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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 18, 2016: MARATHON DRUNK, PART 2 with cohost Station Manager Ken

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Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:14pm kevlicki:

Happy birthday Michele!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:14pm mink:

we're in!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:14pm kevlicki:

Happy birthday Michele!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:14pm Fred:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:15pm spidermank:

i missed the womonlette start , bugger it
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:16pm robyn:

I'm into those $180 pledges. Like buying someone a drink with well liquor.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:16pm MISTERJOHNNY:

More eggs!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:17pm dale:

ladies of the night make a living twenty bucks at a time. don't knock the little pledge.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:17pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Kinda sad about Michele's joke...
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:18pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Did Michele get her Vitamix???
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:18pm Carmichael:

howdy, robots. Hope we hear from Joy and the Soymilk love guy.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:18pm dale:

tar and feathering is much better than feces and feathering.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:19pm spidermank:

we need a remix on the egging , i reckon i am not the only perve who missed it
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:20pm Kevlicki:

What happened to my Birthday pledge? did ken mention it yet?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Eggs ala Frangry! Eggs de la Michele!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:21pm dale:

yes - he did.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:21pm Kevlicki:

Thanks Ken!
I was running the dial up and down the last two days looking for the 90.1 signal.
Happy its back up FMU
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:21pm dale:

oh, to be 40 again.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:21pm TehBadDr:

Michele will be having the kind of birthday pizza that you can have in bed.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:21pm Carmichael:

I hope they also get run out of town on a rail.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:22pm dale:

where you at kevlicki?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:22pm mink:

ahh ken is cute
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The video switches back & forth between the two rooms every few minutes.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:23pm Kevlicki:

I'm wrapping up my volunteer shift at Interference Archive in Gowanus.
and yourself?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:24pm Crumb:

Frangles is adorable.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:24pm TehBadDr:

Is Michele still a millenial @ 40? She sure sounds like a millenial!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:24pm melinda:

Frangles is a great nickname.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:24pm Richard:

How old is Frangry????
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:25pm spidermank:

when is the WFMU hazmat Swag suit comin out?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:25pm dale:

new hampton, outside middletown. thought you lived up here.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:25pm Carmichael:

Just Ted, you're in the phone room? Way to go!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm JP from KC:

That's what I'm wondering, Spidermank. When can we, the listeners, get in on the hazmat action?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm Crumb:

if Michele is forty (unbelievable) how old is her sidekick frangles?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm Kevlicki:

Just Ted, where'd you get those kicks?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The hazmat suits they're wearing now should be up for bids.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm spidermank:

more Ken volume
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:26pm Humpty Hazmat:

Will they auction the used tyvek for pledges?

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:28pm Carmichael:

Agreed, Ken is way down in the mix.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:28pm spidermank:

"f'd" and "s'd" , wikkid good stuff
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:28pm Dave in Vermont:

michele is fucked up already
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:29pm mink:

sounds ok on the radio stream but he's quiet on the ustream
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:29pm robyn:

Frangles is 109
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:29pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Michele & Frangles should get a cameo on Broad City like Hillary Clinton did the other night.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:29pm Kevlicki:

Dale, I was working in Montgomery this afternoon. Fridays I come to Brooklyn to work at my archive/exhibition space.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:30pm spidermank:

i meant not his mic volume - more of his volumized voication
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:30pm Richard:

I'm guessing Frangry is 37....
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:30pm ivy in oregon:

has Caroline pledged yet? is she a real friend after all...?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:31pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:31pm Kevlicki:

we've discovered that Copperfields, in Montgomery, has 30+ craft beers on tap. Kinda gives me a reason to leave the farm sometimes
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:31pm Dave in Vermont:

why is Ken the only one committed to keeping his hazmat hood on?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:31pm Kevlicki:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:32pm Carmichael:

Who's that pretty boy in the corner with the blazer?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:32pm TehBadDr:

Frangles is 37 going on curmudgeonly old lady get off my lawn school marm.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:33pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Dave in Vermont - The air conditioning broke down and the studio is like 127 degrees in there. The phone room must be a bit cooler.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:33pm Kevlicki:

That would be MY Laurel
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:34pm spidermank:

mousey vodka is happy vodka
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:34pm Kevlicki:

Thank you Laurel
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:34pm madman:

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:34pm Crumb:

maybe next marathon you gals should consider asking andy breckman instead of ken.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:34pm spidermank:

give her a fuckin beer for fucksake
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:35pm dale:

haven't been there kevlicki - i try not to imbibe and drive anymore. but one beer can't hurt. thirty times.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:35pm MISTERJOHNNY:

The gals should show some more flesh to entice weirdos to pledge for the date...
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:36pm Crumb:

what's sexier than some ladies in hazmats
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:36pm TehBadDr:

Ladies slipping out of Hazmats!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Where's listener Joy at? Didn't her Social Security check come in yet?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:37pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm madman:

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm Crumb:

how many dollars to get francine to legally change her name to frangles?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Bring back Kelly...
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm Carmichael:

Joy's social security number is 6.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm trisha:

i thought my pledge meant a shot, but i guess not!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm Dave in Vermont:

what's up with Sparta today? I went to Pope John and never heard Sparta mentioned so many times since
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:39pm spidermank:

thumb trick 's gotta be worth a grand alone
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:40pm Fernando M P:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE! Also hello Frangry, Ken and everybody in WFMUland.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:40pm trisha:

i think ken is cheating the drinks!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:40pm #calmdownken:

ken you are either too drunk or just annoying. wtf?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:41pm trisha:

ken is scaring my child
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:41pm tomasz.:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:41pm spidermank:

Give Ken some spliff Billy- send him over the top
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:42pm Dave in Vermont:

is this a real thing? is BroadCity really modeled after SUW?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:42pm dale:

i wanna hear him say tony shaloub was andy's meal ticket
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:43pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Have any pledges come in from Don McLean?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:43pm Caryn:

How is Andy Breckman not donating the 11 grand immediately to get Ken tarred? Oh yeah, he's cheap. But come on, at least the 5-sih grand left!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:43pm Ryab:

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:44pm Fernando M P:

I wish I could pledge this year, but with the current economical and political turmoil in Brazil, currency exchange rate to dollar skyrocketed and I'm can't afford any expense in US dollar right now. But I'm still tuned in day and night to the best radio station IN THE WHOLE WORLD!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:44pm mink:

hahahhahaaaa Ken
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:44pm dale:

i never heard of that show - googled it and it seems a little too close to the bone
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:44pm robyn:

In a past life, Ken was a prehistoric mosquito preserved in amber.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:44pm spidermank:

how can you hate Ken? he's propper coolasfeck,,, i mean yes cmon donate the hate
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:45pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Why all the Ken Hate??? Deserved???
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:45pm Kevlicki:

I have a feeling Frangry is going to pledge to her own show, just to tar and feather ken
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:45pm mink:

what ken hate. dudes a ledge
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:46pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I spy Therese behind Ken. Hi, Therese!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:46pm robyn:

#tarred #blessed
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:46pm spidermank:

goof off? is that available via the darkweb?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:46pm melinda:

I like it when Ken screams the mouse pledges. Adds to the marathon excitement.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:47pm Ryab:

Me too, Melinda.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:47pm Crumb:

Michele made eye contact with me on TWO separate occasions; both were amazing.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:48pm Kevlicki:

I caught Frangry listening to a music show earlier this week. I wondered if she had gotten lost
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:48pm MISTERJOHNNY:

Frangrles sounds sticky...
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:48pm TehBadDr:

I suss if you were to tar and feather Frangles, you would not need the syrup. I bet she's pretty sticky already, and all that!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:48pm robyn:

Lol @Kevlicki
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:48pm Skurky:

Ken's the authoritarian leader. Not spiritual.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:49pm robyn:

I figured Frangry just listened to a lot of U2, what with it being on her phone and all.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:49pm Skurky:

Ken's keeping a list of the staff pledging to feather him.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:49pm RAWisROLLIE:

After everyone gets covered in syrup do they have find the flag in the mashed potatoes, then climb the Sundae Slide to win the free trip to Spacecamp?
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:50pm MISTERJOHNNY:

People disappear in the Grand Canyon all the time...
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:50pm spidermank:

seminal moment ----schweeeeet
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:51pm Kevlicki:

I love the weirdos. Thanks for supporting WFMU
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:51pm Carmichael:

@robyn: that's the only music on her phone.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:51pm Kevlicki:

If Kelly Jones were hosting, she'd tell you about $2 more
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:52pm TehBadDr:

I think the girls should be tarred and feathered regardless if Ken gets such a treatment!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:52pm spidermank:

...a game...? no feckin way
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The station will soon hit $900,000 total, which is 75% of the overall goal. Yay!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:52pm dale:

i hear some screechy hillary voices going down.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:53pm Hot Bar:

Whoa this is going down! Ken is gonna get it!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:53pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What could be worse for Ken? Getting tarred and spidered?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:53pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:54pm spidermank:

ficght fight fight
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:54pm robyn:

"It's in poor taste" - Michele told her joke!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:54pm Carmichael:

Does the Neanderthal get a man bun at 75%?
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:55pm Skurky:

All the dog hair floating around that joint will get stuck on Ken.
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:55pm Hot Bar:

It's in poor taste!!! Hahahaha that is a funny!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How often do radio transmitters get ruined from lightning strikes? That is just crazy!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:56pm spidermank:

wasted hahahahahah , slap him with the sticky
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:56pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:57pm spidermank:

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:57pm robyn:

STICKY STICKY prime billy jam material!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:57pm Ryab:

aaaaaaah yeaaahhhh
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:57pm Skurky:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:57pm madman:

  Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Humpty Hazmat:

Weeeeeeee.... ARe the Wooooorrrlllllddd....! <<urp!>>
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Bill F.:

Great job you, everyone! Happy birthday Michele!!!!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yes, for $12,000 this hour, all three should get the tar & spider treatment!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Kevlicki:

I LOVE WFMU and Shut up Weirdo
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Tommy Haynes:

Frangry and Michele bring it
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm mink:

Niiiice oneeee
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm Skurky:

I know Frangry didn't want to just say "Forget" 7 Second Delay
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:58pm TehBadDr:

So let the tarring and feathering begin! To bad Andy isn't there!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:59pm chris:

is $12k in one hour a record?

thanks, ladies and Ken!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:59pm chalmers:

Way to go! Happy birthday to our favorite highly sensitive person!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:59pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 6:59pm melinda:

happy birthday Michele!
  Fri. 3/18/16 6:59pm robyn:

Crying covered in eggs typical girl
  Fri. 3/18/16 7:00pm djelrock:

  Fri. 3/18/16 7:00pm robyn:

<3333333333333 Michele Frangry weirdos!!! NOW LET'S TAR
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Please bring the camera outside this time! Way to go. Congratulations, all!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:00pm Skurky:

Feather his drunk ass.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:00pm spidermank:

wikkid good show ,much love
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:01pm TehBadDr:

Ha! Frangles had a handle!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:02pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy birthday again, Michele. You're half-way to 80 now!
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:03pm Skurky:

This is the best.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:04pm spidermank:

more sticky next time but still fuckin wikkkkkid
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:04pm Kat in Chicago:

This is awesome
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:04pm dale:

i thought the ladies were gonna get wet.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Now Ken needs to walk up and down Montgomery Street shouting shameful slogans at people.
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:05pm TehBadDr:

Meh, the feathers woulda stuck to the girls much better, even without the syrup!
  Fri. 3/18/16 7:07pm mink:

what a sport, unbelievable
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 7:08pm tomasz.:

that was quite something
Avatar Fri. 3/18/16 9:24pm BADBRAIN:

  Fri. 3/18/16 11:33pm Listener Robert:

Ken says he doesn't do sticky?! Last year he did Permanent Twister with cyanoacrylate glue!!
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