone else steal the show concept.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm juandelbaldeUK:

Hitting the big C
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm RAWisROLLIE:

@dale I don't know how to read!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm robyn:

Scott woke up? Huh? Is this fake...
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm Just Ted:

so much set up for so little pay out.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:43pm Tommynj:

spike their drink and bring them in with handbags. uh oh
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm Marcel M:

That shop could be in BK Heights.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm Just Ted:

Why hand bags,why not transmissions.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm Danne D:

This guy's handbags would probably made from real hands
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm dale:

cafe slash transmission shop - 'coffee clutch'
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm Carmichael:

Where is Joy? She'd have some names, let me tell ya.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:44pm Just Ted:

Good one Danne D.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:45pm dale:

just ted - what? i missed something you heard that i said
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:45pm spidermank:

i think there's an "arse fux" coffee shop in amsterfuckinDamn
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:45pm juandelbaldeUK:

Mocha Wow
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:45pm juandelbaldeUK:

Hard anal violation
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:45pm RAWisROLLIE:

How about Creamin' to Sugars?
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:46pm Just Ted:

@Dale, I was referring to the caller.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:46pm John in Seattle:

Psychiatrist plus coffee = Schitzo 'spresso
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:46pm juandelbaldeUK:

Public Coffee Enema
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:46pm tomasz.:

there are no good puns left. just call it "Bill" or something
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:46pm JakeGould:

“Wake the Cup Up” Now THAT is funny!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm spidermank:

low phat
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm Tommynj:

that is why you drink hard liquor instead of beer
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm Billy London:

Teenie beanie! The worlds smallest coffe shop!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm Andy Plants:

Hello ladies
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm Tommynj:

get a cat to get rid of the mice
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:47pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:48pm Carmichael:

Heya Robyn.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If you're past your prime, come on down to Has Beans for a cup!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm SeanG:

team robyn!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm LaLa:

WE LOVE ROBYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm robyn:

Michele and I communicate in silence,through the heart
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm robyn:

Also on Insta.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm frupset:

"Beans Addiction"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm kevlicki:

Go Robyn!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm Tommynj:

i communicate best through blackmail
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:49pm spidermank:

Robyn sounds exactly as cool as her comments - wow some things in life are true
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Blah, sorry robyn. You mentioned Has Beens about 10 minutes ago. Nice call, by the way!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:50pm dale:

cafe slash skydiving school called 'good to the last drop'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:50pm robyn:

Hi everyone also Carmichael I hope you win!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:50pm frupset:

How did you know I was a guy?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:50pm BennettCap:

Now that the marathon is over, let's start a "Fly Robyn to WFMU" fundraiser.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:51pm RAWisROLLIE:

"Hot, Black, & Wet"
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:51pm COG:

A gathering place for hot nerds: Chock Full O' Wierdos
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:51pm Marcel M:

Star wars and all that, ya know?! hahah
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:51pm Tommynj:

that last caller is going to go down a downward spiral now
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:51pm kevlicki:

What about an enema shop, party in the front coffee in the rear
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm Just Ted:

Start a go fund me for the next meet-up.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm dale:

you aren't as mean to girls with dumb answers as you are to dudes.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm robyn:

How about "Javagina." Let your imagination do with that what you will
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If there's a coffee shop on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, it can be Sacred Grounds.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm glenn:

the brewdy bunch?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm juandelbaldeUK:

My earlier suggestion Voulez vous coffee avec moi is clearly the best
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm j in the bay:

"Cough fee" it's also a doctors office
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm Tone Loc:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm dale:

cafe slash massage parlor called 'loving cup'
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:52pm Just Ted:

Anyone have expresso-jello?
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:53pm madman:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:53pm kevlicki:

Robyn, coffee and douches?
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:53pm robyn:

@j and @dale good ones !
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:53pm dale:

cafe slash smoke shop called 'winston cup'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm Sir Richard Slouch:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm robyn:

Is Caroline moving in
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm Tommynj:

Does Michele need a roommate? Sounds like next week's topic
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Don't sin or you'll wind up in Perkatory!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm spidermank:

Javagina - i wish you'd said that on your call - i would have sample remixed the livin daylights out of that one- nice one - i'd drink from that cup
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm Mike:

Caw fee Caf ay
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm Andy Plants:

"Cough Feed" weed coffee and cookies/munchies food stuff
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm RAWisROLLIE:

More like Dull-y's Coffee Shop
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm juandelbaldeUK:

Big John says fuck you, buy my coffee, see if I care
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:54pm robyn:

@kevlicki and knit pube products
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm tomasz.:

i laughed more at the guy who just said his last name than most of these tbh
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm Just Ted:

@Robyn I can see that with a potters wheel. Making ceramics.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm Tommynj:

frangry was great singing heart
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm robyn:

Ah shit @spidermank
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm frupset:

coffee from south of the border at "Café Ole"
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm dale:

how about a cafe with lots of toilets called 'lipschitz?'
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm juandelbaldeUK:

Hipster Latte Apocalypse
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:55pm Just Ted:

It will happen again in 7 years Michele.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:56pm Tone Loc:

Sing it Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:56pm RAWisROLLIE:

I'd rather go to a Toffee Shop anyway, to be honest.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm juandelbaldeUK:

My other coffee shop is posh
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm spidermank:

coffe killer was cut off - damn it
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm dale:

how about a cafe where you get insulted with every cup called 'andy's place?'
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What happens to you if you go to a coffee shop in Flint, Michigan?

You get leadbelly.
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm Randall:

Clowns in my coffee
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm Mike:

Perked Up Weirdos
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:57pm spidermank:

Javagina should win - scroll back and read it Frangular
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:58pm Skurky:

Iwas gonna be all, "Dude stole my name." But it didn't go over so he can have it.
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:58pm terribilia:

Beans Beans the Musical Fruit
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:58pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm madman:

  Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm juandelbaldeUK:

Bye Frangry
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm Just Ted:

bye everyone
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm SeanG:

way to go Carm! great show ladies!
Avatar Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay, Carmichael!
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm Randall:

Drag Bean's
  Fri. 4/1/16 6:59pm kevlicki:

Happy birthday again Michele
  Fri. 4/1/16 7:00pm Tone Loc:

Good night F, M & Robyn........
Avatar Sat. 4/2/16 10:43pm BADBRAIN:

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